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General Discussion / Re: Humor Thread
« on: July 03, 2012, 08:41:38 PM »
MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! MY POOR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: April 20, 2012, 12:07:14 AM »
* Ryu puts a hole in the 120 days message

Renae sat near the window, enjoying some mashed potateos as she watched the bases workers go about their business. She could hear Sakura humming away, enjoying her food, and watching TV. A children's show was on that featured a strange square like character with only a pair of underwear on, a type of show that Renae was glad was no longer being circulated and was largely off the air, except in this case due to the channel running episodes of very old, and very outdated, children's show.

"Hey!" shouted Sakura with some annoyance in her tone. "That was a good show!"

"To you it might be, but I don't see anything great about watching a show with a creator whose butt is showing," said the older girl as she brought the remote with her over to the window, sitting right back down. Now, what was on TV had to deal with the universe, Renae heard the sound of her sister falling back against the bed sheets.

It took a bit of time, but Sakura quickly got over having her channel changed, and now seemed rather interested in the show that was now on. Seriously, why the heck would they make a children's show with a square like fool with his butt showing? Makes no sense to me.. and that song.... she shivered all over just thinking about it.

Finishing off her food, and tossing the cup that had the potateos in it in a nearby trashbin. She looked over at her sister and curiously wondered if she should take the girl around for a moment, that would be after getting permission from her the commander of course..

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: May 27, 2011, 11:01:08 PM »
A gentle knock came to the door, Renae got up from her chair and walked over, opening it to find someone from the kitchen staff standing there with a box for her. "Thanks," she said to the man as he gave a light nod and walked away. She turned and closed the door and then walked over to the bed, Sakura was on all fours doing push ups.

"Eighty eight... eighty nine... ninety...." she grunted as she kept going.

Renae could hear the strain in her tone, she was disappointed that her little sister was having trouble doing pushups. Why was it I was able to do a hundred and sixty pushups by the time I was her age but she can barely do a hundred? I'll have to talk to her PE Coach... she shook her head. "Ok, that should be enough for now," she said as she opened the door.

Sakura hit the ground and let out a sigh of relief. "Sis.... your mean..." she whimpered as she felt pain fire through her shoudlers and feet.

"Mean?" Renae's upper eye-lid began to twitch as she turned toward her little sister. "You want mean eh?"

Sakura instantly shot up and began to shake her head. "No!" she said quickly, noticing an evil look on her big sisters face.

Renae glanced off to her side and folded her arms over her chest. "hmmm...." she was thinking and the grin remained even after she turned back to their box full of food and began to take some out, two drinks and some nice tasty chicken, mash potateos with gravy and vetegables.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: March 29, 2011, 09:22:19 PM »
Ranae had her hand on Sakura's head, running it through the girls hair. Within a few moments, Sakura's eyes slowly opened as she looked up at her sister. "Herro...." she muttered tiredly as she rubbed both of her eyes before sitting up.

As she sat there, Renae got up from the bed and walked over to the TV and turned it on. "Are you hungry?" she asked her little sister who nodded slowly. "In that case," she walked over and picked up the phone, dialing a number to see about having food delivered to the dorm room since she didn't want Sakura to be walking around right now.

Once she was done filing the order, she walked back over to the bed. "So, I hear you've been having problems," she said and glared at Sakura.

Sakura gulped, it was the type of tone and glare that usually accompanied a spanking or some form of serious grounding that she used to get before Renae joined the mercenaries.

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Roleplay Discussion / Re: Legend of the Snow Fox Tribe
« on: March 03, 2011, 09:41:04 PM »

Character Bios
Age: 12 months old
Gender: Female
Race: Fox
Element: Lightning
Height: Roughly 4'
Ears and color: Fox ears with small orange tabs of fur with a gold tip
Tail(s): Fox, twin tail with one tail not growing properly, thus is much smaller than the first. Has orange fur with a bloody red tip.
Facial Markings: Kumiko has several small scars and bruises on her face, including that goes across the eye socket.
Personality: (At this point, infant)
Clothing: (To be filled later)

About her:

Kumiko is a fox kit who is very shy, her family traveled plenty and rarely stayed in one place for very long, she lost her parents when she was just a baby and had been forced to raise herself despite impossible odds. She has great survival instinicts, but is also very reserved and doesn't speak to anyone. She is quite intelligent, however, despite her past and has learned how to read and write even though she has no family to support her. However, her shy nature, coupled with her suspicious viewing of others, has caused her to stay away from other foxes out of fear that they reject her - or worse - attack her. Kumiko has a deep seated fear of Viente, though the reasons are unclear.

Age: 34 years old
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Element: Fire
Height: Roughly 6'
Ears and color: Human ears, left ear is 'clipped' a bit
Tail(s): None
Facial Markings: Viente has several deep marks on her face, a testament to some attack she suffered.
Personality: Viente cares little for her fellow humans and actually prefers the company of nature to them, she has a kind personality but is not at all opposed to violence or cruelty and often displays such actions to those who intend to harm her.
Clothing: Wears a robe that is emblazened with runes and a variety of different elemental symbols.

About her:

Viente is the reason Kumiko can read and write, but Kumiko doesn't speak of Viente. Viente is a forest dweller and an outcast, preferring to stay out of the sight of her fellow humans since she has little care for their destructive nature. However, despite that, she has a split personality problem that causes her to act different one day, and again the next. This is the reason why she fled and prefers to stay hidden, though her cruel nature often realigns itself and causes quite a few problems for both humans and foxes alike.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: January 02, 2011, 11:04:03 PM »
"Is that so?" Said Renae as she listened to the person on the other end of the phone. For nearly ten minutes she talked casually and listened. "So her grades are pretty good, but her teacher is worried about her behavior?" she asked and then sighed. "Well, she is a kid after all, still if she continues to act up like that then she may have to be punished," she then turned toward her little sister and nodded. "Very well, thanks, I'll make certain to remind her to be a good girl," with that she hung up.

Sakura was still asleep, peacefully and pleasantly, unaware that Renae was there. Renae just didn't have it in her to wake Sakura up, she wanted this moment to last awhile.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: December 20, 2010, 11:16:31 AM »

Renae casually walked into the dormitory, noting the guard who was keeping an eye on the stairs. "Somethign wrong?" she asked since he apperently didn't notice someone come in. When he did he blinked, and then cleared his eyes.

