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Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: May 18, 2012, 11:33:05 PM »
The World That Never Was

In a world that shows you who you are, a side you've never known.
It's almost kind of like a similar clone.

A world consumed by darkness, and shined by light.
A castle built of white.

In a world where darkness and light collide.
A world where nobodys hearts once died.

A world controlled by power.
A world where the heartless cower.

A world held by an organization.
A world of strange creation.

A world where the moon of hearts sits high.
Shining bright in the twisted sky.

A world that is destined for somes fate.
When heartless rise, nobodys create.

Conflicts arise, like dark and light always does.
In the twisted world that never was.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Misc Roleplay / [Personal][13+] The Boy Who Feared Imigination.
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:12:55 AM »
The Boy Who Feared Imagination.
By Taylor Brown

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."
--- H.P. Lovecraft

Its just about the crack of dawn on this fall morning, Noah slowly begins to open his eyes, and slowly rise out of bed. Its slightly cloudy this morning, he thinks. Looks like it might rain, he adds on. He slowly puts on his fuzzy slippers and begins to walk downstairs for breakfast. Two waffles, some orange juice and a muffin. Makes for a fit breakfast. He grabs his backpack and begins to head down the road to school. Noah doesn't live in a very big town. Slowly making his way past the cemetery, Noah arrives at school. He goes about his day, learning some new math skills, some new ways of the english language and even making a new friend. Its about recess time, Noah's just hanging around the basketball court. Just sitting, chatting. “It was weird, I just felt like it was creeping up on me”. One boy says. This, grabbed Noah's attention. “What exactly are you talking about?” He asked the boy. “I dunno exactly.. it just felt like it was going to come and get me. I jus-...”. But he couldn't finish his sentence. His eyes widened, and he screamed, fell over and fainted. The teachers rushed over to see what the matter was. “What do you think could have caused this??” One teacher asked. “It looks like he might have fainted”. Another says. The teachers then take him to the nurses office to further inspect what was going on. “Well it looks fear has yet claimed another poor soul”. Noah looks over at the girl with long black hair. “What makes you say that?”. Noah questioned. She then began to say, “Well its obvious, if you don't take control of fear..”. Then she finished with a straight face. “Fear, will control, you..” Noah just kinda looked at the girl, then he started to head back inside as recess was over now. Fear will overtake me? He thought to himself.

It was about time to head home. The sky seemed to get a few shades darker, with light pellets rain falling. Noah walks by the dim cemetery, looks over and cringes. Fear... he thought to himself. A few images flashed through his head. Dark images. He grabs his head and groans slightly. He walks inside and tosses his backpack aside. I should grab a bite to eat, he says to himself. He grabs an apple, and a juice box. He then makes his way to the living room, and turns on the radio. Bitting into the apple, his afternoon show comes on. A short story from the normal radio channel he listens to. Composing of how a hero saves the day, stopping a bank robbery. He then finishes his snack, and decides to go to his room to play. As he walks up the stairs, the lights begin to slowly flicker, as he hears a deep rumble from outside. It's going to rain? He thought. He headed to his room, and shut the door. “Hmmm, what to do what to do..” He then pulls out a book, and lays on his bed and begins to read it.

As he starts to get into the book that he is reading. The lights begin to flicker again. Noah thought to himself, this is going to give me a headache at this rate. So he gets up and grabs his box of matches, and the candle on his nighdesk. Lights the candle, and turns his lights off. He climbs back into bed and begins to read back into his book. No later then five minutes, his candle goes out. “That's weird”. He said outloud to himself. He then grabs his matches again and relights the candle, and sits back down. “Now stay, light”. He reads a few more pages, and his candle blows out again. But this time, Noah ran out of matches. He opens his door, to the dark hallway. Shaking slightly he tries to make his way down the hall so that he can get to the kitchen for more matches. About half way through the hall, he thinks he sees something move out of the corner of his eye. Then followed by what sounds like a low growling noise. Basically unable to motivate himself to get down the stairs, he makes his way back to his room and shuts the door. He then hides under his covers, slowly peaking his head out. “What could that have been?” He slowly closes his eyes and begins to sleep.

