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[Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
« on: January 08, 2010, 12:38:59 AM »

Roughly two and half years have passed since the book of darkness incident, with Hayate no longer in a wheel-chair, and the three of them as temp employees of the bureau. Four years ago in another end of dimensional space, a war has been going on for centuries, with the TSAB finally intervening due to the plausibility of it spreading into other dimensions. But their intervention comes at a high cost for the dimension it was in.

Now, something else is brewing in that area of dimensional space, and the war that the TSAB had once thought to have been stopped might just spread out again. Not to mention that someone is now gunning for Nanoha and seem's to not care who gets in her way, and her companions likewise have no care in the world for anyone else's lives.

And yet, who is this strange man that keeps monitoring the fighting and not getting involved?


Races allowed:

Humans (Naturally :P)
Cats (for me :P)
Kitsune (For a certain little fox demon if he decides to join :P)





Name: Anya
Age: 8
Race: Cat
Occupation: Mage
Weapons: A single spear
Magic: Belken Adv
Personality: Innocent but also ruthless, rarely curses but does have a temper on her and also demonstrates a complete disregard for her own safety and the lives of others
Appearance: Wears a traditional kimono, but her battledress eerily matches that of Nanoha, except it's a darkened version. Her ears are light blue and her taile is likewise the same color with white strips going through it.


Anya is a neko and was a resident of the dimension that the TSAB had intervenned, what she saw has burned in her the hatred to kill any TSAB person she finds. She has no desire to settle down until those responsible are dealt with, she may appear innocent on the surface, but as soon you mention that your Bureau stuff, your odds of survival just dropped to zero.

She use's a Belken form of magic, but it's a modified strain that permits her more advanced control over her magic and also demonstrates the truly deadly side of the magic. She doesn't aim to incapacitate, she aims to kill and her magic is geared exclusively toward that goal.

Being a cat, she has the ears and tail to match. When not actually killing or hunting, she takes on the guise of an elementary school student and wears a sailor uniform to match her disguise. This is the only time you may truly see her as being 'innocent'


Name: Viola
Age: 4
Race: Familiar, but technically cat
Occupation: Familiar
Weapons: Front and back claws, along with two double energy swords
Magic: Belken
Personality: Has quite the tongue, also displays times of concern for her over-eager master.
Appearance: Mostly stays in tiger form, her cat form appears to be that of a nine year old girl.

Description: Viola is Anya's familiar; who she created back during the war. She has been faithfully serving Anya for those four years and knows her very well. She is quite concerned about her master though, unlike Anya who's mind is closed and won't accept anything but death to all TSAB. Viola actually doesn't think that way, and knows that what 'she' saw, was something completely different but because her existance is tied to Anya, she can't afford to leave her side and inform others of what she had witnessed - leastwise while Anya is around.

Viola's overprotective nature, however, cause's her to throw out any concerns she has for her masters closed mindedness and just concentrate on protecting her.

She can alternate between three forms. Her puppy form, which she only use's when Anya is in disguise. Her tiger form, which she use's when Anya is either out hunting, or attacking a mage, and her adult form - which she use's only on a few rare occasions.

Name: Maro
Age: ??
Occupation: ??
Weapons: ??
Magic: ??
Personality: ??
Appearance: ??

Description: This man is unknown, who is he? And why does he watch over Anya? Sorry, his information is classified top secret for now :P
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Re: [Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2010, 04:44:18 PM »
Four years ago

People screamed and ran for their lives; metoers fell and incinerated whole cities. A ship lay in orbit above on such city, it's undercarrige aglow with beams of light that cut into the ground, turning people into ashes, buildings into molten slag.

One such ship moved up into the mountains; and melted a statue that presided over the people. Another ship made it's way north, cutting into the ground and killing anyone that it saw. Within moments, dozens of these ships appeared around one massive city.

A barrier of magic was cast over the city; and the ships began to pound on it, their massive beam weapons causing the ground to be blown away. Within hours, deep gorches surrounded this city, roads gone and no means of getting into and out of the city.

Within short order, the barrier flickered and died and the ships began to lay waste to the city. Their beams cut into the buildings, one sliced through a tower and it was engulfed in flames moments later. A women with her child came running out of one building, but disappeared when a beam of energy swiped over her family.

One ship came about and began to fire upon a large building, as the metal evaporated under the intense fire, a sudden ray of energy shot out of another tower - impacting upon the ships starboard side and causing a massive hole to appear. Flames gushed out, and the ship listed to the starboard side before lossing all power and crashing onto the ground. It's superstructure was aglow as the fire reached the ships main reactor, causing a deafening and very intense explosion that destroyed almost half of the city - including the tower that the attack had come from.

