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Title: [Closed] [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
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This is a story WingZero0079 and I started on MSN a while back. It all started by a random conversation that popped out of nowhere.

Join Status: Contact TwinShadow (;u=8) for information. Accepting maybe 1-3 people.

It started with me hopping into an F-22, the latest fighter jet of the US military. He was some random jet fighter, but neither of us remember what his was. Let's just go with an F-22 counterpart or something with similar capabilities. Ok, that aside, we fought a bit, then he transformed to the Wing Zero from some Gundam series. I fought as the jet fighter for a bit longer before I transformed that into an experimental mobile suit.

After a while of that, we started to turn it into our own story.

Here's the basics, this is a fanfic of the Gundam universe, namely around the Gundam Wing era. However, we don't use any of the characters from the official series. Ours are in a different reality of sorts.

WingZero0079 uses Gundam-based suits, while my own faction uses mobile suits of their own creation. Specifications on those mobile suits are classified, but the general idea is that they work silently and quickly. They are a mercenary group that relies on stealth capabilities to evade radar detection. Their latest suits are experimental models that they use in live field testing. The pilots are well aware of their dangers and would sacrifice their lives if needed.

Clothing is much like our current day and age. Styling hasn't changed all that much from the years. The only major piece of clothing that stands out are the suits used when piloting a mobile suit. The suits used for the Shadow Elites are skin-tight for both male and female pilots. The suits are used to help interface to the computer system within the advanced mobile suits.


Age limit I'm not too concerned about. However, limits are applied for those who are piloting mobile suits. The youngest at which a character can be is 14 years of age for training. They usually can't become an actual mobile suit pilot for at least 4-6 years, depending on how their training progresses. If they excel in their progress, they can skip ahead of their class to pilot mobile suits.

The oldest will vary depending on the person. This is due to the fact that pilots vary in ages greatly, while most everyone doesn't get the ranking to command a base until after 20-30 years of working. But, this will depend.. So, there is no set limit for the oldest, but for pilots, the oldest at which someone can become a pilot is about 25.



Name: Mariko
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Eyes: Red
Hair Length: Mid-back
Hair Color: A light pink.
Hair Style: Her hair is left as-is. She doesn't use ponytails or anything when she's not on duty. However, on rare occasions, or special, she will put her hair into a high ponytail. Her bangs on the other hand, are left unchanged. They are spiked and go a little past her eyes.
Occupation: Test Pilot for an elite mercenary group.
Personality: She's a straight forward girl. She doesn't necessarily take no for an answer, but she also acts somewhat differently in a mobile suit compared to when she's not in a suit. While she isn't in her suit, she will most likely act like any other girl you would meet. Though, when duty calls, she goes from her pleasant nature to being quite serious at what she does.

Mobile Suit
There is no set mobile suit that she fights with. However, her favorite is the following and the most common you may expect her to test in:

Code Name: X-0133 Fighter
Vehicle Mode: F-22 Raptor
Weapons: Medium range beam rifle, two beam sabers. Occasionally will be equipped with sabers attached on the wings.
Melee Combat: Excels at melee combat. Has excellent turning capabilities and is very quick to attack.
Armor: Light-Medium, has radar absorbing technology.
Name: Hitoshi
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair Length: Quite short, only around his upper neck-line.
Hair Color: Jet black
Hair Style: He has none to speak of. His hair is spiked and his bangs only vaguely covers his eyes.
Occupation: Special Pilot of the Zeons
Personality: He's very serious about doing his work. He will complete his missions to the fullest extent that he possibly can. Not tolerating failure, he will put his life on the line to try and complete his duty. He comes across as a coarse character, someone you don't necessarily wish to mess with.

Mobile Suit
The mobile suit was one that he had stolen from the Shadow Elite Mercenaries. However, it is an older and out-dated model while working there, it is still a very formidable opponent.

Code Name: X-0025 Killer Scythe
Vehicle Mode: Jet fighter type craft
Weapons: Long-range beam rifle, beam scythe attached on the back for melee combat, head unit has twin gattling guns.
Melee Combat: Although it is not the best at melee combat, it has an advantage of its scythe. It uses the scythe to keep a distance between it and the opponent, all while attacking.
Armor: Medium, out-dated radar absorbing. It does not absorb radar signatures as well as newer types, however the armor itself is able to repel light-based attacks for a limited time before systems begin to fail.
Name: Akemi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair Length: Lower back length.
Hair Color: Emerald Green
Hair Style: Her hair is almost always in a low ponytail. Her bangs, however, she uses part of her hair to cover her right eye.
Occupation: Pilot for the Earth Federation
Personality: To some people, she comes across as a ditz. She has a very out-going personality, has a tendency to be clumsy, but at the same time, she's pretty smart. Being carefree, she does what she likes most of the time, and some accidents work in her favor as pure dumb luck.

Mobile Suit
She has no personal mobile suit to speak of. At some point, however, she will be awarded a mobile suit of her own, but for now, it is classified until this happens.

Code Name: N/A
Vehicle Mode:
Melee Combat:


Useful Information

Earth Federation: The Federation is a Global Government formed from the varying nations of the world to protect against the Zeon attack. The civilians run this Federation in times of peace, while during attacks and war, the power is then transferred to the military to take action. The Federation mobile suits will sometimes consist of the following: GM, GM Sniper, Guncannon, Guntank, GM Custom, GM Quel, RGM-109 Heavygun.

Special Units:
Wing Gundam Zero (Currently piloted by Xenfis)
Altron Gundam (N/A)
Gundam Deathscythe Hell (N/A)
Gundam Heavyarms (NPC)
Gundam Sandrock (NPC)

Zeon Alliance: Zeons are a faction against the Earth Federation that think they're better than they are. They will do just about anything to until the Federation is under their control and have absolute control over the Earth's colonies. The Zeon mostly uses the following mobile suits: MS-05 Zaku I, MS-06 Zaku II, MS-07 Gouf, MS-09 Dom, 125MS Taurus, 06MS Leo, 08MMS Cancer, 09MMS Pisces, 02MD Virgo, 02MD Virgo II, 17MS Serpent.

Special Units:
Gundam Epyon
Tallgeese I, II, III
RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis"

Shadow Elites: The Shadow Elites, are, what they are dubbed as, are an elite mercenary organization that are paid to do various pieces of work. They side with neither good nor evil, and will work for anyone who pays the most. They specialize in stealth technology so they can evade radar detection, and work on their sniping performance. Some of their suits are more specialized in melee combat, while others are heavily armored for sniping. (The armor is sometimes used to protect against the kickback from certain shells used.) Because technology is highly advanced on their side, many of their suits will suffer from numerous issues that range from all sorts of problems. Some are minor that include glitches in the computer system, while others can suffer malfunctions in the joints or the suit in general could fail. Their pilots know all of the dangers and risks, but they are dedicated in their work and will work until they're dead.


This story is rated 15+ for mild language, little blood, and the occasional panty/underwear shot.
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WingZero0079's Characters

Name: Xenfis
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond w/ some brown
Hair length: His hair goes down to just around his upper neck line. Hair is spiked while his bangs are just past his eyes.
Occupation: Ace Mobile Suit Pilot.
Personalty: Xenfis can be quite a leader when  he needs to be, though he will take orders when he needs to. He feels to be the hero of the battles, though he does depend on some people to back him up when he needs. His skill in hand to hand combat Mobile Suit fighting are superior to that of other pilots. Though he thinks he knows how to fight, hes still got some learning to do.

[Suit Info]: The Model number is XXXG-00W0, the armour is made of  gundanium alloy. The main weapon I use is a beam rifle, Turrets mounted in the head unit, and a beam sword for melee. There's a new weapon that i've been testing w/ the gundam. A sniper rifle. Though the Gundam does not "snipe" all that often, I thought I'd give it a go :) :)
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Name: Renae
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Organization: Pilot for Elite Mercenary Group
Hobby: Sky Watching
Likes: Flying through the sky
Dislikes: The ground, really... really.... hates the ground
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Personality: Renae has a laid back personality but can also appear childish at times. She becomes serious though in a fight, but does begin to panic when things don't go the way they should.
Appearance: Waers a typical kimono when not in the flight seat. Has the appearance of a school girl, and she prefers it that way.


Renae is a pilot for the Elite Merc Group, taught by her father how to fly, she achieved her pilots license at the age of nine and graduated from high school at the age of thirteen. She is not your typical teenager though, she is rather reserved about her past and prefers her feet in the air and not on the ground. She has a good set of assets, but hates men since she feels they aren othing bug pigs who prefer assets over intelligence.

She is a marksmen with the rifle, a gift from her late-father. She can hit a target with a scope in upwards of five miles away with pin-point accuracy. Her skills with piloting a mobile suit, however, are poor and she relys on a lot of feed back from either the tower or her fellow pilots.

Despite all of that; when not flying or training, she takes on the appearance of a school-girl (sometimes wearing a school uniform, or otherwise just normal teenage clothing) she tends to have some sort of music player stuck in her ear which gives off the appearance that she is listening to music - the reality is much different - she is oftne listening to after action reports.... boring huh?

Mobile Suit:

Renae's mobile suit of a transformer type; it's a two-seater stealth figher equiped with a rack of wing-tipped missiles, three each. She has an under-carriage beam-rifle that she can fire in succession along with her missiles. She utilize's the on-board computer to hit targets at ranges further than her 'scope' allows.

Her aircraft has a matte-black coating to it, which complete nullifies rader signatures and keeps her invisible. Even when transformed into a mobile suit, the coating still keeps her invisible, though she usually has to hide to make the invisibility effective (after all, if the enemy see's you - the coating is useless)

When transformed; she has access to her beam-sabre and rifle, and a rack of missiles located along her shoulders. She has fairly weak armor, but because of that she is very agile and can burn away from troublesome areas very quickly. Her agility also makes it easy for her to evade enemy missiles that have locked onto her, one of the advangeous to having a stealth coating - enemy rader lock missiles can't lock onto her. Her engines were designed to shield the heat exhaust, making her somewhat immune to heat seeking missile. She also has the ability to hover in the air, similiar to the harrier, but this makes her a stationary target and easy for mobile suits equiped with beam rifles to hit her. She prefers to snipe from exthremely long distances and can effectively assault a base as long as it's not been alerted to her presence. She also prefers to hide in clouds, which provides her temporary safety until she fires, which usually scatters the clouds a bit.

Her one disadvantage is the lack of a chaff, which can be used to spoof enemy missiles. Her armor plating is also not very good against most projectile weapons, and thus she is weak in a close-range fight. However, combined with her speed and agility, and provided her pilot is of equal or lesser skill, she'll last a good deal before needing to retreat.

That being said; Renae prefers to fight in her stealth fighter form due to the added speed and agility - she hates her mobile suit form.

Name: Sakura
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Organization: Supposedly none
Hobby: Stuffed animals
Likes: Her school and stuffed animals, her big sister
Dislikes: violence, death, blood.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Personality: Sakura's personality is more on the childish side, if not more on the preschoolers side since she loves stuffed animals and carries one in her school bag or whereever she goes. She can come off as being rather absentminded, but can also appear to be mature in situations that require it. She is, however, very nieve and easily manipulative, she's also a hemophobic.
Appearance: Wears her school uniform when in school. When not in school, she still wears her uniform but covers it with a kemono.


Sakura is Renae's eleven year old little sister. She is a seventh grader in elementary school, and attends a prestigious academy that Renae pays for with the money she makes from her missions. Renae is the youngest person in her class and prodigy, but also trying to beat her big sisters graduation record.

She loves stuffed animals and likes carrying them around, which often gives her strange looks by older kids. She is very smart in terms of her classes, but very nieve of the outside world, which makes her very easy to manipulate - though to offset that she has a small group of friends that keep an eye on her (though Sakura's unaware that her friends are actually looking after her by request of Renae)

Edit: no one told me that my mobile suit was missing one very important peice of info -.-
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NOTICE: Noratetsu is no longer part of this story. His character is officially an NPC until further notice. No one has offered to take Lenneth and thus nothing is being done currently.

Ryu here was an exception to the joining thing, so I'm allowing him in for now. But, if someone else has enough knowledge on the Gundam series, can PM me and we can work something out.


Noratetsu's Characters

Character name: Lenneth
Age: 19
Gender: Female
height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long, to the Center of back
Hair Style: looks like Rinoas hair From FFVIII, (not good at describing hair)
Occupation: started off in the Zeon Military, piloting a Zaku II, she proved herself a excelling pilot and was put into a special unit to combat the Gundams, that is where she is at now, with the Zeon piloting the new suit Valkyrie.
Personality: has a straight to the point attitude, though can get quick to temper. she doesn't like to use guns and refuses to carry a gun and instead would prefer to go to close combat with some type of blade, whatever she feels like carrying, you could consider her a sword collector. she herself doesn't know why she is fighting, just that she must do it.

Mobile Suit

Code Name: ZAX-000 Valkyrie ----- Prototype
Weapons:Custom High-output beam-saber, twin Vulcan cannons mounted in the head unit.
Defense:Aegis Shield, buckler size, its material gives high defense against beam weapons.
Combat Type: Close Combat only.
Armor: Light, The Valkyrie has a slim frame, and is meant to be extremely agile and fast. it conducts heat very well so that it can continue to move at high output for longer periods. A well placed shot would be the end.
Other things to note: It has wings like Wing Zeros, but are smaller, and it has a high output booster system.
This unit is meant to go in with support to avoid drawing all the fire.

Below the line will be a summary of what happened in the beginning of the actual story itself. After this post will be the actual story continuing from that point on.

After the scuffle between Xenfis and Mariko, the two of them went back to their respective bases to run repairs on their mobile suits. During this time, they had a little while to unwind a bit from the fighting when the Zaft end up attacking. Xenfis and other pilots from the Earth Federation mobilize to hold them off, then the commanding chief emails for Mariko requesting assistance. It took a while, but Mariko eventually reached their base, but it was a bit too late. Wing Zero suffered some damage, among other units, but she did manage to hold them off and send them away with help from another pilot.

Once all that was done, Xenfis had one more mission for the day for Mariko, a stealth operation to acquire information about new units from the Zeon. This didn't start for a couple hours, so Mariko decided to head back to her base to turn in reports on other findings of what was going on with her suit. She rested up while Xenfis did some other repairs on his suit. After a while, they proceeded with the mission and learned that the Zeon have a new type of Mobile Suit. No information is known about it, but before Mariko left, she planted a tracer into the new suit. Data hasn't come in yet for the mercenary group, but it will be valuable once it starts transmitting the data.

With all of that done, Xenfis and Mariko chatted a bit, had some harmless fun, and then proceeded on with their lives. Xenfis went to clean Wing Zero, upgrade his systems and all that. Mariko, on the other hand, decided to finish her training in her black belt in karate. During her training, things got messy over at the Federations base... Wing Zero, after Xenfis put the chip back into his mobile suit (he took it out to upgrade it), the mobile suit started to act violently and started to destroy the base. What ended up happening was that the Zeon somehow planted a virus in the chip, which caused the suit to go haywire and destroy the base. Xenfis ended up having to stop the suit before it causes more damage and ripped off the head unit off the gundam.

After that point, Mariko finished with her training, and left the room she was in at the dojo. She laid down on a couch to rest after the work-out she went through during the training process to wait for her sensei to give her the results she's been expecting. He then called out for her to follow him to his own room to talk, and that's where we are now.
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Mariko enters the room where her sensei is and sits down on the pillow in front of him. “So, how was it?” Nervously asking as her heart is beating very fast. While she's waiting for her answer, some thoughts roll around in her head that maybe she did fail, or that she may have passed, increasing her anxiety on what happened.

A few minutes passed as he takes the time to think, then finally responds, “Mariko, I'm sure you're nervous about your results.” taking a moment of pause, “I am happy to say, that you have passed your testing.”

She was ecstatic to hear this news, but she knows that within the dojo, she needs to keep calm, albeit, pretty hard to do so. She bows respectfully, “Thank you Sensei, I appreciate everything you've done for me.” Then she sits up, smiling.

“You were one of the best students I've seen Mariko. You have done well these past few years since you started. I am proud to have you as my student.” He replied to her, holding out the black belt for her.

She takes the belt, bows once more, then stands to leave the dojo. But, before she can leave, she gets stopped at the desk, “Mariko, congratulations on your black belt. You did an amazing job.” the receptionist said. Mariko nods, then leaves the dojo. Once outside, “Yes! I did it!!” yelling this out, her emotions finally came through after being bottled up within, over-joyed with her achievement. Then, she begins to run back to the base.

In the meantime, the commander for the Shadow Elite Mercenaries is sitting in a chair in his office, but then decides to see what one of his pilots status is. He enters the frequency into his communicator, “Renae, come in. This is the commander, I need a status report on your current mission.”
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Renae jerked hard right as she spun her craft to avoid a head-on collision. Through the whining of her engine, she could hear someone speaking into her headset. She glanced down at her rader and tapped it once. "Useless," she grumbled before placing her hand near her throat mic.

"Was all fine until someone dropped the damn ball!" she shouted into her headset and soared higher into the storm clouds. Lightning arced across the way, one bolt touched the wings and traveled to the other side before disappearing into the clouds below. "I only got thirty minutes into the mission before a fighter almost made me, however that pilot didn't just happen upon me it appeared like he was actually looking for someone, meaning someone told these guys I was here," she said.

She leveled out her aircraft and looked over her shoulder; the fighter was several hundred feet behind her and gaining, but based on how he was moving she knew he hadn't yet seen her. She dove downward and then made a loop, just then the fighter flew out of a cloud and again nearly hit her before disappearing.

With a scowl she hit the afterburners and gained some altitude. "This guy is doing a better job of nearly colliding with me than actually trying to find me, either way, I can't complete this mission with this idiot trying to find me," she said and removed her hand from her neck and placed it back on the stick. She needed to concentrate on her flying, or else she'd be another statistic.
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As Xenfis finish's up polishing up the Gundam, a call goes out for a Zeon frontal attack. "This early??", he thought. He quickly changes into his suit only to hear a loud explosion outside. "What the hell are they carrying out there?? Bazooka's???" As he takes a look outside, "Oh why did I open my big mouth??...Well guess I got no choice..."

He jumps into the cockpit of the Gundam, ready to take on the task set before him. "I wonder if I can test out the Sniper again....". He makes his way to grab the sniper rifle, and his beam rifle, mounts the beam rifle onto his back and flies outta the base. "Commander, I need you to set a diversion in front of the base...I got a plan". He sets himself in a little forestry area, and kneels down. "Now lets see here"...He pulls out the sniper rifle and starts to take aim. "Hmm...only 5 Zaku's..and a Gouf..doesn't seem to har-...aww crap 3 Dom's too?? *FML* Hmm...alot tougher then I thought..." He aims at one zaku and takes fire..takes out 1 Zaku only for the rest to notice the shot fired. "Oh shi-" He starts to panic as he reloads his sniper.

Shaking a little he manages to take out 3 more Zaku's, leaving 1 Zaku a Gouf, and the 3 Dom's remaining. "Hmm...this is not going to end well.." He jolts back, sniping the remaining Zaku, he pulls out his Beam Rifle and takes care of the Gouf as well. The Doms' [w/ their high mobility] take charge to Xenfis. *sigh* "really...?*..Xenfis pulls out his Beam Sword. "Well no one said this would be easy"..The Dom's begin to circle around the Gundam firing at Xenfis. "HEY TIME OUT I WASN'T READY YET!!" A Dom manages to shoot Xenfis in the side w/ its bazooka. "Oh your going to play like that eh?" He whips his Beam Sword around to slice the head off the Dom only to fall to its knees and becomes disabled. "GOOD FIGHT ZEON" He shouts. "Now for you two!" He pulls out a second Beam sword and begins to dual w/ one of the Dom's. He uses his left hand as a distraction to fool the Dom, then he makes his strike against the Dom, thrusting his right sword through the heart of the Dom. Watching the pilot die, he turns his attention to the Third and final Dom. It begins w/ a 5 second stare-off till the Dom charges at him, getting a good hit w/ its shoulder right into Wing's face unit. "Oh damn it" The Dom then pulls out his heat sabre, and charges again. "Oh not a second time buddy". Xenfis charges w/ his Beam sword in his hand. They clash together sword against sword. Pushing harder and harder into each other, Xenfis quickly jolts back, throwing his left sword into the air, the Dom slowly watch's whats going on..."AHA! Got cha now!!" Xenfis quickly pulls out his sniper and manages a no scope head shot. "WOOT!!" As he watch's the Dom slowly fall to the ground, he celebrates.

"Xenfis, good job today. You did an excellent job holding off these forces as he held off ours. The base greatly appreciates your hard work and effort to fight against Zeon." "Thanks commander" As Xenfis heads back to the base...he begins to wonder...what is Zeon really up to?...
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The base commander sat there, a bit puzzled as to who might have leeched the information about the mission. He only could wonder if, just maybe, there was a mole inside his own base. "It just couldn't happen..." Rubbing his head in dismay, only hoping Renae can make it back here safely.

Meanwhile, Mariko is proudly holding her black belt and walking on the sidewalk to get back to the base. "Father will be so happy. I can't wait to give him a call." Then it hit her, "OH!" pulling out her communicator to turn it on. Once the device started, she typed in her fathers number quickly to give him a call. "Please pick up...." The phone rang a a couple times before a voice is heard on the other end.

"Hello? Mariko?" A male voice was on the other end, wondering who it may be.

"Father, its me!" Mariko cheerfully replied, having a lot of joy in her voice.

Her father could only wonder what Mariko is excited about, "What is it? You sound awfully cheerful today."

Mariko could just barely contain her excitement, since she can't help but to smile. "Father! I finally got my black belt in karate!!"

To his amazement, he couldn't find any words to say to how happy he really is about his daughters achievement. "I-is that true?" Stuttering to say a word at the moment.

"Of course! I'm holding it in my hands right now! I'm so happy I finally passed." Staying true to her word, being overjoyed that's almost bringing her to tears every now and then.

"I... Mariko, congratulations. I'm really proud. I would love to hear more, but work is calling, but I"ll call you later as soon as I'm done." He said to her, with a slight breaking up in his voice. "I'm really proud of you."

"Hehe, alright, don't forget to call me." She said, then turned off the phone. I can't wait to put it on. Putting the phone in her pocket, she continues off for the base. "Maybe I should tell him about it..." Pondering on whether or not to tell Xenfis, then blushes at what she's saying. "No no no no, not like that...." Shaking her head now.
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Renae eased back on the stick as she came out of the storm clouds; taking a look behind her, she saw that her pursuer had given up and gone home. "Well, that was certainly hair-raising," she said as hit the afterburners and started back for the base.

As she sat in her seat; she placed the recording of the meeting, or what little she did get, into a protective case in the event she had to ditch for whatever reason. Her back pressed against her seat, a small crept across her face as she tapped her radar and smiled.

"Now just to stay on afterburners for fifteen minutes while I head to base," she said before getting awarning alarm. She checked all of her systems and was puzzled, she looked around her fighter but saw nothing wrong. A diagnostic showed a fault in one of her flaps, she craned her head as much as she could before noticing the problem. A small area of her back tail fin was actually missing, causing the flap to flutter in the air, before breaking off due to her speed.

She was puzzled as to how that happened, then realized that perhaps it was because of so many close calls that the other pilot 'did' in fact manage to nick her. "Nothing to pressing, since I still have the other flap, as long as I don't lose both I'll be fine," she said and placed her hands back on the stick.
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As Xenfis enters the base, he looks at his Gundam, smiles, and heads inside. You did great Wing. As he enters the main lobby, Commander call his over. "Xenfis, you need to look at this".."yes sir, what's up?". "Look at this video that Zeon has posted today"..Xenfis looks at the screen. That's the Head General of Zeon sir". "I know it is, you should hear what he's saying".

*There is no other way to live, then to live under the control of Zeon. We will show the dim witted earth, that we are a force to be recognised! We will continue to fight, until the Federation is no more. Dust. History!...We are strong enough to fight until we strive to get what we deserve! Never has Zeon taken such a battle so under-minded, that we don't know what to do. We WILL strive to win, and we WILL succeed in our plans. My fellow brothers and sisters of the Zeon Alliance, RISE!. Rise and show this world your true power. That we will not be taken lightly, and NEVER will we be under estimated! We fight for the Zeon Alliance, and we will continue so. WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED. *raises fist into the air* SIEG ZEON!! [Crowd]: SIEG ZEON!!

