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Technology / Windows Excel...
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:30:45 PM »
Don't suppose anyone has ever used this before? What I'm asking is this:

For the clan I'm apart of, I am creating an excel sheets that makes it easier for the squads to calculate their ship upkeep. It's for a game where EACH ship has upkeep of some type.

In this case, the second to last two values displays the number of ships of that class, along with the ships indivisual upkeep. The last value is supposed to times the first upkeep number by the number of ships it has.


Number value is two
Upkeep value is four million
Total Value is eight million

I want the excel sheet to auto-calculate that but I don't know HOW to get it to do that :(

The News / Registration Changed
« on: May 06, 2010, 09:43:59 AM »
I've changed the registration to admin approval, since it seems we have idiots who just want to spam the board. Sad that I had to do this, I would love to have people who actually want to be productive members of this community, but then again there are to many idiots out there who just want to cause problems.

General Discussion / Lesson learned!
« on: March 20, 2010, 01:30:37 AM »
Posting thirteen posts in a record time of one minute; tends to give a board a heart attack :P

Yes, I just did that... found I couldn't make a single post after my last post in another thread (Rousen Time)

And just think.. I still have three hundred more posts to make.... ughs.... SHIPPO!! Help me with the damn topic please! >.<

*Kalshion wonders off to bed now.... which is something he should've done an hour ago

Anime Roleplaying / Rousen Time - Three Way War (Private)
« on: March 20, 2010, 12:34:52 AM »
A story being done by Shippo and I, this is being transferred from the board we were doing on since that board has almost died in it's entirety... sadly :(


The year is 2098, world war four is in full swing, the usage of nuclear weapons has been ongoing for nearly twenty years with eighty percent of the planet left uninhabited due to massive radiation fallout. The oceans are polluted to the point that drinking the water will lead to instant death, with humanities end in sight, no one bothers to stop.

Now progress to the year 2300, the war has since ended, humanity has bombed itself back to the feudal era, where swords and shields are used; the re-emergence of magic has lit a fire under humanity who has sparked a full scale campaign to claim territory.

On a peaceful continent, the nuclear war has let rise to an advanced race of Kitsune. Red, Blue, Gold, Black and various other foxes live together with another race, called the Neko’s, both of which evolved from their four legged companions due to the war. Both races’s still possess the traits of their four legged companions, and much more, as they are now an intelligent race that prefer to remain isolated from human society.

Another race, separate from the Nekos, the Ligerian race which consists of tigers and wolves who have, like the Nekos and Kitsune, been changed into a walking, sentient race due to the nuclear war. They consider the Kitsune and Neko’s ‘food’ but due to them residing on a different continent and not having east access they must rely on raiding operations and Nekos/Kitsune’s who are foolish enough to cross the ocena into their territory.

With the humans on one continent, the Neko’s/Kitsune on another, and the Ligerians on yet another, a war is bound to break out between the three continents for worldwide supremacy, but yet another race exists that wants to enslave them all.

Despite that; each race has its own set of problems. While the humans are infighting, the Ligerians have problems trying to figure out who to ‘eat’ first, while the Kitsune and Nekos try and preserve their society due to declining birth rates – none of which are even remotely aware that they are all being controlled.

And yet; though the birth rates are declining, they still exil white Kitsune?


Shippo's Characters:


Kritean's Characters: See below :p

Name: Kanami
Race: Snow Kitsune
Age: 8
Hobby: Animals
Straightens: Observent and Kind
Weaknesses: Shy, easy to scare.
Likes: being in safe places
Dislikes: being lonely, being near black kitsune
Personality: Kanami, due to being exiled at the age of five, fears most other kitsune and also has become very shy.


Kanami is a mute Kitsune, she can't speak due to never going to school to learn, this is because of her being exiled when she turned five year's old and the first spots of white fur began to appear on her tail and ears.

The only clothing she has on her is that which she wore when she was a toddler which she's modified over the years to keep her warm and dry. She has bruise's on her face and body both from her hardships in the forest but also from when she was exiled and branded.