Hour's soon ticked out; the city was aglow with fire in the streets and people running around, lost and confused. One such girl, a four year old, was being carried by her mother - drapped in blankets that were soaked with blood. The women turned toward the ships, scowled and cursed and then disappeared into an underground tunnel just seconds before that entrance was obliterated by another ship.

Four years passed, the memory of such an attack still fresh in the now eight year old girls mind. She looked over the city, now nothing more than wreak with builings that will never stand, and charred bodies in the streets. "They will pay for this," said the girl as she turned around and then suddenly disappeared amidst a cloud of blue and red particles.

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Re: [Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2010, 12:43:54 AM »
Dimension Ubeta, edge of TSAB Controlled space

"And tonight! We celebrate the signing of the treaty!" A tall dark man shouted into the microphone, the man looked over the assumed crowd. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people came to the celebration.

As he spoke aloud to the people, a young girl sat upon a balcony overlooking the grand plaza. There were eight large stone circular towers that rose from the central area and into the sky. Each tower was topped with a torch that was alite with fire that burned brightly on this cloudy day.

"That's two," said the girl as she watched several delegates exit a vehicle near the rear-side of the central stage.

"As we are assembled now for this signing, let me introduce the minister for the Administration Bureau who has been kind enough to grace us with his appearance," said the man as he stepped aside. The delegate in question was also dark, but he wore a grand robe that covered his appearance quite well. Beside stood his wife, a pale skinned looking lady who had the appearance of quite a number of years on her.

A grin formed on the girls face as she spotted three more delegates who appeared at the gathering, they came from a side alley and were surrounded by guards. "Seems they are taking no chances," she giggled lightly to herself and sat there.

She wore a robe that covered her from the neck down. In her left hand was a small spear only two feet long. She had a small transparent screen open near her right hand which she used to type and zoom into the event to see various people. She had a tail that twitched slightly and cat ears that were forward.

The girl noted the guards, most carried projectile type side-arms and archaic armor, both of which were useless against her due to her barrier magic. The other guards however held magical staffs and wore barrier jackets, much harder for her to break through but she did know the weaknesses of their form of magic. "Shouldn't be a problem, those guards look fresh," she noted that their barrier jackets were very new and devoid of any wear, even if they were summoned, she could 'feel' that they were freshly made.

She pondered how this would go and looked over her shoulder curiously at someone behind her. "Status?" she asked.

Behind stood a tall furry being, her tail twitched slightly to one side in agitation. "Everyone's in place," said the girl who's tail was still twitching.

More delegates arrived over time; the girl counted over twelve by the time the man who was announcing the ceremony neared the end of his speech. "Starting today! We of the Ubeta Dimension are now a part of the Time Space Administration Bureau!" he shouted, with the people giving applause.

The girl laughed and raised her hand into the air; the furry girl behind her moved one of her hands over to a set of keys and stood by.

"With this! We can now celebrate, the week is open to everyone. Free drinks and food, performances, and a drill team from the bureau to show-case this magnificent event! Please enjoy everyone!" He shouted.

The girl brought her hand down, the person behind her pressed several keys and in moments, this festive event was turned into a hellish nightmare.

Off in an alley way; a greenish ball of energy glowed brightly before turning red and getting even brighter. In other areas of the city, similar balls appeared in alley ways, buildings and even the sewer system. Seconds later the balls exploded with so much force that anything in the immediate area was blown outward. Fire erupted over buildings, engulfing them and causing the buildings themselves to explode outward sending debris and glass in every direction.

People screamed and ran in panic, some were killed in the initial explosions while others injured. The city guards were in a state of chaos as one such explosion destroyed the central headquarters, their primary line of communications now cut.

As the people ran; small spherical drones appeared in the plaza. Their eyes scanning the area, one of the guards who were armed with a projectile weapon noticed one of the drones and fired - blowing the drone to pieces. The other drones suddenly turned their attention toward the person who just took out their companion, and promptly fired in response.

The man's screams brought the attention of the other guards and even the mages, who opened fire in response to their attacks.

While this was going on; the delegates ran into the massive building behind them. The girl knew this as being the capital building, and had already planned for this. "My turn," she said in a giddy tone and stood up. She outstretched her arm and the robe disappeared, replaced by a sailor style type of outfit that was of a dark nature.