"Damn those bastards" Xenfis says. "I know Xenfis, times are getting grave, and we need to hurry up and win this battle already". "I know commander, but its not going to be that easy". " I know Xenfis..we need to call Mariko..were going to need all the help we can get.." "Right sir".

Xenfis slowly walks to his dorm arena thinking how the rest of this war is going to play out...
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Mariko arrives back at the base and heads for her room. She decides to change into her normal clothing for everyday sort of things and take the next two days off. "Ah, feels so nice to be in normal clothing again." She says, putting on a shirt. Walking out of her room, she runs into the commander, just the person she wanted to talk to, "Uh, sir?"

"Mariko, welcome back. How'd everything go?" He asked her, wondering about how her tests went.

She gave off a very bright smile, "I finally passed!" and holds up her black belt.

"Amazing, that is the genuine deal." He proudly said, holding his hand out, "I'd like to congratulate you on your wonderful achievement."

Mariko shakes his hand, "Thanks, and.. is it possible I can get two days off perhaps?"

The commander takes a moment to think, "I have a better idea. How would you like to have a party in your favor? Your birthday is tomorrow, isn't it?"

Apparently she had completely forgotten, "Oh! I completely forgot...." Blushing with embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it. I'll round up a small team and we'll plan an excellent party for you. Is your father joining?" He asked, since him and her father have been close friends for a few years.

Mariko could only wonder, she didn't know if her father would be able to take time off from her work. "I did talk to him earlier, but I don't think he would forget." She tilted her head as if to think for a moment.

"Well, we'll figure something out. Go ahead and have the rest of today to yourself. You do deserve it after all of your hard work." He then walks off to another area of the building to continue some of his work.

Mariko decides to take this opportunity to walk over to the hanger where her mobile suit is being worked on. Since no one is around it for the time being, she decides to climb onto the wing of her craft and lay down. She takes out the communicator and starts typing an email for a certain someone, blushing as she types.

'To: Xenfis
Subject: Birthday Party Invitation
I want to let you know that tomorrow, there is going to be a party for me. It'll be held here at this base in the mess hall, so I'm inviting you to join on the occasion. You'll also be able to meet several other personnel too who will attend.'
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Her eyes felt heavy, the strain of using the afterburners was obvious when she moved forward and felt her sticky back as it peeled off the seat. She looked ahead at the air-field, which was still a good five minutes out, she sent the counter sign - which told the base who she was.

Her landing gear deployed and she began her downward glide path. Her engines spinning down as she neared the runway. "Almost.... almost..." she said, she could hear the sound of metal rapping the side of her craft - even though the flap had torn off, the bearing that kept it to the aircraft were slapping against the tail wing.

A satisfying 'thump' sounded as her wheels touched the runway and she yanked back on the throttle and brought her craft to a slow crawl. She moved toward the hanger and saw several mechanics gawking at her damaged tail.

Popping the canopy; she pulled herself out of the plane and handed her helmet to a tech. "Get my plane fixed please, I need to talk to the commander. Also, remove the flight data recorder and send it to my room," she told them and headed off to the commanders office.
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Xenfis plops onto his bed, face into his pillow. His thoughts, heavy. His hopes, almost lost. His destiny, set..what was he to do? Stop Zeon on his own?..

"Gah....idk what to do..this is all so complicated..I know I cant take Zeon all on my own..but the most I can do is at least help in the fight"..Just as he begin to shut his eyes, his communication device goes off.

"Hmm?.." He wonder who it could be, he opens it and sees a message in his in-box. "Its from Mariko". He begins to read the message to himself. "Oh so its going to be her birthday..hmm what should I get her?"..As he begins to ponder, he sends a message to the Commander. He closes his device, waiting for a reply. He looks up at the ceiling and just lets his mind kinda..wonder off.

"Mariko, is an excellent fighter, and pilot. She will be a great cause to our fight...together, I think we will stand a chance". He begins to grin, and relaxes.

His device goes off, as he opens the message, a silent yes followed by a big smile. "Now the question is what shall I get her? Hmm, I'm gonna have to think about his one..." He closes his eyes and begins to think...
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Looking at the ceiling, Mariko wonders what she'll wear for tomorrow. She begins to think of wearing a dress, or something more traditional, or something. She can't quite come to a decision when her communicator starts ringing. "Hm? I wonder if its father.." She takes the device out of her pocket to answer, not really looking at who the call was from, "Hello?"

"Mariko, its your father." Came a voice on the other end. "I have a surprise for you tonight. I'll be there later tonight."

Suddenly, Mariko's heart began to race extremely fast, "S-surprise? What is it?"

"Now it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it?" He replied. "Give me an hour and I'll be there." He then hangs up, as he travels to the base entrance.

Mariko shakes her head. She couldn't believe her father is going to see her for once since his work keeps him very busy. "Did.. he.. really get time off...." Now, more than ever, she's looking forward to this than anyone could have hoped for. She hops down from the wing and runs to her room to change into something else.

In another area of the base, the commander sends out an email for all personnel at the base, with the exception of Mariko.

'I would like to inform every pilot, mechanic, engineer, and everyone else, that a party for one of our special pilots will be held tomorrow in the mess hall during the evening. I'm allowing anyone and everyone to attend this event if they so wish.'
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Her eyes arched up at the intercom before she shook her head. "A party huh? Dunno if I'll attend," she said silently and continued toward the commanders office. As she headed across the way she stopped briefly to allow a vehicle to pass, it was headed toward the hospital in the distance.

She kept her pace though; arriving at the building with the commanders office in less than five minutes. Renae elbowed the door open, one of the buildings guards noticed her aggitation and decided not to mess with her right now.

As she neared the commanders door; she stopped and then knocked gently. "Commander, Renae here to see you," she said.
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Xenfis begins to think more.."Man forget what I'm getting her, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???...I mean it's only a party, but I want to make my self look good for Mariko." As he goes through his closet he digs out what he's going to wear. Sets it aside, and begins to craft something.

"I bet she'll like this a lot", as he finish's making a hand crafted Earth Federation key chain. He sets it into a box and begins to fill out a card.

[To Mariko, I hope that you have an amazing day today, and I personally wanted to say thank you so much for all the help that you have given to the Federation. As a token of my appreciation, please accept this EF emblem key chain. May your day be bright and hopeful, your friend   - Xenfis] As he try's to put a little heart next to his name, his hand begins to shake slightly, making a little messed up heart....
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"Come in." The commander said, typing up some documents on the computer to archive them. "Renae, I'll need a full status report from you on the mission, regardless if it was a failure or not." Flipping through some papers as he speaks to her.
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"You'll have that report once I've gotten all the details sorted; suffice it to say, someone screwed up somewhere. There was no way that base should've known I was there, likewise, with the storm in the area most bases wouldn't let their pilots fly. Not only that, but as I was evading that pilot the base's SAM Sites were trying their hardest to lock target onto me - glad I fly a stealth fighter which is immune to most SAM Site locking systems," she said before realizing that she had been talking rather fast. She took in a deep breath, and repeated what she said more slowly.

She looked at the commander and then added. "I got only, but not without taking at least some damage. I should be gold for the next mission. Whichever it may be," she shrugged her shoulders. She was never one for military protocal and actually preferred a lax system.
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"Great, I got her gift, I got what I'm going to wear. I'm set for the party" Sounding all excited. "This is going to be so much fun"

Xenfis walks out of his dorm, and into the hanger area, and looks at his Gundam. "But this war is going to take beating on me..oh well I'll always fight for the safety of Earth". As the commander walks in..

"Ah Xenfis, please tell Mariko i said Happy Birthday for me". He gives Xenfis a smile. "Will do sir", says Xenfis, as he smiles back. Xenfis then takes a small stroll around outside.
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"Is there anything else you'd like to report, Renae?" He asked her, "I'd also like to see that full report submitted within a few hours, if possible."

As Mariko finishes changing to something more formal for her father, she starts having some slight panic attacks as to what to say in front of him. It's pretty clear she hasn't seen her father in quite some time, usually only once or twice every 4-8 months. She always tries to look her best around him, despite what her father says.

Calming down a bit, she breathes slowly to regain some control and then begins to head for the main entrance to the base. Considering where she currently is, its a bit of a walk as the base is quite large. As she walks, she gets some strange looks from the other pilots and a few stares as well from the guys, obviously not seeing her out of her suit before. "People... are staring... its embarrassing me..." That thought continues to race around in her head, making her that much more nervous being out and about.
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"I might be able to have the report done in a couple hours, but that's barring anything that the techs find wrong with my man," said Renae in reference to her fighter. "Otherwise, that is about all I came to report. Though I probably should check the mail office before returning to my room, if that is all sir," she said and awaited his reply.
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As Xenfis walked back inside the base. he takes a look around and sees the repair group on his Gundam.

"Your Gundam has been repaired sir, and a few mods have been made for sniping as well. You now have better accuracy"

"Thanks guys" Xenfis says.

As he walks into his dorm, he hangs up his cloths all nice and neat, and sets his gift in plain view [so that he wont forget it]. And begins to change. He brush's his teeth and hops into bed.

"Tomorrow is going to be a good day, I just know it will."...

He slowly then begins to drift off to sleep...
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"Yes, that is all. You are dismissed." He told Renae, continuing a bit more on working with the documents.

About 15 minutes passed before Mariko reached the lobby area of the main building. She decides to wait and sit on a chair until her father arrives. "I wonder what he's going to think..." Pondering on a few things in her head.

For a while, she sits in the chair, waiting for her father to show up as she's anxious to see what he's bringing her for a surprise. Twiddling her thumbs, she's getting a bit more nervous, but its not like he's come here before. Half an hour passes when he finally arrives, "So where did my daughter run off to." joking in a manner, pretending to ignore Mariko is in front of him.

"Father, I'm right here." Playfully complaining, as she runs up to hug him, a big hug at that. "I miss you so much... I don't see you often enough.." Her voice slightly cracked as some of her emotions build up.

He hugs her back, "I'm here," he began to say, rubbing her head, "and I will be here for a week this time."

She looks up him, tears developing, "Really? A whole week?" curiously asking, since this never happened before. "You never get a whole week off..."

"I talked to some people in the company," He started talking, walking over to the bench so the two of them could sit down, "and some of them agreed that I need some time to spend with my daughter. Since your birthday is tomorrow," he brings out a bag from behind his back and holds it for her, "here is your early present."

She takes the bag, but then, "Let's go to my room, I think.. it'd be better there." getting up along with her father, and the both of them start walking to her room. "And.. thanks for the present."

"I caught wind there was going to be a party tomorrow, correct?" He asked her.

A puzzled look appeared on her face, confused as to how he knew about that, "How'd you know about it?"

"The base commander gave me a call not long ago and told me." Answering her question, "I made a quick stop somewhere to get you a present."

Mariko could only think for a bit, wondering whats in the bag. Since her room was in another building, they make light talk about what goes on in the base, what she has done since his last visit, and normal things. They pass through the mess hall and decided to get some food to take with them as a late dinner of sorts, and they eventually make it to her room.

"I had forgotten how big this base was.." He mentioned, little out of it from all the walking as he sits on the couch.

"There's a new building actually, but I don't know what its purpose is. I think its going to be another hanger." Mariko adds to what she had talked about earlier, then sits next to him as they begin to eat.

"Did they... Well, I suppose with all the new mobile suits, it would make sense." There wasn't much else he could say about it, since he hasn't really seen half the base as it is.

Mariko makes a quick email to her commander to request that he stop by her room for a minute, all while she's eating. "I think after the last mission, I think I can take a break for a couple days." She began, "Its been pretty busy lately."

"Oh? I've been hearing that some other nations have begun some investigations of their own concerning the Zeon." He didn't exactly know what was going on, since much of the information from the mercenaries is classified.

"I can't say much," She said softly, "but all I can say is that they have some new type of mobile suit." Then she begins to blush slightly, thinking on a couple other moments that ended up happening after that mission.

"Really, a new mobile suit..." He began to say, then catches eye on her blushing, "And now a boy is involved, huh?" Playing around with her feelings a bit.

As soon as she heard that, her face turned bright red, "No no no no no no no no!" shaking her head and repeating 'no' extremely fast. "Its not like that!" Once she realized what she said, she became even more embarrassed than she just was a minute ago.

He could only laugh at what her daughter is saying, "Don't worry. I'd like to meet him, however. Is he coming tomorrow?" asking her in a caring manner.

She only nods as she continues to eat, a bit too embarrassed to talk as it is. The two of them finish their meal in silence, then they talk a bit further on general topics when the commander knocks on her door. The door opens and he walks into the room, "Ah, so your father did arrive."

"Nice to see you again, Takashi." Her father called out, standing and giving him a handshake.

"Likewise. So what can I do for you?" He asked him, as well as to Mariko.

"Oh... um... I was wondering if there was a spare room for my father." She asked, not sure of other ways of putting it.

Takashi takes a moment to think of any available rooms, "I believe there is one not too far from here. I'll go by there on my way back to the office with your father." He then looks at her father, "So how is the business running these days? I heard you've lost some business recently."

"We did, but its not a terrible loss," He answered, "we're still recovering from it, but we're slowly gaining back our ground."

"Excellent news." Takashi replied back, "Tomorrow is going to be quite a day, so how about we all get some rest?"

"Heh, I agree. Long day today, I could use it." Making an agreement with him, then turns to Mariko, "You have a good night then."

"You too father." Mariko told him and sees the two out. "I'm still curious as to what the present is, I never did open it..." She takes the bag and pulls out an item that felt like clothing, as it was wrapped up in paper. She took off the paper to unfold what turns out to be an extravagant and beautiful dress. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw it, "I'm wearing this, no doubt." saying this out loud, walking to her closet to hang her new dress in.

"I better take a shower and prepare for tomorrow. It's going to be an awesome party for once. Ooohh.. I can't wait!" She was overflowing with excitement, but taking her own advice, she hops into the shower, and once she was done, she lays out a few things on the table and hops into bed.
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Renae just nodded and left the office; she walked across the base and into the dormitory. She undressed and threw her flight suit onto her bed, she walked into her bathroom and smiled before washing her face.

Once done she ran her wrist under some ice-cold water, after a full minute a square outline on her wrist became visible, she peeled the false skin back to reveal a small square shaped disk.

Placing it in her mouth, she let her hair down by removing the rubberband she had used to keep it up.

"There," she said and walked out of the bathroom, almost entirely naked minus her panties and a bra. She took a seat on her bed and retrieved her laptop from the nighstand and booted it up. Waiting patiently she typed in her password, which was a good two hundred characters long.

Once done she slid the small disk into the computer; it hummed for a few moments before downloading the data from her mission. She took a headset and fit it over her ear, then listened to the conversation. Normally she wasn't permitted, but she was curious as to what was going on.

~Data playback commencing~

The playback went to noise briefly. Renae straightened the view-display on her headset, which played back the video. It was somewhat shaky but fixed itself up after awhile when she realized that at this moment she had engaged the system that fixes the camera onto one point, no matter how she turend her aircraft, the camera would always stay fixed on that point - unless she turend her craft in a direction that the camera wasn't able to work on, such as her being upside-down.

Two men appeared on the display; their outlines white due to the infrared heat signature they were giving off. They were sitting around a table, one was clearly drinking something hot - perhaps coffee, or many even hot-chocolate considering the light amount of snow that was visible on the ground.

"So, we a deal then?" said one of the men who was sitting nearest the window.

The other, who was more so near the door. Nodded his head and lifted a glass of cold water, made obvious by the bluish outline of it. "Those mobile suits will arrive in due time, not to worry my old friend, they'll be able to take on whatever you have planned," he said.

Renae listened; for the past twenty five minutes the conversation was just business like usual, the two men haggling over prices for the suits and other equipment. It wasn't until five minute's before the end of the recording did things get real strange.

"So, about that 'matter' we discussed?" asked the one near the door.

"Oh? Her? Don't worry, I've already convinced her to work with us, she'll be very useful in getting into places we can't," responded the one near the window. "Likewise, I have plans in store for our little princess," he added.

Renae's eye twitched as she beefed up the volume.

The door opened and a man walked in; he leaned over and whispered into one of the mens ears. "I see....." said that man with a nod. He then looked out the window and right into the camera and smiled. Renae realized that based on how the camera was now moving that this was around the time she had encountered the enemy fighter.

Still recording; Renae made out a few other things. "The next time that fighter is anywhere near our people, we'll have a nasty thing instore for it," someone said.

"Just make sure she dies," another voice spoke.

The rest of the recording was filled with the sound of Renae's engine as she afterburned out of there.

~Playback stopped~

Renae removed the headset and placed it on the bed; she realized that the report she had in store would take a little while longer, she still needed the flight data recorder after all. She typed up a quick e-mail and sent it off to the commander, informing him that the report will be delayed until morning. She did attach her flight log, minus the recording, so he could get a general outline of what went on.

With that done she decided it was best to take a shower, she turned her laptop off, ejected the disk and replaced it within the hidden area of her wrist. Though cold-water was used to remove the adhesive of the false skin, hot-water sealed it back over the disk.

She then headed into the bathroom and took a quick shower, when she finsihed she stepped out, put a robe on, and then sat by her window and looked out at the distant clouds.
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The next day comes, and its Mariko's birthday. Some of the personnel are in the mess hall, putting up some of the tables and chairs so that it will act more as an auditorium for this event. "Mariko's brithday, huh..." One of them called out, "This should be quite fun for a change."

"I agree," Another said, putting up some other chairs, "not much happens in these parts as it is." Some are setting up the light fixtures on the roof, while others fix up the stage itself with speakers, a microphone, among other things.

Mariko herself, well, is still in bed. She's never too much of an early riser, and she had forgotten to set her alarm the night before due to the excitement about her father and whatnot. However, it seems as though she moved around from a dream quite a bit, as her shirt appears to be hanging up a bit showing part of her bra. Not to mention that her shorts slid down as well...

In the main office, Commander Takashi is up doing some documenting about Renae's mission. He starts to ponder on who could have possibly leaked out the information. "I may have to do some investigating of my own..." He thought aloud, still thinking how it is possible. Being puzzled, nothing won't get done by itself, so he continues putting in the data for the time being as he prepares another proposed mission he received during the night.

Back in the mess hall, one of the staff was climbing down from the ladder when it started to become unstable. "Uh-oh, help!" The ladder begins to tip over from one side to the other, and then it loses the balance completely. Two other staff members caught eye of this and quickly ran over. One of them caught the falling person, while the other went to catch the ladder. "Thanks.." He commented, as he was getting back on his feet.

"Any idea what caused that?" The other person asked, curious as to what could of went wrong, "There's no way a ladder could become unstable like that..."

"Who knows," Another exclaimed, "but this may have been an accident. We're all almost done, so lets finish up." Then went back to working on some other minor details.

The other two shrugged and went back to their business to finish preparations for the part later. Some are hoping things will go without problems, but some can never be too cautious, especially with occasions like these.

Off the base, somewhere in the field, lies a mobile suit similar to those used in the main unit for the mercenaries. However, this one looks a bit more out-dated than current models. This suit has been here for a while, unmoved and unchanged, as if lying in wait for something to happen. It has its sniper pointed towards the base with a special camera to record and send back videos, as well as an audio feed to pick up any conversations.

"Mission status update, target confirmed. Mobile suit is still in production phase and is nearly complete. Sending in data as I receive it." The man inside said, as if talking back to someone who is on the other end. "Roger, continue surveillance for updates." This mobile suit is at a far enough distance to avoid detection, as if knowing what their capabilities are and their ranges.
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Renae stretched her arms as she awoke, she had fallen asleep with her head laying up against the window. "Ughs, I need to stop doing that," she muttered as she walked into the bathroom and cleaned herself up before putting her flight suit on.

She headed out of the dormitory and went straight to the air-wing, a mechanic was doing a last minute check over her fighter. "Morning," he said when he looked up and notice Renae. Renae gave him the peace sign before going up the ladder and sitting in the cockpit.

"I see you fixed the tail," she looked over her shoulder at the shiny new tail and elderon.

"Yep, took us half the night to fix it though, but we managed it. You also had a few burned out circuits in the computer, most likely caused during your battle yesterday, so we replaced them. We also put in some backups, fresh from the factory," said the Mechanic as he closed up a maintenance panel.

Renae nodded her head and handed him the checklist she had snagged from within her cockpit. She was handed her helmet and promptly put it on, she spoke into the mic. "Tower this is Renae, Shadow-05, fighters fixed but I'd like clearance to take her up for a test flight before the next possible mission," she waited a few seconds before the tower responded and granted her permission.

She locked the helmet in place and attached the oxygen hose to the back; she then hit the switch to close her cockpit. Testing out every part of her craft on the ground, she smiled as the indicator lights turned green across the board. She feed fuel and power to her engine and moved slowly out of the hanger, a man wielding two lights guided her toward the taxi way.

It took a full two minutes before she was on the tarmak. "Say, you are going to be here for the party right?" she heard someone ask in her headset.

She scowled at the breach of protocal, it was not only rude, but stupid, to breach the communications line typically used between the tower and the pilot. "Get off this channel, and yes," said a rather angry Renae.

The tower asked her who she was talking about to, but Renae just brushed it off.

~Shadow-05, air-space is clear, you have permission to take off~, said the tower.

Renae pulled the throttle back slowly, causing the engines at the front of her aircraft, the VTOL - or Vertical Take Off and Landing - system to engage and push her back. She then shoved the throttle forward. A jet of fire erupted out of her two rear engines as she speed down the runway. The sound of her afterburners was so loud, that anyone who 'had' been asleep would've be wide awake now.

She was nearing the end of the runway when she engaged a second set of afterburners that had been receased into her hull, these were typically used in the VTOL system to allow her a great deal of agility in flight, in this case, they performed another purpose.

When the afterburners engaged, she pulled hard on the stick and her stealth fighter soured into the air at a vertical angle. Her rate of climb was staggering, as she reached her cruising altitude though she leveled off and receased the two extra engines. For the next ten minutes she put her fighter through it's paces. Barrel-rolling, looping, everything needed to test the repairs to her fighter.

"That was fun," said Renae as she ran a diagnostic on her systems, everything came out solid. A smile creased her face as she brought her aircraft in for a landing. "I guess I'll attend that party, though the party girl I hope was awake before I rung the roosters neck," she grinned and lined up with the runway.
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Xenfis's pager goes off as he wakes up to grab it.

"You are going to the party, right?" ~ Commander.

"What??..Of course i a-...OH MY GOD IS THAT THE TIME??"

He looks at his clock on the pager, then looks at his alarm clock, its turned off for some reason.

"Meh...dang batteries didn't even last that long...mmuurrr...I need to get ready!!"

He springs outta bed and rush's to the bathroom and begins brushing his teeth, and combing his hair. He then puts on his nice suit on and puts on some smell good, then grabs his gift and card. He then runs to the base and yells, "Wing, activate!" As he keeps running, Wing's eyes glow green as the Gundam takes a knee and lays his hand out. Xenfis jumps into Wings chest and sits in the cockpit.

"Ok we got a very important party to head to so lets move out shall we buddy?"

Wing takes off outta the hanger area and heads for Mariko's base. Xenfis flips on the radar and begins to do a scan.

"Hmm, nothing outta the ordinary here"

He keep flying till he has the base in sight.

"Now lets not make to big of an entry here Wing.."...."Base this is Xenfis from the EF, permission to land in base for a special party today please."

[Crackle over the radio..]

"Xenfis, this is base, permission granted, good to see you sir"


He then lands inside the base area and gets to the ground. He fixs himself up and begins to head inside.

"Wing, Alpha Mode 1. Make sure nothing happens around or near this base please. If u hear or see anything, page me."

Wing stands up, and pulls out a beam rifle and looks out into the distance. Xenfis makes his way into the Mess hall...
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Mariko had turned onto her side, hugging what appears to be a body-length pillow as if in a dream. It was at this moment that when Renae throttled up her craft, the loud shock wave made Mariko bolt up and actually fell out of her bed, hitting her head. "Oooowwwwwww........" She complained about the pain she felt, rubbing part of her head before making a slow stance to stand up.

