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Title: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
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Hey there. so basically, I'll make post by post for my poems. And here is the list of contents in this post!! Please enjoy my poems as much as I do writing these out. They are of my feelings, idea's and emotions. Enjoy!!

"As I dip the pen into my blood...I lay my soul on this paper..." .~*WingZero*~.

1. From the heart.
2. A Poem For The Dead
3. A Hero.
4. The Reaper.
5. Last Words.
6. The Heart Of The Defiled.
7. The Passion Of The Heart.
8. The Darkness.
9. A Moment To Myself.
10. My Feelings.
11. Dreams.
12. Forgotten Love.
13. If I Disappeared.
14. The Pool Of Death.
15. Last Breath.
16. As I lay.
17. Its a Lie.
18. His Soul.
19. You'll Never See My Face.
20. State Of Mind.
21. Tormented Life.
22. A Break From The World.
23. I Know.
24. The Pain.
25. I Just Want..
26. One Day.
27. I Can't Find Her.
28. Misty Days And Shining Stars.
29. The World That Never Was.
30. Dark Cold Night.
31. The Door.
32. The Build.
33. Who Am I?
34. Summer Nights.
35. The Condensed Bottle.
36. Waiting In The Dark.
37. I'll Never.
38. Don't Let Them See.
39. Foggy Windows.
40. What Am I.
41. Divine Intellect.
42. Dream World.
43. Tears
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From the Heart (WRITTEN ON 8/17/08)
From the Heart. By Taylor Brown
This is from the heart, from me to you.
I just wanted to tell you that I've been feeling kinda blue.
I feel that when you're with me i feel complete, but when your not all i feel is defeat.
I call you my dove, with all of my love.
I was lost in the dark, but with you, its like a brand new start.
When i look into your eyes, all the rage in me dies, and i feel calm.
I wish upon a star, even though it seems so far, for you be with me.
I know one thing is true, and that is that is that I love you.
This is from the heart, from me to you....
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A poem for the Dead

He was a great man;

But sadly his time had come.

His time on this earth was completely done.

You could say he was just as much fun

as any warm sun.

He had a lot to give,

even let people stay where he lived.

He was kind and friendly and loved to hang out;

he always had something to talk about.

He had so much love, like any kind dove.

We know that he will surely be missed;

he didn't even get a chance to give his wife one last kiss.

But now that he is laid to rest,

we only know that his soul has been blessed.

From now he looks down from heaven above,

no matter what, we will always feel his love.

Written by: Taylor Brown 2/3/09
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A Hero.
A little girl was drowning in tears,
from all the torment, sadness, and dreadful fears.
A boy walked up to her, and stared into her eye,
he softly began to say, "Why must you cry?"
She looked up at him and began to cry,
she softly said to herself, "Why did my dad have to die?"
One day she got a letter from major, she couldn't believe what it had to say;
it said, her father wouldn't be able to come home and play.
She tore the letter up, she couldn't believe what she just read;
she couldn't believe, her father was shot dead.
He was far far away, fighting a brave war,
she barely understood what he was even fighting for.
The boy then began to shed a tear,
he too, had lost someone dear.
He said how he lost his mom, it was an accident,
the doctors said she wouldn't come back from it.
He gave her a hug, and told her everything was going to be alright;
she thought, my father is gone, she could see that in plain sight.
She looked up into the crystal clear blue sky,
and softly said to herself, "God, why did he have to die?"
Written by: Taylor Brown 2/4/09
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The Reaper

As he lay there drawing in his last breath;
he knew what was coming for him, it was death.
He knew the situation was not good for him,
but in the distance, he could see the grim.
He closed his eyes tightly, he wanted it to be a dream,
it was a nightmare, at least that's what he wanted it to seem.
The grim continued to stare;
his eyes glowing red, with that evil glare.
The grim started creeping closer and closer;
was he going to live? He was not sure.
The reaper raised his scythe into the air;
the boy didn't even care.
He looked at the reaper and screamed kill me now!!
The reaper chuckled coldly, and let his scythe fall down.
The boys eyes went blank, he was now dead,
the crumpled up leaves was now his bed...
Written by: Taylor Brown

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Last Words
As i speak my last words that I'm about to speak;
i know now that my future is bleak.
As i lay here bleeding and alone,
the pain gets to me as i start to moan.
I look into the sky,
as i lay and begin to die.
I close my eyes and begin to think happy dreams,
of all the good things, and happy themes.
I think to myself, i must not shed a tear;
for this i know shows fear.
I think to myself, i must be laid to rest...
i know...that this is best....
Written on 2/16/09
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The Heart of the Defiled

Why must the soul have so many broken parts?
Death, destruction...and broken hearts.