She hoped off the balcony and landed on both feet, her tail straight and unchanged. As she lifted her head she brought her spear around and cut down a panicked man who now lay dead at her feet. She avoided killing the child that was with him though; she appeared to be a little bit older than her.

The girl walked carefully across the plaza, cutting down anyone in her path. As she approuched the drones that were having a firefight with the guards, the guards had apparantly noticed her approuch and turned their attention toward her.

Concrete chipped as bullets pinged off her barrier and went into the ground; her barrier wavered with each hit and the girl could tell that the guards were scared and nervous. She knew that if they just focused their fire on one little area of her barrier that they'd managed to get through it and hit her, of course, she knew that was impossible for a frightened group like these guys.

As one of the guards threw his rifle down and picked up another gun by his side, the girl recognized it as an SMG and knew that would give her problems. When he pulled the trigger, her image became a blur as she teleported behind the guard and shoved her spear into her head, killing him instantly.

She yanked the spear out, now dripping with blood. She quickly took out the other guards, with the first one's body now hitting the ground with a thud, followed by the others that she had taken out. The mage's turned their attention toward her - their staffs firing in succession.

Her barrier registered each hit and soon shattered, but by the time the mages noticed this it was to late. She appeared behind them and killed each of them quickly before moving on into the capital building, dispatching each guard she came across.

On the top floor; the president stood in his room with several of the delegates. "Who the hell is that girl?" he growled as he looked at one of the security cameras.

"Whoever she is, doesn't seem to care who she kills, nor that she is being watched," said one of the delegates with a nod. "She is but a child though, I'm sure the two mages that were brought with us along with the reinforcements from the bureau ships will deal with her," he added.

There was a heavy sigh as a mage walked into the room; behind her another mage who looked a little younger bore a worried expression.

"I'm afraid reinforcements might not get here in time, if they even know we are in trouble," said the older of the two and quickly added. "I haven't been able to raise the patrol ships at all; whoever we are dealing with is blocking all forms of communications including telepathy."

The delegates looked at one another with fear on their faces. The president was equally as scared but appeared to be keeping his composure quite well. "Then how do we fight this kid?" he asked the older mage.

"There's a bureau shuttle at the space-port, get there and head toward the patrol ships. My partner and I will deal with this his rogue mage," said the girl who motioned toward the other. The two bowed and quickly left through the door.

There was silence for awhile; before the door was blown to pieces with the two mages that had just left behind thrown through it and into the wall behind the president. Where the door once stood, the girl now took its place. Her hand aglow with angry red energy which she used to dispatch the deleget closest to her. A large hole appeared where the man's heart would've been, his body going limp in response to what was now missing.

The other delegates begged for their life, but she killed them quickly with energy bolts. The last delegate, the minister, and the president stood near to a window. "What is it you want?" pleaded the president.

"Want?" said the girl in a harsh tone. "I want my people back, and for the bureau to just die!" she said and launched a magical attack that threw him through the window and down nine stories to the ground below.

The minister watched this before turning his attention toward the girl. "Why do you want us dead? We've done nothing to you," he told her and backed away slightly toward the two mages who were just now coming to.

"'Nothing' to me? You intervened in something that was none of your concern and killed billions of people," she scowled as she spoke, she wiped her hand away and the magic that had been gathering disappeared.

Her spear grew to eight feet long, bigger than her. She watched one of the mages stir, she recognized the girl as being somewhat younger but still older than her.

"Man that hurt," she said the young mage she placed a hand upon her head. She pulled it away to reveal blood. "That is going to leave a mark," she commented at the sight and stood up slowly. Her eyes scanned the room before she saw the young girl standing at the center, her spear pointing toward her.

Moments later, her older partner awoke, having taken less damage that her younger. She quickly stood up and put herself between her younger and the girl. It took the older mage a few moments to fully regain her senses; she had heard some of the small discussion that went on. "And what will this accomplish?" she asked the girl.

The girl looked at her and smiled slightly. "The more of you I kill, the less you'll interfere in other dimensions and their affairs," she said.

"And what if those dimensions are performing acts that'll damage, or destroy, neighboring dimensions?" the older mage asked her.

"So be it, that's evolution and fate," said the girl.

"Fate huh?" the older sighed and shook her head. "I don't call killing innocents 'fate'," she took a defensive stance, but before she could do anything her younger partner acted first by striking her sword against the girls spear. "Maurice wait!" the older shouted.

