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Title: Foreshadow of the Lost
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Non-canon, set in Sl'askia universe

When Kesi's reign of terror ended; the UNSC was able to get back onto their feet and continue to rebuild their cripled infrature and culture. Insurgent lead attacks had all but ceased when the Sangheili(Elites) took over patrol routes to help keep UNSC Trading ships protected. With the civilian government almost all but destroyed in the war, the military has taken a temporary stance as the government until a civilian one can be established.

It took several years though, but eventually the Unggoy(Grunts) signed a non-aggression pact with the UNSC/Sangheili alliance and given quite a bit of freedom. Some joined the military, while others went on to serve other roles; those in the military are monitored closely by ONI. The Huragok(Engineers) also became an ally after the Sangheili and UNSC saved a large group of them from a brute fleet.

Now, five years after the end of the war – many people refer to the UNSC now as the new ‘covenant’ since some of the species of the covenant are now a part of the UNSC. A new ship, called the Renewal of Antigone, has just completed construction – created in a hidden Sangheili shipyard that was captured from the prophets. This ship was built almost entirely by Huragok hands, with assistance from UNSC engineering teams. Now, a combined crew of Sangheili, Huragok and Humans, they’re tasked with finding the remains of UNSC worlds that had been cut off due to the war, not to mention the continued hunting of scattered Jiralhanae (Brutes)

However, deeper secrets are to be revealed – and an ONI experiment once forgotten comes back to potentially bite ONI in the ass. However, in lue of all of that, greater threats exist..


Story is open only to myself and Sl'askia. Please see the wiki info for information: Foreshadow of the Lost (
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March, 2558

"How much longer?" yelled a dock worker as he finished his weld, he let out a sigh and looked over the scaffolding and down toward a group of workers below.

One of them contemplated a pad and then gave him a thumbs up. With a smile the worker moved on the last bit of work on the ship.

On the bridge, crews were finishing up the final installation of various systems, though life-support was fully online it was running on low since the ships primary reactor still wasn't online.

"How much longer before those elites get here?" a man said in an annoyed tone. He wore a UNSC Navy uniform and had the bars of a Captain. He cap appeared to have seen better days as it was faded along the seem.

One of his officers looked up from her station before turning toward him. "They should arrive in moments sir," she said though by the sound of her voice she was annoyed.

The captain just rolled his eyes and walked around his bridge. The bridge was very big compared to those found on normal UNSC ships, of course, the biggest difference was that this one was located inside the hull - such as what was typically found on Covenant vessels.

With how high the ceiling was; the captain already knew he'd have Sangheili crew as well, which only added to his already frayed nerves. "Why did I accept this job, working along side these damned Elites," he muttered and walked over to his chair and sat down in a huff.

His officers looked at him before going back to their stations; his engineering officer had already told him time and time again why they needed the Sangheili, as they were the only one's who could operate the ships main reactor along with the plasma weaponry.

"Cortana!" yelled the Captain.

On a holotank near his chair, an image of Cortana appeared. She crossed her arms over her chest and had the expression of being somewhat agitated. "Have they arrived yet?" he asked her and she merely nodded her head. "Finally, we can do the system checking," he stood up and barked orders to her officers.

"The next time she decides to pull straws for duty assigns, I'm out," Cortana said and rolled her eyes before disappearing from the tank.

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The sudden jerk of the bed woke him up.  A jerk he was all too familiar with:  the ship had left slipspace, which meant they had arrived at their destination.  Damn, we are there already? he thought, stretching and yawning, his mandibles briefly expressing before closing them again.

He had hoped to get some more sleep before they arrived, as he still felt tired.  His fault… Zeno thought tiredly as he forced himself to get up.  Had to keep me up all night. But then again, he couldn’t blame Sani for wanting to have some last minute ‘fun’ before he left.  After all, he was going to be gone for a number of months and he knew all too well that a cold, lonely bed was not something to look forward to.

It would have been better if Sani could have come along with him, but no, he needed Sani to stay behind to tend to the little ones, among other things.  They’ve done the long distance thing before, so they should be alright.  Then again, the last time they were separated like this, it was before they had officially hooked up.

With a sigh, Zeno went to the head and gave himself a quick wash before donning his armor.  The ambassador armor: oh how he hated that set.  Not because of what it signified, but its color.  The pale grey, almost white armor clashed horribly against his dark chocolate colored hide:  why did white have to be the human’s color for peace?

//All crew destined for the ‘Renewal of Antigone’ report to the loading bay\\ The PA sounded.

Great, so much for hoping to get a bite to eat first, Zeno thought with another sigh.  Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to not bother unpacking when he boarded the Shadow of Intent for the trip here.  So all he had to do was pick up his Sangehili-sized duffel bag and go.


The loading bay was a bustle of activity, with a sort of marching procession already formed and filing through the loading tube.  Zeno, not one to flaunt his status, headed for the end of the line.

“You are going to behave yourself I hope, Zeno.”  A familiar voice said.  Zeno turned to see Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum, whom was overlooking the crew transfers.

“Of course, commander!”  Zeno said with a broad grin.  “I am the role model of role models.”

Rtas rolled his eyes.  “Just try not irate the captain too much: I hear he is not too fond of our kind.”

“Then I shall be sure to make his life pleasantly miserable.”

“I pray that is sarcasm.”

“Aww, but commander…You know me.”

“Indeed I do.”  Rtas jabbed his bag with a finger.  “I suspect you have your specops armor in there: it looks too bulky to just have a few sets of causal attire.”

“Yep, you do know me,”  Zeno said with a chuckle.  “My swords are in there too.”

“This is supposed to be a diplomatic mission you know.”

“Yes, but you never know when trouble may pop up.”

“Too true,” the shipmaster sighed.  “Off with you then, and do not cause too much trouble.”

“Yes daddy.”

Rtas glared at him.  “Warso!  Get going, before they leave without you.”

“Oh I would be so disappointed if that happened…,”  Zeno chuckled as he joined the line.

“Ambassador, please, you can go on ahead of me,” a Sangheili said ahead of him.

“No, it is alright, brother. I am fine,” Zeno said.

“Please, I insist.”

“As you wish.”  He sighed and took the place in front of the man.  Then another did the same.  Then another and another.  Before he knew it, he was in the loading tube.  Times like this I wish rank ‘didn’t’ have its privileges…, he thought.
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The captain shouted obsenities as the ships engine shake-down came to a dead stop with a red warning that flashed across the screen. "What the hell are those Huragok doing?" he glared at the Holotank.

Cortana appeared, her arms crossed over her chest. "It doesn't help, 'Captain', that you insisted on getting her tests done ahead of time. They are almost done with the fourth engine, numbers one and two checked out. But three wasn't even fully completed before you wanted us to start her up," she said.

Though he hated to admit it, the captain had to agree that he jumped the gun. He wanted to leave this shipyard but now their departure would be delayed another hour or two while they fixed the engine and figured out what caused the failure in start up.

"Fine then, keep me appraised," he said and started heading for the door.

Cortana watched as he left the ship; then shook her head and let out a sigh before disappearing.

He headed for his quarters, though as Captain he should head down to the hanger bay to greet the new arrivals - the thing is they were Sangheili and he had no desire to meet them.

The other matter that was of a concern was high commands desire to keep another ambassador on board. It was bad enough he had to worry about Avery Johnson, who was currently in Sangheilio's on some mission. But he also had the Sangheili ambassador 'also' coming aboard. "I hate politicians," he said as he stepped into his quarters.

He sat down onto his bed and let out a sigh before replaying footage of his homeplanet, which had been destroyed years before the war came to an end. The footage was taped by a probe that had been sent by ONI to spy on the Covenants actions, the planet was called Hepelans. It was mostly a water world, with island chains in various places.

When he heard that the world had been glassed, his world fell apart.

Yet, high command wanted him to be nice to his new guests. Oh he'd be nice. "I'll make their stay a living hell for the time being," he said and watched the security camera as his new crewmen came aboard. "I'll leave them to Johnson then, he seems to love kissing their asses anyway," he stood up and quickly checked to see if he needed a shave before heading back to the bridge.

Elsewhere on the ship

"Move your asses!" barked a Sergeant as he watched his marines file into the barracks.

"God damn, what the hell is your problem? We get assigned here, and yet your all sloppy like new week recruits!" he shouted and looked up and down the line. "We got an ambassador that'll be joining us in a few minutes! I want your asses out there and greeting him!"

"Sir! Yes Sir!" shouted the marines.

"I work for a god damn living!" shouted the Sergeant.

"Yes Sergeant!" the marines shouted again.

"Good, now get your asses in gear!"

Marines thundered out of the barracks; their sergeant looking on with pride.


"Geez man... you'd thnk the captain would've given us some extra time," complained a mechanic as he loosened a bolt on one of the engine covers. The hatch 'popped' open and he crawled into the small room. As he ran a check to see why the engine had failed he looked around the small room, it was very cramped and barely even big enough for his whole body to fit in.

When his pad chimed he looked at it and stuck his thumb out. "Found the problem!" he shouted and came out of the room and reattached the hatch.

"What's the problem?" asked his supervisor.

"Someone forgot to connect some of the power cables into the engine. While there were a few connected, not all were and thus the engine wasn't getting enough power," he said. His supervisor merely nodded, looked at the location of the disruption and sent some of his mechanics there.
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Zeno didn’t like the loading tube.

Though it was only a couple hundred yards long, Zeno could feel the coldness of space just beyond its thin walls.  If the Renewal of the Antigone or the Shadow of Intent shifted, this thing would snap like a twig, sending everyone in the tube and in the immediate areas at either end into space.  He heard explosive decompression was not a nice way to go and he certainly did not want to try it out.

What came next though, almost made him prefer that tube and the danger it imposed.

“Ambassador onboard!  Preseeennnt arms!”

Zeno was expecting to be greeted by an official of some sort, but not a half-company of marines!  Marines that were all looking at him in full attention and saluting.  After a shocked couple of seconds, he regained his composer and picked up his lower mandibles off the deck and gave the customary Sangheilian salute in turn. 

“Orda! Arms!” the sergeant yelled and the company crisply disengaged the salute.

“At ease,” Zeno said, fighting to keep the blush from forming on his face: it was a good thing he was so dark to begin with. 

“It is a pleasure to have you board Ambassador and an honor to meet you,” the sergeant said.

“I appreciate your welcome, really, but this is a bit…Much.”

“Just following protocol, sir.”

“Yes, I understand.  I am assuming you will be escorting me to my quarters?”

“Affirmative, sir.” he turned to the gathered marines.  “Company deeee-smissed!”  The marines neatly broke ranks and ran off to assist in getting the new arrivals to their quarters.  “Follow me, sir,” the sergeant said.

“Tell me sergeant, is not also customary for the captain of the vessel to greet a VIP personally when they come aboard?”  Zeno asked as he followed the marine.

“If they are able, sir.”

“And the captain was unable?”

The sergeant hesitated a moment before answering.  “I mean no disrespect to you or the captain, sir, but word is he really doesn’t like your kind.”

Will he stop calling me ‘sir’ already! Zeno thought, already annoyed with the formalities. “No offense taken: I have heard a similar warning from my own commander.  It is curious he was chosen to command this vessel when High Command most know of his animosity toward Sangheili.”

“I am afraid I do not know the reasons for his selection to be captain of his ship, Ambassador.”


They arrived at his quarters a few moments later.  It was a spacious room, but that the furniture was geared toward Sangheili was what mattered to Zeno the most.  “Would you like a tour of the ship, sir?”  the sergeant asked.

“Perhaps later, I would like to go to the bridge and greet the captain.”  Zeno said as he set his bag down on the bed.

“As you wish, sir.”

They had to take a lift to reach the floor the bridge was on.  After that it was just a short walk to the bridge itself.  A couple of marines positioned at the door snapped to attention when they approached.  “Ambassador on the bridge!” the sergeant shouted when they entered.

“At ease…Please,”  Zeno said, rubbing his ear hole.  He scanned the impressive bridge quickly.  “Where is the captain?”

“The captain stepped out for a few minutes,”  a familiar voice said.  “He’s currently in his quarters.”

“Cortana,”  Zeno said with a smile, looking at the holographic figure of the AI on the tank.  “I see you got stuck here too.  Good to see you none-the-less.”

The AI visibly sighed.  “Tell me about it.  Would you like me to call the captain in?”

“Nah, let him take his sweet time.  I can wait for him.”  Zeno walked over to the captain’s chair and sat down.  “Sergeant, thank you for your escort.  I will be able to find my way back to my quarters on my own.  You are dismissed.”  He then put his feet up on the console in front of him, being careful not to accidently press any buttons.

The sergeant blinked at him, clearly surprised at his actions, then nodded, saluted and left the bridge.  The rest of the bridge crew were giving him odd looks as well, but a few, snickered, obviously having heard of Zeno’s antics before.  Cortana was just shaking her head, a slight smirk on her face.  “Not even on board an hour and you are already looking to stir up trouble,”  she said.

“You know me Cortana,”  Zeno said with a grin of his own.  “If Sangheili had middle names, trouble, would be mine.”
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The captain didn't head directly to the bridge; instead he made a side-trip and visited the ships Hanger Bay. The ship had at least eight various bays, though one of them was designed specifically for carrying at least six frigate class vessels.

He entered this particular bay. Two UNSC Frigates were already docked, the ships were being refitted with sensors and communicatons gear. One other UNSC Frigate was jockeying into position along the lower part of the docking ring.

As he watched these vessels, his eyes turned toward one Sangheili Frigate which had just passed through the energy shield. It moved gracefully into one of the docking rings, the boarding tube was lowered and its crew began to disembark.

"Well, at least we have some additional firepower," said the Captain from the observation deck. He looked below him, noting the hanger bays rather large control tower situated between the two docking rings. Each ring could hold three frigates. There was an additional docking ring located toward the forward part of the hanger bay, this one used for Corvettes. Right now it was rather barren, only two UNSC and three Sangheili Corvettes sat there, and that ring could hold at least twenty five. "Well, you work with what your given," he said and looked at one of the cameras.