"Just you're little sister, she's been trying to sneak out since this morning, keep catching her and such. No disrespect ma'am, but you should probably think about putting a leash on that girl," said the guard as he got up and tapped a keypad to open the doors.

Renae smiled. "She's a child still, and doesn't understand just how dangerous it is out there. She'll learn eventually, hopefully not the hardway," and with that she headed through the now open door.

Upstairs, she found one of her fellow mechanics just getting out of his room. He nodded at her and continued walking, when she got to her room she could hear the TV inside. She smiled, then opened the door. Her eyes set upon Sakura, who was asleep on the bed again, her thumb rather close to her mouth she noticed.

She walked into the room and saw the kitten curled up beside her and placed her hand on it, the cats tail twitched but he didnt open his eyes nor do anything else. She then walked over to her desk and sat down, and looked over at Sakura, she seemed rather peaceful this way. I have to wonder how her dorm-guardian is treating her, she pondered. Sakura may have been an upper student, but she was still an elementary kid, and thus the dormitories that she stayed in at school required her to live with a high-school student who served as her temporary guardian until she got into highschool. I guess I'll call her up and see, she said and picked up the phone and told the base operator what she would like to do and was told that she would have to filter through several lines so the call couldn't be traced. Renae said it was fine, and waited.

Anime Roleplaying / Re: [Private] [15+] Mysterious Shadow Elites
« on: December 13, 2010, 07:16:53 PM »

Sakura was scowling, annoyed with how she still couldn't get out. Four attempts, and all four were foiled by the attentive guard on duty. "You're more wild than my daughter, and she's seven," said the guard as he escorted Sakura back to the dorm.

When they got to the dorm, the guard opened the door and Sakura headed back in. "Now behave, or you may have to leave the base," he said and closed the door. Outside he shook his head. "Make's me wonder if Renae ever signed her up for daycare..." as he finished though he found out just how good Sakura's hearing was.

"I'm not a little kid!" Sakura shouted and turned toward the TV and grumbled. She sighed and flopped down onto the bed, turning the TV onto the news channel.

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Anime Roleplaying / Re: Rousen Time - Three Way War (Private)
« on: December 13, 2010, 12:57:21 PM »

Several hours soon pass, day turns into night as the rain continues to fall. Lightning crisscrosses the sky, hitting the ground in various spots.

In the forest, several red eyes moved from tree to tree, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

That moment came when a bolt of lightning crossed the sky and impacted a tree, splintering it into pieces and casting a ghostly red glow across the ground for many feet.

When the area darkened, movement could barely be seen from the forest as two legged and four legged things came running out. Small animals caught in their path were trampled while others scattered into various directions.

In her home, Sahari was sound asleep enjoying a dream, but the sound of a window shattering awoke her instantly as she sprang up and dragged the sword that was laying up against the wall. Several of her employees that had stayed behind had also been aroused by the noise.

"What was that?" one asked as he hefted a large mace.

"No clue, but it's downstairs," another one, this one wielding a sword and shield.

The crashing got louder, as book cases were thrown to the ground and more windows were shattered. Finally, something appeared at the foot of the stairs and turned up toward them. It's ghostly red eyes locking onto to them.

"W-what.. is.. that..." the one with the mace said as fear gripped him.


Violeta was very cold; freezing even. "This is the problem with having a light fur coat," she grumbled as she took her own cloak and placed it over her body for warmth.


Akari had made her way to Yume's room since she has a fright towards lightning. Yume, though... she had some sort of ear muffs to protect her ears from some of the cracks of thunder.

Akane had pulled on one side of the muffs lightly to ask a question, "Why do you have these?"

Yume turned her head and lowered the other side, "My ears are sensitive to sound," she began, rubbing one of her ears, "so I have to wear these during storms."

"Odd, your the first I've heard with that." Akane mentioned, seeming like she knew of others who have some sort of sensitivity, "I've heard of sight and taste, but not hearing."

Yume shrugs and puts the muffs back on, then lays down on the bed. "Mom.. come home soon..." She let out, sounding very worried.


Kyoto had been out all day, and it doesn't appear she will be returning home for the night. The storm had caught her by surprise and was in the forest when it really got heavy. She found an area under a tree that wasn't letting rain through, curling up to herself since she was deathly cold. "I.. c-can't... be-believe... this..." She stuttered, shivering as well.


Sahari raised her sword and sliced at the figure in front of her. The attack cleaved the body in half but strangely it dissolved into ash that floated in the air. "Huh?" she said as she watched the ash swiraling in the air.

"Outside!" Sahari heard someone shout, getting her mind off what she saw. She turned toward a broken window and saw hundred, if not more, of those things heading toward her farm.

"Great," Sahari said and slammed her sword into the floor boards. She clamped her hands together and made a series of fast motions that caused her sword to take on a firey aura. She quickly pulled it out of the boards, which strangely showed no signs of burning despite the sword being on fire.

Her door just seconds later was blown off it's hinges, half of it splintered apart and hit one of her employees in the chest - causing a deep gash. The employee staggered against the wall and slid down it as another attempted to heal the wound. Sahari herself raised her sword and made a motion that sent several of those things flying out of her door - and her roof - to which she grumbled at.

She breathed heavily as she stood there. "It's no good ma'am," she heard her fellow employee say. "I'm afraid the wound was to deep," she sighed before standing up. "What... are those things?" she asked.

"I heard rumors and only read them in books; but they look eerily like zombies..." stated Sahari as she pulled another sword out of thin air and raised it.


Kanami wasn't wearing the same clothing she had been, but rather a dry pair of pajamas. She slept peacefully beside Yume since her cot was still damp, she mumbled a few small things but for the most part, appeared to be having a pleasant dream.


Yume just laid there on the bed for now; she couldn't sleep due to the fact the lightning bothers her when she sees it.

Akari and Akane pondered on where to sleep, "So where can we sleep?" asked Akane.

"You can borrow my mother's room I guess, at least there it should be fine." Yume answered, staring at the ceiling.

