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Mysterious Shadow Elites - Discussion Topic
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:14:26 PM »
May as well do this now. I'll use this topic for discussion, in public, about some essences of the story if needed. I'll also be using this topic to maybe answer questions anyone may have and such. No, you can't use this to ask to join, rather, PM me about it instead.

I'll also post characters in here from now on in this topic to help me, and the others, keep track as to whom a character belongs to.


The story is loosely based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime. However, there are suits from other series, but that isn't really important. The people have only started colonizing in outer space, and there are indeed a few colonies up there. But not everyone was necessarily keen on the idea. Ships take off daily into outer space and also come in from space as well, so people are always coming and going.

However, before the space colonizing happened, the Zeon and Earth Federation have been at war with each other for many years, and years to come as well. It was during this time that some people decided to start a mercenary organization, dubbed the Shadow Elite Mercenaries. They have no official title, but specialize in stealth operation. Anyway, they started this out of spite and are completely neutral, with no affiliate whatsoever. They build their own suits and weaponry, and are in the process of developing their own systems.

The world has been at relative peace, but I suppose the definition for "peace" has been twisted in this world. Some people have lost what it truly means to be at peace, but some people are working to change that meaning. Whether this may be successful, is up to the people to decide what they truly want.

Organization Information:

Earth Federation: The Federation is a Global Government formed from the varying nations of the world to protect against the Zeon attack. The civilians run this Federation in times of peace, while during attacks and war, the power is then transferred to the military to take action. The Federation mobile suits will sometimes consist of the following: GM, GM Sniper, Guncannon, Guntank, GM Custom, GM Quel, RGM-109 Heavygun.

Special Units:
Wing Gundam Zero (Currently piloted by Xenfis)
Altron Gundam (N/A)
Gundam Deathscythe Hell (N/A)
Gundam Heavyarms (NPC)
Gundam Sandrock (NPC)

Zeon Alliance: Zeons are a faction against the Earth Federation that think they're better than they are. They will do just about anything to until the Federation is under their control and have absolute control over the Earth's colonies. The Zeon mostly uses the following mobile suits: MS-05 Zaku I, MS-06 Zaku II, MS-07 Gouf, MS-09 Dom, 125MS Taurus, 06MS Leo, 08MMS Cancer, 09MMS Pisces, 02MD Virgo, 02MD Virgo II, 17MS Serpent.

Special Units:
Gundam Epyon
Tallgeese I, II, III
RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis"

Shadow Elites: The Shadow Elites, are, what they are dubbed as, are an elite mercenary organization that are paid to do various pieces of work. They side with neither good nor evil, and will work for anyone who pays the most. They specialize in stealth technology so they can evade radar detection, and work on their sniping performance. Some of their suits are more specialized in melee combat, while others are heavily armored for sniping. (The armor is sometimes used to protect against the kickback from certain shells used.) Because technology is highly advanced on their side, many of their suits will suffer from numerous issues that range from all sorts of problems. Some are minor that include glitches in the computer system, while others can suffer malfunctions in the joints or the suit in general could fail. Their pilots know all of the dangers and risks, but they are dedicated in their work and will work until they're dead.

Character information:


Name: Mariko
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Eyes: Red
Hair Length: Mid-back
Hair Color: A light pink.
Hair Style: Her hair is left as-is. She doesn't use ponytails or anything when she's not on duty. However, on rare occasions, or special, she will put her hair into a high ponytail. Her bangs on the other hand, are left unchanged. They are spiked and go a little past her eyes.
Occupation: Test Pilot for an elite mercenary group.
Personality: She's a straight forward girl. She doesn't necessarily take no for an answer, but she also acts somewhat differently in a mobile suit compared to when she's not in a suit. While she isn't in her suit, she will most likely act like any other girl you would meet. Though, when duty calls, she goes from her pleasant nature to being quite serious at what she does.

Mobile Suit
There is no set mobile suit that she fights with. However, her favorite is the following and the most common you may expect her to test in:

Code Name: X-0133 Fighter
Vehicle Mode: F-22 Raptor
Weapons: Medium range beam rifle, two beam sabers. Occasionally will be equipped with sabers attached on the wings.
Melee Combat: Excels at melee combat. Has excellent turning capabilities and is very quick to attack.
Armor: Light-Medium, has radar absorbing technology.
Name: Hitoshi
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair Length: Quite short, only around his upper neck-line.
Hair Color: Jet black
Hair Style: He has none to speak of. His hair is spiked and his bangs only vaguely covers his eyes.
Occupation: Special Pilot of the Zeons
Personality: He's very serious about doing his work. He will complete his missions to the fullest extent that he possibly can. Not tolerating failure, he will put his life on the line to try and complete his duty. He comes across as a coarse character, someone you don't necessarily wish to mess with.