He saw off the ships port-bow a Sanheili heavy cruiser, it passed just a few feet above one of the engines 'protective' coverings. The covering had been designed to help shield the engines externally mounted vital components. Unlike other UNSC designed ships, this ship sported an experimental impulse drive, which meant most of its components were exposed to enemy fire. The captain had been reassured that once the trials were completed, they would have him return to port and that section of the ship would be redesigned to eliminate that flaw.

Of course, the captain still didn't like using experimental technology. The slipstream drive was also experimental, though he would leave that up to his Sangheili crew to work on, even though he hated to admit it, he knew little about the drive.

Walking off the hanger bay and into the fighter bay, he was astonished at the number of strike craft that had been granted. The fighter bays could hold twenty longsword fighters 'per', not to mention ten Sereph fighters.

The ship had six of these bay and each one was interconnected, allowing strike craft to move from bay to bay, presumably to make it easier to get from one half of the ship to the other. The small bays were even connected to the main hanger bay, which housed the frigates and corvettes, which would them to exist in mass through that area.

Another bay he was aware of was the Banshee bay, located along the underside of the ship. Used exclusively for deploying banshees for ground operations. That bay, along with the Pelican bay, were also connected to one another. In fact, the Pelican bay was also connected to the ships massive armory of tanks and other ground vehicles. He had been told that they even had a small group of Artillery and AAA Wraiths, and that a shipment of Ghosts was expected from the Shadow of Intent

With a satisfied smile he left the strike-bay and boarded an elevator; he felt the ships gravity change as they shifted between decks. Some decks used gravity, others, like the hanger bays, did not. As the elevator settled on the bridge deck he exited and the two marines saluted. "Captain on deck!" they shouted and the captain gave them a quick salute.

He was about to bark an order when he saw a Sangheili sitting in this chair. "You must be our Elite Ambassador," he said, folding in his arms over his chest and gave an obvious 'I'm not amused' expression. "Mind explaining why you are sitting in my chair," he said in a sore tone.
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Zeno had been on the home stretch of ’99 bottles of beer’ when the captain came in.  He had been singing it softly so not to annoy the bridge crew too much, but those within ear shot did have a ‘please save me’ expression on their faces.  Darn, I was almost done too, he thought as he looked up at the not amused captain.

“Indeed I am,”  Zeno said with smile, making sure his mandibles were not expressed.  He knew this likely unnerved him, as most humans were not used to Sangheili jaws looking more like a humans.  The ability to keep their mandibles closed while speaking had been nearly forgotten due to the time of war, but now with him in a position of diplomacy, it was important not to keep his mandibles flared in gestures of aggression.  He had Sani to thank for teaching him how to do this again.

The Sangheili Ambassador swung his feet off the console, hopped off the chair and stood upright, towering over the captain.  “Zeno ‘Ribal, is my name,” he said offering his hand to shake.  When the captain didn’t take it he simply shrugged and continued.  “As for why I am in your chair, captain, well…You were apparently too busy to greet me personally so I felt I should come to you instead.  You were not here, so I made myself comfortable while I waited for you. 
“I chose your chair because I did not want to disturb the bridge crew from their work by taking one of theirs.  That would be just rude and inconsiderate.  Plus, it looked the most comfortable.”
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The captain merely grumbled at the Elite's lack of professionalism. "And yes, as an Ambassador, you should be making certain not to cause trouble, yes?" he didn't wait for an answer but instead strolled over to one of the displays.

He thought about it and then mentally shook his head. "My names Rasola, Captain of this ship. Keep in mind that your task is to make certain none of your Sangheili companions get out of line," he didn't turn to face him but instead flip on another monitor. It showed a flight of Phantoms coming into the Pelican Bay, one Pelican almost didn't get out of the way as the two dropships skinned metal shavings off their hulls.

Rasola wasn't amused. "Sloppy," he said and shook his head. "I also suggest you talk to some of your pilots, because your Sangheili commander isn't here to do it for us," he had the Pelican Bay display switched over to the main display. It now showed the same Phantom having trouble trying to even park the unwieldy craft, having now scrapped hulls with another Pelican and then a Longsword. Finally taking off the turret of a Scorpion tank - it's crews having already bailed when they saw how out of control the Phantom was.

Of course, Rasola didn't bother to mention that this Sangheili had apparantly made a mistake - he had flown into the Pelican Bay which was designed for Pelicans... not Phantoms. The Phantom bay was located on the other side of the ship but also shared the main hanger bay as well. He figured Zeno would know that though. "I want to get us underway soon, so make sure your crew members are settled in as we'll be jumping to your homeworld soon to pick up the rest of your crew... not to mention another politician," he grumbled and sat down into his chair. He looked up at Zeno and then said. "It is nice to meet a Sangheili that doesn't think of themselves as high and mighty, perhaps that is one trait I will appreciate.
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“You obviously have not heard of my reputation, Captain Rasola,”  Zeno said, scowling at the display of the obviously inept pilot in the wrong bay, his mandibles expressing slightly, but hid them again before the captain faced him again.  “Most humans actually appreciate my…Laid back manner, though I am the exception rather then the norm, obviously.  It is why I was chosen to be the ambassador.”

He didn’t bother trying to explain that his rank of ambassador was strictly political and had little to no baring on the military ranks officially: not that it stopped his fellow Sangheili from listening to him anwyay.  Nor that his position in the SpecOps didn’t give him much authority over other Sangheili not in his military segment.  Actually, did Rasola even know his military rank?  Or the specialty field he is in for that matter?  It didn’t matter, for he could tell that as far as the captain was concerned, he was in charge of all the Sangheili on board.  Very well, he thought, slightly bitterly.  I will play the part, for now. 

Zeno knew there were a few zealots coming along for the trip, all field masters.  Once everyone was on board and settled he will order a meeting with them and work out who fell under whom and delegate from there.  “I do look forward to seeing Johnson again, though I doubt he will feel the same,” he chuckled for a moment, then his face turned serious.  “I shall take my leave to take care of that little…Problem in the pelican bay.  Cortana, would you be so kind as to upload a map of the ship to my HUD?  I would hate to get lost.”  He pulled out the chip in his helmet and inserted the chip into the slot on a nearby console.

“Upload complete.  Good luck, ambassador,” Cortana said after a moment.

“Thank you Cortana, you are a sweetheart.”  He pulled the chip out of the slot and put it back into his helmet.  Zeno took a moment to study the map.  “Take care, captain.”  He said as he exited the bridge.
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Rasola just rolled his eyes as he listened for the Sangheili to leave the bridge. With that out of the way he turned toward one of his officers. "Engine status?"

"Green sir, we are ready," she turned toward him and said.

"All crews are standing by and ready sir, all we need now is for the Pelican Bay to seal up their doors, but we can't exactly do that with what is going on right now," his comm. officer said.

"Well, that Ambassador of their has better get his ass in gear then, the sooner we arrive at their home world the sooner we can get the trials and such out of the way and our mission a go," he said and glanced off to the display. He was watching the Pelican Bay, the Phantom was rather awkwardly docked and he knew that the mechanics would be spending some time repairing the Pelicans, then again, he couldn't help but think that even Sangheili got stupid sometimes.
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Zeno’s long strides took him quickly through the ship corridors, toward the pelican bay.  Whether it was his armor denoting his status, or the serious look on his face, people got out of his way.  Those that knew him, knew that when he looked this serious, someone was usually in trouble and no one wanted to get on Zeno’s shit list.  The last person that really got Zeno’s ire ended up in the hospital for a week: granted Zeno got in trouble himself for that, but that is beside the point.

His flared out behind him as the door to the pelican bay opened.  There were a few Sangheili passengers still in the bay, all looking a bit confused and shocked at what happened.  When they saw him, they all got a ‘oh shit’ look on their faces:  they knew they were not going to go any where now.

“Who and where is the pilot?”  Zeno hissed, his mandibles finally expressing.  He got his answer when a figure fell out of the gravity lift.  How the hell can someone fall out of an active gravity lift!?  Zeno thought as he approached the man.

Again, he got his answer when the man staggered to his feet, likely intoxicated.  He confirmed this when he got close enough to smell the intoxicants on his breath.  Oh by the Forerunners…, he thought with dismay when h grabbed the incompetent, intoxicated Sangehili by his chest armor.  “What, by the gods, gave you the bright idea to get yourself drunk before piloting a phantom?”  he asked him, his voice cold as ice.

The drunken Sangheili looked at him, his eyes unfocused.  “P-party…sir…,” he slurred.

“Party?  What party?”

“Graduation party, sir,”  one of the passengers explained.  “We…Just graduated the other day.  He…Had more then the rest of us…Much more.”

“So there was no major or higher among you on the vessel?”  They all shook their heads.  “And none of you realized that this fool was too incapacitated to fly?”  There was a hesitant shaking of heads.  “By the gods, green bloods…The lot of you.  You are an embarrassment to your keeps and our people.” 

They visibly shuddered.  “Forgive us, ambassador.  It will not happen again,” one of them said.

“It had best not, otherwise you will likely loose your rank if I had anything to say about it.  Are any of you qualified to fly a phantom.”  One shakily raised his hand.  “Good, you go back up in that thing and fly it to the bay it is supposed to be in and if you so much as scratch another piece of equipment in the process I will have your ass too!”

“Yes, your excellence!”  The minor double-timed it back to the phantom and within moments it was backing out of the bay.  “As for the rest of you: you know who the other passengers were?”  They nodded.  “Good, you will find them, bring them back here and all of you will assist the humans in repairing the damage caused by your pilot here.  If any of you give you any lip, you tell me and I will personally drag their hides back here.”

“Sir, yes sir!”  The rest of the group scattered, running as fast as their legs will take them.

“As for you…,”  Zeno turned his attention the drunk in his grasp.  “First, we are going to sober you up.  The infirm has some lovely meds to do so right quick and they are not pleasant.  After that…You will be my personal servant for a while, until your stupidity has been worked out of you.  And do not think for a moment that this will be considered an honor, for there will be nothing honorable about what I will be having you do.”

The drunk Sangheili blinked at him, looking like he was about to fall asleep right in his hands. It was likely he didn’t comprehend a word he said.  With a growl, Zeno shifted his grip to his back armor and proceeded to drag the incapacitated Sangheili out of the bay.  The green blood many be comprehending how much shit he was in, but he will soon.

Oh, how he will….
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Rasola had watched all of this unfold, he was resonably impressed by still wanted to know what a drunk was doing flying a dropship. "No matter," he waved his hand dismissively and watched as the Phantom made a very clean docking within its assigned bay. With that done, the bay doors of both bays began to seal up.

The boarding tubes detached; their doors sealed shut.

Energy rippled across the ship as its shield generators came online; turrets moved about, as Cortana checked to make certain each one moved like it was supposed to. The engines flared slightly to signal that the ship was ready to go.

"Slip-stream drive status?" he asked one of his officers.

"Online sir, main reactor is also coming online, reading green across the board. We can jump when ready," said an officer.

"Cortana, plot a course to the Shangheili homeworld, I wanna get this over and done with," he said but muttered the last bit. Cortana merely nodded her head.

Docking clamps detached from the shipyard and the engines ignited; the helmsmen moved her carefully out and into space. Several corvettes and a few UNSC Frigates moved up along side of her as she moved to her assigned slipstream position. After a few quick checks, the captain gave Cortana the go.

Angry energy danced across the hull as a slipstream portal opened up ahead; the ship moved lazily toward it before being plunged into Slipstream space. "ETA is ten minutes," said Cortana.

"Good, now lets see how the Sangheili respond when this big boy comes through," said Rasola.

"They'll most likely be expecting us," said Cortana.

"Yea, but I doubt the council will expect a UNSC... ahem.. a hybrid ship thats big enough to see from the ground," he grinned. Cortana just shook her head, she had read a bit of his dossier and knew that anything that could intimidate a Sangheili was worth it in his book.
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“Tell me why I am needed on this mission again?”

The Arbiter sighed and looked at Johnson with an expression of slight annoyance.  “The Renewal of Antigone will be on a mission to locate and reestablish communications with colonies, both Sangheili and human, that had been isolated due to events during the war,” he replied, explaining the mission again for what had to be the fifth time.  “As such, it is imperative that appropriate representatives from both sides are aboard to field any needed negotiations.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got that much,”  Johnson said impatiently.  “It’s the ‘why me’ part.”

“Because you are the human ambassador.”

“Damn, I was hoping you forgot that part.”

“You just do not want to work with Zeno ‘Ribal.”

“Damn straight.”

“I do not see why you dislike him so much, Johnson.  He is an excellent fighter, charismatic leader, humble and a professional at what he does.”

“You forget that he is a smartass, plays pranks, ruins my uniforms at every opportunity he can find and he is a freaking queer.”

“The appropriate terminology would be semo in our tongue.”

“Semo, homosexual, queer, whatever.  Makes no difference me:  they all make my skin crawl.”

“I would have thought that after nearly three years of working with him you would have gotten used to his…Eccentrics.”

“Yeah well, look at this.”  Johnson took off his cap, showing a clean cut head of hair that was no longer pure black, but greying and balding.  “It wasn’t politics that did this.”

The Arbiter shook his head and sighed once more.

“Ambassador.”  A Sangheili serf said at the door, bowing in respect to both parties.  “The Renewal of Antigone is due to arrive in Sangheilian space in a few moments.”

“Then it is best we head for your transport, Johnson,” the Arbiter said, dismissing the serf with a wave of his hand.

“Yeah, yeah.  I much rather be back home, sipping martinis and saying hi to the ladies.”  Johnson grumbled as he picked up one of his suitcases and headed for the door.

“I assure you that Zeno would rather be with his own family as well,” the Arbiter said, picking up Johnson’s other suitcase.

“Family…In his case that is an oxymoron.”

Once again, the Arbiter sighed, but this time he did not comment.  He was just glad that Zeno was nowhere near to hear Johnson’s bashing his family.  The Arbiter knew all too well how protective Zeno was of those he loved….
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The massive six thousand seven hundred and forty meter long ship emerged from slipstream space just a few AU's distant from Sangheilos. The captain was about to grin with success when several of the displays showered sparks; electrical surges ran through the ships power cables.