The two girls walk to Kyoto's room and look around before sitting on the bed. "Tonight may be rough..." Akane said lightly.

"Yeah..." Akari followed, seemingly shaky of the weather right now.

"Is something wrong?" Akane was concerned about her, feeling her head for anything.

"Um, no... just that, the weather... messes with me..." Akari quietly answered.

Akane could only shrug, as she didn't know much of what she can do. She laid down on the bed for a bit to think of what her fellow students are doing right now.


Sahari ducked as one of the zombies swung at her, she then brought her sword up and parried another attack before plunging her sword into the zombies chest - causing it to be reduced to ashes. "These zombies... there.... kitsune," she said panting.

She grumbled though as she looked at two of her employees, both of which had been the first two attacked and where killed instantly. She had closed their eyes before going on the offensive.

Now she found herself and her two remaining employees pushed out into the ran. The growling, howling, and grumbling sounds. A chill went down Sahari's back as she watched the zombies surround them, but it was what her ears were picking up on that was chilling her blood.

The sound of metal being beat on made her turn toward one of the secured sheds. The doors had been torn open and zombies had poured into them. "Oh no..." she said as she brought her sword up. "We need to stop them!" she shouted as she began to swing her sword at the zombies in an effort to cut a path.


Soon after the zombies had broken through the shed, a flaming wall of fire hurtles towards a partial group of the zombies to wipe a portion of them out. The actual person who initiated the wall remained hidden within the trees, not to reveal themselves.

"Seems like my help is needed." Called out a voice, sounding like a female from the distance.


Sahari blinked when she saw the group get blasted away, she was slightly confused, but then passed it on as one of her own doing something. "Almost.. al---" she said before her ears picked up a high pitch sound coming from the barn. "Back! BACK!" she shouted, skidding to a halt and turning one hundred and eighty degrees.

They ran away from the shed as the pitch got louder and louder.

Inside, several tanks were being beat on by zombies who were putting dents into what was supposed to be reinforced metal. Each banging resulted in the sound getting louder and louder, particles of various colors were thrown out of small fissures that were forming until the case's could no longer take the punishment.

A massive explosion erupted out of the barn, lighting up the sky and everything for miles around, and incenerating the barn and everything within a hundred feet. A blast wave of pure magic rushed out of the explosion and slammed into Sahari and her friends, throwing them harshly onto the ground and knocking them out cold.

The zombies that had been massed were instantly vaporized in the explosion, all except one that managed to melt away into the forest.

A plum of ionized gas rose into the air, visible all around, the gas was an odd assortment of red, blue, and orange and rose into the air for several miles.

Multiple smaller explosion cascaded through the farm; as other tanks of several gas located in other barns detonated under the intense heat, only adding to the already present fires and toxic fumes that permiated the grounds.


Kanami had been scared out of her dream when the first explosion occured, she sat up and instantly covered her ears in pain.


Before the blast occurred, the mysterious person had already fled to escape the brunt force of the shockwave that would later come from the initial explosion. Once the person was on the ground, the hood from the cloak got blown off to reveal that it was indeed Aeris that came to help, "I was a bit too late, careless of me..." she scoffed. She got onto the ground to avoid the upcoming blast.


Kyoto wasn't too near the farm itself, but close enough that, when the explosion occurs, it would hurt her own ears as it would for many others. She quickly covered her ears to try and shield out most of the sound as much as she could. Luckily, the tree she was leaning on shielded her for some of the shockwave so she doesn't endure any sort of pain. What.. the hell... was that... She thought to herself, wondering what could be going on.


Unfortunately for Yume, her ear muffs couldn't shield out most of the sound, and once it passed by, she bolted to sit up and immediately took off the ear muffs and screamed out in pain as she covered her ears. The pain was much, much worse than before, causing more blood to flow down.


Akane and Akari were somewhat lucky. Akari had somehow made a weak, yet effective barrier of wind and ice to drown out the sound enough to take off half of it's force. Though they did have to shield their ears, it wasn't terribly bad for them. The moment the barrier disappears, for only lasting a few short seconds, Akari had fainted, not knowing what she actually did.

Akane was quite surprised as to what Akari could do. She rubbed her own ears to help soothe the little pain she had and pulled Akari so her head would be on a pillow. "That was odd, but... worthwhile." She said calmly, then got up to go to Yume's room to figure out what's going on with her.


Violeta had moved, the moment she saw the bright flash in the distance she had fled the safety of her shelter and ran toward it. Though faint, she could smell blood in the air coming from the direction of what was now occuring.

She had made herself flat against the ground, but felt it in her bones as the shockwave raced across the ground and into the distance. She heard screams of surprise from a nearby village, but ignored them as she continued toward the farm. When she arrived, she found Sahari and several Kitsune passed out on the ground.

"Damn," she cursed and knelt down. She ws happy that they all had a pulse, but the nearby whisling sound got her attention as she carefully carried everyone and placed them in a single location before bringing up a barrier.

Another explosion, this one roughly half the size of the first and also only half as loud, occured. A plum of red smoke rose into the air accompanied soon after by another shockwave that polverized the remaining buildings in the area.

Her barrier tingled with energy as the explosion interacted with it; she grunted from the pain as some peices of the shockwave breached the barrier and cut across her skin.

When the shockwave subsided and only mini-explosions remained from the tiny amounts of canisters that littered the area, which popped when they reached a certain tempreture, Violeta was able to rest but as she did so her tongue picked up on an odd taste in the air that instantly made her gag.

She instantly placed a hand on her throat while using the other to stay upright. "T... toxic fumes..." she managed to say as she brought her staff closer to her and chanted a spell. Seconds later she, along with Sahari and the others, were teleported out of the farm and a good distance away near the shelter that Violeta had been in. In the distance, Violeta spotted several violent explosions taking place due to her teleport spell interacting with the toxic cloud.

"Man.. what.. the hell were they storing there...." she coughed in an attempt to clear her throat.


Kanami had been holding her ears still but the secondary explosion was enough to cause her to pass out. She fell limp onto the bed on Yume's lap as small droplets of blood dripped onto her cheek.