These hearts, they're full of rage,
as they tell their story, on every page.

They talk about love...they talk about hate;
they talk about passion...even fate.

Some are whole, some are broken,
some are complete, some are frozen.

Does thou seek for another person?
or, you seek more destruction?

The heart cries, and sheds a tear,
it just wants someone to hold it dear.

Others lay shattered, lying across the floor,
they lay dead, at their once lovers door.

They pick themselves up, and try to recover...
but its hard..because of the harsh words of their lover.

Listen to the hearts of the Defiled, and the broken...
listen to what they say...for they have spoken...

Written on 2/19/09
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
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The Passion of the Heart

For the must give....
only to help it live.

The heart knows how to feel,
and even learns to heal.

It doesn't live alone... can not disown.

The heart lives so free,
as happy as it can ever be.

The heart shows affection,
that helps show it in the right direction.

The heart is full of cheer,
this we all know is clear.

The heart always has a smile,
this is the hearts life style.

Like the stars in the night,
it illuminates a beautiful glowing light.

Nobody wants to live like the heartless,
they live without success.

But does the heart learn?
Of course, this is what it must yearn.

To learn how to feel, and show passion,
love, and give compassion.

Does the heart die...ever?
We can gladly

Written on 3/20/09

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The Darkness

What is this darkness i call home?
All these feelings of sadness and being alone.

Is there anyone that is willing to lend a helping hand?
Or must i live in this wretched sand?

I look up into the dark sky,
and wonder if this was all just a lie.

You just left me laying in the drowning rain,
with nothing to feel but hate and pain.

Like a lonely dead rose lying on the ground,
I look and listen, but hear no sound.

I lay back and begin to go through memories in my mind,
i look and look, but see that there is nothing to find..

The shadows have come, and taken them away,
just to steal your happiness and hide in the light of day.

I scream and yell, and begin to shout,
but no one knows what the fuss is even about.

My infested emotions and thoughts all race through me,
they just wont leave me alone, and let me be.

I walk through day after day,
and now i leave...with nothing else left to say....

Written on 5/12/2009
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A moment to myself

Walking down the dirt path, with nothing but thoughts and music in my head
I close my eyes and those memories come back, the ones I dread…
I’ve fallen, tripped and even stumbled,
As my heart slowly breaks, and becomes crumbled…
Even though I tell myself that yes I can and will carry on.
I just wish that I had something within me to wish upon….
Not even the angels far up in heaven can hear my cry.
Half of the time I barely even get a reply.
So in yet I continue on my walk,
And come to an old and wooden dock.
I come to the edge and sit down,
As I feel myself start to frown.
I brush my feet across the crystal clear water of blue,
And try to think of something to do…
“Hmm, what to think about now?...”
I look up and watch as the sun begins to set
Feeling that my cold feet are now wet.
I sing to myself a quiet little song,
Trying to figure out what’s wrong…
A tear slowly runs down my warm cheek,
As my insides begin to feel all weak…
I lay back my feet still in the water, as I look into the sky.
As these corrupting thoughts begin to die…

Written on 7/10/09
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My Feelings

Where does all this anger go?..
All this hate and pain, that is set to grow.

My eyes are dead with hollow depression,
Why am I like this? Is the question...

I just lay here, in pools of sorrow and despair..
As my heart begins to wear and tear...

What is wrong with me? Why am I like this??
To be honest, my life is an abyss.

So much much hate...
Is this truly my fate?..

I try to comfort myself and move on,
Wondering if there will be a bright new dawn.

My brain is a mess, more corrupted,
All my good thoughts are rudely interrupted.

All these scars, all these lies..
Its truly something my eyes didn't realize.

Where am I? And why am I here?..
Is there no one to dry up this tear?...

Hello? Can you hear me? I'm lost in the dark...
I just wish someone would make a remark..

All in all, we come to an end..
only to begin life.. again.

Written by: Taylor Brown

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As you lay down, and begin to fall asleep.
I'll enter your dreams. Do you wish to keep?

We can sing together, or we can gaze at the stars,
there's no limit, for the world is ours.

Nothing can go wrong, because I'm here with you.
I'll always be here, through and through.

As I hold your hand, and you hold mine,
I gaze deep into your eyes, as they begin to shine.

We think to ourselves that everything is just right,
as you slip deeply into the night.

As we laugh and run and have some fun,
our long adventure has only begun.

As I run up behind you and gently say not to awake,
I look at you as my stomach begins to ache.

I tell you I'll be here, forever more,
As we run around and explore.

As we sit on the green hill, and watch the beautiful sunset,
I look over at you and say, “You wont ever forget..”

I lean into you, and give you a gentle kiss,
This I know I wont ever miss.

I look at you and say, “Its almost time..”
As the alarm clock begins to chime..