Some of the ships systems blew out, including artificial gravity. On the bridge, officers covered their heads from the showering of sparks until after a few seconds it stopped. Displays smoked and the bridge, along with the rest of the ship, was bathed in a red hue.

Klaxens blarred as fire-crews went into action. In the Pelican bay, one of the dropships had come loose and crashed down onto the bottom deck, barely missing a fully loaded hog.

In the Phantom bay, one of the Phantom had been jostled from it's gravity support beam and tossed into what was just minutes before hand, a luggage container - now pancaked. Several Sangheili looked on in disbelief, a few shook their heads while several others wondered if they would be able to go planetside for new clothing and other items.

The main-hanger bay faired better; it sustained no damage. When one of the docking clamps holding a UNSC Frigate snapped, the frigates Captain went into action and stabalized his ship before it could crash into anything.

Rasola coughed as the bridge filled with smoke; the main entrance doors slid open and a fire-crew came in and started dosing the fires alongside two of the officers. "What the hell happened?!" he shouted over the alarm.

The holotank came to life; but Cortana's image was distorted due to the power surge. "Looks like a power surge from the slipstream drive, appears that when we came out, the sudden power loss was to much for the back up reactors to handle - they caused a surge throughout the main power connectors. I've got damage control teams working on them now, they should be-" Cortana stopped and then sighed. "Umm... Captain, you ain't going to like this," she said and switched a display to show one of the external cameras.

Along the top part of the hull; a turret came lose from it's housing and floated off the hull. This spectacle caused the officers to stop what they were doing and watch. "How the hell..." said an officer.

"Well, the turrets 'are' removable, its by design and helps make upgrading this ships weapons a lot easier..." said Cortana as she tapped her chin.

The captain merely sighed and fell into his chair. "Just... get a tech crew out there to reattach that turret... and... make sure it STAYS attached..." he rubbed his forehead. Oooh this is going to be an interesting mission... not even an hour out and already having problems, he shook his head.

In main engineering

A Sangheili Mayor barked orders to his minors. The reactor was online but no power was being feed to any of the systems, in short, the ship was running off back up power.

The minors were running all over the place; some were on the reactor trying to patch a breach in the containment field while a few were running through the ship.

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Zeno felt the ship come out of slipspace, and then all hell broke loose.  The lights briefly went out, alarms blared and crewmembers started scrambling everywhere.  Oh dear, looks like the ship still has a few kinks to work out, he thought as he ran for the bridge.  At least, I hope it is just that.

Oh it would so not do if some Shipmaster on a ship in the fleet that guarded Sangheilos got trigger happy when he saw a strange ship appear out of slipspace.  Diplomatic incidents such as this that gave him headaches, as the blame game that followed usually got quite ridiculous.  When he came onto the bridge, he was briefly overwhelmed by smoke.  “I thought this was designated as a non-smoking flight!”  he coughed, waving a hand in front of his face.  “Everyone alright?”


Johnson was still being a grump when they reached the phantom that would take him up to the Renewal of Antigone.  When the boarded, they saw an unexpected face.  “Sani, what are you doing here?”  the Arbiter asked.

The paler skinned Sangheili blushed.  “I felt I would take the opportunity to see him one last time before he disappears for who knows how long,” he replied.  The younger Sangheili was in casual attire, not his armor.  “Surely, if it was you that was going instead, Sari would do the same.”

The Arbiter chuckled at that.  “Yes she would, though the difference would be that she would bring the twins along with her.  Speaking of which, how are your boys?”

“They are, as the human’s would say, growing like weeds,”  Sani chuckled. “Hard to believe they are almost two years old already and will be moving to the common rooms soon.”  A look of sadness crossed his face.  “I…I am hoping Zeno gets to see them again before that happens.”

“He is their blood uncle and it will be his right to train them himself if he wishes to do so,”  the Arbiter reassured him.  “Which I am certain he will, as Rtas is for my own son and I for his.”

“Yes, indeed.  He did state he planned to do so, if he makes it back….”

“Your partner is a strong Sangheili and has escaped many close calls out of his own skill and determination, I am certain he will return to you.”

“Yes, I have such faith as well, though I can never help but to worry.”

“Only natural to worry about those you care about,”  Johnson said, then added with a mutter.  “Even if I don’t agree with who you sleep with….”

Both the Arbiter and Sani simply shook their heads at him.
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The captain didn't say a word; rather he was checking the status on other systems. Another officer, however, did. "We are fine, and very lucky. No casulaties reported, well, excepte for a few containers on the Phantom deck. Ambassador, I think your going to have a few minors wanting to go planetside to get some... replacement.. stuff," said the officer before he got back to work.

"We'll be here for at least two hours, so use this time to get whatever you need before we try to jump again," said the captain before coughing up a storm. "Ughs...."


Flight Officer Kasel grumbled as she took her Pelican out of the bay; she had a cargohold full of techs in EVA suits and her destination was the turret that was now floating off into space. "How is it after all these hundreds of years, we still get gremlins in the machines," she muttered to herself as she angled the Pelican above the turret.

Two Phantoms joined her and locked their gravity beams onto the turret; they then began the slow process of pulling it back to the ship and reattaching it. One thing Kasel was glad about was that none of the turrets had active gunnery crews in them yet - so they had no deaths to worry about and no bodies to pick up.
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Zeno nodded.  “New ship.  New design.  Not unusual to have some bugs.  I will request the minors going back planetside to get an economy sized can of RAID for you.”  He snickered slightly before ducking back out of the bridge.  If the captain said anything, he didn’t hear it.

I need to greet the new arrivals anyway, Zeno thought as he made his way to the phantom bay.  Be good to see Johnson again, though I know he will not feel the same.


Meanwhile, on the Phantom…

“I do not know why you are so against our relationship, Ambassador,”  Sani said.  “After all, you are responsible for getting us together in the first place.”

“And how the hell did I manage that?”  Johnson asked, sneering.

Sani simply said. “Strip poker.”

Johnson blinked and then his face darkened, remembering now the poker game he asked Zeno to crash on Sani’s behalf.  “Oh crap, that’s right.  Gods what I have done?”

“Look on the bright side, Johnson,” the Arbiter said with a smirk.  “Zeno no longer hates Valentines Day.”

“That is of little comfort!”
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Several Longsword fighters and a few Seraphs exited their bays as she began a CAP, or Combat Air Patrol. The fighters ducked beneath the massive ship as she headed toward the front and then out into space to rendezvous with the various shuttles now headed toward it.

A couple cruisers made their way toward the ship as well, intent on overloading some of the remaining crew but also to provide assistance - since it was rather obvious by how dark the ship looked that there had been problems.

The pilot observed a Pelican as it and two Phantoms moved a turret back into place; meanwhile, frigate left the main hanger bay equiped for repair work, it moved out and up alongside the ship and over to the now-empty turret emplacement - getting set up for the reattachment and repairs.

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Zeno entered the phantom bay and approached a group of Sangheili that were picking through the now flattened luggage container.  “The captain has granted you permission to go surface side to get any replacement items you need.  You have two hours,” he told them. The group looked up at him and bowed their heads thankfully before all beelining for the nearest phantom.  “And go no more then five miles over the speed limit!”  He shouted after them, chuckling.

Shortly after that phantom left, another came in.  Ah, this must be Johnson’s transport  Zeno thought with a smirk.  He waited patiently for the phantom to land and the gravity lift to activate.  First down was the Arbiter.  “Arbiter,”  Zeno said, saluting.

“Zeno,” the Arbiter said, nodding as he stepped aside.  Johnson came down next, who predictably did not looked pleased to be here.

“Johnson old buddy!  How are you doing?”  Zeno said, patting him on the shoulder.

“Just…Peachy…Now just show me to my quarters and leave me alone….”  Johnson grumbled.

“Aww, you really need to…Work…”  Zeno started but stopped when he saw the third passenger drop down.  “Sani…What are you doing here?”

His partner smiled sweetly and wrapped his arms around him.  “I thought I would to take the opportunity to see you off…Again,” he said.

“Sani…It was hard enough last time,”  Zeno said quietly.

“I know…That is why I am here.”

“For what?  You need some ‘action’ again?  You wore me out last night as is and that is saying something.”

Sani blushed.  “That does sound tempting, but that is not what I want.”


“A kiss silly.”  With one hand, he removed Zeno’s helmet from his head.

“Oh…Well I can do that…I suppose….”  They both leaned forward and touched the tips of their mandibles together in the approximation of a human style kiss.  Their eyes fluttered closed and they leaned into each other, savoring the moment.

“They go good together, don’t you think?”  the Arbiter asked Johnson.

Johnson, was holding his hands up in front of his face.  “It’s…It’s like a train wreck!”  He said.  “It’s horrifying to look at but you just can’t look away!”

The Arbiter groaned and smacked Johnson on the back of the head.  The human staggered forward a bit and scowled at him.  “That hurt Arby!”

“Show some respect,”  he countered.  “Sani, we must be returning to the surface.”

Sani moaned with disappointment as they finally broke up the embrace.  “Be safe my love,” he said softly.  “Return to me.”

“I will, sweet.  You have my word.”  Zeno said softly back, giving him one last nuzzle before Sani finally turned and went back up the gravity lift.

“Safe journey Zeno,” the Arbiter said as he stepped back into the gravity lift himself.  “Take care.”

“You too, Arbiter.”  Zeno said as he watched them go.  He continued watching as the phantom backed out of the docking ring and back out into space.  He would have kept watching the phantom disappear if Johnson hadn’t poked him in the arm.

“Come on now, I ain’t going to find my quarters on my own,” the human said.

With a sigh, Zeno put his helmet back on his head and beckoned for Johnson to follow, whatever joy he had in his hearts right now gone.

This was going to be a long mission indeed….
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Two hours went by fast; the Captain looked at the repair details. The turret had been reattached and this time it wasn't going anywhere, the various fried power cables had been repaired. The slipstream drive had been tinkered with a bit more and now wouldn't cause a surge when they came out of slipstream next time.

He also made certain that every Pelican and Phantom was properly docked and tied down. They also now had a full compliment of frigates in the main hanger bay and eight additional corvettes, all Sangheili but still it was more fire power than he had when he left the shipyard.

With everything now running smoothly, for the time being, he motioned to his communications officer. "All crew this is your Captain speaking. We'll begin combat trials in just a few minutes and will be jumping to a special course that the Sangheili have set up for us. We'll be testing out every weapon on board but will also be keeping an eye on all systems. If you notice a problem, inform your superiors."

"During these drills, I want all marines and Sangheili warriors to practice repelling boarders. They'll take turns, operating in teams, no killing yourself you hear?" he grinned sightly but then continued. "After the combat trials we'll set course for the first few worlds on our list, your superiors will be briefed on all courses, because we have a limited crew count, the Huragok will handle most of the maintenance and repairs, give them breathing room and don't annoy them. If you have a question, talk to their Supervisor. 'Helium of-'" he stopped and looked down at the list. He hated their naming protocols. "'Gas of Light'" he shrugged his shoulders, really strange names. "All crew man your stations and prepare for slipstream jump," he said and killed the comm.

The ships engines ignited and they started moving away from Sangheilios, soon a slipstream portal opened up and the ship plunged into slipstream.

Some AU's from where they had entered; a ship appeared briefly from uncommon space. It floated in space for a few seconds, before coming about and disappearing.
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In one of the hanger bays, a field master was briefing a platoon of mostly Sangheili, but a few marines were mixed in.  “You will all drop out of the designated phantoms when the drill commences and head for the previously discussed target zone.”  He said.

“Boor-ing!” a voice said suddenly.

“Who dares!?” the field master growled, looking around for the source of the disturbance.

“You call this a boarding action?  What are you?  A green blood?”  A black and purple armored Sangheili materialized on top of a supply crate behind the platoon.  “Not to mention this scenario is highly unrealistic.”


Zeno smiled and hopped of the crate, moving around toward the front.  “The hanger bays will be the most obvious place the defenders will go to repel boarders,” he said.  “And thus, this is will most of the boarders will get hung up at and likely die.  Now, a hanger bay attack is good for a distraction, or if the ship was completely taken by surprised, but with the latter, that is not going to happen here.”  He saw nods of agreement and he continued.
“The purpose of a boarding action is to cripple the ship from within, assassinate key targets like the captain or any VIPs, or even a rescue operation.  What your ultimate goal is for boarding a ship should determine where and how you enter.  Now, since we have no prisoners, we will just simulate the first two possibilities.  For both goals, a hanger insertion will not do.”  He took out a device and brought up a map of the ship.
“There are emergency access hatches dotted all over the ship.”  He highlighted those.  “Since we do not have time to have you fitted with vacuum suits, you will reach the approximate area of a hatch via the maintenance tunnels.  Do not let yourselves been seen if possible: we do not want the opposing team figuring out that we are doing this a bit more realistically.”  Zeno gave them a wink.  “Now, squad one.  You will head for this hatch here.” He pointed to the hatch on the map.  “And your target will be the engine room.  Squad two will go to this hatch.”  Again he pointed. “And head for the reactor room.  Squad three.”  He grinned mischievously.  “You will go after the human ambassador, he is in this suite here and use this hatch here.”  Zeno pointed out both locations.  “Squad four, you are with me:  we are taking the bridge.”

“And me, sir?”  the field master said, feeling a bit left out. “What will be my role?”

“Go with squad two,” Zeno replied.  “Now, if you get to your target areas, do not actually damage anything.  This is a simulation, not a real boarding action.  We ready?”

“Sir, yes sir!”  The platoon cried.

“Alright, let’s go!”  The platoon separated into their respective squads and started to head for their designated ‘entry’ zones.  “Oh…Cortana,” Zeno whispered into his comm.  “I know you heard everything, no tattling OK?”

~I wouldn’t dream of it, Ambassador.~  The AI replied, a hint of a chuckle in her voice.
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Rasola tapped his foot on the metal deck. They'd be sitting in space for the better part of the past five minutes; he was waiting for weapons to come offline.

"It's done sir," said an officer.