From his safe house, the elder watched the raging fires. "Alert the other elders! Get teams out there to clear those fires!" he ordered and his guards took off.

If anyone was paying a close enough attention; they might've noticed a small grin appear on his face.


"Yume, what's wrong?" Akane asked again, trying to figure out what's going on.

Yume shook her head, as she could barely hear Akane's voice at all. The first explosion was enough to make her partially deaf in her ears. She tried to point to her ears to try and convey are sort of message to Akane, but it didn't seem like she got the message.

After a few moments of trying to figure out what's going on, Yume pushed Kanami off of her lap and got up to head into the bathroom. She proceeded to clean herself off again, but going to have a bit more difficulty due to most of the blood that doesn't appear to want to stop.

Akane went over to the bed to look at Kanami, then put one hand into one of her pockets to get a cloth out and began to wipe the blood off of Kanami's face. "This will be troublesome. Akari who fainted, Yume whose ears are bleeding, and now another girl who fainted." She sighed, "Am I the only one who can tolerate this stuff?" she asked to no one, apparently talking to herself.


After the initial explosions, Kyoto slowly stood up to look around, rubbing her ears to ease the pain that she was having. Looking around, she saw nothing and then began to worry about Yume.

With the storm over for now, Kyoto also happened to notice how suddenly the skies cleared out from where she was, despite the smoke in the distance. Then she decides to make a run for it to get back home. She was certain that the girls were worrying about her, and the fact she wants to get home quickly before she has a possibility of getting sick out here.


As wtih Kyoto, Aeris had also stood up from being on the ground for a bit to lessen the brunt of the shockwave on her. She looked around for a few minutes before walking towards the farm. Just like Violeta, she ended up covering her nose with her cloak to shield from the fumes that was emanating from the area. She did a small investigation to see if she can see anything out of place, but nothing seemed to have stood out in front of her. Except, for one simple fact: the weather.

She decided it'd be best to leave the place without doing anything, then ran off to get a safe distance away before removing her cloak from her nose. "I don't believe this area gets this much rain as it does..." She concluded, "But if that's the case, then who, or what, is causing these unnatural patterns." For the time being, she kept this information to herself and disappeared into the darkness, not to be seen for now.


Violeta knelt there for several minutes whilst catching her breath; she looked to either side of her, the ones she rescued were still unconcious but thankfully out of harm. "This will take some days to clean up," she said before coughing up some blood. She looked at her and noticed the crimson color before flicking it away.


Kanami's eyes opened; small specks of blood present on the corners of her eyes. She had a hard time seeing out of her left eye, noticing that her vision was severely off.

"M... my eyes...." she commented as she placed her hands over them, closed, and reopend them but found her left to be blurry and her right to be even more blurry. "I.. c..can't very well..." she whimpered as she rubbed her eyes in an effort to clear them.


Akane had stopped Kanami from rubbing her eyes too much, "Stop, it'll only make them worse." she said to her. "Now, what is exactly going on?" She asked, since she wanted to know if she could help.

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Anime Roleplaying / Re: Rousen Time - Three Way War (Private)
« on: December 13, 2010, 12:56:47 PM »

Kyoto soon finished cleaning the dishes and then made a different lunch for Yume who should be up after resting. She took a bit of extra time since she needs a slightly different diet for a couple days when Yume's ears bleed. Afterwards, she took it to Yume's room, while Yume was sitting up looking out the window, "Stormy, isn't it?" Kyoto noted.

"Seems that way, but didn't you say..." Yume said, a little quietly, but didn't finish her sentence.

"I did, but I'm starting to believe something is unnatural." Kyoto said, placing the food on the nightstand next to the bed. "Here's a bit of lunch for you, make sure to eat as much as you can." She said to Yume.

"I know..." Yume annoyingly said.


Sahari stared at the storm; lightning fired out and into the ground just a few miles away. "Are the barns and storage sheds secure?" she asked her friend who nodded in return.

She headed into the house and then told her employees they may leave; most of which did but some decided to stay a few more hours to finish up some work.


Kanami grumbled as the dream of Satashi came back to her; she began to mumble words such as 'no' and 'don't do it' and 'please'


Kyoto left Yume's room to sit next to Akari on the couch, "Anything else you'd like to tell me?" she asked her.

Akari only shook her head, as she didn't want to say anything much further for now. "I'm better.. for now..." She let out a few minutes later.

"I'll be here if you need anything." Kyoto said, then got up to walk into the kitchen.

Akane followed in while she has a moment alone with Kyoto, "I thought.. I'd explain now about why I'm here..." she finally said, since she didn't want anyone else to know.

Kyoto was cleaning the counters, but could listen as well, "Go on, I'm listening." And with that, Akane explains everything from the point of being chased up until now.


Kanami continue to rustle on the cot, her dream getting more and more intense.


Violeta was half way out the city when the storm finally arrived just half a mile away. The winds wiped up the fine dirt on the ground and spiraled it through the air, but not in the form of a wind funnel. "This'll be an electrical storm," she said and scanned the area for shelter and soon sighted upon a guard shake. "Guess I'll take cover for the time being," she stated.


Kyoto and Akane end up talking for around 15 minutes total about what's going on with her, "Hm, not uncommon, but it does make me wonder..." Kyoto pondered over the thought for a while. "I imagine I may have to go out soon, so will you be fine here?" Kyoto then asked.

"Yeah. I use fire to enhance my physical abilities, since it's not all that strong wrong right now." Akane said to her, sitting down on the chair at the table.

Yume later finishes her lunch. She ate rather slowly since she was staring out the window; plus she doesn't like storms at all. She hoped that it would go away soon, but it doesn't seem it's going to let up anytime soon.


"No... no... no..." Kanami continued to mumble as she rustled more on her cot. "Stop... please... don't...."


On the hill overlooking the farm, a man riding on a horse kept an eye on the storm. Behind him he spied four mages who were hard at work creating the storm that was above them. He watched the storm as it spread out in all directions, the lightning only getting worse as the minutes ticked by. "Keep going," the man said and turned back to the farm. "After nightfall, you can start up the tornado and lay waste to the area," he smiled.

