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Gaming Discussion / E3 2015
« on: June 15, 2015, 09:08:38 PM »
Annd per's my E3 thread:

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Added 6/16

Evie Frye Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Added 6/17

MP classes pt 1
MP Classes pt 2

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Added 6/16

Gameplay Trailer
Dawn Engine Tech demo Added 6/17


Gameplay Trailer
Hell Gameplay
Single player gameplay

Fallout 4

Combat Trailer
Complete Stage Presentation Added 6/16

FF VII remake Added 6/16

Debut Trailer

FF XIV: Heavensward Added 6/17

Launch Trailer

Gears of War 4

Gameplay demo

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Added 6/17

Reveal Trailer

Halo 5

Complete gameplay demo
Mutiplayer Trailer

Mass Effect 4

Debut Trailer

Star Ocean: Integraty and Faithlessness Added 6/16

Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront Added 6/16

Walker Assault on Hoth Demo
Co=op gameplay demo

Gaming Discussion / E3 2104
« on: June 09, 2014, 11:47:55 AM »
To continue the tradition I started when this board first opened....

Alien: Isolation
Developer Walkthrough
Friends and Foes (added Jun 10 4pm)
Survive Trailer (added Jun 10 7pm)
interview (added Jun 10 10:30pm)
Stage demo (added Jun 11 4pm)
Hands on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Challenge mode interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Assassin’s Creed: Unity
gameplay demo
Revolution Trailer
open world stage demo
Arno Dorian Profile Trailer
Interview – Yves Guillemot
Next gen interview (added Jun 10 7pm)
Eyes on (added Jun 11 4pm)

Battlefield: Hardline
stage presentation
Presser Trailer
hands on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequal (added Jun 10 4pm)
Stage Demo

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Xbox game on demo
all access interview
Eyes on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dead Island 2
Debut Trailer
Stage demo (added Jun 11 4pm)
Eyes on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Game director interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dead Rising
DLC Trailer (one word: wtf) DOB required

End of Everything Trailer
Stage demo (added Jun 10 7pm)
New Beginnings Trailer silently different (added Jun 11 4pm)
gameplay trailer (added Jun 11 4pm)
Alpha & Beta interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dragon Age: Inquisition
gameplay demo
story trailer
Cello trailer

Elder Scrolls Online (added Jun 11 4pm)
Live Another Life Trailer

Everquest Landmark (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Stage Demo

EVE (added Jun 11 4pm)
Valkyrie Stage demo

Fable Legends
stage demo
Interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Far Cry 4
Gameplay demo
gameplay trailer (added Jun 10 4pm)
elephant rider gameplay (added Jun 10 10:30pm)
co-op & open world interview (added Jun 11 4pm)
Hands on (added Jun 11 4pm)

FFXIV (added Jun 10 4pm)
Trailer – A Realm in Peril

Final Fantasy XV
Theories & Wishes

Habitat (added Jun 10 7pm)
Debut Trailer

Halo Related
The Master Chief Collection:  Debut Trailer
Halo 5: Multiplayer beta trailer
Stage Demo/interview (added Jun 10 4pm)

Homefront: The Revolution (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Editor Impression

Kirby: Canvas Curse (added Jun 10 4pm)
First look

Legend of Zelda Wii U (added Jun 10 4pm)
Debut presentation

Mario Maker (added Jun 10 4pm)
treehouse deep drive pt1 (added Jun 10 7pm)
treehouse deep drive pt2 (added Jun 10 7pm)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Leaked Trailer DOB required
Interview – Hideo Kojima
Eyes on (added Jun 11 4pm)

Planetside 2
PS4 Trailer

Rainbow Six:  Siege
Mutiplayer gameplay
Hands on (added Jun 11 4pm)
Interview (added Jun 12 12:30am)

Star Wars Battlefront
Theories & Wishes
Behind the Scenes at DICE

Tales from the Borderlands (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Eyes on
Telltale games Interview

Tales of Hearts R (added Jun 11 4pm)
Trailer (unfortunately PS vita only)

Tales of Zillia 2 (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Story & Features Interview

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Back Together Trailer
Live Demo
MMO side interview (added Jun 10 10:30pm)

Uncharted PS4
A thief’s end trailer

Warframe (added Jun 10 4pm)
The Rebirth Trailer

Yoshi Woolly World (added Jun 10 4pm)
Developer talk

Gaming Discussion / Warframe Clan BP
« on: July 13, 2013, 12:40:48 PM »
This is the basic idea I had.