He nodded and stood up. "We have ten targets, including one that Sangheili was kind enough to 'aquire' for live fire exercises, of course, the ship in question can't slipstream out - likewise - it can't board us," he said and had Cortana peg his ship on their tactical display. "Seem's the Brutes don't want to play right now though, I think they are hoping one of their own ships sees them and comes to their rescue," he shrugged.

"We'll test out the energy projectors first," he said. He looked over at the squad of marines that were by the door, Alpha Squad, they were recruits and fresh out of training - their sergeant, however, was a veteran from the wars and someone who preferred to stay with his rank. The squad was armed with paint-ball like weapons, they wouldn't cause any injuries or damage to systems. Several areas of the ship were regged with special sensors; if someone who was not allowed to enter that area passed by those sensors it'd alert Cortana.

Of course, in this case, the sensors were being used as 'check points' for the drills. Everytime a team passed by them, that point belonged to them. Kind of signifying that they had 'taken' that area. It was the type of game that Rasola liked; boarding actions were his specialty though he never had a chance to really display it during the war, as each covenant ship he and his tried to board self-destructed before they had the chance to land. "Cowards," he had often called them, but then again, he knew the reasons why - deny the enemy the chance to take your ship.

With that thought in mind he grinned. "Cortana, what are the opposing teams up to?" he asked.

~I'm sorry captain, but I can't tell you, after all, I'm sworn to secrecy...~ he said from the bridges internal speakers.

The captain grumbled, he wasn't all that surprised. "I see, so that Ambassador got to you huh?" he asked but didn't hear anything from her. Of course, what he did know was this, only two areas of the ship had permission to be used in the drills, the engine room and bridge, other areas, such as the hanger bays were naturally chosen. He just hoped that no aspiring marine or Elite would try and go into areas they weren't supposed to, but in case that did happen, he had those sensors rigged as 'check points'. "After all; the opposing team needs 'something' to chase after sometimes," he smiled.

"Energy projectors charged and ready," said his weapons officer.

He made the go ahead.

Pin-pricks of energy collected on the tip of one of the ships top turrets; the ball of energy grew until it leapt forward through space. It took only a couple seconds for it to reach the first practice target. Unlike when Cortana was operating it back in Reach Space those many years ago, this time it was being operated by a human.

She used the beam like a doctor would use a scalpel. She neatly sliced into the hull and cut out various sections of the ship, first it's engines, then hanger bay, followed by the bridge and then finally finishing it up by slicing off the top section. As the halves floated away from one another Cortana couldn't help but comment. ~Show off...~

"Not bad, now lets test the other weapons," said Rasola.

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The drill was on the way, but Zeno held the squads of the platoon he took over back for a few moments, giving the other platoons that were attacking through the hanger bays a chance draw most of the defense forces.  “Go!” he shouted into the commline when he felt he moment was right.

Their sudden exit from the maintenance tunnels started a small group of marines that were heading for the hanger bay.  Their surprise cost them and within seconds, both due to the paint sticks Zeno was welding and the paint guns the rest of the squads used, they were ‘out’.  “Head for the bridge, I will cover your backs,” he said as he activated his camo.

“Wait…Is that allowed during this?”  one of the marines asked.

“Captain has to be open to all possibilities.”  The smile could be heard in Zeno’s voice.


Meanwhile Johnson was relaxing in his suite, listening to his flip music.  He could hear the sounds of the drill going on, and a part of him wished he had joined them, but he wasn’t particularly in the mood for it.  Maybe next time, he thought, sipping a drink.  I just want to relax right now.  Best part of it was, he wasn’t on the ‘target list’ for the drill, so he knew he would be left alone.

Or so he thought.

His door suddenly burst open and Johnson was greeted by the barrel of a paintball gun. “No…No….”  Johnson muttered as the marine holding it fired, spattering red paint all over his favorite shirt.

“VIP target down!”  the marine shouted in triumph.

As Johnson stood there in shock, he thought he heard a very familiar voice from the marine’s helm.  ~Good work, you and the rest of your squad go help out the hanger boarding teams.~

“Roger that, Ambassador,”  the marine said and rushed back out the door as quickly as he came.

Zeno… Johnson thought as he stared, mouth agape out the door.  I am going to have your head for this!
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The captain heard the sudden commotion outside the bridge and in the corridor. The marines had taken cover and were now firing back, he wondered how long it would take before they'd fall, or if they would actually push them back.

Ignoring the commotion. He watched as the ships archer missiles and several volley's of plasma torpedos struck four of the target ships. The two hit by plasma burned and melted, their superstructures visible. The other two erupted in fire as the archer missiles found their marks on strategically placed fuel pods.

One ship blossomed; it's frame being pushed back by the sudden propellant of fire. The last one just floated in space, tiny red dots flickering in various areas of the ship until finally one of them found the primary fuel pod, causing the ship to erupt in a ball of fire and burning metal.

Rasola just nodded; he was satisfied. Now came another test, they had a battery of new ballistic weapon systems on board, similiar to the MAC Guns, but were turreted and fired much shorter ranged versions. He had wished these were around during the war, as the shells had good punching power.

With the advancement of magnetic acceleration technology, turreted MAC guns were made possible. Of course, they still used the MAC Guns themselves to deliver massive firepower onto their enemies.

He gave a series of orders, gunnery crews manned the turrets and turned them toward a disabled Covenant Cruiser. Behind them, the Shadow of Intent watched over the trials, the ship was silent and not communicating, but obvious that it was watching.

With a wave of his hand; the batteries fired. Seconds passed before the shells found their marks, opening up a medium sized hole in the cruiser - its shields flared for several seconds before dieing. The shell had gone right through the shields, as if they weren't even there.

~There was a small error in the targetting computer~ said Cortana to no one in particular. ~Fixed~

The guns fired again; this time finding their mark on the cruisers primary reactor. The ship detonated in a beautiful display of pyrotechnics and fire. Again, Rasola was happy, but the final target - the Brute ship that had, at one point moved toward them, but was now running away at full speed.
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“We are pinned down!”

“Yes I can see that,” Zeno muttered, mostly to himself.  They reached the corridor that led to the bridge, but the squad assigned to defend it was well under cover.  “But so are they.”

Too long a delay here would enable the bridge to summon for reinforcements, Zeno knew, so he had to break the stalemate somehow.  Looking around, he spied an entrance to the maintenance tunnels.  “Keep them busy,” he said as he ducked inside the maintenance.  “But watch your backs for reinforcements!”

~That is against…~  Cortana started to say.

“All possibilities Cortana,” Zeno said with a grin, as he did a short jog down the tunnel.  “Not my fault the designers did not include a maintenance tunnel lock down procedure.”

~I’ll be sure to include that in my list of recommendations for improvements.~

“And that is why I am doing this…To find ‘problems’ in the defense design.”  Zeno stopped when he figured he was next to the bridge itself and looked around.  Utilizing the flashlight attached to his armor, he spotted a crawl space that went over the bridge.  This is going to be a tight squeeze. he thought as he climbed up into it.  Dang it, I need to lose weight.  Darn you Sani and your excellent cooking!

He saw a grate up ahead.  Now he had two likely obstacles: was it large enough for him to fit through and could he remove it without drawing attention to himself….
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The marines continued to fire; Cortana watched through various sensors. Some of Zeno's squad had been taken out, while others had gained ground. The fighting in the hanger bay was at a dead stalemate, but she knew that it was only a matter of time.

Antigone rocked slightly as the ship gave chase after the Brute vessel, her three main engines roaring with fire. As she got close, the brutes came about and started heading straight for the Antigone

"What are they doing..." Rasola pondered aloud as he watched them; it then became very clear. "Oh shit, hard about! NOW!" he shouted, despite being several times bigger, the cruiser could still ram them and that it did. The sound of the ships shielding taking a full brunt of the impact sent everyone crashing to the deck; even deep inside the ship they felt it.

The cruiser scrapped metal against metal, shields on both vessels flaring brightly orange in protest. As the ships were engaged, Cortana could make out something that she had not expected. "~Captain! We got company!~" she shouted as she focused on two Phantoms that had left the cruiser and were now headed straight for one of the Antigone's vacant bays.

"Instead of just a mock boarding action, we have real," he scowled. "Cortana! Alert the crew, drill time is over! We got hostiles!"

~Drill Suspended! All Crew we have intruders on the lower hanger bay, brutes have breached the lower hanger bay! All soldiers are to return to their assigned armories for weapons!~ the message repeated several times after words.

Of course, Rasola wanted to know how the hell the brutes got ahold of a few Phantoms, not to mention the fact that he as he watched the video feed he noticed they were armed with Plasma Rifles and Cardines, a Gravity Hammer and a few Needlers. Suffice it to say, the Captain wasn't happy.
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Zeno blinked. Did I hear what I just heard? he thought. Dammit.  He started to back up, only for something to block his way. Oh for the love of…  With a sigh he moved forward again and looked down threw the grate.  “Look out below!”  He shouted, then started to pound on the grate.

After a few hits, the grate fell through.  Zeno quickly followed it to the bridge deck, rolling upon landing.  “Hi Captain!  Excuse me while I go grab my Brute slicers and dicers!”  He said as he ran back out the bridge.

So he wouldn’t get in the way of others, he opted to use the same maintenance tunnel network to get back to his quarters…
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Cortana watched as the brutes banged on the blast door; she was wondering how long it would take them to break through four inches of titanium A Battleplate. She got her answer when she saw the one wielding the Gravity Hammer started waylaying on the door, after ten hits it buckled under the strain and flew off its hinges after the next hit.

~Captain! At the rate they are going, I estimate at least ten minutes before they make it to one of the main corridors~ Cortana with a calm voice. She continued her watch with interest, both studying the Brutes movements and their weapons - something seemed strange about the Gravity Hammer, it appeared to be sparkling somewhat. ~I wonder if its just the Camera~ she pondered to herself and wrote it off as a glitch in the system for her to look into later.


Marines ran to their assigned Armories, grabbing their normal body armor and battle rifles. As they quickly headed out to the lower decks, one of the sergeants stopped briefly to inform Cortana that his squad was underway.

Meanwhile, another group of marines had set up behind the last blast door, .50 caliber machine guns set up in preparation. The recruits of the group seemed genuinely nervous, especially since they could hear the brutes get closer and closer with each passing minute.


Kasel wasn't having fun right now; instead of shinning her Pelican, she was outside in it with a group of Marines and Sangheili Warriors in her hold. One of the field masters had thought of bringing in a group of soldiers behind the Brutes, to pin them.

As she moved up into the vacant bay, she scanned the interior and caught site of not just Brutes, but a few Grunts and Jackles that were oblivious to their presence. She flipped a switch and her .50 Calibar gun swung out of it's bay.

"Ello Boys! Time to dance" she shouted and pulled the trigger. Fire erupted from the chain gun as it sprayed hot metal into the small group of enemy combatants. Jackles flew to peices, Grunts were chopped up and a Brute found himself without his head - another found himself missing another part of his anatomy.

When all was said and done she was about to bring the Pelican in when she caught Plasma fire pass by her cockpit: she had completely forgotten about the Phantom. She backed her Pelican out of the bay as the enemy Phantom gave chase. "Sorry boys! Looks like we'll be late to the party!" she shouted to her guests as she dove straight toward a group of friendly Seraph fighters.
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Meanwhile on the Shadow of Intent, Rtas was observing the exercise with interest.  The brute ship was proving to not want to go down without a fight and now the ship was too close to the Renewal of Antigone for it to risk firing its weapons.  No matter, he was certain Captain Rasola had things well in hand.

“Shipmaster, there seems to be a problem,” one of the officers said.

“What sort of problem?”  Rtas queried.

The officer brought up the screen to show a phantom firing upon one of the Antigone’s pelicans.  Said pelican was doing some rather crazy maneuvering in the attempt to keep from being blown to pieces.  “How by our ancestors did those filthy Brutes get a phantom?”  Rtas growled.

“Unknown, sir, but it seems possible they were able to board the ship, going by some of the combat noise I am picking up.”

Rtas slammed his fist into the arm of his chair.  If the Brutes still had phantoms, what else did they have?  He knew doing anything to help will taint the exercise, but if things get any worse the exercise will become moot anyway.  “Send out a squad of seraphs to take out that phantom and ensure no more come from the brute ship,” he ordered.  “Arm and aim our ship weapons at the engine bay of the ship: let us make sure those mongrels do not move again and give the Antigone the chance to move away and fire upon it safely.”

“As you command, shipmaster!”


Zeno skidded out of the maintenance tunnel and quickly punched in his key code to his quarters.  Once inside he started tearing through the contents of his duffel bag.  “Where are they…,” he muttered.  “Where…ah! Here they are.”  With a smile he replaced his paint sticks with his kisens and ran back out and down the hallway, down where the action is.  “Cortana, where are the brutes at?”  he asked.

~About to start breaking through the last blast door, Ambassador.~  Cortana replied.  ~The marines have set up a chaingun turret there, but…~

“One swing of that hammer will turn it into a bunch of useless junk,” Zeno finished for her. “Not to mention turn those guys into road kill.”  He ducked into a maintenance shaft.  “I am nearly there, going to flank the bastards.”

Moments later he skid out into the hanger bay, knocking over a couple of Unggoy that were in the way.  Unggoy that lost their heads immediately afterward.  Zeno ran toward the last standing blast door, taking out a few more Unggoy and Kig-Yar on the way.  When he got close to the main group, he put away one kisen and grabbed a grenade.  “Hey bastards!  Catch!”  He yelled as the grenade sailed through the air.

The enemy group screamed and panicked, covering their heads:  in close quarters like that, they had no where to go.  The grenade bounced once, twice before finally coming to a rest by the hammer brute.  Then it exploded, showering the entire group with hot pink paint.

“Um…,”  Zeno said, blushing.  “Oh dear…It seems I forgot to swap out my grenades for real ones.”

The hammer brute looked at himself, then at Zeno.  With a roar of fury he charged at him.  “Yikes!”  Zeno cried as he barely dodged a swing.  “I do not know why you are so upset furball!  Pink is your color!”
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The marines waited with nervous glances; the sergeant of the group kept on telling his men to calm down but in reality he to was a bit nervous. The only one's here with combat exercise was himself and the four Sangheili Warriors that had joined them.