As you wake up, and begin your day,
I pray to myself, that I am here to stay...

Written by: Taylor Brown
5/21/10 1:46am.

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Forgotten love.

As I look at our old Valentines day card, it starts to bring tears to my face,
how could we have drifted so far apart..with so much space?

As I walk onto the porch and look down the old country road,
my heart begins to explode.

When you told me you were moving away,
I simply asked why cant you stay?

Your dad had found a new job in a small town,
I begged you and pleaded for you to not go, as I had begun to breakdown.

I sat there and watched as you packed up the van.
We had established that this wasn't the plan...

As I look at you, and give you a final wave,
this is where our relationship would be marked with a grave.

Its been a few years now...since that time.
I walk back inside as the clock begins to chime.

I set the card back on my nightstand,
it isn't till then that I understand.

But who knows, you may come back to me,
You know I'll be here, that I can guarantee.

As I sit down and begin to think.
My mind wanders off and begins to sink..

I just wanted to let you know, that where ever you are,
I just wanted to let you know...that I'm never to far...

Written by: Taylor Brown

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If I disappeared...

If I disappeared, and didn't come back..would you care?
Would you look for me, if you dare..?

If I disappeared, and fell into the dark abyss..
...would I surely be missed?

If I disappeared, and left without a trace,
what would be the expression on your face?

If I disappeared, and I lost my heart..
where would you begin to start?

If I disappeared, and you happened to stumble upon my grave,
what precious memories would you try to save?

If I disappeared, and was lost in the dark..
Would you venture out? Would you embark?

If I disappeared, into the lonely dark mist..
would you even think I still exist?

If I disappeared, where would you go?
Would you look above, to the side, or down below?

If I disappeared, would you remember my name?
Cause if you didn't..that would be a real shame..

If I disappeared, never to be heard again..
..pray that I'm laid to rest, Amen.

If I disappeared, would you care to look for me?..
Or in-yet, just set your heart free?..

Written By: Taylor Brown


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Enter the pool of death.

As you grace your hand over the pool of black..
you start to think to I want to come back?..

Water drops, fall from your hand..
they hit the water, make circles, and begin to expand.

The water is chilling, cold...its dead.
As the colors swirl around of black and a deep red..

So many lives has this one pool claimed.
It makes people go mad, the mind, it cant be tamed.

As you fall in..your blood begins to chill.
Your lost in the pool begins its kill..

Your heart begins to slowly slow down..
As your insides begin to drown..

As you float on down..there is no end..
an eternity in what you will spend.

As the light darkens, and begins to fade..
the price of your what you just paid.

As you float around inside, till your out of breath..
you are now a victim..of the pool of death. 

Written by: Taylor Brown


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Last breath

As the battle now comes to a close..
Blood is lost, as it flows.

I knew this battle would be won, it is now mine.
I torment you, as I slowly break your spine.

You plead and beg, for me to give you life,
I look at you I grip the knife.

We were both fighting..and for one thing only,
and that was for our hearts to never be lonely.

But I have what I want now, and you do not,
please note that love can't be bought.

I can't live, knowing that your alive too..
So now I must bid you life adieu.

I grip the knife, with both hands, and look down at your wretched soul..
I am now just one inch from my goal.

I look at you, and allow you one last breath...
Then sink the knife into your you slip into death..

I stand up, and take my lady by the arms,
She will no longer fall for your wicked charms..

As I look back, and watch the blood flow..
I've got what I want, that's all I need to know.

Written on 6/30/10
2:10am By: Taylor Brown.

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Post by: WingZero0079 on December 08, 2010, 11:30:29 PM
As I lay

As I lay here in pockets of sorrow and despair.
Watching as time slowly passes, completely unaware.

I don't know what else to say...I don't know what to do..
All I can do is sit here....and think of you.

I'm laying broken, battered, beaten, can't you see?
My heart can take it though...but only to some degree..

My life has been toyed with..tossed..and tainted.
And as I lay, my soul feels fainted.

As I lay, I slowly begin to think..
about how my life feels so incomplete.

Why can't I get up?..Why cant I move?..
I need to get up..I need to improve..

But as I lay, and start to think..
This is whats best for my life begins to sink.

And as I lay, broken beyond repair..
My heart bleeds from life's wear and tear....

Written on 8/9/10 10:00pm
By: Taylor Brown
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Post by: WingZero0079 on December 08, 2010, 11:33:17 PM
Its always a lie.

Its always a lie, no matter what...its always a lie.
It cuts you..and eats at you..until you die.

You sit there, and with all your believed.
as your corrupt eyes now see...your feeling? deceived..

And now as you think....and let your mind wander.
Is there any hope for you...over yonder..