Once stood up, she fixes her shirt and shorts and walks over to her closet. She opens the door to take out the dress she received the night before to hang on the shower rod in the bathroom. "It feels like its afternoon.." She yawns, trying to wake up, as she looks at a clock she placed in there, "Wow, I did oversleep, guess my alarm didn't go off." She shrugs it off, seeing as it is her day, she decides to be a bit late on purpose to put everyone in suspense.

She closes the bathroom door and takes off her shirt and shorts, leaving her underwear on and starts combing through her hair. Once she's done with that, she puts the dress on, then takes a curling iron and starts working on a sort of wavy look to her hair. "I'm probably going to be surprising quite a few, but... it'll be worth it to see their faces." Thinking out loud, since no one has really seen the feminine side of her. She'll spend a while in here as she fixes her hair up and put on makeup.

In the mess hall, things are going pretty while. About half of the base personnel has managed to attend this, including the base commander, Takashi. Most of the pilots are talking to each other while the cafe area has been busy preparing food to feed everyone.

Then, one pilot notices that someone new was here, Xenfis, and walks over to him to strike a conversation. "Is this the first time being here?" He asked him.

Mariko's father, on the other hand, wasn't in the mess hall at the moment, but rather in his room looking at a few emails he received. "Hm, nothing too serious it seems." He was contemplating on what to do with the business, but he decides to put it off for the time being to get ready himself. "I believe that boy should be here somewhere..." Referring to a couple comments made by Mariko the night before when they were talking.
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The doors parted and Renae walked in; she wore a typical civilian outfit, instead of her pilots suit which she felt wasn't proper for this kind of an event. She held a flight diagnostic pad though and was flipping through some of the status reports in relation to her fighters weapons, something she couldn't exactly test for obvious reasons.

She migrated over to a table and sat down; placing the pad on the table itself and looking around. "Quite a few people here," she said and clasped her hands in her lap.
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"Why yes it is actually, I mean I've heard of the base and all, which I might add, its a lovely place that you have built. Most top notch defence I presume?"...

As Xenfis continues to chat w/ the pilot he learns more and more about the base, and how all the structures are put together, and even got some inside info on some of the suits they've built. After he's done talking w/ the pilot, he heads over to the table and sets his gift, and card on the table..heart starting to beat a little harder..he walks to the table to get a nice cold drink.

"I really hope she does like it..." *Sips*
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About 10 minutes pass as Mariko continues fixing up her hair. She finishes out with just the perfect wavy look that she wanted, with enough length left so she can put her hair in a high ponytail. "Don't I look pretty as is." Complementing to herself as she looks in the mirror. Then begins to put on a bit of makeup to bring out more of her feminine side.

On the outskirts of the base, the mobile suit that was once there, was now gone. The person had finished his mission of gathering information and returning back to his base. "These new suits may be the best they've done so far..." He said to himself, talking about the latest models used by the mercenaries, "But it only takes a pilot to bring out the true abilities."

It was then that he received a transmission from the base, "You have new orders. Return to base and be ready for a debriefing."

"Roger, returning to base." He replied, then ended the transmission. "Soon enough, you will have your day..." Thinking out loud, as if he was after a certain pilot in particular.
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As Xenfis walks around the Mess hall talking to the other pilots, he jokes and laughs w/ some of the pilots. He begins to tell some of his old fighting stories, and some of the epic battles that he's had. As he does, he begins to wonder where Mariko could be, he checks around the hall to see if he can see her. As he looks, he sees nothing.

"What could be taking her so long?..."
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Off in one area of the hall, a female pilot notices Renae sitting at a table not doing too much, so she walks over to her to see what's going on, "I wasn't expecting to see you Renae. Something on your mind or anything?" asking in a slightly concerned tone.

In Mariko's room, she's making the last touches on her makeup, being pretty light with it. She only applied a minor amount of blush, and a light, natural tone in her lipstick to bring out the natural beauty of her lips. "Good thing mother taught me this..." She said aloud, then starts to put things aside for the time being. "I guess I kept them waiting long enough."

Now that she's finally done, she walks out of her room and walks down for the mess hall. "Pretty quiet over here.. I guess it is to be expected." She giggles and continues on her way.
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Renae looked up at the pilot and smiled weakly. "Just my last mission, almost became a statistic," she replied and crossed one leg over the other. "I have to wonder about the next mission, and where it'll take me..." she tapped her lower chin in thought.
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As Xenfis looks around, he talks to the pilot again..

"Hey, do you have any idea whats taking Mariko so long to get here??" As he asks in a concerning voice.

"I didn't think she would be taking this long" he gently says to himself. "I bet she'll look real beautiful...." as he turns a little red...

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"Well, there isn't much you can do... Everyone here signed up for the same thing for what we do here." The female pilot replied, sitting down with Renae.

The pilot next to Xenfis took a minute to think, "Good question, but women.. do take a while as it is..." answering softly to him so no one else hears. He knows what would come of him if anyone else heard, especially other female staff who are there.

Out in the hall, someone catches wind that Mariko is walking down the hall, and he uses a 2-way radio to notify someone in the hall about that she's coming. The other person then gets onto the stage and to the microphone, as everything has been tested the night before. "Alright everyone, we're about to turn off the lights and surprise Mariko. She's coming now, so be ready!"

Most of the people there take their positions, be it next to the door, some at the tables, and whatnot. After a few moments, the lights are turned off, and the only light source anyone can see at this point, is the hallway light.

A few moments pass with silence, and Mariko walks through the doorway. She takes a few steps in, "Wow, it's pretty dark..." she says, slowly walking further. Then, in a flash, the lights come on, and everyone, besides Renae, shouts, "Happy Birthday Mariko!"

Being the person she is, she wasn't expecting this as she jumped from the sudden surprise, and now her heart racing to catch up to what had happened. "W-wow.. I wasn't... quite expecting that." slowly gasping for air.

"Let's get the party started!" One staff person shouted out, as another turns on party music. The volume isn't set too high, but it can be heard throughout the entire mess hall, so anyone can enjoy the music wherever they preferred.

However, before anyone started listening to the music, most of the guys, and a few gals, we're in awe of how Mariko looked, and they finally understood why she took her time in getting here. No one has really seen her in such clothing, let alone normal wear. After they were done looking at her, it was about time to get the party in full swing so that everyone can enjoy their time.
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Renae watched the festivities; she was amused but at the same time curious. Seeing what Mariko had worn made her wonder if she should leave quickly and put on something a little less restrictive.

Listening to music she couldn't but grin. "Might as well get into it," she said and got up and walked over toward the center of the mess-hall. She used to dance a lot when she was younger before entering this world of mercenaries.

She tapped her foot and allowed some of the pilots who were dancing to move away. With that done she grinned and starting dancing.
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As Xenfis nods his head to the beat of the music, he walks over to get a nice cool drink of punch. He softly thinks to himself, "Wow, she looks even more pretty then I imagined.." as he slightly turns a lil red. He has a brief conversation w/ another pilot, the he begins to make his way to Mariko to give her a warm Happy Birthday!!..
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Mariko's father stays back for a bit to watch his daughter do her thing, "She really does take after her mother." reminiscing on some of his old memories. He finishes off his current drink and then goes to get another, "Taking care of ones self is as important as taking care of others."

Mariko develops a tiny blush from Xenfis, but quickly gets over it, "Heh, thanks. I'm.. glad you could make it." she says, smiling. Then, she grabs his and hand and takes him over to where the dancing is, "Come on! Let's have some fun while you're here!"

Most of the personnel seem to be watching and cheering on Renae. Some have known that she's pretty withheld in herself, so they are somewhat surprised to find that she can dance. Others continued to cheer them on, as a couple others switched their focus onto Xenfis and Mariko.

One other staff walks up to the stage, and as she talks into the microphone, the music lowers enough to hear, "Ok everyone! Keep on dancing! Soon enough, we will begin karaoke, so make sure you're ready! After our main event, we have one special song prepared that will be performed later. Now, keep at it!" After her announcement, she heads to the back of the stage to do some final preparations.
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As Xenfis dances w/ Mariko he says to her..

"Wow Mariko your an excellent dancer, you used to dance a lot when you were a kid?"

As he slightly looks over at Renae, he smiles a bit.

"Heh. who knew she liked to dance so much."

He then turns his attention back Mariko..his voice goes a lil weak..

"You look really lovely in that dress Mariko." As he looks into her eyes.
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Renae continues her dancing; her eyes closed as she shows off a performance that speaks of someone being a professional. She wasn't paying much attention to anything else but the music and changing her beat whenever the music changed.

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As Xenfis keeps dancing w/ Mariko, he talks to her as he dances. His hands are shaking a lil while he is dancing w/ her, as he is nervous dancing w/ her. Since..this is one of the first times that he has danced w/ a girl in a few years.

"Hey excited about today?.." His voice a little shaky..
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Mariko takes a moment to think on her answer, "Nervous, but.. at the same time, I am." she answered.

In the back stage, the final preparations were complete, as the announcer comes back out, "Now that everyone had a chance to dance. Let's take a break from that! Our first singer will be out shortly to sing in our lineup. Be ready!" After this, the music stops and most everyone decides to sit down. Some others went to get a bite to eat for themselves, as well as their partner.

"Phew," Mariko sighed, getting some air back, "how about we take a break?" asking him.
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Renae migrated over to the window and looked out. The sky was somewhat cloudy but she knew that it was just that, overcast with no chances of showers or anything. That was subject to change though and she knew that Mother Nature often times hated pilots flying through her skys.

She turned toward Mariko and smiled slightly. She then headed over to a chair and sat down and clasped her hands in her lap, watching the girl carefully, but she had another eye on Xenfis.
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As Xenfis makes his way off the floor, he takes a deep sigh and gets a drink. Then he makes his way over to Mariko, and pulls up a chair beside her and sits. He pulls out his pager and sees that there's no messages. He then slightly looks over at Mariko.

"I'm having tons of fun, your crew did a great job on this party" *takes a sip of his drink* "When you suppose were going to do cake, i could really go for some cake right about now." as he chuckles a little.
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Mariko didn't know how to answer that question, as she didn't know herself. She took a moment to think, "I don't know, I wasn't given too much details." answering the best she could. Then she got a small idea, "Stay here." she told him, then got up to walk over to Renae. "I have a favor to ask of you," she began to ask, "and I'm wondering if you can sing in one of the final performances."

While Mariko was away discussing things with Renae, her father decides to walk over to Xenfis to have a seat. "So you're the one she talked about. Let's have a talk, shall we?" He said, in a polite tone.
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Renae blinked and thought about it for a few moments. "I can sing, just as long as you provide a good group to perform that song with," she smiled at Mariko but still kept an eye on Xenfis.
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Xenfis looks at Mariko's father and takes are really deep breath..

"Ye-yes sir...what all do you want to talk about." *takes a sip*

As he wonders what all he's going to be asked...
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"I've been known for my voice a little bit, so I'm going to be one of them." Mariko began to explain to Renae, "The other girl is one of the ace pilots. That sound good to you? She already agreed on this song," as she pulls out a paper for Renae, "right here."

Mariko's father pats Xenfix on the back, "Don't worry, I've heard some good things about you from Mariko." He takes a moment to take a sip of his drink, "Just be sure to keep her safe for me. She only has you besides myself to be around her."
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"Well thank you for those kind words sir" as he smiles, "And don't worry, I'll make sure that she returns from every mission safe and sound, I won't let anything happen to her" as he keeps smiling and sticks his hand out to Mariko's father..
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"Not bad, I can sing that," said Renae as she looked at the title, she then looked over at Xenfis. "I sure hope ya know what your doing," she said in reference to the EF Soldier who she had been with.
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"That's great to hear!" Mariko was a bit excited to hear the news, then turns around to look at Xenfis, "I wouldn't really worry about him." as she talked, the first singer went to the stage to begin the first song. "I think he's a bit different than you're average person."

Mariko's father extended his hand to shake Xenfis', "I know you will. I don't think I've introduced myself. My name is Daichi, I'm a vice president of a company in another area that my friend runs." He then takes a card out from his pocket, "You may have heard of us, perhaps." and shows it him.
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"If you say so, but if you don't mind, I'm keeping my eye on him," said Renae as she looked at the other singer. As she started toward the girl she turned her head halfway toward Mariko and said. "I guess I'l go join her," then smiled.
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"Ah yea, i think the commander mentioned something about your business, don't quite remember what he said, but the name rings a bell." As he looks over at Mariko....

"Do you have any idea what she's planning?..."
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Mariko can only shrug, "Go ahead, most of it is planned out as it is, but they're still open for anyone." she answered her question.

Daichi thought for a moment, but he comes up blank, "I don't have a clue. Not even I was told of the plans, and I don't think she knows much either." He could only shrug since he doesn't know too much.

Once Renae left, Mariko decided to walk back to Xenfis and her father, "Tonight is going to be so fun, I can't wait!" barely able to contain her excitement as it was.
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As Xenfis looks at Mariko..

"Heh, I'm already having fun." He smiles at her.

"By the way, your father is a very nice man. Your lucky to have such a caring, loving father..." Looks out in space for a min.

" what were you talking to Renae about over there?"
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Daichi decides to leave Mariko and Xenfis alone for now and have a look around the mess hall for a bit.

"Oh, just something, you'll see later on today." Mariko answered him, then yawned.

Time passes, and its now the evening hours. Most of the song performances are done, and only a duet and trio remain in the lineup. Two people for their duet are already on stage getting ready as the music begins.

"Oh, I need to go get ready, so I'll be back later." Mariko told Xenfis, then goes to get Renae to head out of the mess hall for a moment. She takes out a paper with some highlighting done on certain parts to hand to Renae, "Here are the areas you're singing. The other girl already has hers, so we should be fine."

In the hanger, only a couple staff members are there at the moment doing various works on a couple of the mobile suits. One man in particular, was walking to a jet craft that looked like Mariko's, but had more shielding on the back. He hops into the flight station, then starts messing around in the electronics. After he is done, he gets out and quickly makes his way elsewhere for the time being.
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"ok then" he calls out to her.

"Hmm i wonder.." He pulls out his pager and sends a msg to Wing.

[Xen]: Is there anything going on outside at the moment bud?

[Wing]: No, Zeon is not planning tonight it looks like.

[Xen]: ok then, i still want you to stay out there incase anything happens though, is that ok?

[Wing]: Its fine. Check back when you can.
-End texting transmission-
"Hmm well I thought that Zeon would be doing something to crash this party...oh well..looks like were going to have a good night."

As he gets up and gets something to eat.
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"Alright, just hope the other girl can stay on key," says Renae as she overlooks the paper.
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"Don't worry, we're all good." Mariko mentions, then listens in on the current group. "Ah, they're almost done. Let's go in the back way to the stage, she'll be waiting there anyway." She knew what most of the songs were, as she's been planning some of this for a while. The two of them go through the back entrance onto the stage.

"What took the two of you?" A female pilot, standing behind the curtains asked.

"Heh, sorry, I had to do a last minute thing." Mariko sighed, "Anyway, we're ready." adding on.

The announcer nodded, and once the duet was finished, she stepped out to the microphone, "Alright everyone! I'm sure everyone is having a lot of fun. Take a quick minute break, grab a drink, have a seat, and we'll be right out with the last in the lineup!" she called out to everyone. Low music began to play to pass the time, "And also, we have a special performance right after, so stick around for it!" Once she was done, she then heads back behind the curtains to wait out the break time.

"Special performance?" Daichi wondered, he pondered for a minute, but nothing came to mind. He sat in his chair for a few more seconds before it hit him. "Ah, I think I know now... but we'll have to see."
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Xenfis listens to the female pilot as he begins to think to himself..

"Hmm wonder what its going to be..?"

He takes a look over at Daichi, and shrugged his shoulders at him. Wondering if Daichi was just as clueless as he was. He then takes a bite of a small sandwich, and begins to look around. He then walks back to his seat, and relaxes.
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Renae sat in her chair and looked over the musical notes; she knew what they were singing and how she would go about doing it. What she didn't like was singing with someone else, she had always preferred soloing a part.

She listened to the pleasant music that was being played and wondered how well the performance would go. "Guess I'll wait and see," she smiled.
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"We all ready?" A staff member asked the three girls. They all nodded as they take their places. The lights then began to dim out with a couple spot lights moving around on the stage, and soon enough, the curtains rose as the music for their song began.

The music, at first, started as a slow tune. The lyrics started out with all three singing the same lines. It first starts out sounding quite peaceful, and then it switches to solo singing. Each of the girls has their own parts, some follow along with duets, then goes back to the chorus with all three singing.

This song lasts for a little while, being pretty lengthy compared to previous ones. After some time passes, the song finishes while Renae and the other girl leave the stage. Mariko stays on the stage while the curtains lower and a single spot light shines on her. “I'm sure everyone has had a wonderful time here. And I thank anyone and everyone who could make it.” She began announcing, “I have one song I want to do before the night ends, and hopefully everyone will love it.”

Music begins to play, very soft and peaceful, much more so than the last. If anyone knew more on what songs are like, some may even notice it has a sadness added to it. By the time she started to sing the lyrics, this enhanced the sadness that was in the music itself.

”I was right. But I'm curious as to why she would sing this song..” Daichi could only wonder. He didn't have any clues as to why she would sing this song, let alone know of it in the first place. In another area, Commander Takashi listened in the back as he holds a drink, “I didn't know she was this good of a singer, but surprising that she sings this song.” he said to himself, as if he knew, vaguely, what this song was.
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As Xenfis listens to the music, he starts to think about his parents...he lost them to Zeon a few years as they were taking over more territory's. They were trying to take Xenfis to use him to build their army up, but his parents tried to stop them as they told Xenfis to run. As he did, he didn't hear anything from them. Were they still alive?...Were they dead?..Xenfis doesn't know anything..just that they helped save his life. That's why Xenfis is with the Earth seek Vengeance for his parents, and to stop the evil spread of Zeon's power.

As he keeps listening to the song..a tear rolls down his cheek, he wipes it away, and listens to Mariko's sweet voice.
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Renae took a seat next to the window and looked out; the darkness outside made her wonder what was out there. She wished she could take her fighter out but knew that night operations were the most dangerous of any operations to date.

She glanced over at Mariko and listened ot the girl sing.
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After a couple minutes pass by, Mariko finishes her song and the place is silent. No one knew exactly how to react, so she decided to add something, "The song I sang just now, was something my mother taught me some time ago. It was the day after I found out she was killed in a testing accident here, so I sing it every once in a while to think things over." She puts the mic away and bows, then leaves behind the curtains. The announcer already left, so she was alone there as a few tears dropped down.

After a minute, she decides to head back to her room, taking a slight detour so she doesn't run into anyone she doesn't want to.

Back in the cafeteria, some people could only wonder, some whispered to themselves and others talked lowly to someone next to them. Takashi was a bit lost in thought as he took a moment to remember that particular day. "Been that long already, when I was still working my way up the ladder." he thought to himself aloud, since he somewhat knew her for a while.

Daichi finishes off his drink and then heads out of the cafeteria, making his way in the direction of Mariko's room, maybe to talk to her or something.

Zeon Base

"How's your mech doing?" A technician asked the man cleaning his mech.

The person wiping the landing struts wasn't surprised about the question, "At least its more stable than their current designs." was his answer as he moves onto cleaning the wheels.

The tech could only wonder exactly what the unit was made of, but no one was allowed to even touch it. "I see, well at least you're on our side. Keep up the work." Shaking his head a bit, then goes to work on a Zaku unit.

"Tomorrow, you will get your day..." He thought to himself, obviously planning something for the next day.
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As Xenfis wipes away the last tear, he takes a sip of his drink.

"Don't worry Mom and Dad..I'll find matter what."

He then crushes his cup and throws it away

"Mariko is such a good singer, I'm guessing she got her amazing talent from her mother."

As he sits down and begins to look around.
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Renae watches as Mariko leaves, but when she goes behind the curtain she feels it is her time to call it. She get's up from her seat and bids her fellow pilots a good night and heads out. As she walked into the dormitory, she had to wonder what her next assignment might be - considering that her last one nearly cost her her life.

As she walked into the dormitory, she spotted a guard asleep in the chair, this slightly nerved her for many reasons - the main being that the guards were there to make certian no unauthorized people entered the buildings. "Hey, wake up," she said to him and knocked the side of his helmet with the mans own pistol.

"Huh.... wha...?" he muttered groggily and lookd up at Renae.

"Sleeping on the job will get you fired, or worse," said Renae as she folded her arms over her chest. "You might want to contact your superior and let him know that you need some rest, or else you might end up being responsible for a scene here if someone breaks in or gets past you," she told him.

The man nodded, though still half asleep. She rolled her eyes and headed back to her dorm-room, and soon disappeared inside and went back to work on her after-action report from the day before.
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Out Of Character: I haven't been able to make a post for two things. 1.) I've been sick for a week with a cold, so I've been focused on getting that knocked out of my system. Spent more time getting rest than actually being on the computer. 2.) I've also had a couple things come up the last couple of days that kept me busy as well and kept my mind off the story.


The next day comes, its early morning in Mariko's room. Strangely, she's actually up and staring out of her window, still in her PJ's for the time being. "New day, just more work I suppose." She sighed, not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, on the Zeon base inside one of the hangers, one of the mechanics hands a few documents of the mobile suit he was working on to a pilot, "Here's everything. We did a few tests and all check out. You're ready to go." reporting on his findings.

"Good." The pilot responded, reading some of the notes. He then climbs into the cockpit to prepare his suit for the upcoming mission in just a couple hours. "All systems green, time to make final preparations." He then starts to type a request for a specific weapon.

Meanwhile, at the Earth Federation base, a female, appearing to be in her early-20's and her hair in a low ponytail, down to her lower back with a beautiful shade of emerald green. She's standing outside of the main building, talking to herself, "I wonder if this is the place I was told about." With that in mind, she begins to walk in.
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Renae coughed as she looked over a checklist of her fighter. She had gotten up an hour before the sun came up, had made her a quick breakfast, and had gottne right to work on her fighter - making certain no one had messed with it during the night.

She had a few things on her mind; one such thing was her little sister who had been granted permission to visit the base. She didn't know 'when' her little sister was scheduled to arrive though, but the message had stated between later today and the next two days. "Not like her to not be so clear," she muttered to herself and brought the engines online for a quick test.

When she was done she shut them down and just sat there in her cockpit. She hadn't seen her little sister in two years, but from the mail she had been given, the little girl had been been doing so great in her grades that she had jumped into seventh grade this year, instead of fifth grade. An eleven year old in the seventh grade, an oddity to be exact - Renae was proud of the girl. Though she had to wonder if she would break her record of graduating at the age of thirteen. "Only time will tell I guess," she grinned happily and closed her eyes.

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Lenneth opened her eyes, as she wakes in an unfamiliar setting, "uugh" she moans, "I hate waking up, im definitely not a morning person." She gets ready to go and eats breakfast. She looks at the time. "Oh damn, im late, uugh, and today's the day I start my new position." she says as she rushes out the door.

She arrives on the Zeon base, on time amazingly, and heads to report to her commanding officer. As she enters his office, she salutes to him.

"At ease lieutenant. I am sure you know why you are here. Then let us get down to business. As of today you will be piloting our newest unit, the Valkyrie. You will get your briefing for your test flight at 1400 hours, you are dismissed." he says and salutes.

"Yes sir!" Lenneth says and salutes as well. She turns and leaves the office.
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As Xenfis gets up he walks into the mess hall and grabs a quick bite to eat. Some toast and bacon w/ a side of Orange Juice. He then walks into the Hanger an begins a small conversation w/ one of the repair men.

"You're all good to go for the day". He says

Xenfis gives the man a nod and gets into the cockpit of Wing. As he sits there, he begins to ponder. Then his thoughts are interrupted by Commander.

"Xenfis, were going to send you and a unit out to go protect the Shuttle today so that it can launch supplies up into the space station. We can't let this mission fail Xenfis, its your duty to protect that Shuttle at all costs."

"Yes sir". says Xenfis

As Xenfis enters into the launch area, his unit steps up behind him. They wait for all green lights.

3....2.....1...LAUNCH! Xenfis and his unit head out to the shuttle.