We might need a small hallway between the two upper cross connectors.  If so, we'll get all our resources back if we have to deconstruct something.  We'll see.

Also, aside from the Oracle (that can be placed on either side of the lower upper crossconnector, since it does have to be built before the other labs), the lab placement is not set in stone.  Extreme north and south (on the BP) connection points are for future expansion purposes if we wish, but this is just for all the 'essential' stuff.

Gaming Discussion / E3 2013
« on: June 07, 2013, 04:16:08 PM »
AFAIK E3 hasn't 'officially' started yet, but there's already some interesting stuff up. Edit: OK, now it has started. :)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (added 6/10 5:06pm)
Cinematic Trailer
Music Trailer
Sea and Jungle Gameplay (added 6/10 8:23pm)
Field Report (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Mutiplayer Gameplay (added 6/13 10:15am)

Battlefield 4 (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Walkthrough Stream pt1 (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Walkthrough Stream pt2 (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Spectator Mode walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Field Report  (added 6/14 10:55am)

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Ash walkthrough

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Gameplay Demo

Call of Duty:  Ghosts (added 6/10 9:39am)
Dog Gameplay
Underwater gameplay
All Access Presentation
Dog Breach
Story interview
7 min of game footage
From Superpower to Survival (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Potential Report (added 6/14 12:37am)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (added 6/10 2:24pm)
World Premiere Demo
First Take (added 6/12 5:41pm)

Command & Conquer (added 6/10 4:21pm)
General Trailer

Company of Heroes 2 (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Multiplayer trailer

Dead Rising 3 (added 6/10 11:40am)
Debut Trailer
More Zombies Than Ever Before (added 6/10 12:47pm)
Creative Weapons and Open World (added 6/14 11:29pm)

Destiny (added 6/10 10:17pm)
Gameplay reveal (added 6/11 10:33am)

Deus Ex: The Fall
Debut Trailer
Future on Mobile Interview (added 6/11 5:14pm)

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (added 6/10 2:24pm)
Debut Trailer
Open World Re-imagining (added 6/10 8:23pm)

DUST 514 (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Fight Your Own War Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online (added 6/10 10:17pm)
PS4 Trailer
Coming to Consoles (added 6/12 2:35pm)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (aka Final Fantasy XV) (added 6/10 10:17pm)
Announcement Trailer
Gameplay (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Q&A pt1 (added 6/12 12:25am)
Q&A pt2 (added 6/12 12:25am)

Halo (added 6/10 1:00pm)
Debute Trailer

Mario Kart 8 (added 6/11 10:33am)
Debut Trailer
Iwata Walkthrough
Developer Walkthrough (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Ghost House gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Delfino Cruise Gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Stage Demo (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Gameplay Walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 11:02pm)
Field Report (added 6/14 10:55am)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (added 6/10 11:40am)
Gameplay Trailer
Extended Red Band Trailer (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Kojima Interview (added 6/12 12:25am)

Planetside 2 (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Upgrades and Upgrades

Resident Evil:  Revelations
Rachel Ooze trailer
Lady Hunk Trailer

Rift (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Features Trailer

Ryse (added 6/10 11:40am)
Gameplay Trailer
Combat and Story (added 6/10 12:47pm)

Saint's Row IV
First look demo (added 6/10 1:18pm)
You are the President Note: video currently won't play. (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Open World Super Powers Walkthrough (added 6/12 5:41pm)
All out war gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Superhero Gameplay (cam) (added 6/13 10:15am)
Field Report (added 6/14 10:55am)