Your mind races, your lost, you don't know what to think.
As you lose faith in someone, as they lose with you..your heart begins to sink.

As you carry on, your love now lost,
Your heart begins to freeze with infested frost..

What do you do that your life is broken?
Faith, erased..unable to be awoken.

I like to backtrack and think of the glorious days.
The days I was actually happy..let me rephrase.

You ask, when will you actually be happy again?
My answer..I can never really tell when..

I know now...the reason inside I cry...
I only know..that Its a lie.

Written by: Taylor Brown
9/29/10 12:14AM.
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on December 08, 2010, 11:35:26 PM
His Soul.

As he lives his out.
His soul is tainted..filled with doubt.

His soul is tattered and wreaked to pieces.
His life slowly gets worse as his hope decreases.

As he goes through his day..he hides in a disguise.
He seems fine...masked behind all his despairing lies.

Current state of his soul...broken..
his true feelings...unspoken.

He lays in the shadows..lying in the dark
while his soul remains scratched with each mark.

If he could just break free from the mask...from these wretched shackles..
Then he thinks "My soul could be pure without all these crackles".

If only everyone knew what was going though his head...what was on his mind.
Then they would see how bashed his soul is, as he has defined.

If he could live in happiness and be blissful.
His life would be great, clear as crystal.

Someone needs to reach help him..
Before his life starts to run slim.

Depression is starting to take its toll.
This is...his soul.

Written by: Taylor Brown
11:42 P.M.
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Post by: WingZero0079 on December 08, 2010, 11:38:06 PM
You'll never see my face.

You'll never see my face, and you'll never see my eyes..
You'll think I'm always happy, when I'm suffering with all these lies.

You'll never see my true colors, or my true form.
As my life falls apart lost in a black horrid storm.

You'll never see how broken I am, or how I'm in such despair.
As my emotions spike, rage, and flare.

You'll never see how alone I am, or how much blood my heart has lost.
You'll never see how much all of this has even cost..

You'll never see how much pain I'm really in, as I hide all my rage.
As every story is written down on each page.

You'll never see the deep scars that I bear..
I bet your not even half aware.

You'll never see how much I'm falling apart.
You wont even see my bleeding heart.

As we all go on with our lives, I'll just be sitting back here..
As you all laugh, and smile, while I disappear.

As my invisible tears run down my cheeks and trickle to the ground..
It's like a ocean of invisible crys and inward pain, no sound....

If you were ever wondering...or just in case...'ll never see my face.

Written by: Taylor Brown
12/2/10 at 1:14 A.M.
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Post by: WingZero0079 on January 18, 2011, 09:46:19 PM
State of mind

As I stand on the tall green hill, and look up into the blue sky.
I start to walk down and..sigh.

Its nice and peaceful here, quiet. All to me.
This is how my mind needs to be.

As I continue to walk, with the wind flowing through my hair.
Free as can be..without a care.

As I walk, I close my eyes, and begin to  smile.
Knowing I'll be in this state of mind, for awhile.

As birds fly overhead, in the shape of a V.
I sit up against the old Oak tree.

I look up at all the scattered white clouds.
And carefully listen to all of the peaceful sounds.

The birds singing, the wind whispering its quiet melody across the tree's leaves.
Taking in these my stressful head relieves.

As I toss some rocks into the crystal clear pond,
my inner thoughts begin to bond.

As I lay back now, relaxed. Basking in the warm sunshine,
Knowing that no matter what..everything will be fine.

As I lay here in the soft grass, beginning to unwind.
Thinking to myself..I like this state of mind.

Written by Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on February 09, 2011, 12:44:39 AM
Tormented Life

As I sit here in the dark...letting my mind string along...alone
Sitting here living in my twisted tainted life..which no one has really known.

I want to be seen...I want to be heard.
But that won't happen as long as I remain a blur.

Falling gently through space...time means nothing.
Is anyone going to help me? anyone coming?

As life puts its deep scars in me...cutting.
I make my way through..struggling.

Why can't I be like you, or her..or him?
As everything in my head goes dim.

As I'm sitting here slowly dying inside these walls.
With no voices calls.

It hurts...wounds so sore.
I don't want to carry on, as I curl up on the floor.

And now, as I stare blankly at the knife.
I just want to end this tormented life..

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on April 12, 2011, 11:33:05 PM
A break from the world

As I lay back and slowly begin to close my eyes,
My soul releases, and reaches for the skies.

Leaving this world, wondering if anyone cared.
Oh well, here we go. I'm not scared.

Floating through space, looking at the glistening stars.
And in the distance in the faint red planet of mars.

As I float on more out.
My heart then begins to fill with doubt.

Something is troubling my head.
..all the horrible thoughts I dread.