"Ok guys we can't fail this at all. So be on your guard."

As they head out nothing appears to be on the radar. They finally land into the shuttle base area and begin to stand their ground...
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Mariko sits on the window sill for a while before her communicator goes off. "I wasn't expecting anything..." She wondered, got up and went to grab it. She opened it up to see it was an email from the base commander. "Oh, a mission huh.." She read the email, which was also sent to Renae, that they are to meet in the briefing room in half an hour.

"I suppose today will be just like any other day." She commented, then put the communicator down to get dressed. She takes off her PJ's so she's only in her underwear and heads for the closet. "What to wear..." Pondering over what to wear for the day. But, she soon realizes that she's suppose to be in uniform, "Duh, I'm stupid." she then said, a little saddened. She takes the uniform out and begins putting it on.

Since she has a bit of spare time, she heads down to the mess hall, while putting her hair in a high ponytail. She yawns, "There, I'll just keep it like this for now." and then grabs a small bite to eat to tie her down for a while.

Meanwhile, there is a small, short-range beam rifle being hauled into the hanger of the Zeon Base. "Perfect, we'll see how that goes first before I use the main weapon." He said to himself, as he hopped out to take over, "I'll be taking over this."

The mechanic shrugged and let him do his thing, "Guess I'll work somewhere else. You know where to leave it." With that being said, he went off elsewhere to work on another suit.

The pilot then moved the hauler over to his suit, which has been in its vehicle form this entire time, to mount it just below the nose. He spends his time getting it hooked and mounted properly. "She'll probably take a defense variant, so this will help to keep her occupied." Seemingly knowing what the outcome may turn out to be. He moves the hauler to the back and walks back to his suit to do one last check. "Good, everything is on schedule. Now to get things moving." He said, turning on the engines to warm them up.
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As Xenfis sits at the base he turns on his chat window.

"Do any of you guys think that Zeon will plan an attack today guys?".

"Not that I know of". Said one of the pilots.

"Hmm, this is rather...odd...normally they would try to stop our shuttle from taking off by now...either their up to something at their base..or their just retarded and cant keep a schedule."

As Xenfis keeps pondering he thought that they would be under attack by now. He pulls out his keyboard and types a message to base. As he waits for a reply he checks the radar again..nothing. "This is getting to weird", He thought to himself. As soon as his reply he sends it to the other three pilots.

"A scout mission?". One of them said.

"Yes, something is just not right..and I wanna find out what their up to..It'll take place after this mission, its getting a tad cloudy, so I think hiding might be a little easy." Xenfis adds on.

"Sounds good to me sir". One of them replies.

They keep a look out as the shuttle has 5 mins to launch...
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There, Lenneth sits by herself in the cafeteria of the base, looking at her portion of food that she just got. "This stuff looks terrible, i knew i shouldn't of gotten the surprise special today." she mutters to herself. " I thought today would of been a lucky day today. Whoever thought up... Surprise special needs to be throw in a ditch." she says to herself with a sarcastic snicker. She tries to eat what she can, but only manages to force about half of it down.

Lenneth sits in the briefing room, after eating in the cafeteria, listening to the briefing for the test flight.  "lieutenant, please report to the hanger at 1600 hours for test flight of the Valkyrie." "Yes sir!" she replied and left the briefing room.  The briefing lasted no more than 45 minutes.

She makes her way to the changing room and walks in. She is the only one in the room. She makes her way to her locker that was assigned to her. She opens the locker and takes out the new flight suit that was made for her. She takes her clothes off to change into the flight suit. " Well hopefully the meal I had today isn't some kind of sign or something I hope. Would suck if I screwed up my first assignment on the first day... Hopefully I am just over thinking things." she says to herself while changing.

After putting on the flight uniform, she puts her other clothes into the locker and shuts it. She makes her way towards the door to start heading for the hanger, to meet her new mobile suit, the Valkyrie.
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Renae had been catching some z's, asleep in her pilots seat. It took one of the mechanics to jar her awake. "Huh? Whaa?" she muttered.

"You seem to have a message," said the mechanic who motioned at her headset which had a small blinking green light on it.

Embarassed, Renae accesed the message and, after reading it, sighed to herself. She carefully got out of her seat and motioned for her mechanics to get her fighter ready to go and to have the different combat sets on standby.

With that, she casually walked out of the hanger and started for the commanders office.
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Mariko took a few extra minutes to finish her breakfast, and once finished, she walks for the commanders office.

Once the two of them arrived, be began his briefing, facing away from them, "I called the two of you for a particular mission I have here." He turned around to face the two, "This mission is a simple reconnaissance to gather information on a new mobile suit." He then hands a paper to Mariko, "You are to gather this information. The client specifically requested you for this." Then turns to Renae, "Renae, I'm putting you on standby. I'll leave equipment choice to the both of you."

"Why just me?" Mariko asked him.

"I don't have those details. You will be meeting someone at the rendezvous point." He answered her, then handed a second set of papers to Renae. "Here's some information for you. It may come in handy."

"I see..." She commented, then read the paper a bit. "If that is all, I'll go and get prepared." She then said.

Zeon Base

The pilot finished a few minutes of warming up his mobile suit and then gets everything read. "It's time..." He said, lowly, then got out to put on his suit. After that, he got back in and closed the cockpit, and turned the engines on. Moving the craft out of the hanger, he turns it into its mobile suit form and then heads out for the rendezvous point.
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Renae starred at the information that was handed to her. "In that case, I know what loadout I'll use," she said and slipped the paper into her jacket pocket. "Any possibliities of hostiles?"
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Lenneth walks into the hanger, in front of her stands Valkyrie. Their are mechanics bustling about the hanger preparing the Valkyrie for the test flight. One of the mechanics comes up to her.

"Your the new pilot? aren't you a little early? the test flight still isn't for a little while."

"yes, your right." she replies. "However I just wanted to get to know her a little bit before I fly her... Is that okay?"

The mechanic looks her over. "Well i guess that would be okay, just don't get in our way." He says and darts back off to work.

She nods to him before he darts off. She moves over to where Valkyrie is and stands in front of it. "Hello, Valkyrie" she says putting her hand on Valkyrie. " I am going to be your pilot from here on out, I hope we work well together... No I am sure that we will work well together."

She gets up into the cockpit, and enters it, sits in the seat. "well let us start getting more acquainted with each other" she says as she starts looking over the controls. " I guess I'll start by telling you a story about myself. Long ago when i was little...."
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As Xenfis enters the base he heads to the strategy room and begins to plan his little stake out over at the Zeon Military base.

"We gotta find out what their up to..."

As Xenfis goes over the plan..he sets up checkpoints as the other pilots listen.. 
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The commander shakes his head, "None that I was told. Be on your guard if you are deployed."

Mariko didn't say much and left the office to head out for the hanger. "I'm taking the defense fighter, so get it prepared." She told the mechanics, "And one last thing, equip the long-range beam rifle."

"But, the fighter types can't handle the stress..." He talked back, knowing his stuff.

"Just do it, I know the defense variant has reinforced joints." She shot back as she walked over to the craft she was talking about.
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Renae nodded and headed back to her own hanger bay. Once there she motioned to her mechanic to equip the interceptor set.

The interceptor set was a unique design for her fighter, as her fighter was modular, she could fit only sets that were designed for it. In this case, the interceptor set was designed for air to air interception and sported four air to air missiles and two air to ground missiles. The air to air missiles were a specialty type, after getting some distance from her fighter the nose would break apart and ten self-locking micro missiles would search for enemy IFF codes and lock on.

Along with the missiles, the set also replaced the default beam rifle situated along the fighters undercarriage with a rapid firing laser cannon. It also did one other thing, and added an additional afterburner to her frame.

Renae watched the mechanics as they fitted the missiles and replaced the beam rifle. She was glad that her fighter was designed for it, as no other fighter had the frame to stand such a thing.

"Ma'am, are you going to have a co-pilot?" asked her mechanic.

"No, why?"

"Just wanted to know, incase we were to remove the bags that were in the co-pilots seat."

Renae blinked and had just remembered. Her fighter was a two-seater, but she pretty much never had a co-pilot due to her desire not to have one. She never had a reason and always felt that a co-pilot was more a hindrance. The co-pilots seat was made in such a way that it could be folded in and out and this wouldn't take up room, in this case though, what was in it's place was bags full of survival gear.

After the mechanics were finished she got into the cockpit and was wheeled out the VTOL pad where she waited.
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Lenneth sits in Valkyries cockpit, still telling stories. "Hmm... if only you could talk back." she says at the end of one of her stories.  "That way we could get to know each other better."

She sighs. "Seems like their is still quite a bit of time till 1400 hours. You don't mind if i take a nap till its time do you?" she says smiling closing her eyes. "That's good, wake me up when its time" she falls asleep.
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"Ok guys that's the plan and we're sticking to it. Everyone got that?" Xenfis says as he makes eye contact with all the other 3 pilots in the room.

"Don't worry, we got this." One of them says.

"Ok the route and the mission log is set into the mobile suits. So lets head out guys." Xenfis says.

As they set up their gear, they grab the equipment. One pilot was the head of info, he's the one that looks inside the base and grabs all the info that he can get, another is the scout, that's where Xenfis comes in, he's the one looking over the whole mission as well as the look out for the team. Another pilot is the defender, if anything happens to someone, he's the one there defending that downed solider. The last one is to be the heavy arms person, he's the one that gets to shoot people if they try to interfere with this mission, you could also say that he's like an attacker/defender.

"Ok, does everyone have all their supplies with them?" Xenfis as his crew members.

They all nod, and head out to the stake out point...

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Some of the mechanics look at each other, "Does she seem... a bit strange today?" one of them decided to ask to another.

"Your guess is as good as mine, but let's go ahead with it." He answered, then walking to get the supplies ready and fitted.

Mariko, on the other hand, hopped inside of the cockpit to look over a few things. She spoke not a word while she was flipping switches and typing codes and strings into the monitor. She was inputting specifications of the mission for future reference.

About 45 minutes have passed, the mobile suit that left the Zeon base arrived at the rendezvous point just a few short minutes ago. "Now where is she..." He thought to himself, waiting for his moment to strike. The surrounding area is mostly like a desert region, with sand dunes around the general area. He chose this area specifically for the purpose that sand has an effect on communications and partial quality issues.

Meanwhile, at the Earth Federation base, the woman was sitting in the lobby watching the TV on random pieces of news. "A while huh... Guess I have nothing better to do right now." She was told that the wait would be some time before a recruiter would come down to meet her since current circumstances are a bit hectic.

Just a moment later, one of the receptionist comes up to her, "I'm sorry Akemi for the wait, we should have someone to see you in at least half an hour." she told her.

Akemi shakes her head, "It's quite alright. I don't have anything or anyone waiting for me." answering the woman. "I would like to know what's going on though..."

"I'm sorry, we don't have that kind of information, and nor is anyone allowed to it." The receptionist couldn't do much, and then went back to the desk.

On the runway of the Mercenary base, Mariko is getting prepared to take-off while she does some final checks. "Destination isn't too far, so it'll only take me roughly 15 minutes in this mobile suit..." She told herself as she looks at some of the data. Her mobile suit is too heavy for vertical take-offs, as the inclusion of the vertical fan would have too much stress from the additional weight. The armor is also made thicker and still retain most of its radar absorbing coat.

After a minute passes, she gets the green light to take-off, and in that moment, she pushed the throttle fully forward and gets her craft off the ground. Once she's a certain distance away from the base, she hits the afterburners and screeches across the skies to her destination.

While she's flying, someone else within the Zeon base had overheard some of the conversations lately and makes his way to secret place to send an email. This email was going towards the nearest Gundam pilot, this being Xenfis:

To: Gundam Pilot
From: Anonymous Sender
Subject: Zeon's Plan
I hope you get this before I'm captured. I'm on a revolt with the Zeon's, but they're very quick to find, capture, and detain those who are against them. I heard there's something going on in the desert region northeast of this base. There is a guy, I think they call him.. Hi..totchi or.. something, and his suit looks strangely like those mercenaries. He's the only one to have left in that direction. Hurry, you need to get over there to see what's going on.


The very moment he sends the email, a couple guards are standing behind him, "What are you doing there?" one of them demanded, grabbing the man and holding him down while the other guard takes his device. "Looks like he sent an email to someone." The other proclaimed.

"I-it's not what you think!" The man protested, trying to squirm his way out. The guard that is holding on to him only tightened his grip and brings him down to the cell area and puts him in there. "Stay in there until we figure out what to do with you." He told him, then walks to the other guard.

"Where was the email going?" He asked.

The other guard was trying to figure that out as he asked, "I'm finding out now. But there's an encryption on this. Looks like level 3." was his answer.

"Get it hacked and find out. He may be a spy here." He told him, then went off to patrol another area.

At the desert area, the person waiting has his rifle out and ready to be fired. He also has some sort of staff equipped on the back of his unit, which when active, turns into a dual-energy-blade scythe weapon. "On radar now." He comments as he sees something on radar. He aims his rifle in the precise spot to get ready to fire. Then the computer system chimes in, "Target will be within firing distance in 30 seconds." He was doing a manual fire as he doesn't trust computer systems to aim for him.

Mariko looks on the radar and sees something on it, and she was expecting someone, but what she doesn't know is that the person is about to fire. She heard nothing about any sort of lock-on since this mobile suit was in a manual firing state, and thus it won't be noticed by computer systems. And within a moments time, a laser shot hits the bottom part of the wing. "What the hell?!" She screamed out, as she takes an emergency dive, flipping a switch to deploy the speed breaks and takes down the throttle. When she's close enough to the ground, she transforms to land it.

"So much for a straight shot, but it hit." He sounded a bit disappointed, but regardless, he aims for another shot as he lines up.

Mariko was looking around frantically where the shot came from, "There is only one person on radar, and its coming up as a friend..." She was baffled about what the radar is telling her, compared to what happened. And just then, another shot is fired, but she reacted just in a split-second to bring up a shield as the shot bounces off into the ground. "The angle... IT CAME FROM THAT?!?!" Now she was in a full state of confusion.

The pilot of the other suit noticed the shield from the distance as it reacted to the energy from the rifle. "Hmph, time to go melee." He said as he throws down the rifle and takes the staff from the back of his suit. The energy forming the scythe was dark purple in color, and then he turned on the thrusters to move quickly forward for an attack.

"Damn it!" She yelled, quickly taking out one of the beam swords to defend. This other suit was a bit faster than originally thought as the two clashed with one another. She tried to open a communication line to the other pilot, but he was refusing it constantly. "Damn it, answer me!" Complaining that she can't get through.

For the next few minutes, the suit continuously, and furiously attacks Mariko's mobile suit. She does her best to defend herself, but has no idea what's going on or anything. But, a split second mistake happened, and this mobile suit strikes the chest region of hers with the bottom area of the staff, knocking it down to the ground. He then puts the blades right over the cockpit.

"How does it feel to be on the losing edge?" He told her, in a sort of aggravated tone.

"What do you want with me? Why are you even attacking me?!" She talked back, trying to get some answers.

He inches the blades closer, the glow appearing on the metal plating, "It won't matter once you're dead. And I will ensure your quick demise." He was just about to jam the scythe through when, all of a sudden, she quickly angles her rifle right to the shoulder of the left arm and fires. This sends him back, surprised she could pull it off with a long-range type rifle.

"I don't know what you have against me, but you're in one of our suits. Why are you attacking me?" Mariko tried to ask this again, but to her dismay, she's not going to get an answer.

"I don't care about your technology. I work for the Zeon now, and I will ensure the destruction of your base, and the Earth Federation." Was his only answer that he's going to give as he thrusts for another attack.

She moves away just in time to jump into the air to transform and jet away. Then an alarm sounds, "No! NO NO NO NO!! NOT NOW!!!!" She was definitely getting worried about what was going to happen, because this alarm signals a serious malfunction is happening. As she runs, she frantically tries to contact her home base, but much of her efforts is resulting in static. She leaves the line open in case she finally gets through to someone.

"I'm not letting you get away that easily." Aiming, what appears to be another rifle, but this one is the one that Mariko had dropped in the fray to lighten her load. Once he was aligned, he fires a single shot, hitting straight inside the engines of Mariko's craft.

She felt the intense shock from the blast, jerking forward and back from the sudden hit. "Aaaahhhh.. that.. hurt..." Complaining about a bit of pain as she looks at the monitor. Her engines were completely shot and were also malfunctioning due to the hit, as she flips on the self-destruct mechanism to enable the sequence. "I hope someone hears this.. I.. need help.." A second later, she ejects from the cockpit, but due to the systems going haywire, the aircraft ends up going through self-destruct too soon. She screams from the sudden explosion and much of the shrapnel from the plane ends up scratching her, from her arms to legs, and a few hit her in the stomach. Screaming from the intense pain, she quickly passes out as she couldn't bear it any longer as the parachute brings her down, though a bit torn from the sharp pieces.

"Damn it..." He was angered that he couldn't finish anything off as his own suit starts causing problems from where she hit. The shoulder was a weak point for part of the suit as some fluid was pouring out, which was a type of oil. Now the joints are not moving as smoothly as they could while he tries to get out of there before anyone shows up. "In this condition, I stand no chance.." He quickly makes his escape for the time being back to the Zeon base.

Commander Takashi, at his computer, looks at a beep coming from the screen. "An SOS?" He found it odd as this is the first one in a couple years. He opened it to find out who it was from. "Oh no..." He was shocked by what he saw and immediately set an alarm off for the base. "Emergency! There is a renegade mobile suit currently around attacking our forces. Be extra careful!" He then sent an immediate dispatch for Renae to get to the location as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Akemi was watching the news, nothing interesting on. But, just a second later, something pops on. "We interrupt our current headline to bring you these images." The images were of the two suits fighting each other from a distance. "These two mobile suits appear to be of a mercenary organization and fighting each other in a remote region. We don't have any confirmation as to what's going on and we hope to have more information soon."

Akemi could only tilt her head as she never heard of anything else besides the Earth Federation and Zeon. "They don't even remotely look like what I'm familiar with." She commented on the design. And soon, one of the mobile suits ended up trying to run away, and a moment later, it exploded on the screen. "Oh.. wow... that was fierce..."

"I-it appears.. as though the mobile suit exploded when trying to run." The anchor commented, not exactly knowing what to say on the matter. "The pilot seems to have ejected from the suit, but there is no word on who he or she is." Adding to the small glimpse of the cockpit coming open a moment before the explosion.

"Hitoshi, what are you doing?" Someone asked over a communication line made specifically for the current conditions. "My unit is damaged, I'm currently heading back to base. Send some units out to survey the area." He answered back, though his unit is going much slower than anticipated.

A few mobile suit pilots at the Zeon base got an order to scramble a small team to survey the area. Four of them climbed into the available Taurus units to head out. "Alright, all we're doing is survey the area and report back." The commanding officer told the other three.

All four of them at once replied, "Roger." and they were off, expected arrival in about 35 minutes.

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Renae's hands quickly danced across her console as she angled her vertical take off and landing thrusters downward, to push her upwards. The mighty roar of her engines caused a distant cars alarm to suddenly go off, but in the cockpit she didn't even know that.

She flipped a few switches, her missiles all registered a greenlight. She then sent data into the stealth fighters onboard computer about the location of the SOS. When she was high enough she realigned the thrusters and hit the afterburners, a catatrasphic bang resonated through the air as she arced her fighter upwards into the sky.

Her eyes were then drawn to another one of her interceptors weapons - a missile equiped with a sensor probe on it - which allowed to scan the air ways at a much further distance than she was. They were also equiped to automatically return to base provided they were within a one hundred mile radius, or self-destruct when beyond it.

Fire erupted from her right wing as the missile carrying the sensor probe sled out from under and onward through the sky. Second's passed before the front part of the missile popped and a camera extended out and began to scan the area.

Renae flipped a head-peice down and used her head to control the camera. "What the...." she said in disbelief as she spotted some wreakage of a mobile suit in the area. She shifted the thrust on her fighter and continued toward where the SOS originated.

She continued to survey the area, looking for a sign that Mariko was on the ground somewhere.. either alive... or dead....
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BLEEEEEEEEEEP. A loud sound pierces Lenneths ears as she wakes up tumbling to the floor of the cockpit.  "damn what the hell, can't a girl get a bit of sleep..." she says getting back up looking at the screen..

A coughing sound is heard coming from the screen. "Oh.... Commander I... I was just familiarizing myself with the suit.... heh heh heh heh" she says laughing meekly trying to get out of any of trouble.

"Anyway, lieutenant, at least you are on time. It is 1400 hours, it is time to start the test flight for the Valkyrie. Are you ready?"

"Yes Sir!" she replies.

"Very well, you have a go." he says.

"Yes Sir!" she says again.

The channel closes. "Alright, time to see what you got Valkyrie!" she says as she activates the suit.

On the Screen

Boot Sequence Initiated.....

Loading Project Valkyrie.....


Welcome Lenneth

The cockpit goes black and the Valkyries visual sensors activate.The cockpit lights up. She can now see the hanger outside of the cockpit.

"Alright" she says maneuvering the suit to the outside of the hanger... "systems check" she says as she moves the joints and the wings a bit to making sure everything is working properly.

"All Systems are green!"

A voice is heard on the comm, "Lenneth you are cleared for launch"

"Launching!" she says excitedly as she moves thrusters to full.....
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As Xenfis' messenger goes off, he reads the message that was sent to him.

"Hey guys hold up, we got a distress call, I'm sending you guys the coordinates. It's going to take a while before we can get there, so we need to hurry and get there." Xenfis says.

"Right sir." The three of them say together.

So as they head out to the distress call, Xenfis gets a feeling that this isn't going to end well.. "I wonder what could have happened..." he thinks to himself.

"Sir, any idea what could have happened?" One of the pilots asks.

"No idea." He says

As some time flies by [literally?], with minute's till they get to the crash site, Xenfis's gut feeling grows worse...

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In the midst of the rubble, Mariko's body lays in the sand, motionless. The wind starts picking up as time inches forward, and each passing minute, her chances of survival slowly dwindles down.

Hitoshi arrives at the Zeon base a while later, his unit damaged from not only the fight, but the sand particles getting into some of the small openings, causing some grinding from the joints and gears. He puts the mobile suit just in front of the hanger, opens the hatch and climbs down an expendable rope, "My mobile will need some repair, its got sand in some areas." he told a couple of the mechanics who were waiting for him.

"You know how dangerous it is for some of the mobile suits to traverse in the sand..." One of them exclaimed, "It can have seri-" as he was cut off.

"Enough!" He stopped in from continuing, "Just get to work. I have other business to take care of." He sounds very aggravated by something, being fairly forceful with his words. He then walks off for the time being as the mechanics bring equipment to move his mobile suit inside the hanger and begin their repairs.

"Idiots..." Akemi scoffed, still watching the news, "They're not really suppose to film this anyway." She wasn't all too happy about what was being shown on the TV, but there wasn't much she could do.

"Ma'am?" A second receptionist called out for her, "Would you mind coming over here for a moment?"

Akemi shook her head to get her mind off the TV, "Uh, sure." she answered as she walked to the desk.

"You seem to have scored above-average on some of the tests here." He read from the computer terminal, "We're bringing a simulator technician to here, should only be a couple minutes."

Akemi was a bit confused by the situation, "What for? I'm pretty sure I passed everything."

He typed a few things down before answering, "Our simulators are much different, you may be able to skip you're training."

She could only shrug as she waits for this technician to show up. "I didn't know simulations were different here than others I've done.." Was one thought she had going through her head.
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A boom resounded through the clouds as Renae's stealth fighter broke through and began it's descent toward the site of Mariko's downed unit. Her fighter had been set to autopilot, not hard to do when your only flying in a straight line.

As she searched the area, her sensor probe pegging various pieces of debris in various stages of destruction. Some of the debris could certainly be recovered though others couldn't. She was about to give up when the drone pegged a red heat signature near some of the debris.

"Found you..." she said in a cautious tone. The sand was starting to pick up and she knew her fighter wouldn't last long while on the ground.

She moved her fighter near Mariko's unconscious form, just fifty feet away from it and behind a piece of debris that would block the downdraft from her VTOL engines. As her engines settled down, she kept them on idle and quickly opened the cockpit. She sent a brief message to base, alerting them to what she was seeing, but when she saw that the message was not getting through she cursed silently to herself and spun around.