Mobile Suit
The mobile suit was one that he had stolen from the Shadow Elite Mercenaries. However, it is an older and out-dated model while working there, it is still a very formidable opponent.

Code Name: X-0025 Killer Scythe
Vehicle Mode: Jet fighter type craft
Weapons: Long-range beam rifle, beam scythe attached on the back for melee combat, head unit has twin gattling guns.
Melee Combat: Although it is not the best at melee combat, it has an advantage of its scythe. It uses the scythe to keep a distance between it and the opponent, all while attacking.
Armor: Medium, out-dated radar absorbing. It does not absorb radar signatures as well as newer types, however the armor itself is able to repel light-based attacks for a limited time before systems begin to fail.
Name: Akemi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Eyes: Amethyst
Hair Length: Lower back length.
Hair Color: Emerald Green
Hair Style: Her hair is almost always in a low ponytail. Her bangs, however, she uses part of her hair to cover her right eye.
Occupation: Pilot for the Earth Federation
Personality: To some people, she comes across as a ditz. She has a very out-going personality, has a tendency to be clumsy, but at the same time, she's pretty smart. Being carefree, she does what she likes most of the time, and some accidents work in her favor as pure dumb luck.

Mobile Suit
She has no personal mobile suit to speak of. At some point, however, she will be awarded a mobile suit of her own, but for now, it is classified until this happens.

Code Name: N/A
Vehicle Mode:
Melee Combat:


WingZero0079's Characters

Name: Xenfis
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond w/ some brown
Hair length: His hair goes down to just around his upper neck line. Hair is spiked while his bangs are just past his eyes.
Occupation: Ace Mobile Suit Pilot.
Personalty: Xenfis can be quite a leader when  he needs to be, though he will take orders when he needs to. He feels to be the hero of the battles, though he does depend on some people to back him up when he needs. His skill in hand to hand combat Mobile Suit fighting are superior to that of other pilots. Though he thinks he knows how to fight, hes still got some learning to do.

[Suit Info]: The Model number is XXXG-00W0, the armour is made of  gundanium alloy. The main weapon I use is a beam rifle, Turrets mounted in the head unit, and a beam sword for melee. There's a new weapon that i've been testing w/ the gundam. A sniper rifle. Though the Gundam does not "snipe" all that often, I thought I'd give it a go :) :)


Name: Renae
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Organization: Pilot for Elite Mercenary Group
Hobby: Sky Watching
Likes: Flying through the sky
Dislikes: The ground, really... really.... hates the ground
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Personality: Renae has a laid back personality but can also appear childish at times. She becomes serious though in a fight, but does begin to panic when things don't go the way they should.
Appearance: Wears a typical kimono when not in the flight seat. Has the appearance of a school girl, and she prefers it that way.


Renae is a pilot for the Elite Merc Group, taught by her father how to fly, she achieved her pilots license at the age of nine and graduated from high school at the age of thirteen. She is not your typical teenager though, she is rather reserved about her past and prefers her feet in the air and not on the ground. She has a good set of assets, but hates men since she feels they are nothing but pigs who prefer assets over intelligence.

She is a marksmen with the rifle, a gift from her late-father. She can hit a target with a scope in upwards of five miles away with pin-point accuracy. Her skills with piloting a mobile suit, however, are poor and she relies on a lot of feed back from either the tower or her fellow pilots.

Despite all of that; when not flying or training, she takes on the appearance of a school-girl (sometimes wearing a school uniform, or otherwise just normal teenage clothing) she tends to have some sort of music player stuck in her ear which gives off the appearance that she is listening to music - the reality is much different - she is often listening to after action reports.... boring huh?

Mobile Suit:

Renae's mobile suit of a transformer type; it's a stealth fighter equipped with a rack of wing-tipped missiles, three each. She has an under-carriage beam-rifle that she can fire in succession along with her missiles. She utilizes the on-board computer to hit targets at ranges further than her 'scope' allows.