His horse, however, wasn't very stable as it moved around in a startled like state. "What's wrong girl?" he said as he patted the side of her head. He then looked up and searched the area. "Somethings out there thats spooking the horse..." he said and kept a vigil eye.


"Alright, please stay here, I will trust you with the girls here." Kyoto said, as she finishes up the cleaning. "Try and get Akari to Yume's room." She said afterwards.

"Yeah, I guess." Akane acknowledge. Waiting for now.

About another 5 minutes later, Kyoto ends up finishing the cleaning and heads to the door, "Just tell everyone I'm out." she calls out to Akane and then leaves for an undetermined time.

"By myself, sorta. Oh well, lot better than being out there." Akane pointed out to herself, then walked to the living room to sit next to Akari. "Um, mind if I ask what you are?" Curious to know about her odd colorations.

Akari shook her head for now, "I'll tell... later maybe, but not now..." she whispered.


Rain started to fall; running down the roofs and onto the ground. Inside, Kanami continued to have her bad dream. She kept mumbling to herself and gripping her bed sheets until finally something snapped. Her hands lit up with such a blue intensity that several icicles fired out of her sheets and toward Yume, while most missed, one didn't and slashed across her face.

She shot up, her face full of prespiration. She breathed quickly as if scared out of her mind. Unknown to her, water from her accidential attack that hadn't frozen, was pooled around her waist and damping her clothing, but also seeping through the cot and onto the ground.


Violeta had was sitting on the chair when her ears perked up and her senses engaged, she quickly snapped her head in the direction of Kyoto's house. "Odd... could've sworn I felt.. something..." she said.


The one icicle that cut Yume went across her lower left cheek. She quickly felt it and put her hand over it to not let too much blood come out. She turned her head a bit to stare at Kanami, a bit surprised at what happened. "Um, are you.. ok?" She asked.

Akane, feeling a small disturbance in the air, decided to get up and walk to Yume's room. She pokes her head in, "Uh..... what's going..... on.." she wondered, but doesn't know if she wants to hear the answer.

"Oh, this happened before I think..." Yume noted, then slowly got off her bed to get to Kanami's level. "Alright, what's wrong now?" She asked lightly.


Kanami kept on breathing until she turned to Yume. "D...dream.... S...Satashi...." she whimpered as tears began to flow from her eyes. She lowered her head before her eyes noticed her damp clothing.

She stared at it before her mind clicked and made her think of something completely different from what really happened. "I.... er... I had.... er..." she tried to say but shook her head and continued to cry.


Yume patted on Kanami's head a couple times, "You want to take a bath?" she asks, to see if it may help.

"Mmm, ok, I'll just wait in the living room." Akane said leisurely, then did as she said and walked back to the living room to sit on the couch. Odd place, but it is better than nothing, especially from those wolves... She thought to herself, shivering from the thought of the wolves.


"Pleaseeeeee..." Kanami said in a small pleading manner with her head held low.


Yume grabs onto her hand and brings her up, "Then come on, no need to be shy." She takes Kanami to the bathroom to start the bath.

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Kanami blinked and turned toward Akane and thought about her question. "I... don't remember," was all she said before turning her attention back to the clouds.


"We found her." Kyoto called out from the kitchen. She begins to set the table up for everyone, leaving Yume out for now. I'll just bring her some food later. She thought to herself, figuring out what to make for her.

The sudden call-out made Akane jump. "That... Freaks... Me... Out..." Rather annoyed for being scared so easily.

"What about you?" Akari asked Akane, wondering where she could be from.

"I'm part of a training group in the northern area." Akane answered, "But, I sorta... got separated from the rest of them." adding on to what she initially said.


"Do you.. have a mamma?" asked Kanami, though she didn't turn to address her.


Deep in the forest, the elder shook his head as he looked over the remains of a kitsune. "Man... poor guy," he said and knelt down and looked at the general surroundings. "Well, his usefulness was over with anyway. Now we just have to wait and see how many villages get ravaged before the people begin to think it was the humans," he grinned as he picked up a necklace that lay in the sand between some bones and then pocketed it before heading off.

As he walked he heard an odd growling sound in the distance and grinned. "Tonight... that farm should be hit first," his grin broadened.


Akane was sorta caught off guard by the sudden question, "Well, we all do. Though, my mom is doing.. other things..." Though it took her a while to answer, she did.

Now, Akari got a sudden moment of remember about her mom, and then a few tears ended up rolling down her cheeks. She started to wonder how she was doing, but without any way to return, she started to break down.

"Uh.. um..." Akane couldn't think of anything to say.

Kyoto's ears perked up hearing the sniffling from Akari. She stopped what she was doing and walked out, "What's wrong now?" she wondered.

Akane just shrugs, "We were asked about our mothers, but..." she didn't want to go any further.

For now, Kyoto went over to Akari, got on her knees and looked at her, "Now, calm down. I'm sure everything will be alright." trying to calm her down. Kyoto pats her head a bit. Though, to her demise, it doesn't seem to work. "Akane, was it? Would you mind setting the table up if you can?" She asked of her.

"I suppose." Akane said, then went to the kitchen to finish setting the rest of the table. "Though, now I'm wondering what's going on..." Akane mumbled.

While Akari and Kyoto sit together, Akari begins to explain about her situation to Kyoto as to what's going on. Taking many moments of silence to catch her breath to calm down enough to continue.


Kanami sighs and turns inward to the room before heading into the kitchen. "Kyoto.. whats lunch?" she curiously asked.


"Nothing special, unlike dinner later today." Kyoto replied. Then she got back to listening to Akari.


Violeta sighed as she walked down the path leading to the village. "First human raiders, now undead zombies... what's next? Revolting Kitsune? Man I hope not," she said.

Scanning the sky, Violea became aware of the distant lightning that was striking almos once every few seconds. "Man.. talk about a bad storm," she said and pulled her hood up over her and placed her staff inside a very long cloth that she attached to her back.


Kanami nodded and with that turned her attention back to the storm that was approuching.


Sahari wiped her forehead of the sweat that had accomulated. "That was fun," she said sarcastically as she poured the contents of a medicine jar into a pot and began a small fire. "Now to let this cook for a few hours."