What she lacks in physical and mental streangth, she makes up for in her foraging and ice magic capabilities, which she use's mostly out of fear for her own life. Kanami still possess a small wooden sword that was given to her by her mother when she turned four, which she use's to fend off small animals and to make a living.

Name: Sahari
Race: Fire Kitsune
Age: 18
Hobby: Farming
Straightens: Farming techniques
Weaknesses: Not organized
Likes: her people; except the elder.
Dislikes: seeing her little sister get exiled for some silly law.
Personality: Sahari is a kind and respectful kitsune, and often helps teach the kids of the various villages and towns.


Sahari was fifteen when her little sister was exiled; it left a mark on her mentally that has resulted in her harboring deep hatred for the elders, namely the one who did the exiling.

She helps teach the young kit's in the various villages but also works on her families farm to help provide food for her people. She's a fire kitsune, and thus can control fire effectively for her own uses, she's is branded, however, and due to that she can never serve as an elder.

Name: Emiler
Race: Black Kitsune
Age: 48
Hobby: Script writing
Straightens: Leading his people
Weaknesses: Has a fetish for flowers
Likes: Being alone
Dislikes: White Kitsune, bothersome kits.
Personality: Hates kit's (Kitsune/Nekos who are children)


Emiler is the leader to the Kitsune, and secretly hates the Neko/Kitsune alliance. He harbors even more hatred for his own people as he views them as 'weak', he also dislikes White Kitsunes, and will exil them no matter 'how' old they are, even though the law of the Kitsune is that White Kitsune can't be exiled until they are thirteen years old...

Emiler is very harsh and doesn't mind using force to get his way; which is why he is both feared and respected.

Anime Roleplaying / [Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
« on: January 08, 2010, 12:38:59 AM »

Roughly two and half years have passed since the book of darkness incident, with Hayate no longer in a wheel-chair, and the three of them as temp employees of the bureau. Four years ago in another end of dimensional space, a war has been going on for centuries, with the TSAB finally intervening due to the plausibility of it spreading into other dimensions. But their intervention comes at a high cost for the dimension it was in.

Now, something else is brewing in that area of dimensional space, and the war that the TSAB had once thought to have been stopped might just spread out again. Not to mention that someone is now gunning for Nanoha and seem's to not care who gets in her way, and her companions likewise have no care in the world for anyone else's lives.

And yet, who is this strange man that keeps monitoring the fighting and not getting involved?


Races allowed:

Humans (Naturally :P)
Cats (for me :P)
Kitsune (For a certain little fox demon if he decides to join :P)





Name: Anya
Age: 8
Race: Cat
Occupation: Mage
Weapons: A single spear
Magic: Belken Adv
Personality: Innocent but also ruthless, rarely curses but does have a temper on her and also demonstrates a complete disregard for her own safety and the lives of others
Appearance: Wears a traditional kimono, but her battledress eerily matches that of Nanoha, except it's a darkened version. Her ears are light blue and her taile is likewise the same color with white strips going through it.


Anya is a neko and was a resident of the dimension that the TSAB had intervenned, what she saw has burned in her the hatred to kill any TSAB person she finds. She has no desire to settle down until those responsible are dealt with, she may appear innocent on the surface, but as soon you mention that your Bureau stuff, your odds of survival just dropped to zero.

She use's a Belken form of magic, but it's a modified strain that permits her more advanced control over her magic and also demonstrates the truly deadly side of the magic. She doesn't aim to incapacitate, she aims to kill and her magic is geared exclusively toward that goal.

Being a cat, she has the ears and tail to match. When not actually killing or hunting, she takes on the guise of an elementary school student and wears a sailor uniform to match her disguise. This is the only time you may truly see her as being 'innocent'


Name: Viola
Age: 4
Race: Familiar, but technically cat
Occupation: Familiar
Weapons: Front and back claws, along with two double energy swords
Magic: Belken
Personality: Has quite the tongue, also displays times of concern for her over-eager master.
Appearance: Mostly stays in tiger form, her cat form appears to be that of a nine year old girl.