Grabbing the medical bag behind her seat she quickly jumped out of her fighter and ran over to Mariko. "Shot... shot shot shot..." she said and looked her body over. Mariko' wounds were quite severe, she had cuts on various areas and most were still bleeding. She had a bruise on her face. Some small fragments of debris were sticking out of some areas of her body.

Ripping open the bag, Renae recovered a syringe with some pain killer. She first felt for a pulse and smiled. "It's a bit rapid, but suitable," she said and injected some pain killer into Mariko's body to help calm her system down just a bit. She then addressed some of the open wounds. "At least she's unconscious," said Renae as she pulled out four small bags full of a salt like substance. The salt in question, when applied to an open wound, acted as a disinfectant and worked right away - of course at a cost - it hurt like hell.

She ripped the four bags open and sprinkled the contents into some of the open cuts. She then took a few bandages and carefully wrapped her wounds. "Best I can do," she said and carefully picked Mariko up. She knew that in normal circumstances you don't move a person with such injuries, but in this case she didn't have a choice.

It took her only a few to get back to her fighter, throw out the survival gear, and then create a makeshift hospital bed behind her seat. "Glad you are laying down," she said to herself and laid Mariko's unconscious form on the pillows that made up the bed. She took one last look and hopped into her stealth fighter, flipped several switches on, she lifted off the ground and then switched her flight profile and started back toward the base.

"I really hope whoever attacked her doesn't show back up, though she's buckled in, it'll be rather hard to fight with her injuries," said Renae as she arced her fighter into the air.

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"Whoa!" she screams as the Valkyrie flies quickly forward. "Damn, this thing has got some power"

"Time to see what we can do!" she says excitedly doing a high-speed maneuver while simultaniusly attacking preset targets with her blade.

She went through several test with the Valkyrie. Speed Test, Maneuverability tests, Weapons test for the custom blade, and a timed trial course at which she set the new record . Through the testing, the Valkyrie also tested Lenneth. Her ability to maneuver at high speeds, focus, ability to think quickly, etc.

The tests end, and she heads back towards the hanger.

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As Xenfis lands in the area where he got the call from, he seems puzzled.

"I don't get it..this is where we were supposed to go...I need one of ya'll to do a scan of the surrounding area."

As they scan the area, the wind begins to blow. Blowing the sand and dust off Mariko's decimated Mobile Suit.

"Sir, you might wanna look at this.." One of the pilots says.

As Xenfis looks at the horror of what he sees. He decides that they will head back to the base to see if there's any news on Mariko. As Xenfis looks over at the enemy suits coming their way...

"Guys turn on your cloak, we're getting outta here."

As they turn on their cloaking devices, they leave the desert area and head to check on Mariko's status.

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While in his office reviewing details on the mission he issued to Mariko, Takashi wonders what is going on. He has no idea of what happened, and is waiting for Renae to return. "Just what the hell happened here.." Being that it was his only thought, he looked over the papers over, and over, and over, yet there was no sign. All he could do was shake his head in dismay, "I'll have to wait for Renae. I suppose in the meantime.." he then begins to type up a cleanup mission in preparation, as he may have to send out a few pilots to clean up the debris.

In the main control tower, one of the staff notices a few things on the radar, "Hey, check this out." he called out, as a couple others came over to look. "Doesn't this look a bit odd?" He asked them.

"Isn't that a gundam type signature?" Another wondered, "Maybe its Xenfis?" since he has visited before.

"No, the signature is different compared to his." One other said on the other side of the control room, as she's looking at a similar radar, "If you haven't zoomed in, there's actually 2 gundam-type signatures. Their heading appears to be the Federation base." explaining a few things that the others apparently didn't know.

The two staff could only sigh, "Well, I wonder what they're doing." one of them finally spoke after a slight pause.

"It's not our business to know. They are far out and just barely on the edges of our radars, so there's nothing to worry about." She explained again, "Now get back to work, we're still waiting for Renae to arrive back."

"Yes ma'am..." Both of them said at once as they continue looking for Renae.

At the federation base, the technician to see Akemi arrived at the reception area to speak to her, "Hello, you must be Akemi, correct?"

"Ah! Y-yes I am!" She shouted out, apparently caught off from watching the TV again, turning around to see him.

"Don't worry about me," He laughed, "please follow me, I've been made aware of your results." He then began walking towards another area of the base. "I do apologize for the delay, things have been pretty busy here." He then said to her, passing various rooms in the building.

"Its fine, I don't have much to do." She started to explain, looking around a bit, "So, I decided that I want to pilot a mobile suit."

"Well, today may be your lucky day. We're soon going to begin testing to find people to pilot Gundams like Xenfis'." He then stops in front of the room they were heading into. "We actually need 4 others, but let's get the first phase of the testing done." He told her and then went into the room.

Inside were 3 stations, each with a system to mimic most of the mobile suits software and functions of their current mobile suits in production. One of them, however, was slightly different and used for testing Gundam pilots. This one looked a bit out of place due to special equipment needed to test a new system.

"We're going to pass our production models and put you straight into a Gundam situation. You will be using a simulated version of Xenfis' Gundam Wing model." He explained to her, as she climbed into the simulator.

"Ok, I guess." She was confused by the matter, but she didn't think much of it. "What's the difference between the two?"

"In short, Gundams have a higher firepower and mobility compared to our usual forces." He then started to program a few scenarios into the computer outside of the simulator, then continued to explain, "They're also made out of a tougher, but rare material called gundanium alloy. Currently, only one Gundam is active, but there are 4 others."

Akemi started to think on something as she looked over the cockpit a little, "So, Xenfis.. is another pilot, right?" She asked him.

"He's part of a high-ranking squad against the Zeons. So, he's pretty high in the rankings for a young man as himself." He said to her, still programming some information into the system.

"What are the other four Gundams?" Asking another question.

He took a moment to think on what they were called, but he only seems to recall only two of them, "I don't know two of them, but one is known to some as the Deathscythe, and another is Sandrock. We don't have any details on their load-out or anything." After finishing his input, "Alright, we're ready to begin. Just hang tight for a moment." He said to her as he closed the simulator. He went into a door so he can watch from a monitor to see what she's doing, among other useful information. "Let's begin." He called out, as the tests started.
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Renae glanced over the seat and looked at Mariko; she had her fighter on automatic and thus had been able to attach an IV line to her other arm and a machine to keep track of her stats. When she gotten back into her seat she had found that her fighter had drifted off course, one of many bugs in the auto-pilot system that sometimes made it not work.

"Almost," she said as she kicked in the afterburner. The fuel gauge began to drop steadily, before something went wrong. Her aircraft literally jumped into the air by several feet as the afterburners blew apart, the explosion was enough to make Renae's ears ring. Multiple alarms blared as the onboard computer automatically engaged the fuel cut-off valve to the now stricken afterburner, to prevent any further fires. Fire retardant foam gushed into the opening, sealing it, and gutting the fire.

She fought to keep control of her fighter, as she realized that one of her lateral tail-wings was completely gone. Her fighter flipped over, with the cockpit now pointing toward the ground. The only thing keeping Mariko, and the equipment she was attached to, from crashing down onto the cockpit window was the G-force that they were being subjected to.

"Frags what a bad time to have a system failure!" cursed Renae as she pulled hard on the stick to the far right to turn her craft around. She watched her altitude display as it began to rapidly decrease. Six thousand feet, then five thousand, four thousand, three thousand, two thousand - at one thousand five hundred she finally managed to correct her craft and avoided hitting a small hill but she did clip a tree in the process. A small gaping hole on her wing told her that she had little time to spare.

In the distance, she saw the base and tried to key in her radio - it was dead. "Son of a !!!!!!" she shouted and clicked Mariko's stats. Surprisingly enough, her stats were stable despite what was going on. "Girl, you must be made out of steel," she said as she felt her vision getting a little blurry due to the G's she had just gone through.

She knew that she could land the aircraft safely, but with a missing tail wing she knew her odds of a safe landing were minor. "No choice," she said and looked in the distance. There were several 'target towers' in the distance used by pilots during training runs, or in this case, to dispose of live ordinance when coming in for a 'hot landing'

Flipping a switch, all of missiles 'beeped' with an online status. She targeted the towers, and in sections all seven of her missiles came streaking from beneath her wings and headed for the towers, striking a mere few seconds later and causing one of the towers to topple like it was supposed to. She also hit the ammo ejection button, causing the ammo storage crate near along the right wing to be detached, eliminating one other threat to her landing.

Finally she had to get rid of her drop-tanks, but she realized that they were still half-way full. She looked at her primary fuel tanks and noted that she was nearly empty on that. "Transferring fuel to primary tanks," she said so that the flight data recorder would record that she had done that.

"Fuel transfer completed," Renae felt the fighter drop briefly as the engines re-ignited from the brief loss of fuel. "Distance to air-field, five miles," she let out a sigh. She then hit a button that launched a flare into the air, this flare was red and it meant only one thing: Roll out the emergency vehicles, coming in hot!

As she jettisoned the tanks, she didn't see it hit the ground, but amazingly she saw it bounce ahead of her for a few feet before disappearing behind her. All the while she trailed black smoke from where her extra afterburner had been, and the hole in her wing. "Come on baby," she patted the dashboard. "Remind me to yell at my mechanics!"

-In base-

A mechanic working on another plane looked up from his work, he then looked around the room and smiled. "That fuel hose I disconnected in Renae's plane should've done her in," he grinned afterwords.

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As Xenfis keeps flying towards the base, he sends and E-mail back to the EF commander know of the horrible news, and that the scout mission that was set for this afternoon had been canceled. When he got a reply back telling Xenfis that the commander wanted a status check up of Mariko when he got to the base.

*As 26 mins pass*

Xenfis has his eyes set on the base..

"Base, this is Xenfis..Permission to please enter the base please?"

*Crackle crackle*

"Xenfis, this is have permission to enter here"..

As Xenfis starts his decent into the base..

"Guys I need ya'll to watch the area please." As he looks back at the other pilots...
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After entering the hanger, and doing all the post-flight checks, Lenneth gets out of the cockpit. "Well Valkyrie, I think you and I will get along very nicely... I'll see you soon, I have to go turn in the report." she says aloud, talking to Valkyrie and then walking away to go debrief.

In the Debrief, Lenneth was commended for her test-flight performance and put on standby for missions.
"you did a good job lieutenant, please get some rest for today, tomorrow you will be on standby." the commander says to Lenneth. "Dismissed"

"Yes sir!" she salutes and then walks away towards her quarters.

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The staff in one of the other control towers sent out a message for the emergency response team for Renae and to begin immediate preparations. Down in the nearest hanger to Renae's position to land, the message is received to mobilize various trucks and ambulances as they blare their sirens and head out. The drive on the taxiway and stop just before entering the runway as they wait for Renae to come in.
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Renae glanced down at her system status report. "Reverse thrust is down, parachute was burned by that explosion," she looked over her shoulder at Mariko and then back forward. She saw the air-field in the distance and could make out the lights from the emergency vehicles.

She pulled back a knob next to her and noticed that all three of her tires had extended outward and were locked. A slight wind blew from the east and she had to fight to make certain her fighter didn't flip over again.

As she approached she pulled back on the stick slightly and cut all power to her engines, normally she'd use reverse thrust but she didn't have that option right now. As the tires touched the ground she was thrown forward and then back into her seat. She hit a series of switches that locked her tires and heard them protest in response.

Her fighter skidded down the taxiway; as it moved Renae realized that something wasn't right. "I'm still moving forward," she said and looked over the seat and toward the back of her craft and saw that her right engine was actually still firing. She looked at her panel and saw that according to the computer it was off, she flipped a series of switches and sealed the fuel line and that cut it off.

With the engine off; her fighter came to a slow stop near the center of the runway before Renae was able to finally relax. Her hands were slightly shaky from the ordeal and she heard the emergency vehicles start moving toward them. As she removed her helmet, she set it onto her lap and grabbed the hand-rails and pulled the cockpit window back.

"You ok ma'am?" one of the medics asked as they rolled up beside her fighter.

Renae looked over and gave the marine a peace symbol; the G's she had subjected herself to finally kicking in as every bone and muscle in her body screamed in pain. She carefully stood up and pulled her seat back, while the medics and emergency personnel went about getting Mariko out.
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Lenneth sits in front of her terminal in her quarters, going over specs of the Valkyrie some more. She does this for quite awhile.
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Xenfis makes it to the base, and as he lands, he scrambles out of wing, and runs over to Renae..

"Renae, what happened?? Is Mariko ok??"

Still stunned from what had happened, he listens carefully to Renae's story..
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One of the emergency crew at the scene of Renae's landing answered Xenfis, "We won't know until she's in the hospital."

"I'm surprised the both of them even survived..." Another replied, helping Renae out and getting her into another vehicle.

Commander Takashi soon got a notice that both Renae and Mariko are back at the base, but no word on their condition. Knowing that, he issued another order to five pilots to get to the debris area in the desert to begin cleanup, ASAP.
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Renae placed a hand on her forehead. "I stabalized her as best I could; but I'm no medic," she told Xenfis. As she sat in the vehicle, a medic wrapped a bandage around her head but not before checking the back of it.

"Your bleeding pretty good back here, did you have an old wound or something?" he asked her while placing a large cloth inbetween the wound and the bandage to soak up the blood and form a temporary barrier.

She stared up at the ceiling and then sighed. "Yea, that is mostly from the wound I sustained a few months ago that the doctor stitched up," she said and rubbed here forehead.

The medic nodded. "Yea, looks like he used staples and not thread so...." he said and Renae suddenly flung her head forward in anger.

"WHAT?! He said he used STITCHES!! Not a $^&^ing staple!" she shouted at him before feeling a sense of vertigo and had to lay back again. "Ooooooh... that as dumb," she said as the medic sighed and finished wrapping her head in bandages.

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Xenfis goes back to his crew and tells them what all had happened to Mariko. Then after talking to the commander for about 10 mins, they then decide to head back to the base, to re-stock on supplies and stuff.

As they head back, Xenfis says under his breath

"Vengeance..for Mariko, will be sweet and tasteful..." 
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Lenneth still sits at her terminal. Her stomach grumbles. "hehe, guess I'm a lil hungry now." She gets up and leaves her quarters and makes way for the Cafeteria.

As she gets to the cafeteria, their are lots of people here. "hmmm, its a little croweded" she says as she stands in line to get her food. "I'm feeling lucky I think I'm going to get the Surprise special again"

She gets up to the cook and gets the special.

"Now to find a place to sit.."

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About a couple hours pass, Mariko is in the hospital wing on the base going through initial scans to see what's going on. The medical team put her through various scans, such as MRI's, CAT scans, among other things to make sure everything is normal. "So far, all we can see is some of the metal shards showing up." One of them announced, "She doesn't have many, but one or two of them are in pretty deep..."

"We need to be extra careful when moving her. Any further movement may sever a vein or pierce a vital organ." Another mentioned, a bit worried about how close one of the shards is to an important vein in Mariko's body.

They put her through a few more x-rays, to get an idea if any shard may be close to any of her bones. They didn't find anything pressing, but some are close enough to be a threat. "Begin work on getting her to the nearest hospital. For now, it needs to be classified since we don't want anyone getting hold of these pieces.." One other said, appearing to be the head of the medical team.

"Agreed, there's enough here to reverse-engineer the coating.." They were all in favor in keeping her under a classified setting until every piece from her mobile suit was removed from her body. After a few more examinations, they start work on calling and working out preparations to move her to the nearest hospital, along with the necessary information they had found out.

Earth Federation Base

Akemi finishes her testing in the simulator, "Whew.." as she sits back and waits to hear the results.

The technician looked over her results, "Wow, best results since I've seen since Xenfis a while back..." He was quite surprised with her results. He walked out to open the simulator so Akemi can get out, "I'm quite impressed. You did excellent on here. Where did you learn this?" He asked her.

Akemi got up, but she went too quickly as she went dizzy for a second and plopped back down. "Dizzy........." She complained as she waits for it to pass.

The technician could only laugh, "You should of stood up slower."

Once the dizziness passed, she got up again and got out. "I don't really know, I just read frequently." She answered a moment later.

"I see..." He grumbled, but then he thought of something else, "There is one more test I'd like to put you through. I'll go and prepare it, why don't you rest and get a bite to eat in the cafeteria." He told her, then followed up with something else, "I'll get someone to lead you there." He then left the room to get someone.

"Hm, another test... I wonder what it could be.." She wondered, scratching her head. She waited by the door when someone came up to her.

"Ah, you're Akemi right?" She asked, "I was told to stay with you until your next testing begins. I'll show you around the base in the meantime."

"Oh, well ok then." Akemi was a little puzzled, but didn't think much of it. The two of them then left for the cafeteria so she could get something to eat, as her stomach growled a couple times during her testing.
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Renae laid on a bed; though she had insisted many times already that she was perfectly fine the doctor told her that she was not to move around for a day.

She had wanted to rip the previous doctor a new one; mostly since he was responsible for lying to her to begin with. Almost an hour ago she had requested said doctor to come to her room but he had done a good job evading her, until now. "Hey!" she shouted when the doctor in question walked past her door.

He looked in and said. "Something I can get you?" he asked her. Renae quickly got up and pulled the only IV line in her out, causing a brief sense of pain that she ignored. She walked over to the door, closed it and turned toward the guy.

We are sorry, but the original paragraph here was far to graphic and curse laden to be viewable by people fifteen yeras of age. Please try again when you are older

Renae slapped her hands together; the doctor was rubbing his ears after having to endure her tyraid for nearly an hour, this was one of those times that Renae was glad the walls were sound-proof as no one else heard her.

As she laid back down on the bed; she wondered how Mariko was doing - all things considered.


"Oooh.. I missed it!" a young girl pouted as she looked up at the departure time for an aircraft and having noticed that the plane she was supposed to catch had left nearly an hour earlier. "Why didn't they call me up..." she pressed her lips together in anger.

She sighed and walked over to a counter and asked the lady there when the next flight out to a particular region was. "Eh? Later on tonight, but why would you want to go to a desolete place like that?" she asked, but the girl didn't tell her and instead flopped down onto a chair to wait.

Off to her left were two black suited men who were watching her; they looked down at her hands and then at one another and nodded. Getting up, they walked over toward her. "You wouldn't be chance by Renae's little sister would you?" one asked.

"I am," the girl replied.

"May we talk to you?" the other asked.

"Sure," she smiled.
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As Xenfis lands at the EF base, he storms outta Wing and starts walking to inside the hanger..looking like a black storm cloud was hanging over his head. One of the pilots tried to say hello to him, and to ask what was wrong. Xenfis could only shoot a cold glare at the pilot before looking infront of him again. The commander tried to stop him and talk to him, but Xenfis just blew right past him..walked into his room..and slammed the door.

He stands in the middle of the room looking down..he then fills up with so much rage, that he punches the wall.

"Ow..really shouldn't have done that..." He then gets out of his piloting suit and changes into his comfy cloths. He sits on his bed for a few mins, then he gets out and pulls out his task manager..he sets it on the floor, and begins to make a virtual map of the area...and started messing with it...
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"SERIOUSLY!?... this shit again?" she says angered. "well whatever guess ill have to eat what i can again... maybe this is a sign or something."

She finishes eating and heads back to her quarters.

"well theirs nothing to do, guess ill just go look around the base for a bit."

She walks around the base, theirs not many people around, most of them are still in the cafeteria, and she doesn't really feel like going back their, still sickened by the food she ate. She catalogs what the base has to offer for entertainment.

A gym, Cafeteria if you consider eating fun, a common room which has a tv in it that is normally set on the news, a shooting range, etc. etc.

she makes a big yawn "Today seemed like a long day, I think I'm going to go turn in early"

She makes her ways back to her quarters. Flops on her bed and falls asleep, as early as it is.
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Akemi and the guide sit at a table in the cafeteria to eat some food. "Have you seen the news lately?" She asked Akemi.

"You mean the attack? Yeah, I saw it." Akemi answered, biting into a sandwich.

"Yes. And I'm sorry, my name is Mai. Anyhow, it seems like we're still waiting on whats going on exactly about that attack." She explained, even though she doesn't  really know all the details. "I think all we really know is that that mercenary base has something to do about it."

Akemi didn't really care too much, as she was more enjoying the food anyway. "Oh?" She mumbled a little, inaudible to Mai. She swallows her food, "Who knows really... doesn't really concern me."

"It most certainly will soon." Mai continued, "I've heard that if your tests go extremely well, you may go out on a scouting mission afterwards." Mai further explained, "But that depends on when the new suits arrive. They should be here tonight or in the morning."

"New suits? I was told the same thing from the technician.." Akemi was reminded about hearing that info.

"Most of us don't know what they are. We just know that 4 new mobile suits are en-route." Being the last thing she said, as she noticed Akemi not paying attention much and rather focusing on food. "Wow, makes me wonder how someone like her passes her tests..." She contemplated a bit.. still puzzled as it is.

While Xenfis continues on with his business, an email is sent to him from an unknown person with a simple message: 'There is no doubt that you are aware of the situation for this mercenary base. I've uncovered some info that it was one of their own mobile suits that did the initial attack. Attached is a picture taken just before the suit ran away.' There wasn't a return address, or anything; just a message and a picture.
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Renae had typed up a quick message to the commander, and apologized for not using her crafts weapons on the debris field - stating that she wans't to certain whether she'd have time to do it considering Mariko's state.

When done; she sent it along. Staring up at the ceiling, she knew her next course of action was to talk with her mechanics and she knew already that the explosion in her afterburner wasn't accidential, but, intentional.

Someone has a lot of nerve, she thought with her fists clenched together. When I find out who did this, I'll make them a target for my ground practice runs, a grin formed on her face with the thought in mind.

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As Xenfis looks at the picture..he begins to get a puzzled look on his face. He puts the message aside, and puts some of the final touches to the prototype mission "Search and Destroy", and saves it to a file.

"There." he began to say. "Someday this mission will come in handy, I just have to make sure I know when to use this mission properly.

He then sets his task manager aside, and pulls out his communication device. He rips the picture from his mail, and saves it to his device. He then walks into the hanger area and walks over to the commander.

"Sir, I got this message, I don't know who sent me this message..but you might want to look at this." says Xenfis.

As the commander puts the picture onto the main computer. His eyes widen a little.

"And you have no clue who sent you this?" asked the commander.

"No sir." Xenfis replies.

"Hmm, staff, I want a full scan on this, we need to figure this out. It obviously doesn't look good. I want a name and a pilot name!" The commander says.

As the team goes to work..Xenfis is busy making some mods in the Gundam..

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A few minutes pass by as Akemi and Mai finish up eating, "Would you like to see the hanger?" Mai asked, since Akemi will be going there soon as it is.

"The hanger, huh." Akemi pondered, "Why not, maybe I'll meet this Xenfis person..." The two of them throw their trash away and walk towards the hanger area.

They arrive a moment later to look at some of the production models, while in another section, the Wing Zero stands there as Xenfis makes his modifications. "As you can see, we have quite a few different mobile suits in here, and of course, the Wing Zero that you piloted in the simulation test earlier." She explained further to Akemi about what each units purpose is on the battlefield and weapon configurations for the various models.

"I see. What about space combat?" Akemi asked, since she has been wanting to go into space for a while.

"Most of the suits aren't equipped for it, but we do have another facility that handles space operations." Mai answered after a moment of pause to think. "The specialized Gundam suits, however, they have already been equipped for space combat." She followed up to her previous answer.

Then Akemi began to wonder, "Then shouldn't there be some space operations then? I mean, including those Gundams."

Mai shook her head, "Not yet. Zeon hasn't made a big leap to space yet and we hold the space front right now." They then walked over to Xenfis, "Xenfis, may we have a moment of your time, perhaps?"
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"Someone call my name??" Xenfis lifts his head up and hits something..

"OW.." Xenfis looks out the cockpit of his Gundam.

"Ah yes, one second please." Xenfis then gets out of the Gundam, and makes his way down.

"Ah its nice to meet you!" He then sticks his hand out to shake Akemi's.