Her aircraft has a matte-black coating to it, which complete nullifies radar signatures and keeps her invisible. Even when transformed into a mobile suit, the coating still keeps her invisible, though she usually has to hide to make the invisibility effective (after all, if the enemy see's you - the coating is useless)

When transformed; she has access to her beam-sabre and rifle, and a rack of missiles located along her shoulders. She has fairly weak armor, but because of that she is very agile and can burn away from troublesome areas very quickly. Her agility also makes it easy for her to evade enemy missiles that have locked onto her, one of the advantageous to having a stealth coating - enemy radar lock missiles can't lock onto her. Her engines were designed to shield the heat exhaust, making her somewhat immune to heat seeking missile. She also has the ability to hover in the air, similar to the harrier, but this makes her a stationary target and easy for mobile suits equipped with beam rifles to hit her. She prefers to snipe from extremely long distances and can effectively assault a base as long as it's not been alerted to her presence. She also prefers to hide in clouds, which provides her temporary safety until she fires, which usually scatters the clouds a bit.

Her one disadvantage is the lack of a chaff, which can be used to spoof enemy missiles. Her armor plating is also not very good against most projectile weapons, and thus she is weak in a close-range fight. However, combined with her speed and agility, and provided her pilot is of equal or lesser skill, she'll last a good deal before needing to retreat.

That being said; Renae prefers to fight in her stealth fighter form due to the added speed and agility - she hates her mobile suit form.

Name: Sakura
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Organization: Supposedly none
Hobby: Stuffed animals
Likes: Her school and stuffed animals, her big sister
Dislikes: violence, death, blood.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Personality: Sakura's personality is more on the childish side, if not more on the preschoolers side since she loves stuffed animals and carries one in her school bag or wherever she goes. She can come off as being rather absentminded, but can also appear to be mature in situations that require it. She is, however, very naive and easily manipulative, she's also a hemophobic.
Appearance: Wears her school uniform when in school. When not in school, she still wears her uniform but covers it with a kimono.


Sakura is Renae's eleven year old little sister. She is a seventh grader in elementary school, and attends a prestigious academy that Renae pays for with the money she makes from her missions. Renae is the youngest person in her class and prodigy, but also trying to beat her big sisters graduation record.

She loves stuffed animals and likes carrying them around, which often gives her strange looks by older kids. She is very smart in terms of her classes, but very naive of the outside world, which makes her very easy to manipulate - though to offset that she has a small group of friends that keep an eye on her (though Sakura's unaware that her friends are actually looking after her by request of Renae)

Noratetsu <- No longer part of the story. Character is now an NPC.

Character name: Lenneth
Age: 19
Gender: Female
height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length: Long, to the Center of back
Hair Style: looks like Rinoas hair From FFVIII, (not good at describing hair)
Occupation: started off in the Zeon Military, piloting a Zaku II, she proved herself a excelling pilot and was put into a special unit to combat the Gundams, that is where she is at now, with the Zeon piloting the new suit Valkyrie.
Personality: has a straight to the point attitude, though can get quick to temper. she doesn't like to use guns and refuses to carry a gun and instead would prefer to go to close combat with some type of blade, whatever she feels like carrying, you could consider her a sword collector. she herself doesn't know why she is fighting, just that she must do it.

Mobile Suit

Code Name: ZAX-000 Valkyrie ----- Prototype
Weapons:Custom High-output beam-saber, twin Vulcan cannons mounted in the head unit.
Defense:Aegis Shield, buckler size, its material gives high defense against beam weapons.
Combat Type: Close Combat only.
Armor: Light, The Valkyrie has a slim frame, and is meant to be extremely agile and fast. it conducts heat very well so that it can continue to move at high output for longer periods. A well placed shot would be the end.
Other things to note: It has wings like Wing Zeros, but are smaller, and it has a high output booster system.
This unit is meant to go in with support to avoid drawing all the fire.
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Re: Mysterious Shadow Elites - Discussion Topic
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Noratetsu is kicked off from the story. Why? Because I can never get in touch with him now. Basically, he contacts me, I don't contact him. His character is now an NPC and can be used by the three of us unless any of us wants to take Lenneth in full.

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Re: Mysterious Shadow Elites - Discussion Topic
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As per my post here, this story is officially closed.