"Cortana, where are they?" the sergeant spoke into his throat-mic.

~Well, they are currently covered in pink paint and very very angry at the Ambassador~ said Cortana through the sergeants headset.

"Ambassador? Oh great, don't tell me he went into the maintenance tunnels and came out behind them?" he said, and when Cortana didn't respond he sighed.

He had one of his marines rig an explosive on the door; normally it'd be useless, but the door had already showed signs of buckling due to the hammer wielding brute. Once everyone was clear, the sergeant hit the detonator.

An explosion rippled through the corridor as hot-metal flew in both direction, some of the brutes who had their backs to the door soon found themselves in a hot metal bath. A Kig-Yar who was trying to get into a maintenance lost its lower half of the body when a large slab of the door sliced through him. While an Uggoy cowarded in fear. "Me no want to die... me just here to get pretties..." he said as he cowarded near where the door had been blown open.

When the smoke cleared; the marines saw several pink colored brutes. "Umm... pink is really not their color," said a marine.

Two of Sangheili warriors chuckled at this sight, apparently very amused.

When the sergeant looked past those brutes and saw the Chieftain he made a motion with his hand, the marine behind the .50 caliber spun up the barrel and aimed at the Chieftains back armor. "Ambassador! Duck!" shouted the Sergeant as the weapon emplacement opened fire.


"I hate this shit!" Shouted Kasel as plasma from the Phantom turret splashed across one of her wings. She looked over to her side and saw the metal vaporizing, but thanks to the coldness of space it didn't spread any further.

She looked off to her right and saw a group of Seraph fighters coming in behind the Phantom, but the brute pilot was doing a very good job of piloting. He was close enough to the Pelican that if they had fired and missed, they'd almost certainly hit her.

Kasel looked around her surroundings and had an idea. "I hope the shipmaster doesn't mind this," she said and yanked the control stick hard right. She headed straight toward the Shadow of Intent, flying just meters above the ships hull, though she 'knew' the Seraphs couldn't fire, nor did the Phantom for some reason - the pilot was apparently not used to flying this close a capital ship.

She brushed against the hull slightly and knew she had probably just abrated a small part of the Pelicans undercarriage armor. She ignored it and continued her flying. She made a hard downward turn which caused the brute pilot to miss the turn completely, exposing himself to the fire from the Seraphs, and one of the Shadow of Intents main turrets which was not pointed at him, but at the Brute Cruiser.

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Zeno had heard the blast doors blow open, but couldn’t really look to see if it was the other brutes that did it or the marines as he was to busy trying to avoid getting turned into a Sangheili pancake.  It was times like these he wished he had practiced more with long range weaponry, as this Chieftain was not letting him get close enough to use his swords.  If he didn’t find an opening soon, things could turn out badly.

Then he got a break.  Over the sound of the enraged chieftain roaring he heard the marine sergeant shout a warning.  A warning he heeded immediately.

He did a back flip up and over one of the storage crates behind him.  As he heard the whine of the chaingun start firing, he crouched down and covered his head.  The next thing he heard was the chieftain screaming in agony, then falling to the floor with a thud.

Zeno cautiously peeked around the storage crate at the now dead chieftain.  The chieftains back looked like shredded meat.  “Ugh…Good thing I have not eaten recently,” he muttered.


“What is that pelican doing?”  Rtas asked.

“Sir, with how close that phantom is to it, the seraphs cannot risk firing upon it.”

“And our point defense turrets would not be much help either,” Rtas growled.  “What is the status of our main weapons?” He figured he may has well worry more about the brute ship itself right now.

“Fully charged and locked on, shipmaster.”

“Good.  Fire!”
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Kasel switched one of her displays in time to see the Phantom get vaporized by one of the Shadow of Intents plasma turrets. She winched at the sight, as after the beam had completely fired there was only small bits of debris flying around.

"Well, one less brute to worry about," she said as she eased back on the stick and put them on a course for the ship. She sent a quick message to the Shadow of Intent, thanking them for the fighter and turret support and letting them know that they swatted a pesky fly off her tail when they fired their main guns.


The marines looked at the dead Chieftain, his backside opened up and his bones showing. One marine, apparently completely new, properly threw up at the sight. "Best do it now son and not while we are still fight'in," said the Sergeant.

"Let's go marines!" the sergeant yelled when he saw that there were two brutes still standing, along with a trio of grunts. The chain-gun spat rounds at the brutes, their armor denting before shattering into peices, the wearers falling to the ground with hundreds of bullet holes in them.

One brute muttered something before he fell while the other couldn't, as the chain-gun cut his face to pieces.

The last of the Grunts ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, one even grabbed Zeno's leg screaming. "Me no want to die, just following orders from chieftain," it complained.

While the other grunt, the one hiding near the main door, just stayed there hiding and not wanting to get involved, having tossed its needler to the side.

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Zeno looked down at the Unggoy on his leg.

“Nice, nice heili…,” it was muttering.  “Let me live…Please…me shine your boots…”  It sounded really pathetic:  it was even petting his leg.

How…Embarrassing….  he thought as he peeled the Unggoy off his leg, holding it by the methane tank.  “Cortana, any more uninvited guests onboard besides the few surrendering Unggoy?”

~I am not detecting any more boarders, besides the remaining phantom that is hovering by the hanger bay.~  Cortana said.  Just then said phantom was assaulted by a number of seraph fighters.  It went down within seconds.  ~Nevermind about that phantom.~

“What about the brute ship itself?”

~The Shadow of Intent is firing upon it as we speak.  Looks like they are attempting to disable it further to prevent any more mishaps.~

“Good to hear and I am certain the captain will like that news as well.”  Just then, he smelled something salty and vile.  Looking down he saw a new puddle under the Unggoy he was holding.  “Ugh…How disgusting….” He grumbled, stepping away and holding the Unggoy away from himself.
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As the sergeant looked over the carnage he was reminded of some of the videos he had seen of the war. "This pales in comparison," he commented as he walked through the dead bodies. As he did, one of his Sangheili Warrior companions walked up a brute and put a shot through the head.

He didn't say word, until he saw something off the corner of his eye. He raised his assault rifle and was staring at very scared grunt, huddled in the corner of the door that had been blasted off it's hinges. The grunt lifted its claws from it's face and then started running toward the sergeant, only to be stomped on by one of his warriors.

"Cowardly things," said the warrior as it picked the grunt up by the back of its neck. Another warrior had walked over to Zeno and took the two grunts he had.

"Take them to the brig," said the sergeant and watched as the two Sangheili walked away with their grunt prisoners. "Well, that wasn't bad for an actual boarding operation, though I would like to know where the hell these fur-balls got ahold of a phantom," he said.


Kasel maneuvered the Pelican into the Pelican Bay. As she touched down within one of six loading areas, she pulled her helmet off and breathed in some fresh, recycled air. "That wasn't so bad," she said and opened up the door to the back compartment.

What she saw were marines who were now dizzy and the Sangheili warriors who clearly had lost their lunch. "Ummm... s-sorry," she said nervously and with a smile on her face, and watched as they disembarked, staggering from side to side as if drunk.


"That's good news Cortana," said Rasola as he finished listening to her report. "Move the ship away, then bring our MAC guns online, I would've preferred to test them on something bigger but that Brute cruiser has it coming," he said.

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“Agreed,”  Zeno grumbled.  “The commander is going to have a field day trying to figure that out.  Maybe those Unggoy will know something.”

“Maybe these two will have a better idea than those Unggoy, ambassador,” a new voice said.  Zeno turned to see the squad he had sent toward the reactor for the drill.  The zealot was holding two, very pink, unconscious Kig-Yar.  “We came across these two before we could switch out our weapons.  So we had to…Make do.”

“Good work.  Go ahead and take them down to the brig.  Unlike the Unggoy, we will not have to worry about supplying them with methane.  Oh and…Separate cells:  we know how much Kig-Yar and Unggoy love each other.”

“Of course, ambassador,” the zealot said as he and his squad headed off.

“Sir, a question,” one of the marines piped up.

“Shoot,”  Zeno replied.

“Who were you referring to as ‘commander’?  I doubt you mean Captain Rasola.”

“Ah, SpecOps Commander Rtas ‘Vadum,”  Zeno said with a smile.

“But…Isn’t he a shipmaster?”

“He is both.  Rtas wears two helmets, as it were.”

“OK, so why not refer to him as shipmaster instead?”

Zeno chuckled good naturedly.  “Easy.  While my political rank is above his, my military rank is below him.”

“What is your military rank?”

“SpecOps Sub-Commander.”

A couple of the present marines went pale.  They suddenly felt very lucky that not only was Zeno on their side, but that he was they laid back type.  None of them wanted to see Zeno pissed off now…Ever.
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The ships engines whined in protest as she came to a complete stop and spun around using her thrusters and inertia. Four of the eight MAC guns on board were primed and ready to fire, when the captain was satisfied he gave the order to Cortana, who nodded her nod.

Several thumps could be heard through the ship as four of the cannons spat tungsten shells through space, one round sailed right into the cruiser, impacting upon the brutes starboard side and causing a deep hole to emerge. The force spun the ship end over end, causing two of the MAC rounds to be clean misses. The fourth one however scored a hit right on the nose, sending it tumbling even more.

Though he was impressed, he hated missing. When one of his officers shouted that their other MAC guns were ready, he ordered them to fire one last round. This particular round was different, having been modified using Sangheili technology. When it impacted the cruiser, it didn't punch a hole, instead it acted like a plasma torpoed would upon impact and started burning through the ships decks. Within moments it found the reactor, and seconds later the ship erupted into fireworks.

The crew cheered while the Captain just nodded. "Cortana, cancel combat stations, have the marines get some rest. Inform all sections to check for burnt systems or any other damage, once we are clear. We'll set course, inform the Shadow of Intent that we are grateful for their support, though let Rtas know that if by chance he finds out who gave those brutes Phantoms, to leave a piece of that person for me to beat on - likewise - if we find that person on board, I'll save a piece for him and his crew," he said and Cortana smiled before relaying the message.


~All Crew stand-down from combat stations, boarders have been repelled. I repeat, all crew station-down. Return to your barracks for debriefing. Ambassador Zeno and Ambassador Johnson, you are needed in to the port Pelican Bay at once!~ Cortana said over the ships innercom system.

The sergeant looked up at the ceiling. "Cortana? Whats going on in the Pelican bay?" he asked her.

"There are a few Sangheili who are very angry at one of our pilots, she flew to close to the Shadow of Intent and now they are demanding that she be court marshelled by our laws for reckless flying," said Cortana through both his and Zeno's commique. "You better hurry Ambassadors, some of our ODST's are getting a little... paranoid," she said.

He sighed. "I better go with ya Ambassador, ODST's are bitches sometimes when it comes to females, especially females who fly and have a damn nice ass," he said and grabbed an assault rifle from a passing private. "You won't need this son," he told him and quickly started toward the port side Pelican bay.


"Hey Now! Calm down!" Kasel shouted before one of the Sangheili warriors who had watched her flying try and hit her over the head with his carbine. She had, for the better part of the past five minutes, tried to explain her side of the story to eight very pissed off warriors. Even the warriors who had been on her, were trying to calm this group of Sangheili down but it was of no use.

Of course, once one of the warriors ignited a plasma sword things turned real tense. A .50 Calibar cannon on one of the Pelicans snapped out of its housing and pointed toward the sword wielding warrior while two other Sangheili's had aimed their weapons at their own companion. Naturally, the ODST's weren't going to miss out as they wiped out their pistols, the only weapons they had on them at the time.

The sword wielders squad mates ignited their own plasma swords. "So, a good old fashion stand off," a marine said as he aimed his rifle at the hostil Sangheili warriors.

"You do realize that if we were to fire, we'd also be hitting ourselves," said the Sangheili warrior beside him.

"Yea well, let's just hope you and I can doge well, because we are more likely to get hit," he said as he gestured with his head at the now four fifty calibar weapons now pointed in their general direction.

"What was it you humans once said? This sucks ass," said the warrior. The marine chuckled lightly but didn't take his eyes off the group he was aiming at.
If someone had dropped a pin in there, you'd be able to hear it with how silent it was, minus the slight humming of the plasma swords.
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Zeno groaned and loped easily beside the sergeant.  “If there is one part of this ambassador business I despise the most it is the public relations part.”

“I don’t think any politician likes doing PR,” the sergeant agreed.

They reached the scene of the confrontation within moments, Zeno emitting another groan when he saw who the aggressive party was.  “Great, a zealot, an ultra and a handful of majors:  the former two I can already tell are going to be difficult to talk down,” he muttered.  Zeno gently pushed his way between a marine and ODST so he could speak the aggressive Sangheili directly.  “Stand down folks, I will handle this.  Now, what seems to be the problem here?”

“This female damaged the honorable Shadow of Intent,” the zealot responded, pointing one of his swords at Kasel.  “For such an insult she should be removed from duty!”

“Your excellence,” one of the defending Sangheili said.  “The damage occurred while she was evading fire from an enemy phantom.  Her skillful flying saved all onboard.”

“Skillful…More like reckless!”

“Friendly fire and collateral damage happens during a battle,” Zeno pointed out.  “You should know this.  Now if she had damaged the Shadow of Intent intentionally, you may have a case, but considering the circumstances at the time, I serious doubt that is so.”

She killed dozens of us before!  The blood of my brothers demand vengeance!”

“Oh?  And when did she do this?  During the war?”  A nod.  “Tell me, if every one of our kind had the ‘right’ to avenge those that were slain by the humans, then the humans by right should be able to do the same.  Unlike us…I doubt there is a single human that has not lost a loved one to our weapons of war.”  Every single human in the bay tensed at his words.
“Truth be told, brother,” Zeno continued.  “It would result in needless bloodshed.  Bloodshed neither species can afford.  You forgot that our own numbers were diminished by the Great Schism: there is no honor in fighting until both species is extinct.”