"What can I do for ya'll today?" As he looks at them.
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Two men stood by a car; watching as a plane landed at a nearby airfield. As the plane came to a stop near the edge of the runway, it turned around and moved toward a reinforced concrete stage where it sat there for a few moments.

One of the side doors opened and a ladder was brought up to it. They observed a young girl wearing a kimono walk off the plane, she carried on her back a kitty-cat like backpack. "That's her?" asked one man as he looked at the photo. Both men were dressed in army fatigues with one carrying an M18MK5.

The young girl looked around the stage, the place she had landed in was largely devoid of any structures minus the control tower and a hanger. "Odd that there would be such a large tower in such a remote place," she said to herself before spotting the two men.

"Are you Sakura?" one asked her as she approuched.

Sakura blinked and said. "I am, who are you?" she asked.

"We asscioates of your big sister," said the oldest of the two. He walked around to the drivers side while his partner opened the door to let her in. Once in and buckled, the driver started toward the Merc Base. "It'll take us about three hours to get there, so you might as well get some rest," the driver suggested.

Sakura let out a tiny yawn and laid down as best she could; and quickly fell asleep.
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Akemi shook Xenfis' hand, "I'm Akemi, I'm new and just signed up here." she greeted him.

Mai then took over, "Xenfis, I'd like you to have her look at your Gundam for a minute. This is for a test she's going to go through here in about an hour." She also handed him Akemi's results from the test she was in not long ago.

"I.. don't want to boast or anything...." Akemi was a bit embarrassed from her appearance. She had a flush of red on her face, as she didn't want too many to know about her knowledge.
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"Looks like we are about to head into a storm," shouted the driver as he stared at a large group of dark clouds in the distance.

"Wouldn't be safe for us to drive further, there should be a rest-stop nearby," his partner said as stuck his head over the driver's windshield and looked around. "There, I see it," he said and pointed.

They drove off the path and got to the rest-stop just as the storm came in. "Looks like we'll be stuck here for awhile," said the driver as he looked over his seat at Sakura. "Huh... still asleep," he smiled.
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"Well I'm glad to met you, please feel free to look around at Wing...just..Don't touch anything..I have it set up to the way I like it." Xenfis says to her smiling.

As Xenfis watches Akemi walk off, he then looks over the papers.

As he looks over the papers he looks up at Mai.

"So what can we expect from her?" He says.
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Akemi nods to Xenfis as she looks over the Wing Zero, starting at the base of the legs. She looks at some of the more detailed areas of its construction.

"Well, as you can see, her results are on par with your own back then." Mai started off, watching Akemi. "I haven't seen her application though; there is no telling what she'll have in store for us." She finished off while she looked a few other papers she happened to be carrying.

Just a moment after, Akemi accidentally trips over the foot of the mobile suit, and knocks off a panel. "Eh.. sorry.. I guess I wasn't paying attention." Sounding quite apologetic.

Mercenary Base

In the medical building, there was an ambulance at one of the entrances, while a crew of three pushed a stretcher with Mariko on it to load into the waiting ambulance. "Storms are getting bad..." One of them called out, looking at the sky.

"It wouldn't matter, if we don't hurry, we won't have enough supply to sustain her." Another had said, locking the stretcher in place to prevent movement while the ambulance travels at high speed. "With her injuries, we can't afford to wait. She still has shards near her stomach and right lung."

"Alright, its locked, ready to go." The third one had said, and then closed the back doors. Then, with the driver, a medic in the passenger, and two others in the back, it drives off, lights flashing and sirens blaring. They drove off from the base to the nearest hospital with the proper equipment to handle the situation.

At the front gate, there was increased security and checks being done to make sure no harm can come inside the base. After the attack that happened, some had suspected that there may be a mole, or two, within the base who may have leaked information out. Security was tight in most areas, where at least 2-5 guards must be in a single area at any time. The front gate has the most security with various guards around the entrance, as well as two mobile suits to provide backup, in the likely case something does go wrong.

"Hey, why is security stepped up again?" One guard asked another, keeping an eye out for anything.

Another guard had to think on a reply, "I heard one of the special strike members was nearly killed by their own suit."

"Any idea what it was?" He asked another question.

He could only shake his head, "No. Information is highly classified to only those in top command." The two of them then looked up at the sky, "Joy, storms... I hope no one really wants to come through here..." sounding a bit depressed at the sight.
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*Xenfis facepalms then looks over at her*

"Hmm, you think i can take her off your hands for abit? There's something that i want to try out with Akemi." Xenfis asks Mai.
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Sakura's eyes opened wide at the first crack of thunder, she placed her hands over her ears in an effort to seal away the sound - but naturally it was to no effect.

The two men who were with her only smiled gently, and turned their attention to an Ambulance they only 'barely' saw through the downpour. "I wonder what's going on?" asked the driver to his companion who merely shrugged his shoulders.

Off to the side, they saw a bolt of lightning hit the ground just a few feet from the road. There was the smell of ozone in the air and Sakura placed her hands over her nose.

"I hate lightning," she whimpered to herself.
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Mai takes a look at her watch and then looks back to Xenfis, "I suppose. I'll be back in about 40 minutes." She then walks off somewhere else for the time being.

While she walks off to do her thing, Akemi continues to look over the Wing Zero. "Hm, I wonder what the cockpit is like..." She mumbled to herself, as she looked up to the chest area of the unit.
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As Xenfis walks over to Akemi.. "Looks nice eh?" As he chuckles a little.

"You know" he starts to say to Akemi..but then he looks up at Wing then looks back Akemi.

"I wanna know if your really what they say you are, care to take a little test flight with me?"

He gives a smile to her and leans on the leg of Wing, only to slip and fall over..
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Before Akemi could answer him, she quickly runs over to him before he falls, but apparently trips over herself and ends up falling on top of him as it is. "Uuhhh.. s-s-sorry.." She stuttered, not saying much else, blushing from their current situation.

"Commander," A secretary for Takashi came into his office with something, "I believe we might have a lead on that unit."

"Hand me the files." He told her as he took the envelope to look over. "Hm," He began, reading some of it and looking at the picture, "are you sure this is the one we're looking for?"

She shook her head, "Not positive, but its a possibility." She also pointed down on the paper with a list of pilots. "I believe most of the pilots on here are still around somewhere. But, we don't know where they are at the moment."

He could only sigh, "Find out where they are and bring them in for questioning." He said to her, as he continues to fill out paperwork and filing various records.

"Yes sir." She said, then went for the door, but stopped and turned around, "Oh, Mariko is almost at the hospital. The storm is pretty bad, but there will be guards to watch the room she is to stay in." After she was done with that minor report, she left the office.

He could only think on what he's going to tell her father, but he was going to have to bring it to his attention very soon. Then, he remembered something as he pulls out a file on Mariko when she first signed up. "Hmm..."
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As Xenfis gets up helping Akemi up as well groaning a little.

"Don't worry I'm fine, anyways, about that flight, you'll be using one of our test suits. Its like a Gundam, but its a test one, it doesn't have the "Full capability" as a real one, but it has the same weight and looks of a real one. And of course I'll be using Wing. All were going to do is some maneuvers and practice moves. Sound good?" He gives a smile to her.

"Well then, I'm going to go ahead and hop inside of Wing. Your test suit is over there. Just hop on in and get everything set up the way you want it. Give me a signal when your ready ok?"

He then turns away and gets inside of Wing making a few adjustments.

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As she stands back up, she tries to get some of her composure back from that embarrassing moment before making a reply, "Uh, I guess so." Not entirely sure of herself if she wants to do it or not.

She walked over to the other gundam, then looks up to it. "A standard huh.." She contemplated on what it could be like to pilot one for the first time. She climbs into the cockpit to look it over, "Seems similar to the simulation though..." commenting on how it looks from the simulator she was in just moments before.

Flipping some switches and inputting generic commands, the system kicks on, showing a visual image of whats outside. She looked at her watch and then set a timer for about 35 minutes, as there was another test to do later.

She then opened a link to Xenfis, "Alright, I think I'm ready.." sounding nervous about the entire thing.
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"Ok then lets head outside shall we?"

They both go outside then Xenfis starts to lay out some tasks for Akemi.

"Ok first I want you to do a side dodge. It doesn't take much but be careful not to over do it. Then I want you to do some standard dodges." As Xenfis pulls out some daggers from the side of Wing. "I'm going to chuck these at you, simple enough. Dodge them. Now lets see what your made of." ..
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OOC: Had a writer's block for a bit, plus been busy with a few other things. (being a beta tester and all that XD)

Akemi only listens to what he's telling her to do. Once she looks over some other stuff, "Yeah, alright." she responded, waiting for the daggers to come flying.

Takashi, while looking at Mariko's file, he notices an extra number he hadn't seen previously. "I'm surprised I missed this." He commented, as it has no indication who the number belongs to. He dials the number before he makes a call to her father.

After a few rings, someone picks up, "Hello? Who's this?" a male voice answered the phone.

"Hello, I'm Commander Takashi, of the Shadow Elite Mercenaries." Takashi began to talk, "I found your number in Mariko's file, but no indication as to who it belonged to."

The man over the phone was confused for a second, "Oh, you mean where my sister works?" he replied.

"Correct, so I assume you're her brother?" He asked him.

"I am. Did something happen? I haven't seen her in a while." Sounding a bit more concerned, since Mariko doesn't speak to him much due to business.

Takashi took the time to explain everything, though difficult due to the nature of the situation. He also explained that he'll be contacting Daichi as well in a few moments. He also gave the location of the hospital Mariko is being transported to, and without notice, the brother hung up. "Hm, I can't really blame him.." He then contacted the father and explained the same situation to him as well.
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"Ok the here we go." Xenfis says. He then glares at Akemi, then swiftly starts throwing 6 knives in her direction, pressingly making one land 20 ft behind her left leg..watching to see how she reacts.
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As she quickly deciphers what to do in the situation, she skillfully dodges each shot, but also secretly grabbing one knife without Xenfis noticing and sends it right towards the left leg joint of his Gundam. Her reaction time was phenomenally high, suggesting she may be suited in melee combat.

"So.. uh.. how'd I do?" She asked, once she came to her sense from her concentration.
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"Very very good, but you forgot one thing, Never let your guard down." As he kneels to the ground, he pulls back on his right arm making one of the knives that was hanging by a thin piece of line, rushing to Akemi's leg, causing her to fall back slightly.

"But I'm highly impressed with your moves. So were done for today, you are dismissed back to the base." As he smiles at her.  
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She regains control of her suit before it falls down, "Hm.." as she was thinking of something else. She walks the unit back and hops out and back to the ground. "So, Xenfis, what do you like about your Gundam anyway?" Asking him while she places her hand on the foot of the unit she was just in.
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"Well.." Xenfis starts off. "I've been with Wing since I joined the EF, we make a really good team together. Im working with a new weapon at the moment. Seeing if Wing here can handle being a sniper. So far the tests are showing real positive. Looks like Wing might be able to undergo stealth missions. I'd be glad if I could." He then looks at Akemi. "So tell me about yourself." ..
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She looks up towards the head module, "There isn't much about me. I live alone, I do all the chores, cooking, and all that. Nothing special..." She answered, then remembered something, "Oh, I saw earlier about some pilot being nearly killed or something, what is that all about?"
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As Xenfis looks outside he gives a depressed look.

"Its just something that happened with one of our allies suits. She was attacked outta no where, as far as I'm concerned we don't really have to much of a conformation on who it was..and I'm seriously thinking it was someone up to no good.."

As he starts to ponder to himself, he then looks over at Akemi..

"Oh, sorry for that. Lets just hope she'll be ok." He then starts to walk away.. "You are dismissed" As he keeps walking..
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In all seriousness, I decided to take some time to read the last 3/4 pages and fix some typos that we made. I got some, not all, but meh... I hope to have more posts now. Anyway, 'nuff blabbering from me, let's have a look at what's in store for Mariko as her condition doesn't get better..

While the ambulance remains en-route to the hospital, the storm continues to rage outside with no signs of letting up. One of the paramedics listens on the heartbeat monitor to see that her heart rate is increasing, rapidly. "Not good, quick get some anesthetics in her now!" He proclaimed, quickly looking for a shot needle in a cabinet behind him. The other looks for the medicine to stabilize her condition.

The medic in the passenger seat looks behind to see what's going on, "Everything ok back there?" he asked in a concerning voice as he hears the monitor.

One of them replies, "We're on it, I got the medicine." while the other medic fills the needle with the medicine and administers the medicine. A moment later, the monitor slows down as she stabilizes for the time being. "What's our ETA?"

"I hope it'll be no later than an hour. This storm may be getting worse." The driver answers, trying to stay safe on the road while hurrying.

Earth Federation Base

Akemi nods to Xenfis, "Um, just one question... What are those mobile suits I saw earlier on the news? They're nothing like the Gundams or the Zeon mobile suits.." Curious about the situation.
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"Looks like it's clearing up a little bit here," said the driver as he looked through his side window and noticed that the clouds were a bit lighter in color. "Let's go ahead and keep going," he turned the key and the car started and then they continued down the road.

Sakura glanced up from her nap, noticing that they were now in motion toward the Merc Base. With another long yawn, she laid her head down onto her back and fell back asleep. Inside, something made a 'mew' sound.
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Xenfis looks at Akemi and begins to say: "I'm not entirely sure...maybe a new project that someones working on...The only thing that I care about right now is that Mariko is ok that she fully recovers, we really need her."

He then looks into Akemi's eyes.

"If there is anything you want to ask me don't hesitate to ask, I'm here to help. I also have one more thing..we know your dodging is all good and stuff, but I want a real battle with you, Akemi. I'll have the commander set us up a battle tomorrow afternoon, we'll have security heightened  a little since we're going out into the open sorta. I look forward to testing your real skills."

He then walks back to his room and pulls out his task planner for his event tomorrow afternoon..

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Akemi walks off to the cafeteria to sit at a table while she thinks to herself.

An hour and a half passes, Akemi is still doing various training routines, where-as Takashi is briefing 3 pilots for an upcoming task.

The ambulance carrying Mariko arrived at the hospital, albeit a little late due to some storms causing heavy downdraft winds. The two medics in the back prepare to carefully bring Mariko out, with an oxygen mask over her face and IV line in her arm. Guards were waiting in front of the main doors, waiting to escort the paramedics.

They all rush her into the emergency room with the guards standing outside. "She was in bad shape, I'm amazed she's alive at all." One of them said. "Who knows, I just wish we could find out who did this." The other replied back.

In the emergency room, one of the surgeons prepares his tools to prepare for the surgery he's about to perform. "Ok, everything ready?" He calls out to the others. They all nod and they begin working to extract all of the shards from her body.

WARNING: The following operation is too graphic for the young feeble mind. Unfortunately we will have to skip this part and wait for another time and place. You have been warned.
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With most of the pain now gone, Renae got out of bed and decided to get back to work. When she yanked the IV lines out of her arms, one of the nurses came in and told her that she needed to stay. "No," said Renae as she stormed out of the infirmary, with the nurse yelling at her to come back.

The idea that someone would try to kill her wasn't foreign, after all being a merc did mean that she was tittering on the edge of deaths door everytime she went out. In this case though, it was the fact that someone at the BASE was trying to kill her was different.

As she left the infirmary behind, she decided not to bother to change clothing - wearing a mere hospital gown as she crossed the distance between the main building and the hanger bay, along the way two guards on patrol saw a side of Renae that made them just stare wide eyed.

A loud 'slam' could be heard as the door to the hanger bay was thrown open; Renae stepping inside to the sight of her mechanics working on her fighter. "Where is everyone?" she asked, noting that only four mechanics were working, with one missing.

"Ma'am? Ummm, shouldn't you get---" said one mechanics before Renae cut him off.

"I don't care, where is the other mechanic?" she said, her voice full of venom.

Th eothers looked at one another with each giving equally confused shrugs. "We don't know, he didn't come in after we were ordered to fix your fighter," another said.

Renae grumbled, turned around, grabbed a pipe wench from a nearby table and stormed out of the hangerbay. All the while her gown was fluttering around.
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As Xenfis starts working on his plan for the fight tomorrow..he receives a message from the commander approving the battle.

"You two's fight will be at 14:00 hrs. I'll make sure shes prepared."

Xenfis reads over it and goes back to his planning..but as hes planning...Mariko crosses his mind and his eyes begin to fill with tears. He wipes them with his arm and continues to work on his plans for tomorrow.

"I really hope she likes this.." He says quietly to himself.

He then pulls out his device and sends a message to Akemi saying what time the battle will take place. He also adds that she'll be using the same suit as the dodging tests..just w/ a few weapons.

He puts his device and task manager away...and stares off into space through his window...
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As Akemi continues her training, she notices her device is beeping occasionally, but she's not able to answer straight away as she's too focused currently to pay much attention.

Back at the SE (Shadow Elite) base, one of the doctors in Renae's room trips off an alarm to send out personnel to detain Renae and bring her back. "If she doesn't get rest soon, she will re-open her wounds making situations worse, get her back here now!" Yelling at the others to move and retrieve her.

In the commander's office, Takashi notices his phone is ringing and then answers. "Yes? Commander Takashi here." A man over the phone sounds as if its distorted, as if it was on purpose and to prevent tracing of the call. Being hard to make out, Takashi only listens to what is being said, understanding bits and pieces. He hangs up the phone and then calls for someone to try tracing the line. "Just what is going on here..." He pondered, his hand on his chin as he thinks things over.
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Renae looked up from the front door of one of the dormitories, already she was feeling the pain in her body. She ignored it and pushed past the doors and into the building, she casually headed up one flight of stairs before finding the room of the tech who didn't come when told to.

She listened for any sounds from the inside, but heard nothing and pushed the door open. Inside she found the normal stuff that a tech would normally have, including schematics for her fighter which were out of the norm. However, as she continued her search she found something related to the afterburners and found other notes stating how to overload the system to make it look like a simple mechanical failure.

"Bingo!" Said Renae, rather loudly than she had intended as she picked up a document that also had additional information, such as communications codes and ways of hacking into the communications system and sending message without anyone noticing.

There was a faint 'creaking' sound as someone started coming up behind her; armed with a small knife in his right hand and a cloth in his left.
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As Xenfis continues to look blanklessly out the window..he thinks..

"I need more help if I'm going to take Zeon. I know I can't do this myself. I need Mariko and Akemi.. They're both great pilots. But I need to tap Akemi's full potential. Shes a great pilot, and she'll be useful. But I need Mariko to recover..I need to make I will make sure nothing else happens to her.."

As he keeps looking out the window.
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The mechanic calls off the training to run the results. "Alright Akemi, that's enough. We'll get the results in later tonight." He then opens up the canopy and brings her out.

"Exhausting work..." Akemi sighed with a heavy voice. "Is there anything else to do?"

He shakes his head, "No, you're done training for tonight. Go ahead and get some rest, you'll need." He heads back to the computer station to start crunching the data.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the surgeon and doctors continue their surgery on Mariko; daunting as the task is, they do need to get it done. "We're only just beginning, hang in there everyone, we can do it."

Outside in the lobby, both Daichi and Mariko's brother sat on a couch, after having heard that the surgery has been ongoing since they had arrived.
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Renae continues to look through the documents; finding various references to some of the other pilots on the base, including Mariko. But as she is about to turn the page she suddenly hears something behind her and looks, but doesn't move fast enough as a blade is pierced deep into her side.

The mechanic looks on, a mixture of success and shock, as he watches Renae look down at the blade but then she turns her attention to him. As he is about to go the documents, two men from security suddenly come barging in.

"Hands up!" One shots at the mechanic, Renae blinks for a few moments before noticing the gun that was concealed before hand, now in his left hand.

"Keep them up or we'll fire!" the other shots.

The mechanic scowls as he looks over at Renae, then at the soldiers, before pointing his gun at Renae and pulling the trigger - only for their to be a resounding 'click click click' as he keeps pulling it.

"Forgot the bullets huh?" said Renae as she brings her elbow down the back of his head, knocking him out cold.

Just then a nurse arrives along with two other soldiers. As the two security guards take the mechanic out, they notice Renae who is leaning up against the wall, blood flowing easily from her wound. "We need to get her back to the infirmary!" yelled the nurse as Renae fell unconcious, the documents falling out of her hands and onto the ground.

One of the soldiers who came with the nurse picked them up; looked them over. "Take her, I'll let the commmander know what's going on, and take these documents to him," with that the soldier left.


Sometime later, roughly an hour. A car pulls up to the main gates. The gate guard looks through the rear window and notices a child sleeping peacefully. "Who's that?" he asks the driver.

"Renae's younger sister, can you let her know we've arrived?" asked the driver.

"Agggg.... that won't be possible, she's in the infirmary still," the gate guard said as he opened the gate. "Best to leave her at Renae's room, unless the doctor or commander don't mind her in the infirmary that is," said the guard.

The driver nodded and continued onward into the base.
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As Xenfis exits his room, he heads to the hanger while everyone is just getting off and heading for dinner..Xenfis sits down in front of Wing and looks up at his Gundam.

"We still have a lot to do Wing..I don't know how much longer this is going to go on for. But we have to keep fighting..even if we don't want to..."

Xenfis then thinks back to Mariko's party that he attended, he turned a tad red as he looked up at Wing again.

"Lets show Akemi what we're made of." He then smiles and gets up and heads out for dinner..
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While in her room, Akemi does some computer work and types up a few memos for notes and various things that she learned throughout the day. She's been at this for roughly 2 hours straight with little breaks in-between, then glances at the clock, "Is that the time already? Guess I never noticed..." Sitting back, she stretches out and stands up to head for the cafeteria for dinner.

As Takashi reads through the documents, he notices the various notes that were taken on both Mariko's and Renae's crafts. "I want you to investigate this and who obtained these. Interrogate that mechanic and analyze this handwriting." Ordering the soldier, "Also, I need tighter security around the hangers until this mess is cleared up."
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"Yes sir, err... what about Renae's younger sister? She arrived just a few minutes ago," asked the soldier as he stood there at attention.
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As Xenfis walks into the cafeteria, he grabs a tray and gets some steak fingers, corn and mashed potatoes and sits at a table and begins to eat. He then gets up forgetting to get a drink. He grabs a nice cold orange soda and sets back down at the table and eats his meal. About half way through, he pulls out his device to see if there is anything that he had missed.

"Hmm..nothing." He thought to himself.

He finishes his meal and then begins to head back to his room, and sends a message to the commander for the location at where Mariko is being held..

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Akemi grabs a meal for herself and sits down at a table, all the while pondering to herself about various things, until one thing popped into her head: The Gundams. She's been thinking of what the new Gundams are and where they came from, but much to her dismay, she won't be able to get the information that she wants. She only sighs as she continues to eat.

"Renae's sister... Sister..." Takashi had to think for a minute, then it hit him, "Oh that's right. Things have been too hectic. It'd be best if she waits in Renae's room for now, I may talk to her later unless something else comes up tonight." Then his phone rings, picks it up and begins talking, what sounds like a doctor on the other end, about various things.
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The soldier nodded. "Very well sir," he said and left the commanders office.

"So.... why are we waiting?" Sakura stared at the driver, who hadn't gotten out. His partner, however, was outside leaning up against the drivers side door. The man appeared bored, perhaps a little tired as well, and without an umbrela, was also standing out in a light rain.

Sakura never got her answer, or at least, not a direct one, she noticed a solder come out of what she assumed was an important building they were parked next to. She craned her head to listen, partly because she was on the far left while the soldier was on the far right.

"Commander says to take her to Renae's dorm room," the soldier said to the other.

"Alright," said the other as he walked back around to the passenger side and got in.

Sakura blinked and watched the one who came out of the building, he held a clipboard in his hand and had a rifle on his back but he also looked as if he had had a hard day.

"Let's go," said the partner to the driver, the driver nodded and the car sped off to the dormitory.

A few short minutes later; the car arrived. "Go ahead, I'll catch up, I'll escort Renae's younger sister to her sisters dorm room," said the passenger as he got out and opened the rear passenger door.

Sakura unbuckled and got out, grabbing her bag in the process. The soldier lead her up a small flight of stairs to the second floor and down several doors before they got the Renae's dorm room. "Here you are," said the soldier as he unlocked the door.

