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Misc Roleplay / [Personal][13+] The Boy Who Feared Imigination.
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:12:55 AM »
The Boy Who Feared Imagination.
By Taylor Brown

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."
--- H.P. Lovecraft

Its just about the crack of dawn on this fall morning, Noah slowly begins to open his eyes, and slowly rise out of bed. Its slightly cloudy this morning, he thinks. Looks like it might rain, he adds on. He slowly puts on his fuzzy slippers and begins to walk downstairs for breakfast. Two waffles, some orange juice and a muffin. Makes for a fit breakfast. He grabs his backpack and begins to head down the road to school. Noah doesn't live in a very big town. Slowly making his way past the cemetery, Noah arrives at school. He goes about his day, learning some new math skills, some new ways of the english language and even making a new friend. Its about recess time, Noah's just hanging around the basketball court. Just sitting, chatting. “It was weird, I just felt like it was creeping up on me”. One boy says. This, grabbed Noah's attention. “What exactly are you talking about?” He asked the boy. “I dunno exactly.. it just felt like it was going to come and get me. I jus-...”. But he couldn't finish his sentence. His eyes widened, and he screamed, fell over and fainted. The teachers rushed over to see what the matter was. “What do you think could have caused this??” One teacher asked. “It looks like he might have fainted”. Another says. The teachers then take him to the nurses office to further inspect what was going on. “Well it looks fear has yet claimed another poor soul”. Noah looks over at the girl with long black hair. “What makes you say that?”. Noah questioned. She then began to say, “Well its obvious, if you don't take control of fear..”. Then she finished with a straight face. “Fear, will control, you..” Noah just kinda looked at the girl, then he started to head back inside as recess was over now. Fear will overtake me? He thought to himself.

It was about time to head home. The sky seemed to get a few shades darker, with light pellets rain falling. Noah walks by the dim cemetery, looks over and cringes. Fear... he thought to himself. A few images flashed through his head. Dark images. He grabs his head and groans slightly. He walks inside and tosses his backpack aside. I should grab a bite to eat, he says to himself. He grabs an apple, and a juice box. He then makes his way to the living room, and turns on the radio. Bitting into the apple, his afternoon show comes on. A short story from the normal radio channel he listens to. Composing of how a hero saves the day, stopping a bank robbery. He then finishes his snack, and decides to go to his room to play. As he walks up the stairs, the lights begin to slowly flicker, as he hears a deep rumble from outside. It's going to rain? He thought. He headed to his room, and shut the door. “Hmmm, what to do what to do..” He then pulls out a book, and lays on his bed and begins to read it.

As he starts to get into the book that he is reading. The lights begin to flicker again. Noah thought to himself, this is going to give me a headache at this rate. So he gets up and grabs his box of matches, and the candle on his nighdesk. Lights the candle, and turns his lights off. He climbs back into bed and begins to read back into his book. No later then five minutes, his candle goes out. “That's weird”. He said outloud to himself. He then grabs his matches again and relights the candle, and sits back down. “Now stay, light”. He reads a few more pages, and his candle blows out again. But this time, Noah ran out of matches. He opens his door, to the dark hallway. Shaking slightly he tries to make his way down the hall so that he can get to the kitchen for more matches. About half way through the hall, he thinks he sees something move out of the corner of his eye. Then followed by what sounds like a low growling noise. Basically unable to motivate himself to get down the stairs, he makes his way back to his room and shuts the door. He then hides under his covers, slowly peaking his head out. “What could that have been?” He slowly closes his eyes and begins to sleep.