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (added 6/10 4:21pm)
Cinematic Trailer
Gameplay Presentation
All access interview (added 6/11 12:25pm)
cinematic Trailer (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Splinter Cell in action (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Field Reports (added 6/14 10:55am)

Star Wars Battlefront (added 6/10 2:24pm)

SW:TOR (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Operation Nightmare Trailer

Super Mario 3D World (added 6/11 10:33am)
Debut Trailer
Demo Gameplay (cam) (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Developer Walkthrough (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Stage Demo (added 6/12 12:37pm)
World 2-1 Walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 11:02pm)
Field Report (added 6/13 10:15am)

Tales of Xillia

Thief (added 6/10 9:43am)
Garrett: the Master Thief Trailer
Stealth gameplay demo (added 6/10 12:47pm)

Titan Fall (added 6/10 12:47pm)
What is Titan Fall?
Inside Titan Fall (added 6/10 3:31pm)

Warframe (added 6/10 8:23pm)
Beta Detail
PS4 defense Mission Gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (added 6/10 11:40am)
Xbox Trailer
All Access Walkthrough (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Witcher 3 Reveal (added 6/10 4:21pm)
Open World Interview (added 6/13 10:15am)
Field Report (added 6/13 10:15am)

World of Warships
Naval Battles Trailer

General Discussion / Humor Thread
« on: July 02, 2012, 06:14:49 PM »
For pics, vids, whatever.

Warning:  eye/brain bleach may be required to view.

I'll start with this one....

Gaming Discussion / E3 2012
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:06:53 PM »
Halo 4

interview with Frank O'Connor
Trailer + Gameplay
Sparten Ops/Multiplayer Interview
Kiki Wolfkill Interview
Trailer + Gameplay - direct version

Gears of War: Judgement

First Details - set 14 years prior to GoW 1, Baird main character.
Debut Trailer
Developer Diary - Overrun Multiplayer
Overrun Challenge

Borderlands 2


Resident Evil 6

Jake Campaign Walkthrough
Chris Gameplay pt1
Chris Gameplay pt2
Jake Gameplay
Leon Gameplay pt1
Leon Gameplay pt2
Gameplay and Story Interview
First Take (Chris)


Behind the Game Interview
First Take


Behind the Scenes
Strike Force Interview
Behind the Game Interview

Dead Space 3

Debut Trailer
Co-op Gameplay
Co-op Interview

Crysis 3

Gameplay Monage

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Gameplay debut
Co-op Features
Debut Trailer


First Take

Assassin's Creed 3

Seasons Trailer
Eagle on the Charge Trailer
Hunting gameplay demo
Boston Stealth Walkthrough
Naval Battle Gameplay
Marketplace Massacre gameplay
Design and Combat Interview
Wii U Developer Profile
Domination Multiplayer Gameplay

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation - PS Vita only

Debut Trailer
Weapons Trailer

DUST 514

Beta Gameplay
Gameplay Interview
Walkthrough pt1
Walkthrough pt2
Walkthrough pt3
Objective Capture Gameplay
Heavy Weaponry Gameplay


Debut Trailer
Debut Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Online - MMO?

Character Teaser
Creative Director Interview

Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan

Features Trailer
Cinematic Trailer

Planetside 2

Base Defense Gameplay
Walkthrough pt1
Walkthrough pt2

Star Wars 1313

Combat Gameplay
Debut Interview
Ship Crash Gameplay
Combat Walkthrough
Navigation Cinematic


Dungeon Delve Walkthrough
Werewolf Slaying Gameplay

The Last Story - RPG

Duck and Cover Interview

ArmA 3

Walkthrough pt1
Walkthrough pt2

Gaming Discussion / How low has Star Wars fallen....
« on: April 04, 2012, 05:00:33 PM »

Now, I am not against games that get you moving (like Dance Dance Revolution), but some IPs. Just. Don't. Work. for this....