As my float starts to turn into a dreadful fall..
The only thing on my mind is “This will be a close call”.

Falling faster and faster now to the ground,
Wind rushes by my ears making a harsh whistling sound.

As my body makes an impact upon the dry land,
I'm in so much pain...none which my body can withstand.

As I lay broken, beaten and shattered.
My insides are pretty much battered...

So now I just look up, and gaze at the stars..
..and think to myself “How can you destroy what was ours?”..

And now as I lay on the realms of this fantasy land.
I know I need help me stand...

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on April 18, 2011, 11:32:08 PM
I know...

I know what its like to be in pain,
as my tortured blood flows from my vain.

I know what its like to be lost in the dark..with no hope..or a future.
Its always rough, jagged, never smoother.

I know what its like to have happiness stolen.
Leaving me to die, heart shattered, completely broken.

I know from life, that not everything is fair.
That sometimes no one will answer, not even a prayer.

I know what its like to wear the chains of despair.
With the scars of false truths, the ones I bare.

I know what its like to wear the mask.
As It projects a false image, that's it's task.

I know what its like to go to hell and back.
Pushing my way back to breathe, not to slack.

I know what its like to have your precious world corrupted...
Its like every happy thought...interrupted.

 I know what its like to be alone...for the darkness to come, and swallow you whole.
A place where you lose your mind...and self-control.

And now you see why I detach myself...and let go..
..its all because, yes. I know.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on June 24, 2011, 11:39:48 PM
The Pain

As all the tears dry up on my face,
their trails slowly disappear..without a trace.

I'm starting to drown, in this huge, vast see.
And now as I slowly slip

Just push the pain right through my chest.
I'll try to breathe, I'll do my best.

With black roses of darkness sitting right beside me,
wishing I could fill my life, oh how great that would be..

With hate in my veins and my blood turning cold,
letting my rage split, as its not controlled.

Sitting here, and seriously wondering to myself, “why”,
wondering....why do I still try..

Even though I go on and live with this pain,
I'll make sure my life doesn't go down in vain.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on June 26, 2011, 10:35:32 PM
I just want..

I just want some one to hold my heart,
and not have to worry about it falling apart..

I just want someone that will hold me dear,
and always tell me that I have nothing to fear.

I just want to forget about all of the bad stuff,
as I find it has all been way tough.

I just want to be able to relax, and let myself be free.
This is my only plea.

I just want all the shattered pieces put back together.
But that might be a little hard..due to tear and whether.

I just want someone who will listen,
and when I look at them, their eyes glisten.

I just want someone who will be there
Someone that will have time to spare.

I just want someone to break all my tears.
Banish all my fears.

I just want someone to be there for me,
that would mean so much..I hope you'll see.

Written by: Taylor Brown.
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on August 01, 2011, 11:15:28 PM
One Day

One day, we will meet face to face.
At some day at a random time, and space.

One day, we will sit side by side,
Somethings wrong, I can tell. Cause you've cried.

One day, you will want to just tell me everything.
Not very many happy stories, the ones you didn't want to bring.

One day, we will look into each others eyes,
As the sun sets on the crystal clear skies.

One day, we will get as close as we've ever known.
As we watch how much our relationship has grown.

One day, we will lie against the earth.
And find out how much this was all worth.

One day, we will be as happy as we can even be.
Finding ourselves, well..pretty much worry free.

One day, will look back on all of this.
And find how everything was so bliss.

One day, you and I..
One day, we will die

One day, we will be separated apart..
One day, when he decides to take me.. then we can restart.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on December 16, 2011, 12:01:04 AM
I can't find her.

All through my years, I've been looking far and wide,
Shattered heart, broken spirit, even cried.

I just think to myself, “Where can she be?”.
The one to my heart, the one that has the key.

Shes out there, shes probably looking for me,
and I know, one day.. out paths will thee.

And when I have her in my arms, oh what joy.
I'm pretty sure I'll be the happiest boy.

But first, I must find where she is hiding.
I want to find her, so my anxiousness can start subsiding.

She's probably calling my name, but I can't hear.
I have to find her.. so she won't disappear..

I wonder what she looks like, or how she'll act.
She'll probably smile, I know that for a fact.

But there's one reason my stomach is still in a stir..
It's because.. I can't find her.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on February 28, 2012, 01:19:45 AM
Misty Days And Shining Stars

As I look out the window, and watch it begin to rain,
Empty thoughts, lazy days, are In my brain

The droplets pound against the cold glass.
Falling down the tall green blades of grass.

I look down and watch the cat roll around on the floor.
As the clock begins to chime half past four.

The rain is stopping, and the sun is coming out.
It's going to be a clear night, there's no doubt.

The sun sets, and the stars light up the mystical sky.
Shooting stars come out, by and by.