Description: Viola is Anya's familiar; who she created back during the war. She has been faithfully serving Anya for those four years and knows her very well. She is quite concerned about her master though, unlike Anya who's mind is closed and won't accept anything but death to all TSAB. Viola actually doesn't think that way, and knows that what 'she' saw, was something completely different but because her existance is tied to Anya, she can't afford to leave her side and inform others of what she had witnessed - leastwise while Anya is around.

Viola's overprotective nature, however, cause's her to throw out any concerns she has for her masters closed mindedness and just concentrate on protecting her.

She can alternate between three forms. Her puppy form, which she only use's when Anya is in disguise. Her tiger form, which she use's when Anya is either out hunting, or attacking a mage, and her adult form - which she use's only on a few rare occasions.

Name: Maro
Age: ??
Occupation: ??
Weapons: ??
Magic: ??
Personality: ??
Appearance: ??

Description: This man is unknown, who is he? And why does he watch over Anya? Sorry, his information is classified top secret for now :P

The News / Temp Downtime on Christmas!
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:05:11 PM »
Yea, I'm going to set the forums to maintenance mode on Christmas Eve (at night that is, not at the start of the day). Why? Err... it's Christmas! Spend time with your families!

Misc Roleplay / War of the Twin Shadows (18+, Gore)
« on: December 21, 2009, 01:35:07 AM »
Anyone may join; just as long as you READ this post! :P


Humans and Neko's have co-existed for thousands, if not, tens of thousands of years. Technology has become stagnent in this world where the two sides each own a continent. Only two continents exist, with various islands dotting the planet.

For many years; a long standing peace has been on-going. Both sides exercising due-caution in their military build-ups and making certain not to make a threatening move.

However, in the year AC 3029 (Ater Cress) , their once lush green planet was destroyed when a human scientist, who was experimenting with Quantom energy, made a mistake. This mistake went on to become the driving factor in what is now todays war.

Both sides lost their home; and countless millions. Though they had since settled on a new, much bigger, and more expansive world, neither trusted the other.

The Neko's had gone on to live in the snow-rich, mountainous continent they called 'Senite' while the humans preferred their comfortable, mostly flat-land temperate continent that held most of the planets lush, harvest-able fields.

There was, however, one difference. The water on this planet could not be traversed using navel vessels, only air-ships could be used. Perhaps it was for this reason why technology progressed largely for the humans in allowing them to create advanced weapons. While the Neko races preferred to remain in their pre-modernized state, where horses were still used for pulling carts, it's also perhaps for this reason why magic exists in large part throughout their culture, which helps explain why they lead a good living, despite the absence of advanced technology.

And yet... neither side was aware that they had colonized a planet that had already been marked by another race - who's cruel and savage nature would be brought down upon the peaceful Neko's, and warlike Humans. A battle for survival would begin, with the chances being uncertain.


Nekos -

This is actually rather deceptive, the Neko's are a combination of Foxes(Kitsune), Wolves, Dogs(Inu) and Cats(Nekos), all sentient and capable of understanding however, there are other races mixed into this as well - some strange alien-like creatures who look neither humans nor neko, and yet also dragons who prefer to stay amongst their 'animal' kind. And no they aren't your four-legged companions, these particular beings walk on two legs like a humans. Think of the anime's where you see some of these (Such as Urararerumoto, and I wouldn't be half surprised if I misspelled it)

The Neko's are not native to Earth; they were created by a human scientist who was experimenting with creating a new species. He had merged Human DNA with the DNA of various animals, and had succeeded greatly - though his research was considered taboo and he was eventually killed by a mod, none the less his successes lived on.

It should be noted that Neko's rely on magical warships, or ships that utilize magic and not really technology. Most of their landscapes are clean and covered in snow, which adds to the difficulty of the humans as they don't have any cold regions on their continent.