Gaming Discussion / Mass Effect 3 WTFness
« on: March 29, 2012, 04:21:04 PM »
Obviously there be spoilers here, so hit the back button if you don't want to be spoiled (though...really, it may be in your best interest to be spoiled anyway in this case).

So you know the endings amount to just 'chose the color of your explosion' type bullshit, but what is just as WTFery is that side explosions don't make any logical covered by this guy over here: A closer look on the galaxy map explosion sequence.

So...if this guy's deductions is correct...the explosions started in the Apien Cluster...when the Citadel/Crucible, where the explosion beam starts, is in the Local Cluster (Sol system). On top of that...the Local cluster is number 7 in the 'hit list' of the explosions?  Wat?

Other plot holes/problems covered in the Indoctrination Theory Thread

Gaming Discussion / What's coming to EQ2
« on: July 15, 2011, 11:24:14 PM »

Lots of interesting stuff...and some things got Kal so excited he nearly needed to go take a cold one.... ;)


First off, the obvious thing I am going to say that used to play this game:  if ya hadn't screwed up the game with the NGE you wouldn't be having to do this!

Second, about dang time this thing died and good riddance!  I will miss the game as it was before the NGE:  I had many fond moments with my Master Fencer/Master Ranger/Ace Rebel pilot and my Master Teras Kesi/Master Dancer.  I miss the epic housing system (any item in the game can be a house item and the different ways to move them in house was the best I've seen:  only EQ2 has come close to this).

Considering Bioware's Star Wars: the Old Republic MMO is coming out this Nov, I am betting that's why SOE chose Dec to finally close SWG down. Probably was told by LucasArts to shut it down as well.

Gaming Discussion / E3 2011
« on: June 06, 2011, 01:15:34 PM »
Halo - Halo 4/Halo: CE Anniversery interview - Halo 4 trailer - Halo: CE Anniversery trailer - interview with Frankie - Press conference (Halo 4, mixed with other stuff) - Revival interview

Dust 514 - Announcement Trailer - Eve intergration interview - High concept Walkthrough

Eve Online: Incarna - Butterfuly Effect Trailer - Character Creator walkthrough

Battlefield 3 - Frostbite 2 Trailer (Stream) HD - Announcement Teaser Trailer - Heart of Paris Trailer - Vehicle interview - Press conference - multiplayer interview - Frostbite 2 Engine  Commentary (sorry no HD version)

Fable: The Journey - Gameplay - Interview

Gears of War 3 - co-op gameplay - interview - Beast Mode gameplay

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - gameplay - interview

CoD: MW 3 - gameplay demo - gameplay - development interview - synopsis interview - Press conference

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Kinect demo - Camo up trailer - co-op gameplay demo - gadgits and tactics - Quick kill gameplay - hostage extraction - Precision Kills walkthrough pt 1 - Precision Kills walktrhough pt 2 - Press Conference (mixed with other stuff) - Press Conference - PC Mulitplayer gameplay

Mass Effect 3 - Kinect demo - Trailer - Reaper Base Gameplay Demo - gameplay demo - New Features - extended walkthrough p1 - extended walkthrough p2 - full demo walkthrough (sorry no HD version) - Press conference - Press conference (mixed with other stuff) - Story and Mechanics Interview

Dead Island - Dead Island Begins Trailer HD - Beach Bashing Gameplay - Multiplayer interview

Star Wars:  The Old Republic Online - Opening cinimatic - interview - Raiding details interview - Press Conference - companions walkthrough - combat walkthrough - Roleplaying walkthrough

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Mechanics and gameplay - Back alley firefight - Dev walkthrough pt 1 - Dev walkthrough pt 2

Assassin's Creed:  Revelations -Trailer - Gameplay - Animus Failure Trailer - Enzo's Journey Interview - Escape from Constantinople walkthrough - Single player walkthrough

Prey 2 - Gameplay - Bounty Hunter Walkthrough

Bioshock Infinate - gameplay - interview - Behind the Scenes

Starhawk - Story Trailer - abilities walkthrough - multiplayer gameplay - press conference (mixed with other topics)

