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Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on January 11, 2015, 09:13:33 PM »
What Am I.

What Am I? Well I will tell you.
It's a lot to take in, but all is true.

I have problems, but it doesn't hinder me.
Most I can handle, sometimes only to a certain degree.

I can be chaotic, and destructive.
Or take and build, learn. Constructive.

I could have the worst day, but I won't let you down.
I can't stand to see a dear friend frown.

People taunt and tease.
I don't mind, just don't go to far. Please.

I'm very creative, with vast imaginations.
One of my favorite things ever, to lay and match constellations.

I can be shy, and sometimes I want to just hide and disappear.
But its amazing what you find out about yourself in a year.

I care a lot, and I deal with situations more with emotion.
I take everything into thought, even a small notion.

Sometimes I care too much about what people think, do, or say.
It just clutters my head till I push it away.

But honestly, I just give my best. It's all I can do.
I'll give till I fall apart, or just get through.

So to you, what am I?
Someone you can easily pass? Or hard to come by?

Written by: Taylor Brown
Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on January 09, 2015, 09:41:43 PM »
Foggy Windows

I couldn't believe you said it, a simple three letter word. A word to relieve all the stress.

We set a date, a time and a place.
Then I watched you smile and walk away with such grace.

That day finally came, and I'm quite scared.
Am I ready? And I prepared?

Walking down the sidewalk, checking a few windows here and there.
Stupidly checking my hair.

It's kinda foggy outside, an the air has a chill.
As I set my eyes on the cafe, I get kind of a thrill.

Looks to me like I'm a tad early, but that's fine.
Feeling it start to sprinkle, as the sun does its best to shine.

Walking inside and finding my way to a comfy window seat.
Gazing out this foggy window, looking up and down the street.

Sitting there twiddling my thumbs, looking up at the clock for the time.
But that's when I hear it, the bell on the front door chime.

And looking up as you take the seat in front of me.
Just in the time as the waitress brings some tea.

Reaching up, drawing a funny face on the foggy glass.
Hearing you giggle, as we chat. Knowing, this moment will last.

Written by: Taylor Brown
The News / Recent Downtime
« Last post by Mifune Fuji on December 18, 2014, 06:58:31 PM »
Sonic had put the server onto a new IP block for ISP with his server and some things that were hosted on it were temporarily down for the duration. Everything is back up, but for those who may still have no access, DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours (usually within 24-48 hours) to take place and get updated. If for some reason some people still have issues, y'all can visit this link to find out how to flush DNS cache in Windows Vista/7. The site also has info on other Windows OS, in case Vista/7 is not your primary OS.
Roleplay Discussion / Re: Mysterious Shadow Elites - Discussion Topic
« Last post by Mifune Fuji on December 16, 2014, 10:28:08 PM »
As per my post here, this story is officially closed.
Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« Last post by Mifune Fuji on December 16, 2014, 10:00:28 PM »
I regret to inform the maybe 2/3 people that may still come back in the hopes that we'll continue this story, but no longer.

I have thought long and hard about my decision, but it unfortunately comes to an end today. From this day on, Mysterious Shadow Elites will no longer be written and the story is officially closed. Due to certain recent events the last few months, I've had to think on what I was going to do with this story, and future titles I plan to write and how I was going to go about them. Sad truth is, for one story I once enjoyed writing, may no longer be enjoyable and it pains me to have to close it down permanently.

I will not be going into the details as this is more of a personal matter that needs to be settled outside of the online community. I've already kicked off one person before for other reasons, I'm not going to do that mistake again. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to make this choice, even after almost 3 years of not a single post to the story... My job for 2 and a half years left me with little time to think, and then quitting it after a change in management and getting royally screwed over. I'm now having to rethink certain priorities in my own life since then and other recent occurrences that have happened that put a bit much on the pressure on my shoulders.

In closing, no more posts will be made. The topic will remain for anyone who does wish to see what was posted and how the story developed over time. I do want to apologize for all the delays, but again, certain things forced me to make some tough decisions and this one was sadly one of those. I hope y'all understand, and I'll see you in another story.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Personal] Never Ending Tides of War [17+]
« Last post by Mifune Fuji on December 02, 2014, 04:16:47 AM »
Update, I had a small brainstorm and I think I figured out how I can get this one rolling. I'm going to get some baseline stuff prepped and ready to go locally, have someone help me out with a few names and all that good stuff.