Maurice focused her power into her sword. "You have no right to be here, leave," she said harshly toward the girl.

"Leave? The party is just getting started!" she said and blew Maurice against the wall. Before Maurice could do anything she felt several objects penetrate her body. She opened her eyes to find small daggers that had hit every vital spot on her body.

Her body started going numb and her eye-sight began to go dark. "Sorry Renae.... I screwed up...." said Maurice before the life in her eyes disappeared. Blood dripped from the girls wounds and onto the floor, the president looked on in horror - as did Renae who was now in a state of shock.

The girl took advantage of that; and quickly killed the president. She took her spear and rammed it through his chest, severing his spinal cord and killing him instantly. She threw the man's dead body against the wall and looked at Renae. "I have a message for you to send back to your masters get involved in any other dimension's business and more attacks like these will come," she said.

She disappeared amidst a display of multicolored particles. Renae fell to the floor and sighed, but before she could say anything she noticed a device appearing beside her. A count-down timer displayed above it and Renae realized very quickly what this device was.

Seconds later it detonated, the room and the bodies in it were obliterated in the first fraction of a second. Chained explosions ripped through the capital building, killing any guards that hadn't yte been taken care of by the girl or her companions.

Anyone that were outside the capital building were killed when the explosion blew apart windows and support columns, debris rained down upon the people below.

A couple minutes passed, the girl stood upon the very balcony she had used just a short time before to overlook what had been a peaceful gathering - and what was now a place full of death. "Viola, how are our companions doing?" she asked her partner.

Viola bowed and said, with her tail twitching from side to side. "They are dispatching anyone they find, avoiding the deaths of children as you requested," she said and raised her. "If I may Anya, are you sure this was wise?"

"The killing?" asked Anya. Viola nodded. "It was in order to send a message, and quite frankly, this dimension does better without the bureau interfering in its affairs," she said.

Anya looked down at her spear as it transformed into a small little cute badge that she placed at the front of her robe, her barrier jacket having disappeared after she changed the spear back to its original form. "Now we just see how the bureau will respond," she smiled.

"That mage you let go? I just picked up a bureau shuttle leaving the space port," said Viola as she looked at the footage being piped to her from one of their drones.

Anya nodded impressively. "Not bad, she got there faster than I expected. Well, let's not let her get away unscratched. Send a few drones after her, damage her shuttle to the point that once she enters dimensional space, it'll take her twice as long to reach the nearest Bureau star base," she said toward Viola. Viola nodded and sent the orders to her drones. A couple seconds later, Anya started witnessing a light-show in the sky, with the shuttle and drones exchanging fire.

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Re: [Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
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The cool morning air swept through the Testarossa residence as Fate awoke to find Nanoha found asleep beside her. It was summer, and both girls had break off from school. Hayate was back at the bureau getting herself trained to be an officer, the only time she could do it was when they had a break from school or during hte weekends.

She pushed the bed-sheets off her and got out; quickly getting dressed and then heading down the stairs to find her adoptive mother, Admiral Lindy, making some breakfast.

"Morning," said Lindy as she flipped a pancake in the air and watched it land neatly in the pan. She hummed something pleasant to herself and kept on cooking.

Fate only smiled and walked over to the sliding glass door, she gripped the handle and pulled it back. The sun was shining, and the sound of the birds chirping told her that last nights storm was gone. It had taken both of them some time to get some rest that night, considering all the thundner and lightning that had been going on - it was rather strange considering it was happening one right after another. Fate just dismissed it as being apart of nature.

"You two girls going to the park to practice yes?" asked Lindy from behind.

The eleven year old girl glanced up at the ceiling above her and said. "No, Nanoha wanted to go to the school, our teacher is there and she told us that if any of us had any problems with the homework that it was alright for us to get her help," she looked over at her mother who nodded.

Nanoha came down a few moments later; wearing her school uniform even though she technically didn't need to. Both girls were eleven years old, and had only just started the fifth grade two-three months ago. Their teacher from the third grade, had now become their fifth grade teacher, which was just fine to them.

They ate breakfast quickly; Fate deciding to wear her uniform so she doesn't look out of place. At the door, Nanoha waited patiently along with a ferret who sat peacefully on her shoulder. The ferrets name was Yuuno; and he wasn't really a ferret, but a changling, capable of shifting into a human form.

"Shall we go?" asked Nanoha with a curious smile. Fate nodded and soon the three were off.