Star Trek - Debut Trailer

Star Trek: Infinate Space - Battle Scenes Trailer - Galaxy at War Trailer - Learn to speak like a Klingon: Lesson 1 - Pre-Alpha walkthrough pt 1 - Pre-Alpha walkthrough pt 2

Resident Evil: Operation Raccon City - Cinematic Trailer - Creatures - combat gameplay

Resident Evil:  Revelations - Library Gameplay - Puddle of Goo gameplay - Single player gameplay

LotRO:  Rise of Isengard - Trailer

Asura's Wrath - demo pt 1 - demo pt 2 - demo pt 3 - demo pt 4 - single player demo - Story interview

Neverwinter - Debut Trailer - Foundry interview

Sword of the Stars 2 - Gameplay Trailer

World of Tanks - Trailer

Vindictus - Karok & New Dungeon Walkthrough

Multi-game link - Halo: CEA, Gears of War 3 demo, Fable

Misc Roleplay / Digital Prison [13+][Open]
« on: May 14, 2011, 10:04:25 PM »
It was certainly one of the more unusual requests Dillinger had received.  Not unusual for the request itself overall, but in regards to the subject the request was directed toward.  He knew that since the war’s end they had been asking for occasional assistance from his people, but otherwise kept their distance.  Who can blame them, really?  They were responsible for the deaths of billions of people, the majority of their colonies destroyed: it would take years, if not generations for the bitterness and hatred of their kind to pass.

If it ever did. 

“Let me get this straight,” Dillinger said as he folded his hands in front of him and placed them on his desk.  “You want this man of yours placed into the Grid.”

In front of him, one of his guests, dressed in blue armor, shifted uneasily.  Dillinger had noted this one shifted a lot since they arrived here: likely his…he believed it was a male anyway…assignment.  The other two, however, showed no such signs of anxiety: both had stern expressions upon their faces.  One was clad in scarlet armor, while the other, the leader of the group, was embellished in gold armor.

“He is a criminal and placing a criminal in this…Grid…is what you do is it not?”  the gold one, responded in a gravelly voice.

Human criminals,” Dillinger stressed.  “We have never put a member of another sentient species into the Grid before.  Besides, don’t you guys, with your honor code, usually kill the dishonorable?”

“Death is too good for the likes of him, plus if we killed him he would become a martyr in the eyes of his followers.”

“Just what exactly has he done?”

At this, the Elite hesitated.  Dillinger did not know much about these aliens, but one thing he had heard about is they were not too keen on revealing any weaknesses.  “He was the leader of a sect of Sangheili that wanted to restart the war between our two species,” the Elite finally said with a sigh.  “A sect that is proving difficult to squash completely.”

“One of Kesi’s former supporters?”

The Elite growled the name.  “We do not believe so:  Sozo’s motives are different from that cur Kesi.  He wants the war to start again so our military forces are not used to resolve domestic issues.”

“I do not understand….”

“The Great Schism caused a lot of chaos.  When our military personal was depleted quickly during the initial strike, we had to pull assets from the home fleet to counter it.  To replace the assets pulled from the homefleet, security personal from the homeworld and other colonies had to be pulled.”

“Ah, I get it now,” Dillinger said.  “Just like us, if you lower the amount of security, the criminal element takes advantage of it.”

“Correct.  Sozo was just a nuisance prior to the Schism, but after…he became bolder…more notorious…and got quite comfortable with his ill gotten gains.  When we started to crack down on the likes of him when our war of the Brutes lessened, he took offense.”

“He did not like that he could no longer live the life he had.”  The Elite nodded.  “And with his experience as a thief, it was hard to keep him confined?”  Another nod, this time accompanied by a low growl.  “An escape artist…I can see why you came to us.  Thing is, I am not sure the device we use will even work on one of your kind.”

“If the process kills him, there would be no way of knowing would there?”

“We’ve never had someone die while being digitized into the Grid,” Dillinger said.  “There is a chance it could leave quite a mess.”  The thought of someone being only partly digitized made him feel a little sick.