The majors were starting to relax their stance, his words having an affect on them.  The ultra and zealot however were still tense, still had the bloodlust in their eyes.  “The war should never have ended,” the zealot growled.

Zeno recognized the type of man this zealot, and perhaps the ultra, were.  They were, sadly, the type that got so used to war that they knew nothing else and were having trouble adapting to peacetime.  He new human soldiers could suffer from this, but Sangheili even more so due to their militaristic society.  “War comes and goes, as it should to give both sides a chance to recover,” Zeno said softly, still trying to soothe him, but he had a feeling it will come to blows. “The wisest of warriors know this and accept it.”

“Those wisest of warriors are fools.”

“Oh…So you are a Kesi type eh?”  The ultra recoiled back in horror, shaking his head and dropping his weapons.  Still the zealot stood firm.

“Kesi…,” the Zealot growled.  “His tastes for substance I did not agree with, but he had the right idea besides that.  We should never have allied with these humans: it is a taint on our honor.”

“Honor…Is rather subjective I have found.”

“Indeed…Especially for those like you whom prefer to bang another male’s backside, rather then a female like a proper Sangheili.”

A deep growl emitted from Zeno’s throat and the muscles in his arms tensed.  The marines and Sangheili closest to him took a step back out of reflex.  “At least I look out for our future and not remain stuck in the past like an washed out warrior who clings to wars past like a lost lover.”

“Washed out...WASHED OUT!?”  the zealot screeched.  The infuriated warrior lunged at Zeno with both swords.  Zeno, whom already had his hands hovering over his own sword hilts, grabbed his swords, ignited them and swept both of the attacking Sangheili’s blades outward.  Then he brought up his knee, the armor plate on which connecting with underside of the zealot’s head.

While his knee was still up, Zeno snapped the lower part of that leg forward, connecting with his opponent’s chest.  The impact sent the zealot flying backwards, landing on his back a few feet away: his swords went skittering in opposite directions, their safety feature shutting them off automatically.  While he was still dazed, Zeno walked up to him and pointed one of his swords at his throat.  “Checkmate,” he said calmly.  “I suggest you calm down and seriously think about what your purpose is now.  The war between us and the humans is over and we have no intention of letting it start up again.”
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The sergeant raised a hand, causing the marines and ODSTs to stand down. Kasel likewise let out a sigh of relief, having been glad her fellow pilots didn't have to bloody the deck.

She didn't say a word; instead her following pilots out of the Pelican bay and to another area of the ship. The warriors collected the zealots weapons and walked up to the ambassador. "Orders sir?" one of them asked.


"What's the situation in the bay?" Rasola asked as he looked at the report handed to him by an officer. The weapons are performed perfectly, and despite being boarded, no one had been killed though he did notice that Cortana had attached something extra to the report - a list of improvements to be made.

"Dealt with, Ambassador Zeno took care of the problem," said Cortana from her perch. "I've got a few ships outside checking the hull to see if that cruiser did any permanent damage, once we are done I think it'll be safe to begin our mission," she added.
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“Take them to the brig for the time being,” Zeno replied, putting his swords away.  “Also get their full names and send them to the captain: I want to verify if these guys are on the crew roster or not.”  The majors of the guilty party started to protest, but Zeno raised a hand to silence them.  “You came to your senses yes, but you still raised your swords to allies.  Such an act cannot go without punishment.”  The group was lead away, the zealot, whom still looked angry, in restraints.

“Looks like I missed the party.”  Zeno turned to see Ambassador Johnson.  “Oh well, I want to have a word with you anyway, split-lip.”

“A word?”  Zeno said, smirking. “Whatever for?”

“That little stunt you pulled during the drill,”  Johnson growled.  “You do know I wasn’t on the official target list, hell I know you knew this!”

“I was just trying to make the drill a bit more realistic, Johnson.  Being political VIPs, we would be prime targets for a boarding party.  Considering we really did get boarded, things could have ended badly for you if it was a Brute that burst down your door rather then a marine with a paintball gun.”

Johnson opened his mouth, sputtered a few words, and then folded his arms in a huff.  “Fine.  But you owe me a new shirt.”
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"So, these are the rabble that caused that ruckus?" said Rasola as he stared at the security footage. All of the sangheili involved in the skirmish in the bay were locked up, though the zealot was proving to be a very big hassel. He had broken his restraints and was now trying rather hard to figure out a way out of the cell. "One thing I'm glad about is that we use energy force field now for the brig," he smiled.

He looked over his shoulder. "Inform Ambassador Zeno that we can hail the Shadow of Intent now, he can take the report in his office," he said.

"Not happening sir, though we have communications, we have gremlins in the system still - for some reason - we can only transmit from the bridge," said his communications officer.

Rasola sighed heavily and nodded. "Fine, tell the Ambassador to come to the bridge and make his report here. Amazed how that Zealot awoke, they aren't warriors for nothing," he rubbed his chin. "Better tell the Ambassador that the Zealot may prove to be a problem...." he tapped the screen.

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“Ambassador.” Zeno turned to see one of the Sangheili from before.  “Here is the list of names of the warriors that caused the problem from earlier.”

“I could have sworn I informed you to give this report to the bridge,” Zeno said, accepting the pad.

“I tried, sir,” the warrior lowered his head.  “But there seems to be an error in the communications system.”

~Ambassador Zeno,~ Cortana’s voice said in his helmet.  ~The captain would like you to make your report on the bridge.~

“Technology…,” Zeno said with a sigh.  “What good is it if it does not work like it is supposed to?  Inform the captain I am on my way.”

~Acknowledged.  He also wanted me to tell you that zealot is causing trouble in his cell:  he’s been trying to break out.~

Zeno groaned.  “Have some armed guards at his cell incase he does manage it, with orders to shoot to kill.”


“If he is trying to break out, he will no doubt end up hurting someone, if not kill, if he succeeds.  Better a rogue agent be slain than some innocent bystanders.”

~Understood, I’ll let the captain know.~

Zeno broke into an easy jog, reaching the bridge in moments.  “Ambassador Zeno ‘Ribal reporting as requested, captain,” he said, not even winded from his jog.  “I apologize for the delay in getting this to you due to…communications issues…but here is the list of names of the Sangheili that caused that ruckus in the hanger bay.” He held out the data pad to the captain.
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"Hmm...." Rasola looked at the report, he had cortana check the names against the crew roster - none of them matched. "No matches," he said. "So how the hell they get onboard?" he asked himself.

He pondered what to do next, then signaled his comm. officer to hail the Shadow of Intent. "Feel free to make your report, since they aren't apart of this crew, I'm sure the shipmaster will be curious. I want everyone off this bridge, Cortana, I want privacy mode active got it?" he told her.

Cortana folded her arms over her chest and sighed. "Privacy mode is active," she said as the holotank went dark. Everyone but Rasola left the bridge. "Go ahead," he told Zeno.
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“Commander, this is SpecOps Sub-Commander Zeno ‘Ribal,” Zeno started.  “And I need to report a little problem we have encountered.”

~What problem is this, Zeno?~  Rtas replied, a curious tone in his voice.

“A small group of Sangheili turned hostile in the immediate aftermath of the Brute boarding event:  they took offense to one of our pilots accidently damaging your ship during the incident.  Quite a standoff ensued.  I was able to talk down all but their leader, a field master whom shared some of the ideals of a certain now deceased Sangheili pirate we love to hate.  I had to…Use some physical persuasion to end the conflict without bloodshed.  I just found out that none of this group is even on our crew manifest.”

~I see.  Interesting.  What are their names?~  Zeno read off the list of names to him and there was a moment of silence before Rtas replied.  ~These Sangheili have been blacklisted from serving on any ship due to their views, the zealot especially.  In fact, his records show he was scheduled to be removed from active military service permanently.  The other four are still under review.~

“That explains why he is now so desperate to get out of the holding cell we put him in.”  Zeno said with a faint growl, looking at the security camera footage.  “I took the necessary precautions and ordered a couple of guards to his cell with the appropriate orders should he succeed in breaking out.  However, I am honestly not comfortable in keeping him on this ship, and I am certain Captain Rasola is not either.  With the mission we are on, it would not do to have rogue agents onboard.”

~Agreed.~  The shipmaster agreed.  ~I would recommend you transfer that lot to the Shadow of Intent: we will deal with them appropriately here.  I will also get an investigation started on how they slipped on board.~

“Likewise, commander.  I will see to their transfer within the hour.”

~I will eagerly await their arrival, sub-commander.  Rtas out.~[/i]

Zeno breathed a heavy sigh, then turned to the captain.  “Is our medical bay equipped with sedatives?  I do not want to take a chance with that zealot causing trouble in transit.”
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Rasola looked off to his right and at an officer; who double checked on what the Ambassador had said. "We have sedatives, we don't know what they'd do to a Sangheili physiology - as they were designed for ODST's who had seen to much combat," said the officer.

"Not to mention, these are the kind that are normally used when the patient is being retrained, we don't have any that are fired from a weapon. So you'd have to get right up close to him and then inject him, and I doubt he'd be willing to just stand there," said the Captain before Cortana's image appeared on the holotank.

"You could always just shook him temporarily, I do remember reading some of the old combat reports where shock therapy works rather well to stop intruders. Though when applied to grunts, their methane tanks usually popped," she said with a smile.

The captain pondered about something and brought one of the cells screens online; it showed two uggoy who were hysterical and trying to convince the ODST there to let them out - said ODST looked like he was about to open fire on them.

With a heavy sigh Cortana switched off to take care of other things. Rasola just shook his head before having his communications officer inform the Starboard Phantom bay that they were going to be receiving prisoners soon and to have a Phantom ready to go. He wanted to make certain their guests didn't get free, so he assigned a squad of ODSTs to help out. "Careful with this one Ambassador, as much as I... dislike.. your kind, I dislike this one even more," he glared at the screen that showed the Zealot - who had caused just enough damage to the force field that Cortana was forced to send a small jolt through it, causing the Zealot to become slightly dazed.

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“I appreciate your concern, captain,”  Zeno said with a sigh.  “As for your concern with the sedatives, I have some…Personal…Experience with those, so I have some idea on how well they work on my kind.”  Provided one the ones I was hit with were not made especially for a Sangheili, he thought to himself as he left the bridge, remembering the events of Truy V all too clearly:  that time will likely never fade from his mind.  A part of him doubted that though, considering hew as likely the first Sangheili prisoner in that horrid place. He shook the memories out of his mind:  now was not the time to ponder about the past.

He stopped by medical bay, which had a mix of human and Sangheili medics.  “I need three doses of your sedatives,” he said.

“Three, sir?  What for?”  one of the medics asked as he immediate started to prepare them for him.

“To sedate an aggressive Sangheili so we can transport him to the Shadow of Intent.”

“Are you certain it will knock him out sufficiently for the time it will take to move him?”

“It took three doses to knock me out once while I was in a similarly aggressive state and I was out for a couple hours at least.”  Though I was rather thin and malnourished then, he thought. “On second thought, hook me up with four, to be on the safe side.”

“If you say so, sir.”

Once he had the sedatives, he went to the brig, where a squad of ODSTs was there waiting for him.  “Here.”  He gave the needles to one of the ODSTs.  “When I have him restrained, jab him with three of those.  Aim for the neck.”

“What about his shields, sir?” The ODST asked.

“Do not worry; I will make sure they are down.”  Then he handed his sword hilts to another ODST.  “Hold on to these for me: we do not want him getting a hold of them during the struggle.”

“So you are going to just go in there and grab him?”

“Pretty much.”

The approached the cell, where the zealot was glaring at him menacingly.  “What is the matter, vileu?  Do not think you can take me on again without backup?” he growled.

“If I was going to kill you, then no I would not need help,” Zeno said smoothly.  “I am just going to put you to sleep for a bit.”

The zealot bristled a bit.  “Like to see you try!”

“Oh I will.  Cortana?”

Getting what he was planning, Cortana sent more power to the forcefield.  Since the zealot’s snout was almost right up against it, he got a nice jolt.  A millisecond later, she disabled the field and Zeno sprang and grabbed him while the zealot was still dazed.

The zealot, though briefly dazed, still managed to put up a good struggle, knocking Zeno about.  Finally though, Zeno was able to put him in pretzel hold:  his legs wrapped around the zealot’s legs and his arms doing the same to the zealot’s arms from behind.  “Jab him!”

Two ODSTs came forward.  One grabbed the zealot by the head and pulled it to once side, though he nearly got bitten in the process.  The other took the needles Zeno gave him and injected their contents into the zealot’s neck, three of them as he was instructed.  Now it was just a matter of holding on until they took effect, if they took effect.  If not, Zeno was in the right position to put a sleeper hold on him if needed.

Fortunately, that was not needed.  It took several minutes to do the adrenaline running through his veins, but the zealot finally went to sleep.  Still, Zeno waited until he was absolutely sure the Sangheili was out cold before letting go.  “Put a couple of restraints on him and transport him to the pelican.”  He said.  “Give that last syringe to one of the guards with instructions to use it on him if he starts to stir before they dock at he Shadow of Intent.”

“Aye, sir.”
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The Sergeant wiped his forehead as the Sangheili warriors removed the Zealot from his Pelican. "Sorry about the trouble," a major said as he gave the sergeant a nod before following his squad. The other arrested warriors we lead elsewhere.

As the backdoor closed; he turned inward toward his ODSTs who were all relieved that they didn't need to look after sleeping beauty anymore. "Look at it this way, you all got a first hand look at what a Sangheili looks like when sleeping," he said.

"Kinda cute if you ask me," said a female ODST, which caused her male companions to look at her strangely. "What? I can't look at cute Sangheili asses?"

The ODST's shook their heads; if they could see inside the cockpit, they'd had noticed the pilots likewise shaking thier heads. The Pelican lifted off the hanger deck and back out into space, it crossed the distance between the two ships and entered its bay where the ODST's disembarked and headed to the squad bay for debriefing.

"We are clear Cortana," said the Sergeant.