"Ummm, where's my big sister?" asked Sakura as she stepped into the rather modest looking dorm room. There was a large bed up against the window, a desk with a locked safe under it, a book case full of books, and a bathroom. There was also several pictures on a night stand, including a few of Sakura when she was younger and how she is now.  

The soldier thought, glad that Sakura didn't notice his worried expression. "She's busy right now, but I'll let her know you've arrived," said the soldier. Sakura just nodded and watched as he left and closed the door behind him, she looked around the room and the sat down on the bed, doing so, there was another - slightly longer - mew that came from the backpack.
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Xenfis pokes around on his task manager till his device goes off. He opens the message..

"You'll be able to type a message to Mariko, but it will be awhile before she receives it." - Commander.

He then opens up a word document and cracks his fingers...

  Dear Mariko,
     I really do hope that you recover well, and that everything goes fine. None of us can imagine what would happen if we were to lose you. That sneak attack was totally un-called for and we're working on investigating on what had happened. I made a promise to myself, Mariko. That I would never let anything else happen to you again. When you get the chance and when you are feeling better, I would like to hear from you, so that I know that you'll be ok.

He then attaches a picture of him standing in wings left hand waving at the camera.  
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The Zeon base has been fluttering with activity the past couple hours. With mobile suits in various hangers being prepared for deployment, Hitoshi's mobile suit is getting its final repairs done and checked when he walks in. "Anything new?" He asked one of the mechanics.

"Well, there was a slight problem with the right shoulder," He began, bringing up a screen showing the area he's referring to, "and currently we can't repair it fully, so its strength is reduced about a quarter."

"Then forget it for now, it won't be needed anyway. I want sniper equipped along with a few rounds of armor piercing bullets." He ordered him.

"But, the arms can't handle the st-" He tried to counter, but is interrupted with Hitoshi placing his hand around his neck, "Do as I say now, or else." The mechanic could only nod as he gets things ready.

At the hospital, Daichi and Mariko's brother are waiting anxiously to hear any news about Mariko. They have occasionally went outside to get some fresh air, but still no word. A few moments later, a nurse comes through the double doors holding a clipboard and a few slips of paper, including a few images.

"How is she?" Daichi was quick to ask, very worried about his daughter.

"Her condition hasn't changed in the past hour. She's still in critical while we remove the metal shards." She answered, then motioned for him to follow her, "I'd like you to follow me." then looks at the brother, "I'd like you to stay here for now, your father can explain things when he comes back." The two then leave for another room, a bit darker with a backboard as she puts up a couple x-rays.

"As you can see," She began, pointing to a shard that is extremely close to one of Mariko's lungs, "we have seen various shards in her body, but this one poses a huge threat."

Daichi listened on, looking at the images, "Any closer and it would of punched a hole..."

She nods, "Correct. We're doing our best to remove the most threatening shards." She then removes the first x-ray and puts up one more, this time both of the images of her head in two different angles. "Here, we don't see anything posing any serious issues. But looking around here," circling her finger over a small dark-ish area on the left side of her head, "we think this might be internal blood loss, which surprisingly stopped."

"She fights even while in her condition... Tough girl she is.." Daichi thought to himself, then had to ask one thing, "Has she been under other scans yet?"

"She has been through MRI and CAT scans as well. There were a few minor breaks in one of her rib bones, but poses no threat to her life. Her arm however, is fractured, likely due to an impact such as falling from a great height." She answered, bringing out the various images of those scans. Basing on the images, nothing serious is showing up and all that they're worried about are mostly the metal shards.

"Hm, how long will it take for the surgery to be done?" He then asked her as he looked over them some more.

She can only shake her head, "We don't know, to be honest. She's been in the OR for roughly 2 and a half hours now and only just removed a shard that was dangerously close to a vital vein." She turns off the back-light on the board and removes the x-rays. "He's hoping to be done in roughly 5 more hours, but that is only an estimate."

The two of them talk some more about what else could end up causing problems either for the surgeons, or what will happen to Mariko when she comes to, or if she will at all.
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"Like I'll talk," shouted the Mechanic after a soldier smacked him across the face his hand. "Go to hell!"

The soldier walked around the mechanic, who was sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind his back. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way,"

"Screw you!"

"Ok, the hard-way," said the soldier as he pulled out a pistol and planted a bullet in the mechanics left foot, the sound of the gunshot only getting as far as the interrogation room's walls and not anywhere outside.

The mechanic let out a scream of pain, before bitting his tongue. "You can do whatever the hell you want ot me, but I am not going to talk," he said through gritted teeth.

His interrogator let out a sigh. "Very well then," he said and walked over to a workbench and pulled out an iron. He then asked another man there to warm it up, the man nodded and left with the iron in hand.


Renae was brought back to the infirmary, two soldiers and a nurse helping her along. The head doctor cursed at her once. "Screw you!" she said as the pain crept up the side of her chest. "Get her on the bed," shouted the doctor.

With the blade still in her side, the doctor ordered the nurses to help him as she placed her up onto a bed. He looked the wound over and grimaced slightly. "Damn, bad spot.." he said, "for safeties sake we'll put you under," he said and Renae just nodded as the nurse injected some meds into her that made her fall asleep.

"Something wrong doc?" asked the nurse as the doc looked at the knife wound.

The doctor nodded. "Yea, there already blood trickling out of the wound, even though that knife is deep in, I wouldn't be surprised if the knife hit an organ or even cut a vital artery. We need to get x-rays done right now and prep her for surgery on the double!"
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Xenfis puts away his task manager and wonders...

"Hmm..tomorrow should be to get Akemi to show off her skills, I'm going to have to try and stay one step ahead of her moves..."

He then gets up and runs down the hallway to the hanger area and begins making some slight mods to WingZero..

"Lets see what happens in our battle if I add a tad bit more thrust to these boosters. Grant it she'll have a little bit of a tougher time keeping up with me. But I have to push her to her limit...maybe even mine..

As he silently works on Wing more. he looks out the docking area at the glowing sunset..
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In the hanger, a commanding officer walked up to Hitoshi, "Just what do you plan on doing?" he barked at him.

"Zeon only hired me on a special case. Otherwise, I do whatever I want." Hitoshi shot at him as he walks to the ladder.

"We're not authorizing this mission right now. You are to stay put until further orders." He called out. To no avail, Hitoshi continued up ignoring the officer. "I order you to get back down here!" Still being ignored apparently, he then goes to the mechanic, "I want you to stop this right this instant!"

"It's a bit too late, he's been set on this for a while..." Was his only reply.

Moments later, the suit starts up and walks out of the hanger. Once he's away from the building, he fires up the boosters, and the blasts off back in the direction of the desert.


Finishing up her dinner, slowly as she has been reading various things from her mini-laptop, her eyes lay on a very curious link labeled "Mysterious Pilot Ferried to Hospital" - clicking this link, she then sees some blurry pictures of the two suits fighting, the ejection, and then later, a new mobile suit that wasn't on the air earlier in the day. "This... is interesting.." Reading along, she skims the page and comes to further images, again are blurry, that include the ambulance, and a very vague detail as to which hospital it was traveling to.

"Hm, I think someone should know about this maybe.." Thinking out loud to herself, she stands to throw her trash away, picks up her laptop, and begins walking toward the base commander's office.
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"I wonder what Big Sis is doing," Sakura pondered as she zipped open her bag and had an orange head suddenly pop out.

The little feline, a kitten by the looks of things, had light orange fur with a white streak that ran from the top of it's head, down it's back, and ended at the tip of it's tail that was entirely white. It's paws also had small white streaks on it.

"Hello to you to Artemis," said the twelve year old as she picked up the cat and held it against her chest. The cat purred lightly as she stratched under it's chin. Miracle of technology, to have a cat that looks so real yet isn't, giggled the girl as the cat rubbed it's head against her face. "H-hey! Stop that! That tickles!" she laughed.


The interrogator waited patiently; with the mechanic still tied up. "So, what else are ya gonna do?" asked the mechanic.

"You'll see," said the interrogator as he waited casually.
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"Ok that should take care of that.." Xenfis thought to himself.

"Lets see how she fairs against this."

Xenfis then gets down and starts walking back to his room. He walks in and sits on his bed and looks out the window, as he starts to think to himself..."Whats in store  for the future..?" He then gently rests his head on his pillow and looks up at the ceiling..
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Hitoshi arrives just on the outskirts of the desert area where the cleanup continues, and has been, for the past few hours. He turns out a cloak and then lays low to the ground as he sets up his shot. "Easy pickings..." He muttered to himself, then aims his sniper towards the canopy of one suit. "3... 2... 1..." He pulls the trigger, and the bullet streaks through the air, striking the one unit just above cockpit area. "Damn, first time I wasn't on target..." Mumbling to himself, he quickly sets up once more.

"What the hell was that?!" One pilot yelled out, trying to figure out where that shot came from. All of the units stop what they're doing and arm their rifles. "Anything on radar?" Another calls out. The rest respond with a "Negative." but were not letting down their guard. One tries to call back to base, but all he was getting was static.

"One of you head back to base, this needs to be reported." The leader motioned for one of them to leave. "I need another to help the downed soldier." Ordering another one.

"I see one of them is leaving.." Hitoshi noticed one of the suits was leaving, but didn't have time to aim for him, nor could the range reach. He then aims for what appears to be the lead unit, and correcting his aim for the first shot, he fires his second... striking precisely where the pilot would be seated, killing him instantly. "Perfect."

"What now?!" The downed pilot let out, trying to grasp the situation. "I don't know, but its not safe here. We need to get out." The last pilot said. "Commander, you read me? .... Commander? DAMN IT! Get ready to move out!" He ordered them, taking on the commanding role for the time being. The two functioning suits then picked up the downed one, and then the other picks up the second suit. They then boosted off towards the base, hoping to get in communication with the tower.

Hitoshi gets his suit to stand up when the left arm joint starts to have more problems. If one shot wasn't bad enough, the second shot had made the issue much worse. The gears were having trouble moving, creaking, while it was having issues in certain positions as well. "A new suit is what I need..." he scoffed as he struggles to get the thing moving. Once he managed to get it up, he headed back to the Zeon base for more repairs.

EF Base

With her laptop in hand, Akemi knocks on the door to the commander's office. "Sir, I have something you should look at here."
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There was a cry of pain so loud that if the windows not been sound proof, they'd have shattered. The interrogator placed a hot iron on the bottom of the mechanics foot which had been dipped in water beforehand.

"Now will you talk?" the aggrevated interrogator said.

"Go... to.... hell..." The mechanic said through gritted teeth.

"You're funeral then," and applied the hot iron to the other foot, getting the same reaction as before. "You know, there is another area I can put this," he said which caused the mechanic to suddenly go pale in the face. "Going to talk now?"

The mechanic, after the pain had finally subsided to the point where he could talk, mentioned how he was merely paid by an unknown source to cause as much damage as possible to the Merc base and it's pilot. "I don't know the name of the person," he said with his head low. "Only that they clearly know about this base, or at least, know of Renae and Mariko since those two were listed out of anyone who I should go after," he stopped.

"And yet, you would betray your own for what.... money?" The interrogator scowled.

"It pays well," said the mechanic before he realized he had said the wrong thing. "Wait... no!"


Sakura playfully kicked the air as she waited patiently before hoping off the bed and turning toward her cat, which had curled up into a ball and was fast asleep.
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As Xenfis pulls out his task manager and organizes a few things into some folders, he think on how tomorrow will go with Akemi.

He sets his task manager away and pulls the blanket over him and rests his head on his pillow, he lets all his swirling thoughts leave his head and he drifts off to sleep...
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The door opens in front of Akemi to reveal the commander standing there, "What is it?" he asked her.

Without saying a word, she holds up the laptop, flips it open to show what was on there. "I found this while eating, I thought it was a good idea to show you it."

He looks over the site for a moment, "I see but there isn't much we can do with this."

"Alright, I just wanted to see if you knew about this." She then said, closed her laptop and headed back to her room. The commander only shrugs as he goes back to his desk to fill out more paperwork.
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"Artemis, how about you go and see about finding my big sis?" Sakura asked the little kitten, but the kitten just looked at her for a moment, yawned and curled back up. "Meany," she said with shifty eyes.

She walked into the bathroom and found the place to be well kept and clean, she washed her face, then looked at the mirror and noticed some writing was on it. It was written in a language, with various numbers and equations that she didn't understand. She shook her head and walked back out into the main area.

Since she didn't know how long she'd wait, she decided to disrobe, which revealed her to be wearing a sailor style dress that was a light blue with a gold collar with white trim. The cuffs were likewise gold with white trim, the collar had a double V style to it on both the front and back. With a soft yawn, she laid down onto the bed and fell right back asleep.

Artemis looked up, mewed, then moved over to her and curled up right beside her face - his head pointing almost right at her.
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As Xenfis is laying in bed...his dreams begin to stir...Hes in WingZero in a vast wasteland with only a beam rile and the sniper on his back. In the distance he sees a whole army of at least 1000+ Zaku's heading right toward him...."What the hell?.." He thought to himself.

"How do I move a mountain...let alone a whole army of enemy mobile suits...?"

He then heard a voice from inside, it was kinda dark and said: "You don't." Xenfis then grips onto his beam rifle as the mobile suits get closer and closer. He then starts firing at some of them. Firing at some more. Then he runs out of ammo and decides to get his sniper and try to fly up, but as soon as he tries to fly, a Zaku grabs Wing's leg. Xenfis is then pulled back down into the swarming army, as WingZero is pulled harshly, the impact of Wing hitting the ground shocks Xenfis out of his dream as he is startled out of his bed, He then sits up and thinks to himself: "What kind of dream was that...?"..

He gets up to splash some water in his face and then climbs back into bed hoping that the wretched dream wont come back...
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With his paperwork done, he decides its time to pay Sakura a quick visit. Takashi stands up and then makes his way towards Renae's room. He keeps his communicator with him in case something develops with Mariko, considering he hasn't received an update in roughly 3 hours.

The walk wasn't very long, but it was tedious none-the-less. He walks up to the door, gives it a couple knocks, "Sakura, I'm coming in." and then opens the door. He steps in and closes the door behind him. "I'm sure you're wondering where Renae is, huh?" He asked her.
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Sakura, who had been mostly asleep, was aroused when her cat looked up and brushed it's tail against the face. She looked up, having heard the door open and then close, followed by a man who said her big sisters name.

She looked at him and cocked her head curiously to one side, not really saying anything in return.


"That outta do it," said the doctor as he patched up Renae's knife wound. "Damned girl is lucky, I thought it hit a vein or something but just come to find out the blade had slipped out which was why she was beginning to bleed," he said as they wheeled her out of surgery.

He made a side-trick and discarded his scarfs and robe and then put on a new one before going back out to his station, he typed up a quick note for the commander, letting him know that Renae will be fine.


Down in the brig, or something that resembles an interrogation room. The man who had been caught stabbing Renae lay motionless in the chair, not dead, just unconcious due to the shock. "And all I did was show it to," he said as he held up a very hot iron, "did he really think I was going to do 'that' for him?" he rolled his eyes and collected the other equipment.

"Keep him here for now until he wakes up," he said and smelled something foul in the air. "Ughs, and get him a change of clothing to please, don't like my prisoners stinking up the place," the soldier there nodded and ran off. Anoher soldier waited patiently. "Once he wakes up, put him in a cell, make sure he's on twenty four hour watch once he wakes up, I'll type up this report for the commander," said the interrogator as he walked to the door.

"Sir, don't you think your methods are excessive?" asked the soldier.

"No, as long as it gets the commander results and information, you can't be nice to these people or else they'll just walk all over you,"
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WARNING: The following post may be slightly graphic. Please turn off your monitor for 10 minutes if you wish to wake up the next day.

OOC: Ok not really, but seriously, the post may be slightly graphic. =P

Takashi walks over next to the bed and then pulls out a chair to sit on, “So you must be Renae's sister I heard about. I hope the trip here wasn't too bumpy for you.” After a moment, he notices the cat on the bed as well, “Ah, I see you have a pet as well. I don't mind if he's here, but keep him in the room.”


Rolling close into the night hours, the hospital activity has been dieing down from the typical patients that come through. Of course, Daichi and his son still remain in the lobby, constantly worrying over what is going on with Mariko. “Is there anything you know about what is going on exactly?” The brother asked.

Daichi could only shake his head, “I imagine its the same as what you were told.” He stands up and walks over to the coffee maker to get a cup of coffee, “Like one as well?” he asked.

“No, not now.” Was the reply as he stared out of the window. The scenery was of a typical city in the evening hours. Traffic, jams, bustling activity with people ready to go home or going home now.

While the two of them continue to wait, in the OR however was another issue. During the last half hour, one of the metal shards from Mariko's suit was accidentally moved into a vital vein in her arm. This caused a panic in the room to try and find the safest way to remove the object without causing any further injury. “If we just plainly remove it, we risk her bleeding severely...” One of them mentioned. “But if we don't, it could pierce further through to the other side.” Another exclaimed.

“What if we restrict the blood flow?” Someone asked after a brief silence.

They could only think, “I don't know, the rush of blood may pose a danger, and the constriction may not be a smart idea.” when someone came up with some sort of answer, though not much of one.

“We have to do something, and we have to now.” One had said. It eventually came to the conclusion that they were going to have to risk carefully pulling it out.

A couple of the surgeons prepare for the blood that will come gushing through the vein. “Alright, are we ready?” The lead surgeon had asked, looking around. Each one of them gave their nod as they begin to carefully remove the shard.

Only just a minute passes when the shard is pulled out, and as predicted, the blood rushes through as everyone tries to get it under control. Moments later her heartbeat starts to race from the sudden lack of blood flowing through. While two of them work to quickly get the blood flow under control, another three work to get her heart to calm down.

Moments race by when suddenly, they all hear the one sound no doctor ever wants to hear: a solid beep accompanied by a flat line. They quickly bring out the defibrillator while one other pumps down on Mariko's chest. With the defibrillator charged, “Clear!” one calls out and jolts her body in the familiar arc that comes from it. The flat line remains, another charge builds up, “Clear!” again, and sends another jolt. Still a flat line, they try for one more. “Clear!” once more, a third jolt goes through, finally restarting her heart. Though her heartbeat is low, they quickly start working bringing it up to a safer level.

“No time for relief, we're almost done,” The lead surgeon calls out, “we can pull through and save her life, as we did just now.” One of the surgeons begins to suture up her arm, while others continue to remove the last remaining shards that are still embedded within her body.


Back at the base, in a relatively vacant hanger lies a mobile suit going under final construction phases. However, a shadowy figure stood next to one of its feet. There was just enough light to see what he was doing, but the suit was bathed in a darkness that you can't make out its figure, however, the person there was doing something with one of the interfaces near the foot. What he was doing is unclear, maybe he's a mechanic, or perhaps its for a more nefarious deed. When finished, he quickly left for the night.
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Sakura's eyes shifted toward the wall. "We flew through a storm, so it was bumpy," she said and then looked down at her kitty, who lifted his head and let out a small 'mew' before laying back down. "He'll be fine, he'll stay here.... but umm.. where is my sister?" she asked.
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"A storm huh, that would cause some trouble in the air." Commenting about the storm from earlier today. "Far as your sister goes, she's in the hospital wing currently, but she's a tough fighter, I'm sure she'll be just fine."

Just a minute later, one of his staff comes through the door to report something, but notices about the girl there, then moves to whisper instead, "Sir, our clean-up crew were attacked. More details are in your office." She then left for now to do other business.

"Hm, it must be that same mobile suit again..." He thought to himself, not entirely sure of where to go from here. He turns his attention back to Sakura for a moment, "Are there any other questions you may have?"
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"What happened to my sister? Why is she in the hospital? And... can I see her?" she asks while looking at Takashi straight in the eye with a worrisome expression.
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Takashi could only laugh, "Alright alright, one question at a time." Once he calmed down, he began to answer a couple of her questions, "Renae ended up in the hospital due to some minor mix-ups with a couple people. Far as seeing her, you won't be able to tonight, but I'll see about arranging something tomorrow." He then stood and walked to the door, then turns his head, "If that is all, I have some business to do, but you can sleep in here for the night."


Back at the hospital, both Daichi and his son has still not received word about what's going on with Mariko. After a time of silence, Daichi broke it with the following question, "Are you able to take some time off from work? I won't be able to for a while starting tomorrow."

He could only think for a moment before replying, "I'm not sure, but I'll try to work it out with my boss tomorrow morning."

"Let's head home for now, we can talk over a few things later." The father said, going to the counter to let the clerk know. Once finished, the both of them head back to their home to discuss a few matters.

In the OR, the surgeons are putting the final sutures on her arms and are about to begin with her legs. "I think.. we're finally finished." The lead surgeon announced. A couple others cheered after a grueling 8 hours of being in the room. "Check her vitals, make sure she has plenty of fluids, double check the stitches, and I think we can put her in close observation." he later said to them.

The rest of them all gave their nods as they do their final checks. Minutes pass, her legs, arms, chest, and hips all have stitches in them, and then the doctors move her into an isolated room for the time being so that staff are able to keep a close watch on her during the vital 24 hours required. "She's quite a fighter. Almost lost her too..." One of them said.

"Yes, but our job is to save lives. It would have been a tragic loss to lose her." Another followed up. Once they arrive at the room, 2 doctors and a nurse carefully move her from the stretcher onto the bed, then position her body so the IV line doesn't fall out from her arm. "Fight strong, and keep your spirits up, Mariko." The nurse silently said, and then they take their leave after setting up the monitors.
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"What if I'm hungry? I don't really know where to eat around here," Sakura asked nervously, and honestly. Renae never provided her a map, probably because she never expected to be in the situation she was in.
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Takashi points over to a phone system on the wall that each room has. On it has about 10 buttons, pre-programmed for various areas of the base. "You can use this here to get food if you need." After finishing, he then left the room so he can take care of business, namely the deal with the pilots of the clean-up crew.
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Sakura sighed after Takashi had left, she looked over at her cat which was asleep again and then glanced over at the window to see what was outside.

As night rolled in, Sakura made her way to the roof, getting onto it despite the door roof being locked. She looked out, seeing the whole scope of the base in it's splender and beauty, she really liked this view. She sat there for a few minutes, listening both the sounds in the distance and for the possibility of someone coming up the stairs, then she quickly went back to Renae's room.

Later, she got herself some food and enjoyed a nice view of the base at night. "It's not bad, though I think the city is better," she giggled and pulled out her pajamas from her back and quickly got dressed. She then looked over and crawled into bed, the cat having snuggled up against her face.
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With the night passed and is behind them, the sun rises into the sky bring a fresh new light to the day. With morning around, Daichi and his son were awake in the kitchen. "Anything?" The father asked, referring about his son's job from last night.

His son can only shake his head, "Not yet, I'll call again a bit after you leave." Fixing breakfast for the both of them. Usually it had been Mariko, but today was a bit different as she stays in the hospital.

"Let me know if anything develops and I'll try getting to the hospital." Letting his son know, as their breakfast was finished and they begin to eat before he must leave.

"Alright, I'm off. I'll see you tonight." Daichi said, stood up, grabbed hold of his briefcase and left the house. Shortly after, the son called up his boss again. After about a minute, he gets through, "Hello, its Seiichi. Is it possible I could get a few days off due to family issues?"

"What exactly is the issue?" A man over the phone had asked.

He could only take a moment to think of what to say, "My little sister ended up in the hospital, and we don't know what her condition is. I'm going to find that out today."

"Hmm," the man begun, "alright, is a week alright with you?"

"Yes, that'll be fine. I'll call again if needed." Seiichi replied.

"I'll note it down for the week then. Keep me updated, alright?" The man asked.

"I will." He then hung up the phone and then started to get ready to head for the hospital. "I just hope she's alright..." Worried about what went on during the night.

EF Base

Bright and early, Akemi was up and sitting on a chair in front of a mirror, brushing her hair which appeared silky smooth and a lush green from the sunlight bathing in her hair. "I hope today will be easier..." Talking to herself as she continues fixing her hair, then she begins to put it in a low ponytail for now.

After a few minutes, Akemi finishes up, is dressed, and she walks down to the cafeteria to get some breakfast before her long day begins.
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As Xenfis gets up, he makes his bed. Folding the blanket at the top back slightly. Fluffing up his pillows, he makes his way to the bathroom to fix his hair and brush his teeth. After so, he beings to head to the cafeteria for some eggs, bacon and toast. He spots Akemi and walks over to her as he grabs his things.