Yuuno quickly scurried and hid inside Nanoha's school bag, so that no one else would know he was there. As they crossed the intersection leading across into the park and later toward their school, Nanoha stopped briefly and looked around. "What's wrong Nanoha-chan?" asked Fate.

Nanoha blinked and glanced about before shrugging her shoulders. "Nothing, I guess..." she sounded unsure, but regardless the two continued to school.

-Bureau Headquarters-

The station shuddered as two massive explosions rocked the lower decks. Fire teams were dispatched and several patrol ships that had been moving away to commence their patrols, suddenly turned around and started flooding the area with sensor pings and search lights.

Above the fire, Viola watched as the bureau personnel begain to dose the flames. She held her on hand what she referred to as a flexi, a datapad that contained the names and locations of all VIPs. As she demateralized and started moving up through the station, she flipped through the data.

"Lots of old geezers here," she muttered harshly to herself before stopping suddenly. She settled onto the floor above her and hid in a storage room. Her 'fingers' flipped back a few pages until she came across what had gotten her attention.

"Fate Testarossa, Nanoha Takamachi, Hayate Yagami," Viola tapped her lower chin and brought up three seperate data screens containing all of their information. "All three are eleven years old, currently elementary students apart Seisho Aux Elementary School on Earth. At present, they are temporary bureau agents working for the lost logia recovery squad," she flipped the page. "Let's see, Fate is currently a Mid-childa magic user, as is Nanoha. But this Hayate person is of Belken type. That'll be a bit of a problem," she bit her nail in thought.

She flipped through the information somemore; not surprisingly, although their planet was listed the actual name of their city wasn't. What also got Viola's attention was their age. "Pretty young to be bureau agents, eiher they are very special to someone, or possess abilities that make them unique," she changed the image over to that of Nanoha, her mage raiting was triple A and had an S+ next to her name.

Viola wondered what meant; but when she tried to pull up that information she found that it was classified and couldn't be accessed. "Fudge sticks," she said and destroyed the flexi. "Oh well, we got what we came for," she smiled and telepathy informed Anya of what she found.

-Another dimension-

A man grunted and moaned as Anya stepped on his back; the sound of a bone cracking silenced the man. "Stupid," said Anya as she looked around the carnage. Her wolves were devouring the remains of a guard unit that had been assigned to protect a Bureau Ambassador. On this planet, the bureau had attempted to make an alliance with the local inhabitents who were rather advanced in technology and had discovered the bureau when they had gone into dimensional space.

Now, Anya was here to make certain that never happened. The Ambassador lay dead by her feet. She looked up at the sky as she heard Viola's message and then smiled. "So, our next target is on Earth?" she said aloud.

~Yep, Hayate and Fate won't be a problem to kill, but this Nanoha might prove to be a problem, I suggest we take her on when her friends aren't around, but that might prove difficult since we have no idea where she is~

"A game of hide and seek, I love those games," said Anya with an evil giggle. She stepped off the man's back and walked a short distance from the carnage. Her wolves looked up and gathered around her, then vanished as if they weren't even real. Short afterwords, Anya started chanting a spell and the ground beneath her turned a light red, a pytogram appeared beneath her and soon she disappeared.


Nanoha let out a tiny yawn as she listened to their teacher; it was already a quarter after four in the evening and Nanoha was tired. "That's how you do it," said their teacher as she finished off the math problem.

Nanoha thanked her teacher. "No problem, but it's almost night-fall so you should hurry home," said their teacher as she got up from her chair. Nanoha and Fate grabbed their school bags and put their notebooks away then quickly headed for the door.

Because Nanoha's mother and father were out on business, and her brother and older sister were likewise out, Nanoha was staying over at Fate's house until her family returned.

As they walked along the path home; Nanoha looked up at the sky and saw something streaking across the sky. "A shooting star," she heard Fate say. Nanoha merely nodded her head in agreement.

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Re: [Request][18+][MGLN][AU]Shadow War
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Anya sat atop a statue overlooking Nanoha's hometown. She giggled softly to herself as she waved her finger in the air. "I wonder where this bureau supporter lives..." she said to herself as a small cloud appeared around her finger and gradually got larger.

Behind her, Viola taped away on a keyboard and looked over some data. "The bureau responded to our attack in the Ubeta Dimension," she said but didn't look up from her work. "They think it was caused by local dissidents, I guess our message didn't come off very clear," Viola shook her head.

"Doesn't matter," Anya smiled. "Once we've taken care of this supporter, they'll know our message and heed it well," she giggled again and looked at the small dark cloud that she had summoned. She then pushed it into the air.