It's morning time now, Noah has finished his breakfast and he's on his way to school. The sun is trying to makes its way through all the clouds overhead. Noah arrives at school and begins his first class. “Fear...”. He says to himself. As the day progresses he thinks about what the girl said the other day. As the thoughts consume his head, its now time for recess. As Noah looks around at the playground, he begins to wonder. What happened to that other kid, why isn't he here? He asks himself. He looks over at a group of 3 boys and asks. “Do you know what happened to the kid who had the meltdown?” “He's in a hospital.” The girl said. Noah turns around to face the girl with the black hair. “W-w-what do you mean a hospital?” He said to her in shaky voice. “He basically freaked himself out so bad apparently that he had to go to a mental hospital to treat himself.” Still just as serious as ever. “I told you, if you let fear take over, you'll pay.” She says. “So how do you fight it?” Noah questions. “Just try your hardest to not let it break you..”. As she walks away to head inside the building. Noah then heads back inside, with more thoughts now consuming his mind. The school bell later rings to let out for the day. Unfortunately Noah has to stay for some extra minutes for some questions on his english homework. After he has inquired the information he was looking for, he begins to head home. Walking by the cemetery, he looks over at the cold graves as the fog creeps around them. Getting a slight chill, Noah begins to walk a little faster now to get home. The clouds roll in, and the fog starts to get a tad thicker. This can't be happening, Noah thinks to himself. Noah runs home and shuts the door, locking it. He then sits down and covers his ears and closes his eyes and leans his head down. Everything's ok, everything's ok, everything's ok. As he keeps telling himself this, he looks up and opens his eyes. Removing his hands from his ears. He looks around the room and sets his backpack down and heads for the kitchen. He grabs an apple and heads to the living room to listen to his show. After about half an hour into listening, he begins to doze off.

Springing up, he looks around the room. Its quiet, and dark. As he looks around, he begins to hear a low deep growling noise. Panicking, he runs and hides behind the chair. He faintly hears in a low deep voice, “Don't be..scared.”. He keeps looking around to see what could have said that. As he looks from above the chair, he thinks he sees what looks like a shadow moving up the stairs. As he slowly crawls out from behind the chair, he walks over to the bottom of the stairs. Shaking slightly, he begins to look up. At first he sees nothing, but then a ghostly figure rushes at him with a high pitch scream. A scream that would pierce anyone's ears. Noah quickly wakes up while hes on the floor, sweating slightly and breathing heavily. “What...just happened?” He said to himself. He then throws his apple away in the trash and makes his way to the bottom of the stairs. He looks up and puts his foot up on the first step. His breath getting slightly heaver, he begins to make his way up the stairs. As he reaches the top, he turns around to look down the hallway to where his room is. He stands there for a few seconds, then he hears a jingly noise. “What that..real?”. He said to himself. He shakes his head and makes his way to the bathroom to get washed up for bed. As he walks into the bathroom, he turns the sink and and begins to wash his face. The lights do a quick flickering effect. Noah looks up, and then quickly splashes water on his face. “I've gotta get to bed”. He brushes his teeth and then walks down the hallway to his room. He walks inside and lights a candle, lays on his bed, and pulls the sheets over him. “This isn't going to happen to me.” He rolls over and looks out the window. The moon begins to hide behind the clouds as the storm rolls in. He then rolls over the other way and tries to shut his eyes. A few minutes later, a crack of thunder and his eyes open. The rain is pouring onto his window as he sits up and looks around. His candle long out. He beings to hear the growling noise again, so he goes and hides under his covers. A flash of lightning, and a huge crash of thunder nearly sends Noah flying off his bed. He looks around, out of the corner of his eye, a blood red pair of glowing eyes. Noah quickly turns his head. But when he does, nothing. Noah quickly dashes out of his bed and runs for the bathroom. Noah quickly turns on the sink and splashes water onto his face. “No no no no.” He keeps thinking to himself. As Noah opens his eyes he looks down into a sink filled in a pool of blood. Noah screams and tries to shake the blood all over his arms. As he looks up in the mirror, he sees at the doorway a girl, very pail with long stringy black hair, eyes white and blank. Her jaw dropped nearly all the way with some blood running out her mouth. Noah freaks and turns his head to look over, nothing. As he turns the faucet off, the handle breaks off, more blood pooling into the sink and now over flowing. Another flash of lightning and a huge crack of thunder and the power goes out. Noah crawls out the door into the hallway. As he looks to his left, the girl comes running at him, same expression as before. Arms stretched out forwards to him, making a very high pitched scream. Noah freaks and runs to his room. Slamming the door behind him. As he turns around he hears some scratching at the door. It slowly stops, then.. nothing. To his horror he closes his eyes and puts his hands to his ears. A few seconds later, he hears an inner voice. “Why are you so..afraid?”. This time in a much lower, devilish voice. It was almost like this voice was toying with him. He looks up and out the window, a flash of lightning reveals the girl sitting in the corner of his room. After the flash, darkness. Another flash lights the room for a second. Nothing. Noah collapses on the ground, basically stuck to the bone with fear... As his alarm clock chims, Noah opens his eyes and turns it off. The sun slowly making its way through the passing clouds. Noah slowly rolls out of bed and stares into space. “'t nice”, he says in a blank tone to himself. He makes his way to school walking down the wet road. As he makes his way to the front of the building. He's greeted by the girl with the long black hair. “Well hi there Noah, some storm we had last nig-”. But Noah just keeps walking with the same blank look on his face. “Well, looks like fear has claimed another soul..” She looks behind her and begins to walk into the school..