Also, Neko's age much slower than humans. Neko's age once every five human years. In short, if two five year olds, a human and neko, where to be friends. The neko would be six when the human would be ten. This is one of the greatest cultural clashes, as it's very hard for neko/human children to be friends due to such a diversity in age.


There are various factions within the humans, the most common is the warlike faction that currently dominates the arena. The humans are largely responsible for the destruction of Earth, and yet, are also responsible for saving what little could be saved.

Most humans are not aggressive and prefer to live a peaceful life, yet the policy of forced conscription during wars results in people having to fight whether they want to or not.

The humans rely exclusively on advanced technology, utilizing massive warships that can level a city in a matter of hours.

It should be noted that half of the human continent is covered in polluting industry with very few clean areas, even their farm-lands have been invaded by pollution and it's become a constant downhill battle to combat the illness that have been cropping up.


Feteran's are a space-faring race who are very beastly and warlike. They have no love for anyone but their own, they feed on the bodies of their enemies and prefer their savage nature. They don't care if they kill a child or an adult, either is food for their bellys.

They use slave labor in almost every aspect of their culture, females are used as 'incubators' for the future of their race, while children are used as slaves within their homes while the men are used in the factories and in the test labs.

Their race came close to extinction once before when they had consumed all of the edible life in their sector of the galaxy. Now they are invading the Sigma Quadrant, where the Neko's and Humans are located, and they plan savioring this moment...


Can be of any age, but no younger than six and no older than thirty please. You don't 'have' to be of a race that was listed, create yer own if ya like :)




*Only applies if they live in a city... towns/villages don't technically 'have' schools due to their small sizes*

Kally Characters:

Name: Sakura
Alias: Saku
Race: Snow Kitsune
Age: 12
*Grade: None
*School: None
Occupation: Nothing... just a kid
Likes: Her family and her town, plus the peacefulness of the mountains
Dislikes: The occastional humans who try and cause problems
Abilities: Can use water and fire magic, but her affinity is toward combat magic
Personality: Has a mature side to her, but can sometimes be childish just as well. Tends to air on the side of caution when talking to people she doesn't know.
Appearance: Wears a white kimono, her tail is white with her ears being dirty white.

Description: Sakura is the daughter of the village elder, and the heir to the title. She is much to young right now though, she prefers playing with her friends and avoiding her education than learning what is needed to succeed her father. Her village handles a small farm area that grows wheat and barley for their people, which, despite the constant twenty degree temperatures (and negative twenty at night) they can still grow this type of grow easily due to it being bio-engineered to grow in very cold climates.

She can use fire and water magic and tends to practice in private. Her martial arts skill are superb as she is taught by the village sheriff. Sakura loves to sing and plays a flute whenever she can find the time, when not around her home she is usually up on the woods somewhere sitting on a tree just enjoying life.

Anime Roleplaying / Anime RP Rules
« on: November 28, 2009, 12:24:40 AM »
Speaks for itself mainly.

This is for anime related roleplays, fanfiction only. Please keep them civil, if they follow canon then you don't need to mention that. If they DO NOT follow Canon, then please mention in the first post that it doesn't follow canon.

Misc Roleplay / Misc Rules
« on: November 28, 2009, 12:22:53 AM »

If it doesn't have its own section, it goes here. Anime related Fanfiction goes into Anime, that means that if its related to an anime it goes there.

Oh yea, you still have to follow the main  board rules so, what? Ya thought I'd let ya get away with it? Ha! :P

Halo Roleplay / Foreshadow of the Lost
« on: November 25, 2009, 07:42:34 PM »
Non-canon, set in Sl'askia universe

When Kesi's reign of terror ended; the UNSC was able to get back onto their feet and continue to rebuild their cripled infrature and culture. Insurgent lead attacks had all but ceased when the Sangheili(Elites) took over patrol routes to help keep UNSC Trading ships protected. With the civilian government almost all but destroyed in the war, the military has taken a temporary stance as the government until a civilian one can be established.