Cortana had watched everything from her 'perch', or an area of the ships computers that she had secured for her own personel usage. She was running footage from the boarding action, and also checking every camera to see where those Sangheili who weren't permitted on board came from. She had noticed that two came from the Shadow of Intent, one of the majors responsible for checking ID's never asked these two warriors for their ID's and just let them on.

She also saw that the Zealot had boarded the ship before they left drydock, and had entered through what was supposed to have been a sealed deck. Her systems hadn't been fully initialized yet so she hadn't noticed the intrusion.

The footage from the Phantoms when they were arriving from Sangheilos should that the remainder of the Zealots group came from there; she also saw that at least one of them had come from the Phantom had a drunken pilot.

She packaged this footage and sent it over to the Shadow of Intents communications officer; perhaps he could find out who that major was who allowed two of to board earlier.

"Cortana, we ready?" she heard the Captain ask her.

Cortana pulled herself away from her tasks and checked on the statuses of the ships systems. Engines were working fine, the slipstream drive was also working - the Sangheili techs were looking a little nervous. She had tabs on every Huragok on board, they were scattered throughout the ship - performing simple maintenance, one was already repairing the door that the marines had blown apart while others were fixing the doors that the brutes had destroyed.

"We are ready," said Cortana as she devoted some of her processing power to the slipstream drive, she wanted to see if there was anything that may have needed to be 'tweaked' after the first jump.

Rasola was already feeling tied. "How long will it take us to get to our first destination?" he asked his nav officer.

The girl looked over the charts and then turned toward him. "With this experimental drive, at least five hours," she said. "Before hand, it would've taken us at least two weeks," she turned back in her chair and transferred the course to Cortana.

"Cortana, let the crew know we are about the transition into slipstream. I don't want to risk anyone bumping their heads in-case this doesn't work," said Rasola as his bridge crew fastened themselves in.

~All Crew we are about to jump to slipstream, please be extra careful as this'll be our first long-distance slipstream jump~
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What a long first day, Zeno thought as he entered his quarters not long after the ship entered slipspace.  Drills, having to repel and actual boarding action, rogue Sangheili… A smirk played across his mandibles.  Most fun I have had in a while.

Between arguing politics as ambassador, his duties in his own keep and helping raise the little ones, he had not had much time for anything battle related.  That is besides the practice sessions he did every other day, but practice was no substitute for real combat, as any Sangheilian warrior knew.  The only other physical activity he really had was when he and Sani got frisky and that was toned down a bit since the twins arrived.  So today was an especially good day for him.

Yet even a battle hungry Sangheili knew the value of relaxation and Zeno knew he was due for just that.  He went into the head and turned on the water in the tub, making sure it was not too hot before stepping back out again.  Now he proceeded to strip off the armor plates and set them on the rack in his room, followed by his bodysuit.

Zeno took a moment to admire himself in the mirror, stretching his well-toned body in front of it.  If Sani was there, he would have his hands on him immediately, which would eventually lead to a bit of fun under the covers.  Unfortunately Sani wasn’t there and it would be a test to see if he can manage to sleep without his warm body next to his.

Absently, he ran a finger down his left arm, where the bulk of his flame tattoo resided.  That tattoo he got in remembrance to his first mate, Miko ‘Kemotee, who died before the alliance between Sangheili and humans was forged.  A part of him still wondered where they would be now if Miko had survived the Great Betrayal.  Zeno shook his head, banishing such thoughts for his mind.  Nothing could be done about the past: the present and future needed to be tended to.

By now the tub would be full, so Zeno returned to the head and turned off the water.  After ensuring there was a clean dry towel available, he slipped into the warm soothing waters and lay down.  Closing his eyes, he willed his body to relax….
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Rasola let out a sigh of relief as he entered his quarters and undressed; putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and just relaxing in his chair. He made himself some coffee and looked up at the ceiling; he had made certain that it was painted to his liking - every planet that the UNSC ever had was on that ceiling.

He wondered what his homeplanet now looked like, considering it was glassed by the covenant oh so long ago. Thinking of it only made his hatred for the Sangheili grow, yet he knew he had to get passed it. The Sangheili of today weren't like those of the war, or at least, most weren't.

As he was getting up out of his chair to pour himself some more coffee, he was suddenly thrown to the deck.


First Leutinant Cassendra braced herself as the ship came flying out of slipspace and began to tumble; all the lights died out and her console went silent. "What the hell!" she shouted as she looked at her dead console. "Anyone have power?"

"No! My consoles dead!" another officer shouted.

Despite being almost in the center of the ship; they could feel the ship tumbling through space. Cassendra unbuckled herself and suddenly found herself free-floating. "Artifical Gravity is disabled," she said and floated over to the door and found that it wouldn't open. "And we are trapped," he scowled.

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The water was so soothing and relaxing.  Really, the only thing better was if Sani was in here with him.  He knew he should be careful and not fall asleep in here, but it was so tempting.  With a faint purr, he started daydreaming; thinking of things he planned to do once this mission was over, many of which involving Sani in some way.

Suddenly his daydreams were interrupted when a wave of water hit him in the face.  “What the hell?”  Zeno said, opening his eyes with the intent of finding out who splashed him: likely Johnson and if so, he planned to give that human a dunking.

Instead of seeing Johnson’s grinning face, he saw only pitch black and he felt like he was floating…Only that wasn’t due to the water.  This cannot be good… he thought as the emergency lights finally came on.  When his eyes adjusted, he could faintly see droplets of water floating away on their own.  Nope, not good at all.  Looks like another bug in the system.

With a sigh, he pulled himself out of the tub:  yep, he was in zero G.  I hope the lights and gravity were the only things that were knocked out, he thought as pulled the towel off the rack and wrapped it around his waist.  He immediately realized that a towel would lead to lots of flashing in this kind of environment.  Cannot be helped in this situation. he thought has he pulled his way out of the bathroom.  Good, it looks like the doors were functioning: it would not be good at all if he was stuck in the head with several gallons of water floating around.

As he made his way to the door that would lead him to the corridor, he realized that not only was gravity off, but the ship was tumbling.  What was his floor was now a wall.  Oh this is disorientating… Zeno thought as he finally got to the door and propelled himself into the hallway.

“Whoa!” a voice shouted behind him.  Zeno turned to see a pair of marines, one male, the other female.  The male looked like he just saw something he didn’t want to, while the female was blushing.  Looking down at the towel, he blushed faintly himself when he realized it wasn’t doing it’s job of covering his assets and he pushed it down where it belonged.

“Sorry for peep show,” he said with a grin.  “You try getting dressed with no gravity.”

“Good point…” the male marine said.

“Nice ass, ambassador!”  the female marine said as Zeno continued on his way, hoping to get to the bridge.

“Thanks!”  Zeno shouted back.
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"Emergency power is online, I have some access to the systems but not what I need," shouted an officer as he moved to another station. "Blast it all to hell, I can't tell what is actually WORKING!"


Rasola tumbled through the air; his arms folded across his chest, he just floated there as if nothing was wrong - of course - that was incorrect. Out of all the quarters on the ship; only his was unaffected by emergency power, his door was sealed shut as a safety measure and now he couldn't get it open. "Sometimes, I wish I could crawl through the vents," he said as he heard some commotion on the other side.

He waited until he saw molten metal start to appear along the doors inner frame, within minutes a Sangheili Warrior pulled the door open - his plasma sword flickering slightly under the stress he had just put it under. "Sorry about the wait," he told the captain.

The captain just brushed by him. "What's our status?" he asked an ODST Sergeant.

"Unknown sir, I can't get a hold of the bridge, I sent a few of my men up there but haven't heard from there. I did hear some thumps shortly after we lost artificial gravity, I wouldn't be surprised if the hanger bays are vacuum right now," he said and floated beside the captain.

"Get to the armory and give your men some comm.-sets, I need to know what is going on. I also need you to send a specialist to engineering - find out why they've only restored emergency power and not full power," he said and the Sergeant saluted before floating off.


"Aft power coupling is not responding!" An ensign shouted as he looked at the engineering displays. "Portside neither, we have negative power-feed to the slipstream engine. Reactor core is active, but for some reason there is no power getting to any system," he said and floated over to another console.

A Sangheili major was looking at his console, dumbfounded at what was causing the problems. "Is it possible the technology isn't compatible after all?" he asked.

"I doubt that, we did a slipstream jump before to your homeworld remember? The jump was perfect and precise, it was well executed. No, the problem resides somewhere along the main couplings, located in these sections," said a Lieutenant who brought up the ships schematics. "Without Cortana though we can't communicate with the Huragok, but I wouldn't be surprised if those little buggers are already looking into the problem," he added.

"Let's hope for our sake they find out," said the Sangheili major as both him and the Lieutenant heard an ominous sound coming from around them. "Even in space, this tumbling will rip us to pieces if we don't do something quick,"

The Lieutenant could only nod his head in agreement.
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Zeno had reached the bridge, or at least the entrance to it, only to find that the bridge was sealed shut.  Me without my can opener, he thought, wishing he had tried to find his swords before coming out here. Then a smile crossed his face. But there is another way in.

Quickly, he pulled himself into the maintenance tunnels.  It was pitch black in there, but thanks to his superb memory, he found the shaft he used during the drill and pulled himself into it.  He had a little more room this time around, thanks to being armorless, but it was still rather claustrophobic.  In no time, he reached the same grate he used before, which had since been replaced.

“Look out below!”  he warned as he punched the grate like before, a few whacks breaking it and sending it floating fast for the floor below.  Zeno pulled himself into the bridge, catching the grate so it wouldn’t bean anybody in the head. 

“Everyone alright in here?” he asked.  The bridge crew looked at him, then all immediately covered their eyes.  “Huh?  What is wrong?”  One of them pointed and he looked down.  Immediately he blushed.

At some point during this shaft crawl, he had lost his towel.  Immediately he pushed himself back up and felt around in the shaft.  Fortunately he found the towel and rewrapped it around his waist before coming back down.  “Ok, you can look now.”
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The bridge officers turned and sighed. "Seriously Ambassador, I have to wonder what the shipmaster would've thought," said one of them.

"Well, I mean, he does have a nice body," said a female officer.

The other just sighed. "You look like you were perhaps bathing, sorry about the problems, we are trying to figure out exactly what happened," said another officer as he migrated to his console - which now had some power to it. "We've got some communications back, but nothing beyond this deck. We have also noticed some Pelicans and a few Phantoms outside the ship, I guess that's our answer - the dropship bays all explosively decompressed when the shields failed," he shook his head and brought up a very fuzzy image.

Although the image was fuzzed; it was obvious that something wasn't right, the image kept on 'spinning' in place. "This is the port-side camera, we are.... tumbling... even though right here in the bridge we can barely feel it - but as you go further away you'll begin to realize that. I'm certain those guys in engineering are in fact feeling it," he said and buckled himself into his seat.

Just then there was a tapping on the bridge-door.


The captain looked down at the key pad. "Sergeant, get this damn thing open," he said.

An ODST Sergeant nodded and looked at his tech. "Find the manual override and get this door open specialist," he said to another ODST. The ODST nodded and looked along the wall until his eyes came upon a panel that was just like the others, but had a very faint coloring on the bottom that was almost unnoticable to the untrained eye.

He removed the panel; only to reveal a set of power coupling beyond. He looked inside, then felt around until finding what he was looking for, the coupling went dead and removed them. Another panel was in the way, but he removed that one to and smiled when he saw the switch.

Yanking hard on it, he heard a hissing sound as the bridge doors hissed open - their gears grinding in protest. Finally after a full minute the door clicked and opened cleanly. The Specialist quickly replaced the second panel, then reactivated the coupling, and reattached the first panel before joining his Sergeant.

The captain floated in and saw the Ambassador standing there in a towel. "Forgot something?" he asked him with a grin before floating over to the displays. "Able to reach engineering?"

"Negative sir," said an officer.

"Then here," Rasola said and tossed the officer a walkie-talkie, or perhaps, tried to but instead it slowly floated over to the guys hands. He turned it on, and heard the crackling of another voice beyond.

With that done the captain looked at the Ambassador and just shook his head.
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“I was taking a bath when this happened,” Zeno said with a shrug.  “If I had bothered to try to get dressed, I would likely still be in my quarters, fighting with my clothing.  Ever try to pull on a skintight bodysuit in zero G?  Yeah…Pain in the ass.” He idly scratched a lower mandible.  “So I figured I would be best suited to ensure everyone on the bridge was OK.  If you there is anything you would like me to try to assist with, let me know.”  Zeno sighed and added.  “From the way things are going, you are going to need more then an industrial-sized can of RAID to get all the kinks out of this girl.”


Meanwhile, Johnson was in his quarters, arms folded across his chest as he floated in mid-air.  Unlike Zeno’s quarters, his door wasn’t powered: he didn’t even have emergency lighting.  So all he could do was just float, mumbling darkly.  Can’t even light a cigar…cause I can’t find one, he thought with a snarl.  This is turning out to be the worse mission ever so far.

"Ow!" He yelped when his head hit something.  "Yeah, definately the worse mission...."
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"Can of raid might be a good idea," said one officer as he brought up a camera feed. "Sir, we have fire near one of the port-side fuel tanks!" the officer shouted as the camera flipped to show a ranging fire near one of the fuel pipes.

Rasola looke at the Sergeant who took off. "You want to be of help Ambassador? Then either stay out of the way, or get into a firesuit and start putting out fires. Also, I need you to talk to your Sangheili techs and find out what the hell is going on with the power!" he shouted but realized that he was, technically, shouting at a superior and so added. "Please."


The tech grumbled as he continued to crawl down a maintenance shaft. "Damn things are so narrow," he said into his throat mic and heard his partner laughing on the other end. "Hush..."

As the tech turned a corner he saw a raging fire at the end of the shaft. "Can't go that way, will have to go around," he said and crawled a few feet before opening a side-door and hoping out. He was in a closest sized room that had all sorts of wires running from the floor to the ceiling. He heard something crunch under his boot and noticed glass.

He opened the door and walked out into a corridor, his face shield polarized when he realized that he had actually stepped out into a decompressed corridor. He saw a body floating the air, the person had the look of fear on her face. "Shit...." he said when he looked past the body and saw a gapping hole in the side of the ship.