Looking around, hair flowing in the soft breeze.
Listening to the slight whisper of all the trees.

The moon comes out and puts on quite a display.
Watching the stars dance around, almost as if they're in a ballet.

What a way to get through the night.
To see everything so beautiful, and bright.

What more could we ask for, in this world of ours.
Then misty days and shining stars.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on May 18, 2012, 11:33:05 PM
The World That Never Was

In a world that shows you who you are, a side you've never known.
It's almost kind of like a similar clone.

A world consumed by darkness, and shined by light.
A castle built of white.

In a world where darkness and light collide.
A world where nobodys hearts once died.

A world controlled by power.
A world where the heartless cower.

A world held by an organization.
A world of strange creation.

A world where the moon of hearts sits high.
Shining bright in the twisted sky.

A world that is destined for somes fate.
When heartless rise, nobodys create.

Conflicts arise, like dark and light always does.
In the twisted world that never was.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on December 25, 2012, 10:17:56 PM
Dark Cold Night

As I lay the last of the presents aside and look out,
so much on my mind. So much to think about.

It's cold out there, and dark on this night.
But thinking of you, everything goes bright.

Looking at the glistening lights upon the tree,
Lighting up the room, light going free.

As the fire flares and the wood begins to crack,
Forming clouds of smoke, a very dark black.

As I dress myself up, and put on my scarf and shoes.
The cat rolls around at my feet, a cute amuse.

As I step out onto the snow, and ice.
I warm up my hands, twice.

Stepping out, hearing the snow crunch under my feet.
Feeling the chilly bitter air, drain my heat.

Standing, watching my breath drift into the open air.
As more snow beings to fall, falling without a care.

As our eyes meet under the light snow fall,
Catching snowflakes on our tongue, even though they're so small.

Lacing your fingers tightly into mine.
Knowing that everything will be fine.

On this dark cold night.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on January 05, 2013, 09:02:26 PM
The Door

As you lay your head down for the night.
What awaits you? Joy? Fright?

Slowly leaving the world that you know,
Slowly falling deeper, then.. let go.

Crossing over the bridge, down to the door.
What exactly will you look for?

Opening the door, as the light shines upon you.
Let the dream begin, start its cue.

A starry skylight, and colors of the rainbow.
Roads of light, and sparkling halo's.

What will you start to think of? What will come to mind?
As it strats to take shape..not quite yet defined.

Now as it closes behind you, and you set the scenery.
Pumping out new ideas, and formations, like machinery.

Now lost in this new fantasy.
A spinning new galaxy.

What will happen? Now that you're behind the door.
Go out, and explore the world..galore.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on August 10, 2013, 05:06:51 PM
The Build

Coming into the world, not knowing what to expect,
What will you feel? Pride? Neglect?

Choose a path, there's no turning back now.
Build your life up, higher and higher. But how?

One thing is people will help you, some will break you.
But some will stick it out with you, the few.

Down the road, you'll write each new things as a chapter.
Only to open the book after and after.

Looking for ways to demolish the sorrow,
and everything that makes you feel so hollow ..

When everything starts to break and shatter,
everything will fall, make such a clatter.

Now standing in your pieces, what will be your move?
What will you have to prove?

Should you be bright, or accept defeat?
Feel whole, or mostly incomplete?

Elysian? Frustration?
Move, without hesitation.

Picking up the sharp jagged pieces,
Emotion increases.

Tears will fall and you'll start to wonder.
Do you build, and take the plunder?

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on June 11, 2014, 10:54:44 AM
Who Am I?

Who am I? What do I want to be?
Inside this body lies a pure heart of gold, anyone can agree.

Who am I? Where will I go?
You know, sometimes I don't even know.

One thing is for sure, to myself.. I will be true.
And I know that God will always come through.

I'm not ordinary, I'm different. Not like the other.
Make a difference, make an impact. That, I learned from my mother.

I'll always smile, and be kind.
Even if all my inner feelings begin to grind and bind.

Yes, my emotions get ahead of me and distort my head.
I'll always say my sorries, for it's something I truly dread.

I'll always be there, I'll make anyone smile.
But hey, that's just my style.

I'll brighten someone up, and won't lead them astray.
Even if I am having a tragic day.

I'll strive for my best, it's all I can really do.
But sometimes I can only give so much before it falls, and I'll have to begin anew.

Sometimes I will fall short and break, and fall down.
But I'll do my best do get back up, and not show a frown.

So who am I? What do I want for me?
Honestly, to just be the best I can be.