She strolled out of the kitchen then and onto the patio where she spotted the incoming storm. "Man, I can tell tonights going to be another one of those nights," she said while cleaning her hands off with a cloth. As she turned she stopped when her ears picked up an odd howling in the distance. "The wolves must've found dinner," she said before disappearing into her home.

Nearby in the forest, several sets of red hellish eyes watched the farm.


Akari and Kyoto finish talking for the time being, with Akari hunched over on the couch. Kyoto stands up and walks to the window, "Another storm... Ruins that plan.." she sighed. "Come on, let's all get some lunch and I'll figure something out for dinner." She said after a small pause, then walked to the kitchen.

Akari followed after thinking to herself for a few more minutes, but didn't say anything since she wants to keep silent for now.


Kanami stays silent as she pushes off the window sill and follows Kyoto into the kitchen, she then takes a seat at the table, but her mind focuses on the doorway. "Wonder Yume alright..." she ponders to herself.


Violeta stared at the village in the distance. "Well.... now comes the hard part," she sighed frustratingly and continued her walk.


"She'll be fine. This has been going on for a few years now." Kyoto said to Kanami, "Besides, you need to eat." She followed up.

"What's the deal with finding her anyway?" Akane asked, wondering where Kanami comes from.

Kyoto takes a few bites of her food first, before answering, "Yume had gone to the forest, and I went out there soon after. Next thing we know, we find her in a bit of trouble, so we took her with us. Though, in reality..." She paused for a moment, not knowing how Akane may take this extra bit of news.

"In reality..." Akane pushed, trying to get Kyoto to finish her sentence.

"How can I put it... She is.. a white kit..." Kyoto finally let out.

Akane's eyes went a bit wide, "Uh, you know they are banished, right?" she warned.

"I'm aware..." Kyoto started, taking another bite, "but I wasn't going to let her stay the way she was. The elder would have to think twice before he may mess with us anyway..."

Akane tilted her head, "What for?" she asked, before taking a few bites of her food.

Kyoto gave a long pause before she decided to answer that question. "Unlike... the others, my brother, Yume, and I... we have royal blood in our bodies..." She wasn't necessarily thrilled of talking about it, "But, we don't think we're better than anyone else, especially my brother.."

"That....." Akane didn't really finish what she was going to say, and decided to continue eating.

"Royal.. blood?" Akari came out, but in a quiet tone.

Kyoto only nodded and continued to eat her food as well.


Kanami stayed quiet throughout the whole thing until after Kyoto was done before saying. "Forest was... lonesome..." she said and placed her fork down. "And scary.... but Kanami not alway alone," she added before taking a bite out of her food.

She let it settle for a second before saying more. "Satashi..." she stopped suddenly and then shook her head, in the process tears flew out of her eyes as she fought back a memory of something.


"It's fine to be scared." Akane mentioned, "We all get scared of something."

A few moments pass before Kyoto heard the name Kanami let out, "Sa...tashi? Who might that be?" she wondered.

"Beats me, but..." Akane mentioned, pointing to Kanami who seemed to want to cry.

Kyoto sighed, This is going to be one hectic day for me. She stood up and walked over to Kanami, got on her knees and patted Kanami's head, "Now now, what's wrong?" trying to comfort her.


Tears flowed from Kanami's eyes as the memory of her friend replayed.


"Satashi!" Kanami giggled as her and another girl her age were gathering flowers from around a tree.

Satashi sighed and looked over her shoulder. "Kanami.. keep quiet ok?" she said and Kanami ducked down and smiled innocently.

The two girls continued to collect the flowers until a rustling noise got their attention; their ears perked up and then shifted their gaze toward a set of bushes.

After a few seconds three men came out wearing armor; the armor clanked as they approuched the two kits. Satashi instantly rose to her feet and ran to shield Kanami.

"Oh ho..." one man said and laughed. "What have we here? Two white kits... how nice.." he lowered his spear and aimed it at Satashi who showed no fear and didn't flinch at the sight of the spear.

"Well now, seem's we have a toddler here who is not afraid of you boss," another man, this one holding a sword and shield said with a gruff and a laugh.

Their boss rolled his eyes before bring his spear up; then made a quick motion and wacked the bottom of the spear into Satashi's chest, several things cracked and Satashi found herself slamming against a tree. She slid down onto the flower back, and felt something warm and liquad begin to puddle around her - whatever it was - it was red.

Kanami ran over to her friend. "R-run... K... Kan.... Kanami...." Satashi said whilst coughing up blood. Kanami shook her head and wanted to stay, but Satashi said a few choice words that made Kanami nod. "" she coughed somemore before Kanami ran off in tears.

The three men laughed their manical laugh before approuching a half dead Satashi. "Shall we finish the club?"

"Let's..." the last said.

Kanami watched from a tree; and promptly threw up.


That action was nearly repeated when she got out of her dream like state; she grabbed her mouth and held whatever she had in her stomach back in, but the tears still flowed. "Satashi...." she said through sobs.


Kyoto reacted quickly before things got out of hand. She reached into her kimono, pulled out a rag that had some sort of powder, used a free hand to remove Kanami's hands from her mouth and placed the rag over her mouth and nose. The powder was only made to knock Kanami out, as if to rest. "Thank you.. brother, for this..." She lowly mumbled.

"What was that stuff?" Akane asked, getting a small whiff of the smell.

"Just something my brother made." Was all Kyoto answered with, since how to make it was a family secret. "Now I have two girls who need rest..." She sighed, picked up Kanami and walked into Yume's room. She placed Kanami on the futon, then walked out to clean the table and the dishes.

Akari had been done with her food, and went to sit on the couch, or actually, lay down from what went on before lunch started. She ended up getting lost in thought about what to do and what would happen once she gets back home.


Violeta grumbled as she watched the elder seemingly not care about her warning. She had managed to catch up to him as he entered the village, but the scent she got off him was worryingsome. Why does he smell like death itself? she had asked herself at the time.

"So, will you are least tell the village militia to keep their eyes on the forest?" said Violeta.

The elder yawned and then shook his head. "Your concerns are pointless, there is no such thing as 'undead' as you call them, and thus we have nothing to worry about," he said in an unconcerned tone.