I'll think about updating my character page with my ex's characters, but I may not. I think what I'll do is utilize one more post in this topic as a list of all the characters that will be used in the story at some point in time, and as the generations go farther out, the story somewhat evolves from there. We'll see. With that out of the way, I apparently have a little bit of work to do.

Oh yeah, I'm sure someone may noticed this, I changed the title a little bit. Same idea gets across, but I think the current one more accurately reflects the way this story is going to roll. At least in my opinion.
Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on November 09, 2014, 10:09:53 PM »
Don't Let Them See

Don't let them see, don't let them smell your fear.
Hold your ground, as much as they may sneer.

Don't let them see. Turn and hide.
Don't show them how much you've cried.

People will hurt you and say lots of mean things.
As they try to tie you, and pull you with strings.

Don't give in, don't give them power.
Even in your most dire hour.

Constantly putting you down.
Try not to frown.

Everything will be okay.
Though, through your eyes, things seem a tad grey.

Just don't let them see, what's inside.
About how much they make you feel like you've died.

You're better then them, and you will prevail.
Shelter yourself from their hail.

Don't let them see, what they have done.
Don't let them think, that they have won.

Written By: Taylor Brown
Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on October 27, 2014, 12:39:01 AM »
I'll Never

I know I'm human, and there's only so much I can do.
But there's things I'll never do. These things I say, are true.

I'll never lead you astray, or let you frown.
I'll do my best, not to let you down.

I'll never hurt, nor bring you harm.
I have such a kind nature, it's kinda my charm.

I'll never break, or destroy your dreams.
Let the ideas burst from the seems.

I'll never put you down, or call names.
Honestly no one gets anywhere with childish games.

I'll never abandon you, or make you feel alone.
I'll sit and talk with you for hours, even on the phone.

I'll never say mean things, or raise my voice.
I think it's a great choice.

I'll never let your heart break, or crack in two.
I'll see to it, that you get through.

I'll never make you cry, that I can make sure.
I'll never run, we will endure.

Written By: Taylor Brown

Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on October 21, 2014, 10:25:32 PM »
Waiting In The Dark
Waiting in the shadows, where light can not pass,
Walking up to a wall, made of crystal glass.
Beating on it repeatedly, making tiny cracks.
Telling my mind to calm.. relax.
Giving it all I got, with one final blow.
Watching the wall fall, ever so slow.
One barrier down, many more to go.
Churning through this journey, alone.
This new barrier is a lot tougher.
I can tell that something is unfortunately going to suffer.
Insides racing at a million miles an hour.
As the darkness grows, I can fell my emotions start to cower.
Trying to break me down, and watch me fall.
Just trying to give it my all.
New days bring a new wall.
Some just get bigger. Quite tall.
But I just put on a smile, and wait in the dark.
Waiting for enough strength for the empowering spark.
To break the wall and make it crumble.
Even if it will cause me to stumble.
So I'll just wait in the dark, for that one ray of light.
Wait... for the day I will finally win the fight..
Written by Taylor Brown
Poetry / Re: [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« Last post by WingZero0079 on August 22, 2014, 11:16:42 PM »
The Condensed Bottle

A crystal bottle made of glass, one that you call your own.
One made from spirit, not exactly blown.

Day in and day out, you'll stuff things inside.
But as much as you stuff, it will not get wide.

Another bad day, another emotion to set away..
Setting it aside, to reflect, and pray.

This bottle can only undergo so much stress.
As you press, and press.. and press.

Finally getting stuffed to it's brim.
Things are starting to look a tad, grim.

The thought, “Oh I could fit a little more in”..
That, is where it will begin.

Holding the concealed bottle as tight as you can.
It now has a very short life-span..

Your body trembles and your hands begins to shake.
The bottle slips and falls..and begins to...break.

Cracks race from end to end dismantling the bottle.
Chaos begins, at full throttle.

This isn't what you hoped for, this isn't what you planned.
Feeling overwhelmed, too much to withstand.

Looking at the shattered mess around you,
What to do?

Sometimes it's best to let things be.
As much as you may want to plea.

Just know that you'll be okay, and be brave.
Don't let this mess be your grave.

Hold your head up, and don't be afraid.
All the pain..will degrade.

Written By: Taylor Brown
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