It took several years though, but eventually the Unggoy(Grunts) signed a non-aggression pact with the UNSC/Sangheili alliance and given quite a bit of freedom. Some joined the military, while others went on to serve other roles; those in the military are monitored closely by ONI. The Huragok(Engineers) also became an ally after the Sangheili and UNSC saved a large group of them from a brute fleet.

Now, five years after the end of the war – many people refer to the UNSC now as the new ‘covenant’ since some of the species of the covenant are now a part of the UNSC. A new ship, called the Renewal of Antigone, has just completed construction – created in a hidden Sangheili shipyard that was captured from the prophets. This ship was built almost entirely by Huragok hands, with assistance from UNSC engineering teams. Now, a combined crew of Sangheili, Huragok and Humans, they’re tasked with finding the remains of UNSC worlds that had been cut off due to the war, not to mention the continued hunting of scattered Jiralhanae (Brutes)

However, deeper secrets are to be revealed – and an ONI experiment once forgotten comes back to potentially bite ONI in the ass. However, in lue of all of that, greater threats exist..


Story is open only to myself and Sl'askia. Please see the wiki info for information: Foreshadow of the Lost

General Discussion / Rules
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:24:18 PM »
Generally speaking, the board rules apply. No politic's or religion!

In addition, if you are discussing topics for games/movies/etc, please indicate possible spoilers, especially for recently released items.  To hide spoiler info, change the font to this color #1d1d1d. (code you would use is {color=#1d1d1d}spoiler stuff{/color}, just replace the {} with []).

Roleplay Discussion / Rules
« on: November 12, 2009, 11:38:48 PM »
There are a few rules to follow here, and an explanation:

1. No sex of any kind. Because we will more than likely have kids on this board, I will not allow this type of play here.

2. Cursing; limited only. No extreme words (F word being one of those extremes)

3. Character Control, unless the owner of the character gives permission - no control is allowed. Character death is handled only by the person who owns that character.

4. No shorthand/text type here.

5. Mary Sues* - No Mary Sue characters.

6. Mary Joes* - No Mary Joe characters.

7. If rules are posted in the role-play itself, follow them. If you plan to make rules for your role-play, they must NOT violate what we have already. Any role-plays found violating the rules (such as allowing sex) will not only be deleted, but their author will find themselves no longer able to access this site

*I will note this right away to stop any hassle, my two characters, Kalshion and Katarina, have a ten year history (I created them back in 1999) and thus they have endured quite a bit to get where they are. They can be deemed as Mary Sue's because they technically can't die (they are reborn after death and thus can't die permanently) these two characters, along with those who follow them, will rarely make appearances outside the stories made by myself or Sonic unless permission is given.


Stories need to have the following in their thread title, either separated by a ( ) or [ ].

Private - means that you must ask the person about joining it, if they say no.. don't post. If you DO post and I find out they said you couldn't, I'll post restrict you.

Open - means that the story is open and anyone may join. Please remember to make a character bio in the thread here in the discussion board and to let the author know.

Personal - means just that, the story can't be joined by ANYONE. Posting in a story with the personal in the thread name will result in an instant ban. Personal should not be commonly used, excessive use will have me removing this from this thread and thus any personal stories will be turned into open ones.


The News / Board Rules (Read First)
« on: November 08, 2009, 10:50:42 PM »
Well, now that your here, time to read the rules yes?

Forum Rules

Also; one last thing to add:

Do not register an account unless you plan on being active, the server I use isn't exactly unlimited on space, so I will delete an account if it has less than fifteen posts. Exceptions go for VIP, Informer, Global Moderator, and Admin accounts.

The News / First Announcement - still adding stuff
« on: November 08, 2009, 03:49:32 PM »
Things are still being added; but for the most part the main areas of the board are up and running.

I welcome ya to ISP, or Insanity Stories Prelude, the forum that is attached to

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