It's morning time now, Noah has finished his breakfast and he's on his way to school. The sun is trying to makes its way through all the clouds overhead. Noah arrives at school and begins his first class. “Fear...”. He says to himself. As the day progresses he thinks about what the girl said the other day. As the thoughts consume his head, its now time for recess. As Noah looks around at the playground, he begins to wonder. What happened to that other kid, why isn't he here? He asks himself. He looks over at a group of 3 boys and asks. “Do you know what happened to the kid who had the meltdown?” “He's in a hospital.” The girl said. Noah turns around to face the girl with the black hair. “W-w-what do you mean a hospital?” He said to her in shaky voice. “He basically freaked himself out so bad apparently that he had to go to a mental hospital to treat himself.” Still just as serious as ever. “I told you, if you let fear take over, you'll pay.” She says. “So how do you fight it?” Noah questions. “Just try your hardest to not let it break you..”. As she walks away to head inside the building. Noah then heads back inside, with more thoughts now consuming his mind. The school bell later rings to let out for the day. Unfortunately Noah has to stay for some extra minutes for some questions on his english homework. After he has inquired the information he was looking for, he begins to head home. Walking by the cemetery, he looks over at the cold graves as the fog creeps around them. Getting a slight chill, Noah begins to walk a little faster now to get home. The clouds roll in, and the fog starts to get a tad thicker. This can't be happening, Noah thinks to himself. Noah runs home and shuts the door, locking it. He then sits down and covers his ears and closes his eyes and leans his head down. Everything's ok, everything's ok, everything's ok. As he keeps telling himself this, he looks up and opens his eyes. Removing his hands from his ears. He looks around the room and sets his backpack down and heads for the kitchen. He grabs an apple and heads to the living room to listen to his show. After about half an hour into listening, he begins to doze off.

Springing up, he looks around the room. Its quiet, and dark. As he looks around, he begins to hear a low deep growling noise. Panicking, he runs and hides behind the chair. He faintly hears in a low deep voice, “Don't be..scared.”. He keeps looking around to see what could have said that. As he looks from above the chair, he thinks he sees what looks like a shadow moving up the stairs. As he slowly crawls out from behind the chair, he walks over to the bottom of the stairs. Shaking slightly, he begins to look up. At first he sees nothing, but then a ghostly figure rushes at him with a high pitch scream. A scream that would pierce anyone's ears. Noah quickly wakes up while hes on the floor, sweating slightly and breathing heavily. “What...just happened?” He said to himself. He then throws his apple away in the trash and makes his way to the bottom of the stairs. He looks up and puts his foot up on the first step. His breath getting slightly heaver, he begins to make his way up the stairs. As he reaches the top, he turns around to look down the hallway to where his room is. He stands there for a few seconds, then he hears a jingly noise. “What that..real?”. He said to himself. He shakes his head and makes his way to the bathroom to get washed up for bed. As he walks into the bathroom, he turns the sink and and begins to wash his face. The lights do a quick flickering effect. Noah looks up, and then quickly splashes water on his face. “I've gotta get to bed”. He brushes his teeth and then walks down the hallway to his room. He walks inside and lights a candle, lays on his bed, and pulls the sheets over him. “This isn't going to happen to me.” He rolls over and looks out the window. The moon begins to hide behind the clouds as the storm rolls in. He then rolls over the other way and tries to shut his eyes. A few minutes later, a crack of thunder and his eyes open. The rain is pouring onto his window as he sits up and looks around. His candle long out. He beings to hear the growling noise again, so he goes and hides under his covers. A flash of lightning, and a huge crash of thunder nearly sends Noah flying off his bed. He looks around, out of the corner of his eye, a blood red pair of glowing eyes. Noah quickly turns his head. But when he does, nothing. Noah quickly dashes out of his bed and runs for the bathroom. Noah quickly turns on the sink and splashes water onto his face. “No no no no.” He keeps thinking to himself. As Noah opens his eyes he looks down into a sink filled in a pool of blood. Noah screams and tries to shake the blood all over his arms. As he looks up in the mirror, he sees at the doorway a girl, very pail with long stringy black hair, eyes white and blank. Her jaw dropped nearly all the way with some blood running out her mouth. Noah freaks and turns his head to look over, nothing. As he turns the faucet off, the handle breaks off, more blood pooling into the sink and now over flowing. Another flash of lightning and a huge crack of thunder and the power goes out. Noah crawls out the door into the hallway. As he looks to his left, the girl comes running at him, same expression as before. Arms stretched out forwards to him, making a very high pitched scream. Noah freaks and runs to his room. Slamming the door behind him. As he turns around he hears some scratching at the door. It slowly stops, then.. nothing. To his horror he closes his eyes and puts his hands to his ears. A few seconds later, he hears an inner voice. “Why are you so..afraid?”. This time in a much lower, devilish voice. It was almost like this voice was toying with him. He looks up and out the window, a flash of lightning reveals the girl sitting in the corner of his room. After the flash, darkness. Another flash lights the room for a second. Nothing. Noah collapses on the ground, basically stuck to the bone with fear... As his alarm clock chims, Noah opens his eyes and turns it off. The sun slowly making its way through the passing clouds. Noah slowly rolls out of bed and stares into space. “'t nice”, he says in a blank tone to himself. He makes his way to school walking down the wet road. As he makes his way to the front of the building. He's greeted by the girl with the long black hair. “Well hi there Noah, some storm we had last nig-”. But Noah just keeps walking with the same blank look on his face. “Well, looks like fear has claimed another soul..” She looks behind her and begins to walk into the school..