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: February 28, 2012, 01:19:45 AM »
Misty Days And Shining Stars

As I look out the window, and watch it begin to rain,
Empty thoughts, lazy days, are In my brain

The droplets pound against the cold glass.
Falling down the tall green blades of grass.

I look down and watch the cat roll around on the floor.
As the clock begins to chime half past four.

The rain is stopping, and the sun is coming out.
It's going to be a clear night, there's no doubt.

The sun sets, and the stars light up the mystical sky.
Shooting stars come out, by and by.

Looking around, hair flowing in the soft breeze.
Listening to the slight whisper of all the trees.

The moon comes out and puts on quite a display.
Watching the stars dance around, almost as if they're in a ballet.

What a way to get through the night.
To see everything so beautiful, and bright.

What more could we ask for, in this world of ours.
Then misty days and shining stars.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: December 16, 2011, 12:01:04 AM »
I can't find her.

All through my years, I've been looking far and wide,
Shattered heart, broken spirit, even cried.

I just think to myself, “Where can she be?”.
The one to my heart, the one that has the key.

Shes out there, shes probably looking for me,
and I know, one day.. out paths will thee.

And when I have her in my arms, oh what joy.
I'm pretty sure I'll be the happiest boy.

But first, I must find where she is hiding.
I want to find her, so my anxiousness can start subsiding.

She's probably calling my name, but I can't hear.
I have to find her.. so she won't disappear..

I wonder what she looks like, or how she'll act.
She'll probably smile, I know that for a fact.

But there's one reason my stomach is still in a stir..
It's because.. I can't find her.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: August 01, 2011, 11:15:28 PM »
One Day

One day, we will meet face to face.
At some day at a random time, and space.

One day, we will sit side by side,
Somethings wrong, I can tell. Cause you've cried.

One day, you will want to just tell me everything.
Not very many happy stories, the ones you didn't want to bring.

One day, we will look into each others eyes,
As the sun sets on the crystal clear skies.

One day, we will get as close as we've ever known.
As we watch how much our relationship has grown.

One day, we will lie against the earth.
And find out how much this was all worth.

One day, we will be as happy as we can even be.
Finding ourselves, well..pretty much worry free.

One day, will look back on all of this.
And find how everything was so bliss.

One day, you and I..
One day, we will die

One day, we will be separated apart..
One day, when he decides to take me.. then we can restart.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: June 26, 2011, 10:35:32 PM »
I just want..

I just want some one to hold my heart,
and not have to worry about it falling apart..

I just want someone that will hold me dear,
and always tell me that I have nothing to fear.

I just want to forget about all of the bad stuff,
as I find it has all been way tough.

I just want to be able to relax, and let myself be free.
This is my only plea.

I just want all the shattered pieces put back together.
But that might be a little hard..due to tear and whether.

I just want someone who will listen,
and when I look at them, their eyes glisten.

I just want someone who will be there
Someone that will have time to spare.

I just want someone to break all my tears.
Banish all my fears.

I just want someone to be there for me,
that would mean so much..I hope you'll see.

Written by: Taylor Brown.

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: June 24, 2011, 11:39:48 PM »
The Pain

As all the tears dry up on my face,
their trails slowly disappear..without a trace.

I'm starting to drown, in this huge, vast see.
And now as I slowly slip

Just push the pain right through my chest.
I'll try to breathe, I'll do my best.

With black roses of darkness sitting right beside me,
wishing I could fill my life, oh how great that would be..

With hate in my veins and my blood turning cold,
letting my rage split, as its not controlled.

Sitting here, and seriously wondering to myself, “why”,
wondering....why do I still try..

Even though I go on and live with this pain,
I'll make sure my life doesn't go down in vain.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: June 18, 2011, 11:49:19 PM »
Xenfis looks over at Akemi, he then swiftly moves his arm to disrubt Akemi's slash attack. "Not today!" He says to her. He then makes a stabbing attack towards Akemi's left knee...

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: April 30, 2011, 07:56:14 PM »
Xenfis starts to think to himself.."I can't just full on go at her...shes expecting that. I have to be..creative." As he continues to think more.."Aha! I got it."

