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Title: Digital Prison
Post by: Slaskia on May 14, 2011, 02:46:47 PM
I am starting this up mainly because a Tron/Halo crossover idea has been bouncing around in my head and thus being an additional distraction from the fics I really need to work on: I figured if I got this started, it wouldn’t bug me so much. :P

Basic Setting

The year is 2560, humanity is starting to recover from the war with the Covenant.  They have focused their efforts on rebuilding Earth and regaining contact with the few colonies that remain.  While most of humanity has banded together in their time of need, there are always elements that want to take advantage of the chaos and weakness for their own gain.  ENCOM, a company that has managed to survive for centuries, has developed a unique prison for those criminals that refuse to shape up.

Meanwhile the Sangheili (aka Elites) continue to struggle with the aftermath of the Great Schism.  While the war with the Brutes has started to wane, the Elites are having an increase of domestic problems ranging from increased crime rate and sects of Sangheili that want to restart the war for different reasons.  After capturing the leader of one of these sects, they realized they needed extreme measures to keep him confined.

Genre Knowledge Requirements

Heavy.  The majority of the roleplay with be in the Grid, so understanding what the Grid is, how things work and what is in it is a must.  I would strongly suggest you have watched at least one of the Tron movies before joining in.  For help in understanding this genre, you can go here (

Minimal – Moderate, depending on how the roleplay goes.  For more information on this genre, you can go here (

Special Properties of the Grid

While mostly explained in the initial post, I will mention it here as well: Death is not necessarily permanent in this Grid for a User.  Each User has a backup of his/her data made upon entry, to be used to ‘revive’ the individual should death occur.  However, the revived User will remember nothing between his last ‘awakening’ and ‘death’*:  this is a safety feature meant to keep the User from learning how to manipulate the Grid to the extent that they can escape, or worse, damage/destroy the Grid.  It is because of this potential threat that the monitoring AIs are authorized to do a ‘purge’ of the Grid if such a threat arises.

*Exceptions:  Agent User’s back ups are routinely ‘updated’ while the Agent is on his mission as a precaution in the event they are killed while in the Grid.  This enables them to not have to ‘start from scratch’ each time they are revived.

Also, it is unknown whether not alien physiology is completely compatible with the backup system.  As a result, there is a risk that an Alien User may remember his previous experiences in the Grid.  The AIs have been notified of this potential possibility.

The AIs

The Grid is monitored by three ‘smart’ AIs, which were dubbed by the local Programs as ‘demi-Users’.  They have most of the abilities of a fully trained User in the Grid, including creating programs.  These AIs can also modify/improve existing Programs as needed to help control the prison User population (yes, there are Spartan programs that are essentially advanced security programs).  They also watch over the ‘portal’ when it is open and assist any Agents that were sent in to retrieve a User.

For the most part, their coding is ‘isolated’ from the rest of the Grid and can completely isolate themselves from the Grid as needed, particularly for when a purge is in progress.  In fact, they largely do not directly interact with the User population themselves for safety reasons.  The exception of course is when assisting an Agent.

Other info

Most of the prisoner Users are situated around the various gaming grids (Disk Wars, Light Cycle, etc), where they compete for the local programs enjoyment (and as a means to keep the prisoners occupied).  There is a city beyond the gaming grid, where Programs and select Users are allowed to intermingle.  Prisoner Users that have escaped the gaming grid are also here, but are constantly on the lookout for the various Security Programs that are hunting for them.

Time in the Grid is apparently ‘faster’ than in the real world, though Users appear to age as if they are still in the real world.  There is a section at the end of Kevin Flynn’s article here ( that discusses how Grid time relates to real world time, but this is mostly speculative and should not be considered canon ‘fact’.

Character limitations

I will say this now:  no canon characters allowed.  That means, no Tron, Sam or Kevin Flynn, Master Chief, Cortana, etc.   All characters must be OCs.  Also the only Halo alien I will allow in the Grid is mine (Sozo), at least initially while I see how this roleplay goes.

The majority of the ‘Users’ in the Grid are criminals: keep that in mind if you decide to play as one.  Only criminal types I will not allow are hackers and pedos.  I will allow of course the rare ‘wrongly accused’ (and I do mean rare) and Agents sent in to retrieve them.

The three ‘smart’ AIs are strictly NPCs and their appearances in roleplay will be limited.

Special note:  your character will not, should not, be able to manipulate the Grid immediately upon entry, unless they are previously established as being specially trained Users (aka Agents).  Kevin Flynn and his son were both computer experts/hackers and even they did not know immediately how to influence the Grid while in it.  Characters will either need to be taught by other Users, or gradually figure things out on their own.

And of course, board rules are in effect for this roleplay

Any players that do not heed to the special rules of this roleplay will have their character permanently derezzed and forbidden from further roleplay in this story!  If you are not sure if what you want to do is allowed, ASK!

Any questions, rants, concerns, etc about these rules/roleplay...ask them in this thread.
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Post by: Slaskia on May 14, 2011, 04:07:35 PM
Name: Sozo
Species: Sangheili (aka Elite)
Height: 7’7”
Age: 37 human years.

7’7” tall with brownish grey, partly scaly skin and dark yellow/yellow eyes.  Scales cover the top of his head, back of his neck, most of his back, top of his thighs, hands and feet.  Has a medium build and is missing the secondary thumb on his left hand. No other discernable markings.

Master thief, capable of bypassing most Covenant grade security devices and is an escape artist.  Like all Sangheili, he is fast, agile and strong.  Has some combat experience due to being briefly in the military prior to deserting said military.  Favors smaller blades and hand-to-hand combat in battle.
Title: Re: Digital Prison
Post by: Slaskia on May 15, 2011, 11:07:43 PM
I forgot to add something somewhat important to the first post, but to ensure everyone sees it, I am putting it in its own post.

Light color meaning in the Grid

Each light color on the Grid seems to have a specific meaning in regard to what function a Program has.  Unfortunately, between the different movies/games/etc there doesn't seem to be any consistancy besides red = bad guy program (and even red is used for other, clearly not 'evil' programs). So for the sake of the RP, I will designate what function each color has (at least for the humaniod programs).  Below is a list of the more important colors to keep note of: I will add to it as needed.  Note: I am using the colors used in Tron: Legacy as a base.

Red = Security and Military Programs (vehicle programs of these types will also have red lights)
Purple = Prisoner User
Yellow = Agent User
White = Normal User and Sirens/Armory Programs (

Blue, Cyan, Teal, and Green = Other Programs that have yet to be defined.
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