Written By: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on August 22, 2014, 10:22:21 PM
Summer Nights
About mid-day, it's so hot. There's only one rule.
I think it's about time to jump into the icy pool.
Laughter sounds, as everyone jumps right on in.
Splashing crystal blue water, the way it's always been.
The smell of food being cooked on the fiery hot grill.
As I lay by the pool and begin to chill.
As the day goes on, the fun continues to stay.
As everyone's imagination runs wild to play.
The sun sets and the fireflies put on quite a display.
Dancing around, having quite the field day.
It's totally dark and the stars are out.
Shining beautifully and bright, showing what they're all about.
Lacing my fingers right in-between yours as we look up into the bright sky.
Feeling you lean your head onto my shoulder, with a quiet sigh.
Wrapping my arm around you and pulling you close, counting all the stars.
Looking very closely, you can actually see Mars.
Pulling out the telescope, so that we can get a better view.
I know I don't want this moment to end, between me and you.
It's still pretty warm in this humid air.
But perfect moments like this, are kinda rare.
On hot summer nights, under these amazing lights.
We're quite content, with these amazing sights.
Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on August 22, 2014, 11:16:42 PM
The Condensed Bottle

A crystal bottle made of glass, one that you call your own.
One made from spirit, not exactly blown.

Day in and day out, you'll stuff things inside.
But as much as you stuff, it will not get wide.

Another bad day, another emotion to set away..
Setting it aside, to reflect, and pray.

This bottle can only undergo so much stress.
As you press, and press.. and press.

Finally getting stuffed to it's brim.
Things are starting to look a tad, grim.

The thought, “Oh I could fit a little more in”..
That, is where it will begin.

Holding the concealed bottle as tight as you can.
It now has a very short life-span..

Your body trembles and your hands begins to shake.
The bottle slips and falls..and begins to...break.

Cracks race from end to end dismantling the bottle.
Chaos begins, at full throttle.

This isn't what you hoped for, this isn't what you planned.
Feeling overwhelmed, too much to withstand.

Looking at the shattered mess around you,
What to do?

Sometimes it's best to let things be.
As much as you may want to plea.

Just know that you'll be okay, and be brave.
Don't let this mess be your grave.

Hold your head up, and don't be afraid.
All the pain..will degrade.

Written By: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on October 21, 2014, 10:25:32 PM
Waiting In The Dark
Waiting in the shadows, where light can not pass,
Walking up to a wall, made of crystal glass.
Beating on it repeatedly, making tiny cracks.
Telling my mind to calm.. relax.
Giving it all I got, with one final blow.
Watching the wall fall, ever so slow.
One barrier down, many more to go.
Churning through this journey, alone.
This new barrier is a lot tougher.
I can tell that something is unfortunately going to suffer.
Insides racing at a million miles an hour.
As the darkness grows, I can fell my emotions start to cower.
Trying to break me down, and watch me fall.
Just trying to give it my all.
New days bring a new wall.
Some just get bigger. Quite tall.
But I just put on a smile, and wait in the dark.
Waiting for enough strength for the empowering spark.
To break the wall and make it crumble.
Even if it will cause me to stumble.
So I'll just wait in the dark, for that one ray of light.
Wait... for the day I will finally win the fight..
Written by Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on October 27, 2014, 12:39:01 AM
I'll Never

I know I'm human, and there's only so much I can do.
But there's things I'll never do. These things I say, are true.

I'll never lead you astray, or let you frown.
I'll do my best, not to let you down.

I'll never hurt, nor bring you harm.
I have such a kind nature, it's kinda my charm.

I'll never break, or destroy your dreams.
Let the ideas burst from the seems.

I'll never put you down, or call names.
Honestly no one gets anywhere with childish games.

I'll never abandon you, or make you feel alone.
I'll sit and talk with you for hours, even on the phone.

I'll never say mean things, or raise my voice.
I think it's a great choice.

I'll never let your heart break, or crack in two.
I'll see to it, that you get through.

I'll never make you cry, that I can make sure.
I'll never run, we will endure.

Written By: Taylor Brown

Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on November 09, 2014, 10:09:53 PM
Don't Let Them See

Don't let them see, don't let them smell your fear.
Hold your ground, as much as they may sneer.

Don't let them see. Turn and hide.
Don't show them how much you've cried.

People will hurt you and say lots of mean things.
As they try to tie you, and pull you with strings.

Don't give in, don't give them power.
Even in your most dire hour.

Constantly putting you down.
Try not to frown.

Everything will be okay.
Though, through your eyes, things seem a tad grey.

Just don't let them see, what's inside.
About how much they make you feel like you've died.

You're better then them, and you will prevail.
Shelter yourself from their hail.

Don't let them see, what they have done.
Don't let them think, that they have won.

Written By: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on January 09, 2015, 09:41:43 PM
Foggy Windows

I couldn't believe you said it, a simple three letter word. A word to relieve all the stress.