The Elite smirked, or at least he thought it was smirk: so hard to tell with those jaws of theirs.  “Even if the process failed, we can cover up that fact easily due to the distance between him and his supporters.  So long as we are rid of him….but first, I must be assured he cannot escape.”

Dillinger thought carefully before responding:  he had to explain this in a way that wouldn’t confuse them.  “The main security feature of the Grid is that there is only one way out: a portal which is only open briefly when the convict is first put in and for the rare times when we pull one back out.  While it is open, it is constantly monitored by at three smart AIs. The AIs also monitor the various security programs designed to keep the criminals in check.  These programs are also improved upon and rebuilt as needed.”

“You make it sound like this Grid is a digital world….”

“It is a kind of…virtual reality.”

“Can you die in this…virtual reality?”

“Yes.  The death in the Grid can be is as permanent as it is here, but we have provisions to prevent that.”

“What sort of provisions?”

“Each prisoner has a special tag encoded into their digitized DNA.  This tag is an identifier of sorts, to allow us to not only locate them in the Grid should it be required to bring one of them back to this world, but also as a key to a back up copy of their coding.”

“What is the purpose of this…back up?”

“When a prisoner dies in the Grid, the system automatically resurrects them at their initial arrival point after a set period of time.  The good thing is, they do not remember anything between the point of entry to their ‘death’.”

“Why is this a good thing?”  the Elite asked.  “From what I have heard about your judicial system, rehabilitation is your main goal:  would not their ‘forgetting’ what happened defeat that purpose?”

“The Grid is used as a last resort for criminals that cannot, or refuse to be rehabilitated, and yet death is not an option, like your ‘friend’ you want put in.” Dillinger explained.  “The only kind of criminal we don’t allow into the Grid are hackers.”

“Why not hackers?”

“’Users’, as we are called when we visit the Grid, have the ability to manipulate the system if they figure out how to do so:  this includes creating other programs.  While most that figure this out use it just to make their lives in the Grid easier and more pleasurable, others, especially those that have some hacking experience, have tried to manipulate the system itself in an attempt to escape, or even to take control over one of the smart AIs.  Thankfully, the Grid is completely self-contained so they cannot get out onto the public networks and the AIs have standing orders to do a purge immediately if they feel the prisoners are becoming a threat to the system as a whole, or are close to escaping.”

“Hmmm…has anyone actually managed to escape?”

“Not to my knowledge and even if they did, the room they would materialize in is always secured when not occupied, not to mention it is constantly monitored via security cameras.”

“I see.”  The Elite paused a moment before asked.  “Should by some chance we want to bring him back, what is the process to do that?”

“When we get a request to bring someone back, we send in a specially trained agent to track them down and bring them to the portal.  The AIs are tasked with assisting the agent in any way they can, which is to include preventing other criminals from trying to interfere, or following them back out.  A purge is usually performed immediately after a successful extraction.”

The Elite was silent for a moment, his expression distant as he apparently digested this information.  “It sounds like our informant was correct in saying this Grid would be our best option for detaining Sozo.  How soon can he be put in?”

“The machinery is always ready to ‘fire’, so to speak.  How soon we can put him in the Grid will depend on how quickly you can get him here.”

At that the Elite chuckled.  “I have him waiting in a secure transport, guarded by a team of Ultras.  I can have him brought in immediately.”

Sozo growled and briefly tested the restraints once more, looking for a weakness.  He found none this time, but he knew there had to be one somewhere: there always was.  The problem was that he was constantly being watched, so he couldn’t do more thorough tests.  Still, it looked like that Field Master really did his research.

His hands were bound behind his back with shackles made out of a metal, with a thick solid bar two feet long separating his hands.  A similar device bound his feet and over both his hands and feet were thick leather bags.  Over his head was a metal cage, meant to keep a captive Sangheili from biting, but prevents a skilled Sangheili from using his mandibles like fingers just as well.  Most embarrassing though was the fact that the restraints were the only thing he had on:  he was otherwise completely nude.

