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Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 11, 2010, 01:29:48 AM »
"SERIOUSLY!?... this shit again?" she says angered. "well whatever guess ill have to eat what i can again... maybe this is a sign or something."

She finishes eating and heads back to her quarters.

"well theirs nothing to do, guess ill just go look around the base for a bit."

She walks around the base, theirs not many people around, most of them are still in the cafeteria, and she doesn't really feel like going back their, still sickened by the food she ate. She catalogs what the base has to offer for entertainment.

A gym, Cafeteria if you consider eating fun, a common room which has a tv in it that is normally set on the news, a shooting range, etc. etc.

she makes a big yawn "Today seemed like a long day, I think I'm going to go turn in early"

She makes her ways back to her quarters. Flops on her bed and falls asleep, as early as it is.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 10, 2010, 03:30:38 PM »
Lenneth still sits at her terminal. Her stomach grumbles. "hehe, guess I'm a lil hungry now." She gets up and leaves her quarters and makes way for the Cafeteria.

As she gets to the cafeteria, their are lots of people here. "hmmm, its a little croweded" she says as she stands in line to get her food. "I'm feeling lucky I think I'm going to get the Surprise special again"

She gets up to the cook and gets the special.

"Now to find a place to sit.."

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 08, 2010, 07:52:31 PM »
Lenneth sits in front of her terminal in her quarters, going over specs of the Valkyrie some more. She does this for quite awhile.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:47:49 PM »
After entering the hanger, and doing all the post-flight checks, Lenneth gets out of the cockpit. "Well Valkyrie, I think you and I will get along very nicely... I'll see you soon, I have to go turn in the report." she says aloud, talking to Valkyrie and then walking away to go debrief.

In the Debrief, Lenneth was commended for her test-flight performance and put on standby for missions.
"you did a good job lieutenant, please get some rest for today, tomorrow you will be on standby." the commander says to Lenneth. "Dismissed"

"Yes sir!" she salutes and then walks away towards her quarters.


Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 04, 2010, 10:15:21 PM »
"Whoa!" she screams as the Valkyrie flies quickly forward. "Damn, this thing has got some power"

"Time to see what we can do!" she says excitedly doing a high-speed maneuver while simultaniusly attacking preset targets with her blade.

She went through several test with the Valkyrie. Speed Test, Maneuverability tests, Weapons test for the custom blade, and a timed trial course at which she set the new record . Through the testing, the Valkyrie also tested Lenneth. Her ability to maneuver at high speeds, focus, ability to think quickly, etc.

The tests end, and she heads back towards the hanger.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: February 01, 2010, 12:17:33 AM »
BLEEEEEEEEEEP. A loud sound pierces Lenneths ears as she wakes up tumbling to the floor of the cockpit.  "damn what the hell, can't a girl get a bit of sleep..." she says getting back up looking at the screen..

A coughing sound is heard coming from the screen. "Oh.... Commander I... I was just familiarizing myself with the suit.... heh heh heh heh" she says laughing meekly trying to get out of any of trouble.

"Anyway, lieutenant, at least you are on time. It is 1400 hours, it is time to start the test flight for the Valkyrie. Are you ready?"

"Yes Sir!" she replies.

"Very well, you have a go." he says.

"Yes Sir!" she says again.

The channel closes. "Alright, time to see what you got Valkyrie!" she says as she activates the suit.

On the Screen

Boot Sequence Initiated.....

Loading Project Valkyrie.....


Welcome Lenneth

The cockpit goes black and the Valkyries visual sensors activate.The cockpit lights up. She can now see the hanger outside of the cockpit.

"Alright" she says maneuvering the suit to the outside of the hanger... "systems check" she says as she moves the joints and the wings a bit to making sure everything is working properly.

"All Systems are green!"

A voice is heard on the comm, "Lenneth you are cleared for launch"

"Launching!" she says excitedly as she moves thrusters to full.....

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 31, 2010, 02:51:19 AM »
Lenneth sits in Valkyries cockpit, still telling stories. "Hmm... if only you could talk back." she says at the end of one of her stories.  "That way we could get to know each other better."

She sighs. "Seems like their is still quite a bit of time till 1400 hours. You don't mind if i take a nap till its time do you?" she says smiling closing her eyes. "That's good, wake me up when its time" she falls asleep.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 30, 2010, 01:07:42 AM »
Lenneth walks into the hanger, in front of her stands Valkyrie. Their are mechanics bustling about the hanger preparing the Valkyrie for the test flight. One of the mechanics comes up to her.

"Your the new pilot? aren't you a little early? the test flight still isn't for a little while."

"yes, your right." she replies. "However I just wanted to get to know her a little bit before I fly her... Is that okay?"

The mechanic looks her over. "Well i guess that would be okay, just don't get in our way." He says and darts back off to work.

She nods to him before he darts off. She moves over to where Valkyrie is and stands in front of it. "Hello, Valkyrie" she says putting her hand on Valkyrie. " I am going to be your pilot from here on out, I hope we work well together... No I am sure that we will work well together."

She gets up into the cockpit, and enters it, sits in the seat. "well let us start getting more acquainted with each other" she says as she starts looking over the controls. " I guess I'll start by telling you a story about myself. Long ago when i was little...."

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 29, 2010, 12:25:30 AM »
There, Lenneth sits by herself in the cafeteria of the base, looking at her portion of food that she just got. "This stuff looks terrible, i knew i shouldn't of gotten the surprise special today." she mutters to herself. " I thought today would of been a lucky day today. Whoever thought up... Surprise special needs to be throw in a ditch." she says to herself with a sarcastic snicker. She tries to eat what she can, but only manages to force about half of it down.

Lenneth sits in the briefing room, after eating in the cafeteria, listening to the briefing for the test flight.  "lieutenant, please report to the hanger at 1600 hours for test flight of the Valkyrie." "Yes sir!" she replied and left the briefing room.  The briefing lasted no more than 45 minutes.

She makes her way to the changing room and walks in. She is the only one in the room. She makes her way to her locker that was assigned to her. She opens the locker and takes out the new flight suit that was made for her. She takes her clothes off to change into the flight suit. " Well hopefully the meal I had today isn't some kind of sign or something I hope. Would suck if I screwed up my first assignment on the first day... Hopefully I am just over thinking things." she says to herself while changing.

After putting on the flight uniform, she puts her other clothes into the locker and shuts it. She makes her way towards the door to start heading for the hanger, to meet her new mobile suit, the Valkyrie.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:00:14 AM »
Lenneth opened her eyes, as she wakes in an unfamiliar setting, "uugh" she moans, "I hate waking up, im definitely not a morning person." She gets ready to go and eats breakfast. She looks at the time. "Oh damn, im late, uugh, and today's the day I start my new position." she says as she rushes out the door.

She arrives on the Zeon base, on time amazingly, and heads to report to her commanding officer. As she enters his office, she salutes to him.

"At ease lieutenant. I am sure you know why you are here. Then let us get down to business. As of today you will be piloting our newest unit, the Valkyrie. You will get your briefing for your test flight at 1400 hours, you are dismissed." he says and salutes.

"Yes sir!" Lenneth says and salutes as well. She turns and leaves the office.

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