We set a date, a time and a place.
Then I watched you smile and walk away with such grace.

That day finally came, and I'm quite scared.
Am I ready? And I prepared?

Walking down the sidewalk, checking a few windows here and there.
Stupidly checking my hair.

It's kinda foggy outside, an the air has a chill.
As I set my eyes on the cafe, I get kind of a thrill.

Looks to me like I'm a tad early, but that's fine.
Feeling it start to sprinkle, as the sun does its best to shine.

Walking inside and finding my way to a comfy window seat.
Gazing out this foggy window, looking up and down the street.

Sitting there twiddling my thumbs, looking up at the clock for the time.
But that's when I hear it, the bell on the front door chime.

And looking up as you take the seat in front of me.
Just in the time as the waitress brings some tea.

Reaching up, drawing a funny face on the foggy glass.
Hearing you giggle, as we chat. Knowing, this moment will last.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on January 11, 2015, 09:13:33 PM
What Am I.

What Am I? Well I will tell you.
It's a lot to take in, but all is true.

I have problems, but it doesn't hinder me.
Most I can handle, sometimes only to a certain degree.

I can be chaotic, and destructive.
Or take and build, learn. Constructive.

I could have the worst day, but I won't let you down.
I can't stand to see a dear friend frown.

People taunt and tease.
I don't mind, just don't go to far. Please.

I'm very creative, with vast imaginations.
One of my favorite things ever, to lay and match constellations.

I can be shy, and sometimes I want to just hide and disappear.
But its amazing what you find out about yourself in a year.

I care a lot, and I deal with situations more with emotion.
I take everything into thought, even a small notion.

Sometimes I care too much about what people think, do, or say.
It just clutters my head till I push it away.

But honestly, I just give my best. It's all I can do.
I'll give till I fall apart, or just get through.

So to you, what am I?
Someone you can easily pass? Or hard to come by?

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on August 04, 2016, 11:23:21 PM
Divine Intellect

In a space where thoughts bloom, and ideas expand.
From scenes of colorful space, to a mystic grassland.

A place where you can simply relax, and get lost forever.
A place you can always visit.. whenever.

A space that will go on for quite some distance.
Bringing forth creativeness to existence.

Erupting development of artistic thoughts.
Or sometimes just feeling the weightless drift, like an astronaut.

Ideas come to life, and start to move.
The more emphasis you put in, the more they will improve.

Lately it's been feeling cold, and lighteless.
As it gets darker, the space becomes sightless.

The creativeness slows down, and becomes dull.
Soon it's pretty much down to an empty skull.

Sitting in the void, just alone in the night.
Do you give up the will, to continue to fight?

To get back to what once brought you happiness, peace and joy.
Or do you let it dismantle, get defiled and destroy.

I guess being in the dark sometimes isn't so bad.
I guess just have to be sad.

And for now, I will just embrace it.

Written by: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on July 14, 2017, 12:23:45 AM
Dream World
In a place without time, and unlimited space.
A place you can go, without leaving a single trace.
Where memories are played, and ideas grow.
A secret world that only you know.
What color is the sky? What color is the water?
Does it get cold? Or does it grow hotter?
The best thing about a dream world, is you can make it how you want to look.
How it feels, how it smells, how it sounds. It's basically like writing your own book.
You're basically the author, and no one can tell you otherwise.
You're the one writing the story. So don't believe if anyone tells you lies.
You can fill it with whatever comes to your mind, what appeals to you.
Space, a misty forest or a rolling hill with morning dew.
Colors of the galaxy, to the colors of a deep ocean blue.
A place to float around, or a place to jump into.
It's yours to explore, the possibilities are definitely endless.
I have a feeling it will be absolutely tremendous!
So what will you make of this world, deep down within your mind?
Go and explore, I hope you seek everything you wish to find.
Written By: Taylor Brown
Title: Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
Post by: WingZero0079 on February 08, 2018, 11:49:14 PM

Trying to wipe my face clean of hollowed tears.
Trying to get away from self-doubt, despair and also fears.

But now standing in my owl pool of grief,
wondering to myself.. will I ever feel any relief?

Of feeling like everything in my life is just wrong.
Feeling worn down, but just trying to be strong.

I'm so tired of feeling worthless, or not worth the time.
What've I done to deserve this? Did I commit a crime?

I always strive to help people, but who will help me?
Do I have to be broken so far down to a certain degree?

Who will look at me, and say, "I've got you."
Someone who will help me pull through.

All I can see is a watery ocean filled with tear after tear.
I know one day it will get better, but how long..until everything is clear?

Written by Taylor Brown
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Post by: Brunhilde on May 31, 2018, 07:16:01 PM
Respect for people who have created this website because itemize interesting as reading it.