Around him were four Ultras, all with their weapons drawn and their gaze fixated solely on him.  Beyond them was not much of anything besides the seats of a typical military transport: he was sitting on the floor in the middle of two rows of seats on either side, facing the front where a closed door separated them from the driver.  Behind him was the main exit out of the vehicle, which was currently closed.  He wasn’t sure where they were parked at, beyond it was somewhere on Earth.  Why did they bring me here? he wondered.  Do they honestly think a human jail can keep me contained?

“Can’t you open a door?” he asked.  “It is getting stuffy and smelly in here.”

One of the Ultras growled, but that was the only response he got.  He had been hoping for a verbal retort, or even better, a kick, to give him an excuse to kick out in turn.  However, these guys were too disciplined to fall for that kind of bait.

“So…where are we, fellas?” he said.  Maybe he could get more information on where they were.  “Don’t tell me you brought me all this way just to sit here in a stuffy vehicle all day.”

“Someplace where we hope we can put you away for good,” one of the Ultras sneered.

Sozo burst out laughing.  “You think a human facility can do where our own has failed?  You are fools!”  he said.  “You just made it that much easier to accomplish my goals when I escape again!”

“Do not count on that,” a familiar voice said.  Sozo looked behind him to see an equally familiar face:  Field Master Rile ‘Kanjin.  “This is no ordinary prison.”

“Ordinary or not, there is no jail I cannot escape from,” Sozo chuckled.  “I will get out again, you will see.”

“I doubt that very much,” Rile growled.  “Grab him and follow me.”

Sozo felt two hands grab him by the arms and watched as two other Ultras pick him up by the legs.  He was carried like this out of the transport and until a rather unimpressive human building, where a human security guard started leading the way.  Looking around, he felt confused, for this didn’t look like any prison he had ever heard of.  Then again, this was run by humans: humans likely did things differently.  The prison cells may be deep underground for all he knew.

After a few minutes they arrived at a small room.  The room was bare save for a single stool:  the only other items in the room were a pair of cameras in opposite corners of the ceiling and a strange, cylindrical device jutting through the back wall.  There was no bed, no sink, no toilet:  this was worse than the cell he stayed in on the ship, which at least had a toilet!

“Will the restraints be a problem?” he heard Rile ask the guard as the Ultra’s sat him on the lone stool.

“No, sir,” the human replied.  “The programs will remove them once he is put in.”

Programs? What are they talking about? Sozo thought.

Before he could ask, everyone else left the room, the door sealing shut behind them.  He was alone in this room.  Alone…at last.  With a smile, he started to test his restraints with more vigor: if he could get the bags of his hands perhaps….

His efforts were interrupted by a humming sound, like something being activated.  He turned around to look at the odd cylindrical device he saw earlier, noting that now it was emitted a faint greenish blue light in the center.  Sozo quirked an eye ridge, but otherwise ignored it, figuring it was nothing dangerous, let alone important.  Before he could resume working on the restraints, however, there was a bright light, accompanied by an intense, tingling feeling all over his body.  He cried out in shock, closing his eyes out of reflex.

When he opened his eyes again, everything looked…different….

Roleplay Discussion / Digital Prison
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I am starting this up mainly because a Tron/Halo crossover idea has been bouncing around in my head and thus being an additional distraction from the fics I really need to work on: I figured if I got this started, it wouldn’t bug me so much. :P

Basic Setting

The year is 2560, humanity is starting to recover from the war with the Covenant.  They have focused their efforts on rebuilding Earth and regaining contact with the few colonies that remain.  While most of humanity has banded together in their time of need, there are always elements that want to take advantage of the chaos and weakness for their own gain.  ENCOM, a company that has managed to survive for centuries, has developed a unique prison for those criminals that refuse to shape up.

Meanwhile the Sangheili (aka Elites) continue to struggle with the aftermath of the Great Schism.  While the war with the Brutes has started to wane, the Elites are having an increase of domestic problems ranging from increased crime rate and sects of Sangheili that want to restart the war for different reasons.  After capturing the leader of one of these sects, they realized they needed extreme measures to keep him confined.