Misc Roleplay / [Personal] [15+] The Inward Pains of Being New.
« on: December 12, 2010, 11:24:41 PM »
The inward pains of being new...

As the boy begins to walk to the school...he thinks to himself.."ugh...another day of this mess"... He was only in the 7th grade. Jr high was taking its toll on the poor boy. He was kinda new to the area, so he didn't really have many friends. He had to deal with school, and he was picked on most of the time since he was so alone. He had to deal with his parents fighting a lot, he hated how they always yelled at each other. He felt like he was so mis-placed here... "I don't like it here", he thought to himself. As he walks down the hallway to make it to first period, a gang of three 8th graders came in front of him.

"Hey look who it is guys!" They all smirked at the sight of the 7th grader. "Lets get his daily of suicidal  thoughts in his head!" They all circled around him, as the bell rings for first period to start. All the other students in class now, it was just him and the three thugs.

"Look just let me get to class! And leave me alone.." He just wanted to get to class without any trouble..of course the guy had other plans. They shoved him against the lockers. "Hey see if he has any money on him." They rummaged through his jacket and his backpack. "Hey look here guys $10. Thanks kid" They laughed at him as one of them spit on him as they started to walk away.

"You'll pay for this!!", he shouted at them as they walked away. He then made his way to class, his excuse? "My ride was a little late.." He just said to the teacher. After his first two classes were over, it was lunch. He just sat at the table with a blank face. A girl came up to his table and asked what was wrong. His only reply was, "I don't know why it always has to be me.." With a confused look on her face, the boy then pointed to the three 8th graders that actually had a lunch.

"You shouldn't just let them push you around", she began to say. "You should tell someone about it!"
"It won't matter, nothing ever happens, and I'm still being picked on. Its torturous!" As his eyes began to fill with tears...

As the day ended, he walked home. As the three boys rode their bikes home, they rode past him, shoving him down, and calling him names as they rode off. He could only cry as he picked himself back up and walked the rest of the way home. "I've got to do something...but what?"..As he walked inside, he took his shoes off he went to his room. He laid on his bed and begin to think. Then all of a sudden he got an idea. "I know what I'm going to do now! I'm going to show them how much pain they caused me..with a little "Share the pain". He then quietly to his parents room, he quietly opened his dads sock drawer. And pulled his dad's handgun out, and a few bullets. He then went back to his room, loaded it and set it in his backpack..

The next day had arrived, as he walks to the school, he thinks "This ends today..." He walks into the hallway, letting the bell ring, as he waits for the boys to show up. Standing in the middle of the hall, the three 8th graders start to walk up to him. "Well look who decided to wait up!" As they started to approach him..

"Don't take another step....", the boy said to them.

"Oh yea?? What are you gonna do, huh??" One of them mocked at him.

The boy unzips his backpack, and pulls out the loaded hand gun, loaded with only...two bullets. He then aims at the boy standing in the middle.
The middle boy's eyes widened. "Whoa now, we don't want any troubl-"

"SHUT UP!" The 7th grader yelled at him. "You don't know what kind of pain and torment you have even put me through, ever since I moved here 3 months ago, Its been hell!" He screamed at them, his eyes filling with tears, his finger on the trigger. Now shaking more then ever. "I'm going to show you the pain you showed me. I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH PAIN I'M IN!!!"

After that, he then pulls the trigger. Sending a loud bang through all the hallways. The 8th grader fell to the ground, blood rushing out of his open wound. The other two 8th graders stood there paralyzed. Shocked from what had just happened. All the teachers and the principle started running down the hall. They then heard another loud bang.. As they come around the corner where the bangs had occurred. There stood two 8th graders shaking like crazy from what had happened. And there laid two 8th grader, and a 7th grader.

After the ambulance had arrived and everything settled down, the police looked inside the 7th graders backpack, and found a note..

"I don't want to be hurting anymore, I want the pain to finally stop..and I told them they would pay...."

Written by Taylor Brown 12/13/10 at 1:21 A.M.