"You know I look forward to our battle later this afternoon." He then looks at her. "This time though, I wont be so light."

He then grabs his tray and some strawberry milk and goes to sit down and start on his meal..  
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"oooooooh..." Renae moaned as she came to that morning, she placed her hand up to her forehead and opened her eyes - seeing the white ceiling above her, she felt like she had just spent several hours in a bar drinking.

"How are you feeling?" the nurse asked her when she came in and noticed Renae was awake. Renae looked over at her, but didn't say anything at first.

Instead she sat up and looked at her side, the area where the knife had gone in was covered in a bandage. "Fine I suppose," she finally answered the nurses questions. "How long was I out?" she asked.

"Only for the night, the surgery went excellently, surprisingly the knife didn't hit any major artery or organ," said the Nurse as she changed out a blood pack for a new one.

"When can I leave?" asked Renae, her dislike for hospitals being well known by the staff.

The nurse thought about it for a moment but shrugged. "That's up to the doctor to decide, not me," with that she left. Renae let out a sigh and stared out the window and began to wonder about something. "Ok... I know yesterday was important but I don't remember 'why'.." she pondered and tapped her chin thoughtfully.


Back at the dormitory, Sakura awoke to find a certain feline resting on her head. She sprung up so fast, Artemis almost didn't have time to react as he corrected himself in the air and landed on all four paws on the edge of the bed but didn't stay as he lost his footing and fell off. Sakura snickered before bursting out in laughter at this, the cat just poored his head up and mewed at her.
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Akemi noticed Xenfis come to sit with her and continued eating, "I wouldn't want you to, but just don't get too confident." she had said after swallowing a bit of her sandwich.

Elsewhere in the base, two large transport trucks are just arriving with two particularly large mobile suits. Both of the trucks drive in and begin to get into position to unload their cargo. Several crews are working around them to make sure they are not damaged during this process, along with a couple mobile suits to help with lifting them into a standing position. The tarp that covers them remains for the time being until their testing begins.

SE Base

In the briefing room, Takashi, along with several other pilots discuss the recent events. From the first appearance of the mobile suit that had attacked Mariko, all the way to recent events with Renae and the clean-up crew. As it turns out, the old suit was an earlier model they had developed when the force was still young. Its name was Killer Scythe, highly excelled in melee combat was good ranged abilities.

However, due to technology being old at the time, most of its joints were its weak points. He discusses possible methods of attack and other load-outs it was known to carry. This briefing would last for at least 3 hours when they decide on a plan of action, and they may need help with this fighter.


Seiichi arrives at the hospital fairly early with little activity going on in the lobby. He confronts the clerk at the desk and asks what's going on, "Oh, Mariko. She left surgery about an hour after you had left. I'll have a doctor come out and take you to her and discuss things." she replied, then called for a doctor. "He'll be here in about 15 minutes, he's with a patient currently."

Seiichi nods and walks to sit on the couch. He picks up the newspaper from the table and begins to read it. "Hm, nothing interesting it seems..." Commenting on various articles such as the weather, politics, and whatnot.
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As Xenfis finishes his breakfast, he gets up and throws his stuff away. As he walks away he waves at Akemi and waves walking down the hall back to his room to get changed. He opens his door and walks over to his drawer and pulls out his afternoon cloths and begins to change. After that, he pulls out his task manager and begins to plan out his day.

"Lets see.." he said to himself. "Battle with Akemi soon...that should be fun. Then some tuning up on WingZero. Hmm...then I guess I should see if commander has anything special that I should know about. I think I should also try my best to see if I can find anything new about Mariko."

He then opens up a new message to Mariko's base, basically asking of they knew anything about Mariko's status and the condition of her mobile suit. He even put in an offer to help with her suit, courtesy of the EF.

"There, that should do it. Now time to get Wing ready for Akemi's test later." As he walks to the hanger area.

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Shortly after Xenfis sent his message, much to his dismay, the reply was a simple "Classified information outside of her immediate family." Mariko's secrecy was still key until the time is right to let friends through.

At the hospital, the doctor came through the door looking for Seiichi. He motions for him and then the two went off into his office for a moment. "I am pleased to say she will survive." He said, bringing out various papers from a folder.

Seiichi breathed a sigh of relief, "Very good news, I'm glad."

"We removed many of the shards, so none of them should pose any threat." He sifted through the sheets and stopped on a paper with her measured brain activity. "It seems at the moment, her brain activity is rather low, but stable none-the-less."

"What could that mean?" He asked the doctor.

"Well, its hard to say." He began to say, showing him the paper, "I believe she's in a state of coma currently, but the activity may increase as time goes on. However, the first 24 hours are crucial to her survival."

"I see, to think.. she could have died..." Reminiscing from the moment he saw some of the x-rays and other scans.

The doctor patted him on the back lightly, then continued, "She is very lucky to have family like you. We'll keep an eye on her, its the least we can do for you." After a moment, he went through the papers again to stop on an x-ray of her chest. "As you see here, portions of the left rib cage are damaged. We did what we could to repair them, but she may need additional surgeries until she is healed. That is about the only threatening aspect currently."

"How long do you suppose it may take?" He wondered, looking at the damaged bones of her rib cage. "A couple look slightly sharp as well.."

"Correct, if broken a certain way, they can puncture the lung. She will need to take it very easy when she wakes." Once Seiichi was done with the papers, the doctor put them back into the folder to file away for the time being. "Follow me, I'll let you see her for a bit."

The both of them walked out of the office and towards a somewhat secluded area of the hospital. Two guards from the base stood in front of a particular room, "Do not worry, this is the girl's brother, Seiichi." letting them know he's fine. They then walk into the room which is slightly dark with the blinds half open on the windows.

Mariko was lying on the bed, motionless and hooked up to various monitors and an IV line in her left arm. She was also on a breathing system to help her breath as she could not on her own, a sort of life support for her. As Seiichi looked at her, a few tears welled up in his eyes, but hopeful and glad that she's at least alive.

"I'll let you stay for about ten minutes, but once then, I'd like you to leave for now. We'll call you if anything happens." The doctor had said, then left the room and notified the two guards. He then went on to take care of other patients.

Giving a nod, he walked over next to the bed and sat on a chair to gently take her hand. "I'm here Mariko, please.. pull through and live.." Praying for her safe return. Time flies by fairly quick as one of the guards comes in, "Alright, time to leave." Seiichi stands up, leans over to kiss her on the forehead and then proceeds to walk out.

He walks to his vehicle and then heads off back home for the time being, "I really do hope she pulls through this..."


EF Base

With Akemi done with her breakfast, she heads back to her room and starts doing a bit of research on her laptop. She was curious about the Gundams that were arriving and wanted to see if she can find more information about them. She would search well into the afternoon but still not turn up any leads.
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Sakura listened and carefully opened the door to the hallway, she looked around and saw no one. "Artemis, you stay here," she looked at the cat who meowed and curled up into a ball. Sakura smiled and grabbed her kitty looking backpack and crept out into the hallway - closing the door gently, she walked down the hallway until she got to a set of stairs and headed down to the first floor.

"And where do you think your going?" a voice behind her spoke, startling her. Sakura looked over her shoulder and saw it was a guard armed with a rifle and a flashlight, though it was turned off.

"Umm... I... err.. just.. wanted to get something to eat..." she said nervously and looked at the guard. The guard looked down at her and shook his head.

"You can order food from the dorm room, I was already told that you can't leave the dormitory unless you are accompanied by an adult," said the guard.

"W-who said that?!" Asked Sakura as her face turned red slightly.

The guard thought. "You're sister, now head back upstairs to the dorm room," he said and escorted her back.

Sakura, pouting all the way, hated being treated like a child - even though she was one. Back in the dorm room, she waited a few minutes before opening the door again, only to find the guard standing right outside. Sakura blinked and quickly closed the door. "Ughs, Renae must've told them," she sighed and slid down the door and onto the ground.


Renae rubbed her wrists. "Well doc?" she asked him.

"I would suggest you stay here a little bit longer, besides, you don't want your little sister to see you in this condition do you?" he asked. Renae blinked, and then came to a startling realization that her sister was on base.

"W-wait! When did she arrive?" asked a concerned Renae.

"Yesterday," the doctor checked off a few things on the clipboard and then set it down beside her bed. "Though she does seem to want to see you," he told her.

"Ughs, perhaps you're right. I don't want to worry her needlessly," said glanced sideways toward the window.

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Xenfis sighs at the message he received as he walks into the hanger area getting ready to prepare  WingZero for the battle that will soon be taking place.

" what kind of tactic should I even use this time?..I know she can dodge..she proved that with the knife's. Hmm, I could see how she fares with guns and sabers, and her ability to defend herself upon sudden attack.."

Xenfis hops out of WingZero and walks over to the test suit that Akemi will be using. He studies it and then looks over at the work manager.

"Hey!" Xenfis calls out. "I need to make sure that this mobile suit is equipped with a beam rile, 2 sabers, and a medium shield." Xenfis ordered.

"But sir, don't you think she should start with the training "light shield". The manager said.

"No, I want to start her off on the medium, then she'll work her way up to using a heavy shield." Xenfis made sure the manager got what he said.

"Alright then." As the manager gets all the weapons prepared on the test suit.

"Oh, and one more thing, make sure the head unit has bullets loaded in it." Xenfis said.

"You got it." The manager replied.

He then looks up at the test suit and thinks to himself, "This should be loads of fun." He then smirks to himself and walks back to Wing. Pulling out his task manager, he begins to write a message out to Akemi that training will take place within the next hour...
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Akemi finished up her research, though not really turning up much despite spending a couple hours looking around. "Elusive stuff sometimes, I guess I'll find out more when they do arrive.." Talking to herself as she looked up at the ceiling. She had nothing better to do until she has her match with Xenfis, and ends up picking up a book to read. She walks over to her couch to lay down as she reads to pass some time.


Takashi looks over a few schematics of a new mobile suit design that are spread out on his desk. This new design is slightly more feminine in looks, and a skirt-like appearance in a spiked fashion. "Are these nearing ready for testing?" He asked a mechanic who was in his office.

"Almost. The cockpit system still needs some more work and calibration." He explained, then pointed to one of the sheets with details of the new system, "Supposedly it'll use the human body movement to move the suit itself. Where as the mind controls the weapon systems, etc."

"It seems practical in words..." The commander began, scanning over other papers, "But has this ever been tested?"

The mechanic could only shake his head, "No, we're the first to test something like this out."

He could only let out a heavy breath before saying his mind, "How long before a first test can be performed?"

"Roughly a week and a half for basic movement." Was the reply.

"Alright, get to it. Make sure NO ONE sees this info." He cautioned, then lets the mechanic get back to his work while giving more glances over the schematics, then looks at the top. "Iris.." he read, assuming to be the name of the new program or the suit. He sighs and walks out of his office to look around the base to check on things.

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As Xenfis sits in the cockpit of WingZero, getting everything ready, he patiently waits for Akemi to enter into the hanger so that he can give the instructions of what will be going on. The test suit is already ready to go, cockpit open, mobile suit on standby.

"Now we'll see if she's all what the people say around her she is..".
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Sakura stared up at the ceiling; contemplating what to do, she couldn't get out of the dorm due to the guards keeping an eye on her. "I feel like an elementary kid here, with the teachers always watching me," she scowled and turned to her side on the bed and brought her hands up to her face. She then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Artemis moved, waking up and jumping down from the bed. He then walked over to the window and hoped up onto the window sill. He looked out, his ears perking upward as he saw traffic in the base.


Looking out the window, Renae was getting annoyed. She hated being in one place for so long, and she knew the doctor was getting tired of her restlessness. "Fine," he finally said as he walked into the room and placed a cloth on the bed. "Wear this around that wound, so that you don't aggitate it anymore. However, if it starts to act up you come right back to me, I just suggest you don't tell your little sister what transpired," he said to her.

Renae smiled and got up. "Thank you," she said and the doctor shook his head.
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An alarm goes off next to Akemi, as she apparently dozed off while reading. She opened her eyes and looked over to see the time, and then quickly getting up, "Shoot, I didn't expect to doze off.." fixing her hair as well. Once she was ready, she makes her way down to the hanger where Xenfis is waiting. "Sorry I'm late, guess I lost track of time..." She announced when she had arrived.
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"Ah, Akemi, I'm glad your here finally!" Xenfis began to say to her. "Ok so today we're going to be doing some target practicing, I've equipped your mobile suit with a beam rifle, and the vulcan head cannons are loaded as well. Then we are going to try some hand-to-hand combat, as well." He then flipped some switches and turned some things on. "Well Akemi, when you're ready, go ahead and get in the cockpit and let me know when you're ready to begin." As he smiled at her.
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Sakura was scowling, annoyed with how she still couldn't get out. Four attempts, and all four were foiled by the attentive guard on duty. "You're more wild than my daughter, and she's seven," said the guard as he escorted Sakura back to the dorm.

When they got to the dorm, the guard opened the door and Sakura headed back in. "Now behave, or you may have to leave the base," he said and closed the door. Outside he shook his head. "Make's me wonder if Renae ever signed her up for daycare..." as he finished though he found out just how good Sakura's hearing was.

"I'm not a little kid!" Sakura shouted and turned toward the TV and grumbled. She sighed and flopped down onto the bed, turning the TV onto the news channel.

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Akemi only shrugged as she climbed into the cockpit of the suit she was going to use. She sat down and glanced over some of the controls and started to get the systems running. "Takes care of that." Talking to herself as she started the suit up. In just a few moments time, she gave her ready signal to Xenfis to follow him to the training ground.

Zeon Base

In a Zeon hanger, one of them is occupied by Hitoshi and his mobile suit, with goggles on and a welding torch, repairing various sections of his suit. "I need a new suit.. This one is starting to become a burden..." He was somewhat angry that his suit kept malfunctioning at the worst of times. He works on reinforcing the weak joints in the arms and then begins to meld a cover of sorts to prevent dust and dirt from chipping at the gears.

"Hitoshi!" A unit standing in a door called out, "Message from the commander, you're wanted in the debriefing for an upcoming mission."

He only sighs, "I'm busy here..." he replied.

"That's not my concern, get your ass to the room. ASAP."

Hitoshi grumbles and then puts the torch down and turns off the gas that powers it. He then took off the goggles and began making his way towards the debriefing room.
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"Ok Akemi, I'm going to test your shooting abilities first. There's going to be some targets in the distance, I want you to shoot everyone of them down, they're going to get further and further back, then there's going to be some that are kinda close, you'll take those out with the Vulcan head cannon. Ok get ready...and...GO!.."

As he starts testing Akemi, he watches closely at reaction timing.
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Renae casually walked into the dormitory, noting the guard who was keeping an eye on the stairs. "Somethign wrong?" she asked since he apperently didn't notice someone come in. When he did he blinked, and then cleared his eyes.

"Just you're little sister, she's been trying to sneak out since this morning, keep catching her and such. No disrespect ma'am, but you should probably think about putting a leash on that girl," said the guard as he got up and tapped a keypad to open the doors.

Renae smiled. "She's a child still, and doesn't understand just how dangerous it is out there. She'll learn eventually, hopefully not the hardway," and with that she headed through the now open door.

Upstairs, she found one of her fellow mechanics just getting out of his room. He nodded at her and continued walking, when she got to her room she could hear the TV inside. She smiled, then opened the door. Her eyes set upon Sakura, who was asleep on the bed again, her thumb rather close to her mouth she noticed.

She walked into the room and saw the kitten curled up beside her and placed her hand on it, the cats tail twitched but he didnt open his eyes nor do anything else. She then walked over to her desk and sat down, and looked over at Sakura, she seemed rather peaceful this way. I have to wonder how her dorm-guardian is treating her, she pondered. Sakura may have been an upper student, but she was still an elementary kid, and thus the dormitories that she stayed in at school required her to live with a high-school student who served as her temporary guardian until she got into highschool. I guess I'll call her up and see, she said and picked up the phone and told the base operator what she would like to do and was told that she would have to filter through several lines so the call couldn't be traced. Renae said it was fine, and waited.
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Zeon Base

Two top commanders are on a stage in a fairly big room, like an auditorium, as they brief every soldier about various tactics and what they will be doing. One of them talks about how they might be able to use the mercenaries to their advantage against the Earth Federation by trying to employ some of their best members.

Another then talks about how they are going to calculate the various attacks. One suggestion is to use a pair of scouting forces while another will come in soon after to hit. Another suggestion is to use decoys with un-manned suits to try and get the main forces away while the attacking force bombards the base itself.

These briefing talks will be taking place throughout the day to organize a major attack against the EF.

EF Base

Before the test begins, Akemi arms the vulcan cannons so they are ready to fire. After a few moments, the test begins as she watches for the targets to come. The first five or so, she was slightly slow on the trigger as she calculates the time and position to attack, but steadily improves to impeccable timing in the end. Each target, she lands roughly 5 shots in each, with a couple with 8 shots in them.

Once the first phase of the test was done, she disarms the cannons so an accidental firing does not occur later on. She looks around for a moment and waits for the results from Xenfis, never saying a single word the entire time.
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"Very good Akemi!" Xenfis says to her. "I'm impressed with your improvements. Now lets see..first I wanna comfortable are you with a beam saber? Since I'll be going over hand to hand combat with you for now."
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"Is that so?" Said Renae as she listened to the person on the other end of the phone. For nearly ten minutes she talked casually and listened. "So her grades are pretty good, but her teacher is worried about her behavior?" she asked and then sighed. "Well, she is a kid after all, still if she continues to act up like that then she may have to be punished," she then turned toward her little sister and nodded. "Very well, thanks, I'll make certain to remind her to be a good girl," with that she hung up.

Sakura was still asleep, peacefully and pleasantly, unaware that Renae was there. Renae just didn't have it in her to wake Sakura up, she wanted this moment to last awhile.
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Zeon Base

The talks continued with Hitoshi remaining in the back just listening. Many ideas were passed around, but no confirmation on what would be done. Many seem to be in some agreement that perhaps a hybrid of scout forces and un-manned mobile suits may be the best option in luring out the forces and possibly flanking from another angle.

EF Base

"I have been told I am acrobatic, so its possible I'll fair better at hand-to-hand." Akemi noted, though, seemingly a bit confident with her words.
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Xenfis looks over at Akemi. "Hmm..", he begins to say to her. "Now the saber will be located in your back unit, just grab onto the handle of the saber and pull it out. Like so!"

Xenfis then reaches to Wing's back and pulls his yellow saber. "There simple as that!". As he lightly chuckles. "Now lets give it a whirl!". Waiting for Akemi to get hers out.
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Ranae had her hand on Sakura's head, running it through the girls hair. Within a few moments, Sakura's eyes slowly opened as she looked up at her sister. "Herro...." she muttered tiredly as she rubbed both of her eyes before sitting up.

As she sat there, Renae got up from the bed and walked over to the TV and turned it on. "Are you hungry?" she asked her little sister who nodded slowly. "In that case," she walked over and picked up the phone, dialing a number to see about having food delivered to the dorm room since she didn't want Sakura to be walking around right now.

Once she was done filing the order, she walked back over to the bed. "So, I hear you've been having problems," she said and glared at Sakura.

Sakura gulped, it was the type of tone and glare that usually accompanied a spanking or some form of serious grounding that she used to get before Renae joined the mercenaries.

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Zeon Base

While the talks continue, Hitoshi begins to show some signs of boredom and decides to leave back into the hanger where his own suit is located. "They'll be at this for another couple hours..." Speaking to himself as he walked back. At the same time, he brought out a tiny tablet computer of sorts from his pocket and began to input various bits of data.

EF Base

Akemi had the suit reach to the back to pull out the beam saber, then readies herself in a rather unique stance. Instead of holding the saber with two hands, she chose to hold the saber in the left hand, raised high with the saber pointing in a downward slope towards her opponent. The right hand is positioned in a way to counter a possible attack, or to make a swift strike elsewhere from the diverted attention of the sabers clashing.

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Xenfis starts to think to himself.."I can't just full on go at her...shes expecting that. I have to be..creative." As he continues to think more.."Aha! I got it."

As he looks up into the sky..he sees where the sun is positioned, makes his final adjustments.

"Ok, now lets see if Akemi will be able to handle this move.."

Xenfis then quickly spreads out WingZero's wings and sores up to just about where the position of the sun is..
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A gentle knock came to the door, Renae got up from her chair and walked over, opening it to find someone from the kitchen staff standing there with a box for her. "Thanks," she said to the man as he gave a light nod and walked away. She turned and closed the door and then walked over to the bed, Sakura was on all fours doing push ups.

"Eighty eight... eighty nine... ninety...." she grunted as she kept going.

Renae could hear the strain in her tone, she was disappointed that her little sister was having trouble doing pushups. Why was it I was able to do a hundred and sixty pushups by the time I was her age but she can barely do a hundred? I'll have to talk to her PE Coach... she shook her head. "Ok, that should be enough for now," she said as she opened the door.

Sakura hit the ground and let out a sigh of relief. "Sis.... your mean..." she whimpered as she felt pain fire through her shoudlers and feet.

"Mean?" Renae's upper eye-lid began to twitch as she turned toward her little sister. "You want mean eh?"

Sakura instantly shot up and began to shake her head. "No!" she said quickly, noticing an evil look on her big sisters face.

Renae glanced off to her side and folded her arms over her chest. "hmmm...." she was thinking and the grin remained even after she turned back to their box full of food and began to take some out, two drinks and some nice tasty chicken, mash potateos with gravy and vetegables.
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Waiting for the right moment, Akemi then sidesteps out of the way just enough that when Xenfis comes down, he instead hits the ground. Readying her saber, she makes a quick slash towards the head unit of his gundam.
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Xenfis looks over at Akemi, he then swiftly moves his arm to disrubt Akemi's slash attack. "Not today!" He says to her. He then makes a stabbing attack towards Akemi's left knee...
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/me puts a hole in the 120 days message

Renae sat near the window, enjoying some mashed potateos as she watched the bases workers go about their business. She could hear Sakura humming away, enjoying her food, and watching TV. A children's show was on that featured a strange square like character with only a pair of underwear on, a type of show that Renae was glad was no longer being circulated and was largely off the air, except in this case due to the channel running episodes of very old, and very outdated, children's show.

"Hey!" shouted Sakura with some annoyance in her tone. "That was a good show!"

"To you it might be, but I don't see anything great about watching a show with a creator whose butt is showing," said the older girl as she brought the remote with her over to the window, sitting right back down. Now, what was on TV had to deal with the universe, Renae heard the sound of her sister falling back against the bed sheets.

It took a bit of time, but Sakura quickly got over having her channel changed, and now seemed rather interested in the show that was now on. Seriously, why the heck would they make a children's show with a square like fool with his butt showing? Makes no sense to me.. and that song.... she shivered all over just thinking about it.

Finishing off her food, and tossing the cup that had the potateos in it in a nearby trashbin. She looked over at her sister and curiously wondered if she should take the girl around for a moment, that would be after getting permission from her the commander of course..
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I regret to inform the maybe 2/3 people that may still come back in the hopes that we'll continue this story, but no longer.

I have thought long and hard about my decision, but it unfortunately comes to an end today. From this day on, Mysterious Shadow Elites will no longer be written and the story is officially closed. Due to certain recent events the last few months, I've had to think on what I was going to do with this story, and future titles I plan to write and how I was going to go about them. Sad truth is, for one story I once enjoyed writing, may no longer be enjoyable and it pains me to have to close it down permanently.

I will not be going into the details as this is more of a personal matter that needs to be settled outside of the online community. I've already kicked off one person before for other reasons, I'm not going to do that mistake again. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to make this choice, even after almost 3 years of not a single post to the story... My job for 2 and a half years left me with little time to think, and then quitting it after a change in management and getting royally screwed over. I'm now having to rethink certain priorities in my own life since then and other recent occurrences that have happened that put a bit much on the pressure on my shoulders.

In closing, no more posts will be made. The topic will remain for anyone who does wish to see what was posted and how the story developed over time. I do want to apologize for all the delays, but again, certain things forced me to make some tough decisions and this one was sadly one of those. I hope y'all understand, and I'll see you in another story.