Genre Knowledge Requirements

Heavy.  The majority of the roleplay with be in the Grid, so understanding what the Grid is, how things work and what is in it is a must.  I would strongly suggest you have watched at least one of the Tron movies before joining in.  For help in understanding this genre, you can go here

Minimal – Moderate, depending on how the roleplay goes.  For more information on this genre, you can go here

Special Properties of the Grid

While mostly explained in the initial post, I will mention it here as well: Death is not necessarily permanent in this Grid for a User.  Each User has a backup of his/her data made upon entry, to be used to ‘revive’ the individual should death occur.  However, the revived User will remember nothing between his last ‘awakening’ and ‘death’*:  this is a safety feature meant to keep the User from learning how to manipulate the Grid to the extent that they can escape, or worse, damage/destroy the Grid.  It is because of this potential threat that the monitoring AIs are authorized to do a ‘purge’ of the Grid if such a threat arises.

*Exceptions:  Agent User’s back ups are routinely ‘updated’ while the Agent is on his mission as a precaution in the event they are killed while in the Grid.  This enables them to not have to ‘start from scratch’ each time they are revived.

Also, it is unknown whether not alien physiology is completely compatible with the backup system.  As a result, there is a risk that an Alien User may remember his previous experiences in the Grid.  The AIs have been notified of this potential possibility.

The AIs

The Grid is monitored by three ‘smart’ AIs, which were dubbed by the local Programs as ‘demi-Users’.  They have most of the abilities of a fully trained User in the Grid, including creating programs.  These AIs can also modify/improve existing Programs as needed to help control the prison User population (yes, there are Spartan programs that are essentially advanced security programs).  They also watch over the ‘portal’ when it is open and assist any Agents that were sent in to retrieve a User.

For the most part, their coding is ‘isolated’ from the rest of the Grid and can completely isolate themselves from the Grid as needed, particularly for when a purge is in progress.  In fact, they largely do not directly interact with the User population themselves for safety reasons.  The exception of course is when assisting an Agent.

Other info

Most of the prisoner Users are situated around the various gaming grids (Disk Wars, Light Cycle, etc), where they compete for the local programs enjoyment (and as a means to keep the prisoners occupied).  There is a city beyond the gaming grid, where Programs and select Users are allowed to intermingle.  Prisoner Users that have escaped the gaming grid are also here, but are constantly on the lookout for the various Security Programs that are hunting for them.

Time in the Grid is apparently ‘faster’ than in the real world, though Users appear to age as if they are still in the real world.  There is a section at the end of Kevin Flynn’s article here that discusses how Grid time relates to real world time, but this is mostly speculative and should not be considered canon ‘fact’.

Character limitations

I will say this now:  no canon characters allowed.  That means, no Tron, Sam or Kevin Flynn, Master Chief, Cortana, etc.   All characters must be OCs.  Also the only Halo alien I will allow in the Grid is mine (Sozo), at least initially while I see how this roleplay goes.

The majority of the ‘Users’ in the Grid are criminals: keep that in mind if you decide to play as one.  Only criminal types I will not allow are hackers and pedos.  I will allow of course the rare ‘wrongly accused’ (and I do mean rare) and Agents sent in to retrieve them.

The three ‘smart’ AIs are strictly NPCs and their appearances in roleplay will be limited.

Special note:  your character will not, should not, be able to manipulate the Grid immediately upon entry, unless they are previously established as being specially trained Users (aka Agents).  Kevin Flynn and his son were both computer experts/hackers and even they did not know immediately how to influence the Grid while in it.  Characters will either need to be taught by other Users, or gradually figure things out on their own.

And of course, board rules are in effect for this roleplay

Any players that do not heed to the special rules of this roleplay will have their character permanently derezzed and forbidden from further roleplay in this story!  If you are not sure if what you want to do is allowed, ASK!

Any questions, rants, concerns, etc about these rules/roleplay...ask them in this thread.

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