"Ughs, how can you be so calm about this? There is clear-" Violeta said before one of the Elders guards lowered his spear at her.

"Didn't I just say, no?" he said to hier, this time in a more authoritive tone. "Now, get lost...."

Violeta growled under her tongue before turning and leaving, not bothering to bow in respect since in her mind he didn't deserve it. Her lack of it though wasn't lost on the guards who attempted to stop her but were meet with her staff in their faces, they promptly backed down as she left the Elders house.

She made her way into the village and scowled. "Idiot...." she said and went off to warn the other villages.

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As she made her way through the forest she kept an eye on her surroundings and found that there were no signs of anyone or anything except for the occastional animal that had come out of hiding.

She used her nose and followed the scent until she saw those had fled in the distance. She quickened her pace to catch up while her staff was leveled precisely on her shoulder with one hand on it to keep it still.


Kanami liked being carried; but she was still scared after what happened. "Kyoto... they gone?" she asked her.


"Yes, they are." Kyoto replied to Kanami, coming up to her home. "Oh, what was your name again?" She asked to the girl walking next to her.

"Oh right... It's Akane." Akane answered.

"I'm Kyoto, my daughter is Yume, and this here is Kanami." Kyoto said back to her. She got back to the door of her home and proceeded to go inside, "Make yourself at home. I have to check one or two things." Kyoto mentioned to Akane, set Kanami on her feet and went to Yume's room.

Akane decided to go into the living room to sit on the couch and look around. A bit simple, but.. nice, I suppose... She thought to herself, wondering what else might be inside.


"Well now, nice looking home," she said when she caught up to the house only to spot Kyoto going in. "Though naturally I always was rather slow at catching up to others," she grumbled.

When she walked up to the door her nose picked on the smell of blood; her firm tightened on her staff as she knocked on the door.


Kanami was glad to be back on both feet as she looked around the room before going to find Yume. "Yumi!" she shouted as she searched the place - unaware that she mispronounced Yume's name.


One of Akane's ears moved toward the door, not knowing who could be there. She got her guard up just in case she needed to in case something happens.

"You'll be alright?" Kyoto asked Yume.

Yume, with her eyes closed, replied, "Yeah, I know what to do." being a little annoyed about her mother.

Kyoto nods and walks back out to the door and opens it, "Yes?" She took another look, "Oh, your that woman who came a few minutes ago." she said, remembering about seeing her just earlier.

In the meantime, Akari had been hiding out in Kyoto's room for the past few hours, not wanting to go outside, in fear something bad might happen. Being that she is a bit sensitive about herself, she doesn't like going out to meet other people, due to some making fun of her for being different than your typical neko or kitsune.


She smiled. "good day, I see your alright, are your parents home?" she asked.


Kanami continued to look until she finally found Yumi. "Yuni!" she chirped childishly as she ran up to the older kit.


"No, it's been me and my daughter for a few months now." Kyoto began to tell her, "We're just waiting for my brother to come home soon."

Yume made a hand motion to keep Kanami's voice down, "My ears sorta hurt right now.." she said with her eyes closed. "And, it's Yu-Me." She then corrected.


Kanami giggled embarassingly when Yume corrected. "Sore," she said.


"I see, mind if we... talk.. for a few? Preferably without the children around?" she asked her and glanced over her shoulder for a second.


"I guess it wouldn't be too much of a problem." Kyoto answered back, then stepped outside and closed the door. "So what is it you need to talk about?"

Akane got a bit curious as to what they might be talking about, as she quietly got up, she crept toward the door to see if she can somehow listen through to hear what the two women may be talking over.

Yume sighs and tries to get some rest. "If you wouldn't mind, I need a bit of rest." Yume said as she continues to lay there on her bed.

While in Kyoto's room, Akari peaks through the door to see who might be out there. She doesn't see anyone and slowly walks out to the kitchen, noticing one or two new scents than what she initially smelled earlier in the morning.


Kanami smiled innocently and dashed out of the room, only to bump into Akari.


She glanced at the door and smiled briefly before turning her attention to the woman in front of her. "My name's Violeta, I'm a hunter but my specialty is undead, may I ask what you name is?" Violeta cocked her head to one side in a curious manner.


"Oof!" Akari yelped out, getting knocked back from Kanami. "That.. was a bit... sudden.." Akari silently said.

"My name is Kyoto. I study the element of wind, but my actual abilities are below average." Kyoto answered for Violeta.


Kanami rubbed her head as she sat there and looked up. "S-sorry!" she said suddenly before cocking her head to one side and saying. "Where been?" she asked.


"For someone who's abilities are below average, you handled yourself surprisingly well back there," Violeta said, motioning with her head in the direction of the forest. "You must've fought undead before then aye?" she asked.


"It's alright..." Akari started, "I just.. don't want to go out right now..." she finished, walking to the kitchen.

Kyoto shakes her head, "No, I haven't. I've always watched my brother fight, but I don't fight myself." She took a moment before saying one more thing, "He was born with ice, while I got nothing from our father. So, I study wind for self-defense."

Akane continued to listen in, Hm, can't say I remember someone learning to do spells like that before... she said to herself in her mind.


Violeta nodded and rubbed her chin. "I see," she said and thought for a moment. "I can't help but notice you have three daughters, quite a hand full isn't it?" she grinned.


Kanami nodded before getting up and brushing herself off.


Kyoto blushes about the thought of more children, "N-no.. You have it all wrong...." She was stuttering a bit to get the right words out. "Yume.. is my... only daughter. The others are... just.. s-staying.... for a while.." She was beginning to be a little too embarrassed to talk again.

Akari looks around in the kitchen to find what to snack on for a while before lunch comes around. Though, she can't necessarily find anything since she doesn't know where everything is. She sighs and goes into the living room to sit on an area of the couch, "Um, what.. are you doing..?" She asked Akane.

"Shhhhh...." Akane shushed Akari, trying to listen in further. Hehe, I see... She giggled, trying to keep her voice down


"Ahh! Sorry about that; anyway, I didn't mean to change the subject. Have you seen other undead around these parts other than that which you encountered?" asked Violeta as she stole a glance at the door and made a motion with her hand toward it.