{This is a idea for a story I had in my head for awhile, and I really wanted to write it out, I hope you enjoyed reading it!}

Poetry / [Personal poems][13+] WingZero's poems.
« on: December 08, 2010, 10:39:54 PM »
Hey there. so basically, I'll make post by post for my poems. And here is the list of contents in this post!! Please enjoy my poems as much as I do writing these out. They are of my feelings, idea's and emotions. Enjoy!!

"As I dip the pen into my blood...I lay my soul on this paper..." .~*WingZero*~.

1. From the heart.
2. A Poem For The Dead
3. A Hero.
4. The Reaper.
5. Last Words.
6. The Heart Of The Defiled.
7. The Passion Of The Heart.
8. The Darkness.
9. A Moment To Myself.
10. My Feelings.
11. Dreams.
12. Forgotten Love.
13. If I Disappeared.
14. The Pool Of Death.
15. Last Breath.
16. As I lay.
17. Its a Lie.
18. His Soul.
19. You'll Never See My Face.
20. State Of Mind.
21. Tormented Life.
22. A Break From The World.
23. I Know.
24. The Pain.
25. I Just Want..
26. One Day.
27. I Can't Find Her.
28. Misty Days And Shining Stars.
29. The World That Never Was.
30. Dark Cold Night.
31. The Door.
32. The Build.
33. Who Am I?
34. Summer Nights.
35. The Condensed Bottle.
36. Waiting In The Dark.
37. I'll Never.
38. Don't Let Them See.
39. Foggy Windows.
40. What Am I.
41. Divine Intellect.
42. Dream World.
43. Tears

Misc Roleplay / [Personal] [15+] Leon and the Lost Tales of Raphael.
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:07:10 AM »
Hey so in this post I'll be giving the character descriptions in here, If I add any more char's I'll be sure to add them to this post in here. Enjoy!! ..~~**EDIT**~~.. Currently fixing the first chapters, so I'll repost once they are finished!!

Height: About 5'11
Weight: Around 170lbs , semi-muscular.
Age: 22.
Hair color&style: Blonde, length to his eyebrows and collar, some what spiked.  
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Leon is a relaxed laid back person. He likes the business world and monitoring the economy. He enjoys working out too and staying in shape. He has a cat named Crystal, who he loves dearly. He's single, and not to concerned about a relationship all that much, though it would be nice to have someone. He tries not to be the life of the party, but occasionally likes to have fun with his friends.

Height: 10inches [tall] 17inches [length] and her tail is about 9inches long.
Weight: 6lbs
Age: 2years
Hair&style: Snow white, somewhat fluffy but not too long haired.
Eyes: "Crystal" Blue.
Personality: Crystal is a relaxed cat who occasionally likes to lay in the warm sun. Shes very playful cat, who always like to follow Leon where ever he goes.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 12 [or so it seems..]
Hair color&style: Long shiny brown. Length to about mid-back.
Eyes: Dark brown
Personality: Shes a Mage, and shes pretty good at what she does. Don't take her lightly for her size though. She can be a leader when she needs to be, and will continue to be through out. Shes overall a very smart girl. And knows what shes doing. She loves to help people in need, but if something is too dangerous for her, she won't get herself into trouble that could kill her. She meditates and prays to help recharge her energy and Mage power.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 220lbs, very muscular.
Age: 43
Hair color&style: Black. He wears it in a long ponytail that almost reaches to his hips.
Eyes: Dark green.
Personality: Anson is a master at martial arts, and defense. He doesn't take light to people bullying him. Surprisingly, for the man that he is, he has a special talent for cooking. Hes just one big teddy bear...till you get him mad.

Raphael: [In the ancient days]
Height: 6'10
Weight: 250lbs
Age: 35.
Hair&style: Black, short, front of his hair is spiked.
Eyes: Dark red.
Personality: What else is there to say? He's the God of Black Magic. Hes evil, he can raise an army of dead if he wants. Ancient times tell of when he ruled the lands of the desert, and he had servants all the time doing his evil biding.

Raphael: [current]
After the hero had first slain Raphael, he was sealed in a magic barrier, his appearance now is nothing but bones, a hood and cloak. So hes basically a skeleton in robes. His age is unidentifiable, and his most powerful weapon is his cruised magic. The way he uses his magic is through his Death Scepter. In one survives...

[If I add anymore character's they will go here].

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