As he looks up into the sky..he sees where the sun is positioned, makes his final adjustments.

"Ok, now lets see if Akemi will be able to handle this move.."

Xenfis then quickly spreads out WingZero's wings and sores up to just about where the position of the sun is..

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: April 18, 2011, 11:32:08 PM »
I know...

I know what its like to be in pain,
as my tortured blood flows from my vain.

I know what its like to be lost in the dark..with no hope..or a future.
Its always rough, jagged, never smoother.

I know what its like to have happiness stolen.
Leaving me to die, heart shattered, completely broken.

I know from life, that not everything is fair.
That sometimes no one will answer, not even a prayer.

I know what its like to wear the chains of despair.
With the scars of false truths, the ones I bare.

I know what its like to wear the mask.
As It projects a false image, that's it's task.

I know what its like to go to hell and back.
Pushing my way back to breathe, not to slack.

I know what its like to have your precious world corrupted...
Its like every happy thought...interrupted.

 I know what its like to be alone...for the darkness to come, and swallow you whole.
A place where you lose your mind...and self-control.

And now you see why I detach myself...and let go..
..its all because, yes. I know.

Written by: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: April 12, 2011, 11:33:05 PM »
A break from the world

As I lay back and slowly begin to close my eyes,
My soul releases, and reaches for the skies.

Leaving this world, wondering if anyone cared.
Oh well, here we go. I'm not scared.

Floating through space, looking at the glistening stars.
And in the distance in the faint red planet of mars.

As I float on more out.
My heart then begins to fill with doubt.

Something is troubling my head.
..all the horrible thoughts I dread.

As my float starts to turn into a dreadful fall..
The only thing on my mind is “This will be a close call”.

Falling faster and faster now to the ground,
Wind rushes by my ears making a harsh whistling sound.

As my body makes an impact upon the dry land,
I'm in so much pain...none which my body can withstand.

As I lay broken, beaten and shattered.
My insides are pretty much battered...

So now I just look up, and gaze at the stars..
..and think to myself “How can you destroy what was ours?”..

And now as I lay on the realms of this fantasy land.
I know I need help me stand...

Written by: Taylor Brown

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: March 26, 2011, 01:13:35 AM »
Xenfis looks over at Akemi. "Hmm..", he begins to say to her. "Now the saber will be located in your back unit, just grab onto the handle of the saber and pull it out. Like so!"

Xenfis then reaches to Wing's back and pulls his yellow saber. "There simple as that!". As he lightly chuckles. "Now lets give it a whirl!". Waiting for Akemi to get hers out.

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: February 09, 2011, 12:44:39 AM »
Tormented Life

As I sit here in the dark...letting my mind string along...alone
Sitting here living in my twisted tainted life..which no one has really known.

I want to be seen...I want to be heard.
But that won't happen as long as I remain a blur.

Falling gently through space...time means nothing.
Is anyone going to help me? anyone coming?

As life puts its deep scars in me...cutting.
I make my way through..struggling.

Why can't I be like you, or her..or him?
As everything in my head goes dim.

As I'm sitting here slowly dying inside these walls.
With no voices calls.

It hurts...wounds so sore.
I don't want to carry on, as I curl up on the floor.

And now, as I stare blankly at the knife.
I just want to end this tormented life..

Written by: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: January 18, 2011, 09:46:19 PM »
State of mind

As I stand on the tall green hill, and look up into the blue sky.
I start to walk down and..sigh.

Its nice and peaceful here, quiet. All to me.
This is how my mind needs to be.

As I continue to walk, with the wind flowing through my hair.
Free as can be..without a care.

As I walk, I close my eyes, and begin to  smile.
Knowing I'll be in this state of mind, for awhile.

As birds fly overhead, in the shape of a V.
I sit up against the old Oak tree.

I look up at all the scattered white clouds.
And carefully listen to all of the peaceful sounds.

The birds singing, the wind whispering its quiet melody across the tree's leaves.
Taking in these my stressful head relieves.

As I toss some rocks into the crystal clear pond,
my inner thoughts begin to bond.

As I lay back now, relaxed. Basking in the warm sunshine,
Knowing that no matter what..everything will be fine.

As I lay here in the soft grass, beginning to unwind.
Thinking to myself..I like this state of mind.

Written by Taylor Brown

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 02, 2011, 10:54:58 PM »
"Very good Akemi!" Xenfis says to her. "I'm impressed with your improvements. Now lets see..first I wanna comfortable are you with a beam saber? Since I'll be going over hand to hand combat with you for now."

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