Kyoto puts one hand with her palm facing the door, then makes a small hand movement to send a small gust of wind that sends Akane back from the door.

Akane was caught by surprise and flies onto her back, rather confused at what just happened. "Uh.. that was new..."

"No, this was the first time I've seen any in this area." Kyoto replied.

"Didn't say I told you so..." Akari shook her head with what happened.

"Shut up......" Akane shot back. She gets up, dusts herself off, and walks to sit on another area of the couch.


"Then he was right," she pondered and tapped her chin. "These undead... are different... I thought he was wrong but it turns out he was correct." she grumbled and paced in front of Kyoto.


Kanami had walked into the living room and was resting her arms on the window sill, staring out into the distance.


"Who was right?" Kyoto repeated, wondering about the person Violeta is talking about.

Akane was getting a little bored of the silence, so in an effort to break it, "So... where did the two of you come from?" she asked out.

"My home.. is just outside the village..." Akari gave her answer.


"Ah," Violeta smiled innocently, unaware that she had said that aloud. "Our chief, all undead hunters are under the authority of a chief - even though we only talk to him once every season," she said. "Anywho, he had warned us that there a rumor of a rise of undead activity, he was right... damn was he right," she shook her head.

She turned toward the sky and noticed the distant storm clouds. "Seem's we have a storm coming," she said and looked at Kyoto. "I'll be around here for the next few days, but right now I should go and talk to the village elders in this area and alert them to the threat," with that she placed her hand to her side and turned her back to Kyoto. "Keep your ears to the ground, if you spot an undead, try and keep you and your daughter along with the other kits hidden, preferably somewhere deep in your home," she said and then started to walk away.


Kanami continued to stare out the window; her ears flat as she stared. She had been so fixated on the clouds that she didn't even hear Akanes question.


"Well, alright." Kyoto nodded, watching her leave. Once Violeta left, she returned back inside her home and closing the door.

Akane tilts her head and tries to ask again, leaving Akari out this time, "Um, you in the window, where are you from?" she said a bit louder.

Since Kyoto got in, her stomach growled a little and blushed, but luckily for her, it wasn't loud and the others couldn't hear. She went into the kitchen to start preparing lunch for everyone. "Busy, seems it'll be that way for a while. And at this rate, I'm going to need to buy more food..." She said to herself.

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Sakura stared up at the ceiling; contemplating what to do, she couldn't get out of the dorm due to the guards keeping an eye on her. "I feel like an elementary kid here, with the teachers always watching me," she scowled and turned to her side on the bed and brought her hands up to her face. She then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Artemis moved, waking up and jumping down from the bed. He then walked over to the window and hoped up onto the window sill. He looked out, his ears perking upward as he saw traffic in the base.


Looking out the window, Renae was getting annoyed. She hated being in one place for so long, and she knew the doctor was getting tired of her restlessness. "Fine," he finally said as he walked into the room and placed a cloth on the bed. "Wear this around that wound, so that you don't aggitate it anymore. However, if it starts to act up you come right back to me, I just suggest you don't tell your little sister what transpired," he said to her.

Renae smiled and got up. "Thank you," she said and the doctor shook his head.

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Sakura listened and carefully opened the door to the hallway, she looked around and saw no one. "Artemis, you stay here," she looked at the cat who meowed and curled up into a ball. Sakura smiled and grabbed her kitty looking backpack and crept out into the hallway - closing the door gently, she walked down the hallway until she got to a set of stairs and headed down to the first floor.

"And where do you think your going?" a voice behind her spoke, startling her. Sakura looked over her shoulder and saw it was a guard armed with a rifle and a flashlight, though it was turned off.

"Umm... I... err.. just.. wanted to get something to eat..." she said nervously and looked at the guard. The guard looked down at her and shook his head.

"You can order food from the dorm room, I was already told that you can't leave the dormitory unless you are accompanied by an adult," said the guard.

"W-who said that?!" Asked Sakura as her face turned red slightly.

The guard thought. "You're sister, now head back upstairs to the dorm room," he said and escorted her back.

Sakura, pouting all the way, hated being treated like a child - even though she was one. Back in the dorm room, she waited a few minutes before opening the door again, only to find the guard standing right outside. Sakura blinked and quickly closed the door. "Ughs, Renae must've told them," she sighed and slid down the door and onto the ground.


Renae rubbed her wrists. "Well doc?" she asked him.

"I would suggest you stay here a little bit longer, besides, you don't want your little sister to see you in this condition do you?" he asked. Renae blinked, and then came to a startling realization that her sister was on base.

"W-wait! When did she arrive?" asked a concerned Renae.

"Yesterday," the doctor checked off a few things on the clipboard and then set it down beside her bed. "Though she does seem to want to see you," he told her.

"Ughs, perhaps you're right. I don't want to worry her needlessly," said glanced sideways toward the window.

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"oooooooh..." Renae moaned as she came to that morning, she placed her hand up to her forehead and opened her eyes - seeing the white ceiling above her, she felt like she had just spent several hours in a bar drinking.

"How are you feeling?" the nurse asked her when she came in and noticed Renae was awake. Renae looked over at her, but didn't say anything at first.

Instead she sat up and looked at her side, the area where the knife had gone in was covered in a bandage. "Fine I suppose," she finally answered the nurses questions. "How long was I out?" she asked.

"Only for the night, the surgery went excellently, surprisingly the knife didn't hit any major artery or organ," said the Nurse as she changed out a blood pack for a new one.

"When can I leave?" asked Renae, her dislike for hospitals being well known by the staff.

The nurse thought about it for a moment but shrugged. "That's up to the doctor to decide, not me," with that she left. Renae let out a sigh and stared out the window and began to wonder about something. "Ok... I know yesterday was important but I don't remember 'why'.." she pondered and tapped her chin thoughtfully.


Back at the dormitory, Sakura awoke to find a certain feline resting on her head. She sprung up so fast, Artemis almost didn't have time to react as he corrected himself in the air and landed on all four paws on the edge of the bed but didn't stay as he lost his footing and fell off. Sakura snickered before bursting out in laughter at this, the cat just poored his head up and mewed at her.

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