Outside he saw the star spinning around; just looking made him start to get dizzy so he quickly turned away and headed toward the far access door. He cycled the airlock and entered the air-filled corridor beyond.

His hud spiked as it picked up a massive energy reading in the area; he followed the reading until it lead him to a shaft. There a strob-like effect going on, blues, purples, reds, oranges and yellows all slashed in the shaft. He quickly found the source: the primary power cable had been brutally severed.

"Found it Leo, the main power cable.... but fixing it will take some time. I can't get close to it with all the juice running through it, also," he looked over and saw three Huragok courses floating in the air. "Looks like the Engineers tried to repair it; and were turned into chicken dinner instead," he added and then heard his stomach grumbling. "Might wanna get me something to eat to," he sighed.

He heard some laughter, then watched as the cable stopped emitting light.

~Get to work on it buddy, let me know when you have it fixed. Two Engineers are heading there now and should arrive in two minutes, I think~

"You 'think'," the tech rolled his eyes before opening up his kit and getting to work.


Cortana floated there in cyberspace; she was deeply annoyed at how she couldn't get anywhere on the ship. "I'm glad my AI core has a backup power generator, but it's rather useless when I can't go anywhere!" she shouted and folded her arms over her tiny chest.
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Zeno snorted faintly at the captain’s attitude, but forgave him due to the situation.  “I will assist with the fire troubles provided I can find a fire suit that fits me,” he said calmly.  “As for speaking with the techs….” He looked around and spotted one of the Sangheili bridge officers and propelled himself to him.  “Officer, does your armor have power?”

“It does, sir, not that it does much good here,” the Sangheili replied.

“I beg to differ: you forget that your armor has short wave communication capabilities.”

The Sangheili blushed in embarrassment.  “Y-you are correct, sir…I did forget that.”

“And you have a list of frequencies to tune into during an emergence such as this?”

The man hung his head in shame. “I did, sir…but it was file on my console I do not have access to now.”

Zeno whacked the man over the head.  “Fool, always have a hardcopy somewhere in case you lose power, or at the very least in a file that can be accessed when on emergency power.  Luckily for you, I memorize these sorts of things: change your short wave to this frequency.”

After giving him the numbers, the Sangheili made the proper adjustments.  “I am through.  I hear something about a main power cable being severed: they are working on repairing it now.”

“Good, relay any further questions the captain has for him,” Zeno said as he turned to leave.  “Communications with the techs has been established, captain.”  He told Rasola as he passed by.  “Excuse me while I go find a fire suit….”
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Rasola nodded and issued a set of questions to the Sangheili bridge officer, he wanted more answers.

Down in engineering

Fires were being put out, as one human firefighter put out one fire near the core another fire brust through a floor grate. "Geez," said the human as he turned his hose toward it now.

The officer in charge migrated over to another console, though they could only barely feel the spinning outside, he was beginning to get dizzy from it. He punched in a set of commands which brought more of the systems online, the Engineers were doing a great job rerouting power through other areas of the ship.

He finally saw one of the viewscreens flickered to life; it displayed the hanger bays and the lack of shielding they had.

In his headset, he heard someone say 'done', and he knew what it meant. "Ok people, they may or may not work," said the officer as he shunted power through the main power cable. The main lights in the bay began to flicker on and off and then finally stayed on. The status board lite up green as life-support came back online, along with other ship systems - including the main links to the AI Core.

The head engineer knew Cortana was back in business when he saw the ships power systems begin to regulate themselves. Power flow stabalized but the gravity still remained offline. "Cortana, why are we still floating?" he asked her.

~The main power conduits leading to the artificial gravity controls are gone, it'll take awhile to repair them~ Cortana said into the mans headset.

"Well, at least we have power, can we stabalize the ship?" he asked her.

~Working on it...~ Cortana sounded annoyed.

The ship's tumbling slowed as Cortana fired manuevering thrusters, finally after a full minute the ship was no longer tumbling. But Cortana's internal and external sensors were detecting hull stresses in excess of what the ship was meant to handle. She also detected breaches in the hull in some areas of the ship. She sent this message off to the captain and then attempted to engage the internal fire-suppresson system, but she discovered the system didn't engage.

~Fire Surpression system is not working, you'll need to get a tech down there. I have the engineers working on the shield generators right now~ she said and melted back into the main computer to see what caused all these problems.
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With the ship no longer in danger, Cortana flipped through the internal camera system. She had to seal off various area's of the ship to allow for Sangheili warriors and UNSC marines to move about more easily and recover the dead. She had counted only six dead, but that was six to many.

She had been listening in on the comm.s Some of the marines were wondering how this could've happened, while the warriors were sticking to just looking for bodies. She refocused her attention on the primary power cable, with internal sensors online she had discovered that the power going out had been caused by an exploding Engineer, peices of the body floated in the air around the cable that had only recently been fixed.

Cortana sent a brief message to the engineers, mainly telling them to be more careful in the future and then went back to looking through the cameras.


Rao'fa rubbed the back of his neck; he had just entered the hanger bay after having been inside the pilot ready room. "I hate being stuck in a room like that," he muttered as he walked over toward his phantom. As he got closer though he heard something odd coming from the inside.

"No.. no not there..."

"You like it there though"

"Yea but.. our physiologies are so different..."

"Doesn't matter.. you still like it"


Rao'fa stared at his phantom; he could visibly tell that based on how it was rocking back and forth that 'something' was going on. As he stepped into the gravity lift and went up into the passenger compartment, he found exactly what was going on.

He didn't have time to say much before a pair of panties landed no his face, he quickly re-engaged the gravity lift and was outside.

Walking past a sergeant, which he hadn't realized was Johnson, he took the pair of panties of his head and handed it to the ambassador. "Your females have very strange customs," he said, his eyes looking as if he had seen something he 'really' didn't want to see.. a naked Sangheili and a naked Human female.

-Core Room-

If Cortana could laugh; she would be, she had only caught the pilot as he left his phantom but she already knew based on her sensor reading that there was some hanky panky going on inside.

"Say, Zeno," Cortana said, not adding his honoric. "You may want to go to the Phantom Hanger bay, theres..... something going on in one of the Phantoms, oh, and Ambassador Johnson is there as well," she warned him and crossed her tiny little arms over her chest.
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Zeno had found the firesuits, but when he tried to put on the largest one he just ended up ripping it.  They just do not make these things for people like me in mind, he thought with a sigh.  At least the gravity was back on now, though he did get a bruised bum when landed on his backside when it did.  Might as well head back to my quarters to get dressed. Scratch that.  Cortana’s voice informed him of another ‘problem’ in the hanger bay.  With another sigh he immediate headed there.

When he got there, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be looking for, until he heard a rather loud ‘Awww hell no!’ from one of the phantoms.  That sounds like Johnson, Zeno thought with a smirk as he jogged toward that phantom and went up the grav lift.

He wished he hadn’t.

In the phantom were a female human and a male Sangheili, both nude and in a slightly compromising position.  Standing just off the grav lift was Ambassador Johnson, whom looked a little sickened: the two guilty parties looked rather embarrassed as well.  “Oh…This is just wrong…So wrong…,” Zeno muttered, before speaking too the pair.  “Just want are you two doing?”

“Um…We…Got a little bored, ambassador.”  The Sangheili said.

“Right…And you obviously did not think of the physiological differences between our species before getting each other worked up did you?”


“Warrior, your shaft is likely to rip that female into two if you even tried to mount her.”

“Mental image…I did not want…,” Johnson whined, covering his eyes.

“A valid point, ambassador.”  The Sangehili said, hanging his head as he stepped away from the woman.

“Wuss,” the woman said, then rushed up to Zeno.  “You know, ambassador, you are quite hot looking….”

Zeno blinked, then gently grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her Johnson’s way.  “I do not lean toward females or humans,” he said flatly.

“Awww,” the woman pouted.

“Wait…Why are you handing her to me?”  Johnson asked.

“You are the human ambassador, for one,” Zeno said.  “And second…You always tout that you know what the ladies like.”

Johnson opened his mouth, but all that came out was his cigar.
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Cortana had somewhat wished her sensors didn't penetrate into the hull; all thanks to the enhancements that the Engineers had performed and the technology given to them. She had seen everything 'to' clearly and had designed to engage privacy mode just to shield her eyes.

While yes, she has seen plenty of naked humans in her life and yes she had seen naked Sangheili before as well, she still had the mind set of a human and thus didn't always like it.

The hull shuddered suddenly as the slipstream core finally registered a positive pulse with the main reactor. She heard the bridge crew give out a cheer and the captain's curse laddened voice telling Cortana to plot a course to their original destination.

Cortana found though that their navigational charts had been somewhat scrambled by the charge. "I hate to break this to you captain, but the nav charts are scrambled. I can't make any gurrentee where we are headed is in fact where we are headed," she told him.

Again he cursed and told her to plot a course regardless; she sighed and sent the coordinates to the ships navigational computer.

The ship lerched forward and disappeared into slipstream space. By this time, the engineers had completed repairs on the breached hull, all those who had been regretfully killed had been recovered - save two bodies which Cortana hadn't found anywhere within or near the ship and had to assume that they were sucked out into slipstream when the breaches occuried.

She was very surprised though; they had only just entered slipstream when just as suddenly they came out.

Before them lay a red sun, easily twice as large as the one that was in the Sol System. Ten planets ringed the sun, but Cortana realized that one of the planets was actually being 'eaten' by the sun. She was able ot estimate that in the next one hundred thousand years the sun would implod and the planets would be destroyed. For now though, what she saw was being picked up on the nineth planet.

Cortana pinged the planet and came back with several responses. "Captain, the nineth planet, I'm picking up debris floating in orbit. According to the colonization database; this is supposed to be a secured UNSC Shipbuilding facility. I can see eight orbital MAC Guns, they are silent, seven of them show no damage at all while one has evidence that it was attacked," she said.

As she tried to ping the other debris she received static in return. "Odd," she mused and pinged it again, this time getting a negative response. "Wait... there's a sensor jamming field still in effect?" she said in a shocked tone.

It was then that her sensors picked up an active signature from the furthest MAC Gun. "Uh oh...." she said and saw it fire. "Incoming fire!" she shouted to the bridge crew.
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Zeno had just made it back to his quarters and was looking in despare at the bathroom, which was completely soaked with the bathwater that used to be in the tub.  However, due to the temporary loss of gravity, that water opted not to stay in the tub and spread out all over the bathroom and even into the actual room where he slept.  Needless to say, when the gravity came back on, it made quite a soggy mess everywhere.

This is going to take forever to dry out, he thought with a sigh.  Zeno was debating on cleaning up himself, getting some of the maintenance staff in here to clean it up for him, or just forget about it for now and go to bed.  He was really wanting to do the third option....

Just then, the hull of the ship seemed to shudder, as if something very big (or very fast) just whipped right by the hull.  "What the fuck was that?"  Zeno growled, really not wanting any more incidents for the day.
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The helmsmen whipped his forehead of sweat while Cortana took control of the internal communications system.

~All hands to battle stations, we are under attack! I repeat all hands to battle stations! All pilots are to report to their assigned starfighters and prepare to repel drone fighters~

Rasola barked orders as the massive ship slide to port to avoid another MAC round, this one came so close that small areas of the armor were ripped away in it's wake.

"Can we return fire?" Rasola asked.

"Negative Captain, we are outside of the minimum engagement range," asnwered Cortana. Her figure stared at the emptiness of space before she slapped her forehead. "Of course, we could use our own MAC gun but we'd have to stand still for a few moments in order to fire," she suggested.

"Then we'll need to do that, but launch Longswords and Seraphan fighters," he ordered and Cortana nodded and relayed the new orders. On one of the bridge cameras, Longsword and Seraphan fighters were seen flying out of their respective bays and headed toward the new distant target.

"MAC Gun charging, ETA is three minutes," said the gunnery officer.

"We'll need to keep dodging until then," Rasola said.

Another shot from the opposing MAC Gun flew by the Seraphan launch bay; two fighters that had been launching found themselves caught in the shells wake and were thus slammed into the ships hull, their burning wreaks quickly falling behind the ship as it sped forward.
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Johnson was getting this room back into order (things got a bit rearranged while the gravity was off) when he felt the second near miss.

"Lovely...," the human Ambassador groan.  "Something else is going on.  Slipstream drive glitchs, that damn Elite ambassador pulling shit, brutes managing to board...."  He threw his hands in the air.  "What...No...better not say it...."

No longer caring, he went back to straightening up his quarters.
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Cortana gritted her teeth as the ship rolled to avoid a MAC round that came within a few inches of hitting an exposed area of the hull.

As they neared engagement range, the platform suddenly stopped firing. "What the..." one of the officers said confusingly as he watched the display. The MAC Platform rotated slowly, as if returning to a standbye order.

Then suddenly they saw it; thousands of drone fighters appearing in the distance on a course straight for the vessel. "Cortana...." said Rasola nervously as he stood there pondering the next course of action.

Outside, Longsword and Seraphan fighters moved into engagement range. While the Seraphan fighters fired plasma at the incoming drones, the Longsword fighters locked missiles and opened up with those. Cortana rolled the ship once and let lose a MAC round.

The ship shuddered and groaned as the shell spat out from the understand of the ship and cleared the outer barrel. It sped through space and wiped out several drones before exploding in the center of the formation, destroying many more in the process.

Cortana, however, continued to listen in on the communications channel and noted a few things of interest. "Captain, this AI is requesting assitance from any UNSC ship. It's reporting us as a Covenant vessel," she said to the captain.

"I wonder if it has to do with the Seraphan fighters..." he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"It might also have to do with some of our weapons being reverse engineered from Covenant technology," Cortana said matter of factly as she stared off into space. Rasola just shrugged and continued to watch the fighters fly around and swat the drones.

"Cortana, I want that platform disabled. Order the first and second squads to board dropships, I want the Elites to help out as well, so get them involved," Ordered Rasola as he turned toward one of his officers and barked an order. "Also, Tell Zeno to please go along, as well as Johnson," he knew the experience of both would help in this mission.
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