Initially a light wind started blowing through the area, but as time went on, it was replaced by heavy winds. In the distance, storm clouds quickly started to roll over the city and before long a torrential electrical storm played across the sky.

Anya only watched the storm with peek interest, her arms on her knees and her face planted atop her hands. She giggled to herself when she saw one bolt of lightning strike a three some distance away, the thunder afterwards ringing loudly in her ears.

She controlled the storm with her hand, occasionally summon a bolt that would strike a certain area where she commanded - though for the most part she let mother nature make the decisions.


Nanoha winced as the lightning show played out. "This is perhaps the strangest storm I've seen," she commented. They had been doing math, but since the storm started she, along with her classmates, had all been standing near the classroom window looking out at the storm. Every second a lightning bolt crossed the sky, with the rain following ever harder with each bolt.

The students watched the storm as it only got worse; up to the point where an announcement was made that students were being let out early.


Anya had her eyes closed and sensing the area around the city; she hadn't yet figured out where she was sensing the magical power from but she knew it was somewhere near the ocean. "Hmm.... Viola, I'm going to look around the city," she told her familiar.

"Ma'am, from what I can gather from this dimension, you will probably get stopped by this dimensions version of 'police' so you may want to disguise yourself as someone," Viola warned her.

"Really.." said Anya with a thoughtful expression. She then stood up and her body shimmered with bluish energy. Seconds later the energy dissipated to show her wearing a school uniform from one of the schools in the city. "This should work," she giggled as she materalized a school backpack. She then hoped into the air and disappeared.

She reappeared near a mall and looked around, she had an umbrella in one hand and in the other she held her bag. "This'll make it easy, I thought right," she smiled childishly when she saw other kids, most older than her, walkin away from a near by grade-school.

Anya focused her mind but felt no power from the school. "Either they left, or its not the right area," she said and began walking down the street. She was rather sickened in some way by how the people around her went about their day. She caught one small group trying to break into a car that was out of sight of most people, she found some who were running through the ran without an umbrella. She even saw some kids who were playing in the rain and enjoying themselves immensely.

A scowl appeared on her face but it quickly subsided as she turned down one major street and sensed something heavy in the area. Her vision blurred and she stumbled around until smacking into someone. "You ok?" the person asked her.

She looked up at the girl, the girl looked at her curiously and Anya instantly felt something strong about her. "I-I'm fine," said Anya as she pushed away and bowed in thanks. The girl, who was being accompanied by two other girls who looked to be of her age, smiled at her and told her to be careful and then started walking awya.

That girl, actually no, all three of them... thought Anya as she watched them. She decided to tail them from a distance and watched as they headed into an apartment complex. As she approuched the building however she stopped just short of the main entrance when she noticed something shimmering around the building. A security barrier? she said. She knew better than to touch it, as the barrier reacted to anyone who had magical power of somekind - the barrier was a form of security system to alert the owner of a possible intrusion or that they had guests.

Of course, to Anya, it was an annoyance. She couldn't overload the barrier without being spotted and she couldn't pass through it since she didn't know how to mask her own magical signature. She looked up toward the sky, before speaking to Viola telepathicly,~Viola, I hit an obstacle. I'll have to wait until later~

Anya walked over to a bench and sat down, strangely enough the water didn't effect her nor did it soak her when she removed her umbrella. Every so often, an adult would walk up to her and ask if she was waiting for someone, to which she would say yes to.

Finally, after a few hours, she saw a young girl exit the building. She looked toward her and sensed something strong about her. "Hmmm," she rubbed her chin and followed the young girl. She wasn't one of the three she had seen before but figured there were probably several bureau mages in this dimension.

For at least an hour she followed the girl around as she visited two stores and an ice-cream shop before heading toward a residential area. Each time she sensed something about the girl that made her curious. I might as well, Anya thought and reappeared ahead of the girl. She figured she'd draw the girl away with a distraction and knew exactly how to do it.

Using her summoning ability, she materalized an adult female wearing casual clothing and then started running through the street with said female yelling for her to stop, though not using her actual name. As she ran by the girl in question she turned and yelled at the adult if she was ok, but after the female shouted that her girl had been startled by something and had run off - she gave chase.

Anya ran into a nearby forest, her target was keeping up with her which impressed Anya as it added to the difficulty of actually lossing her. As she passed one tree, her hand brushed against a branch and a small cut appeared - she ignored the small pain it brought her and hoped over a bush.

When her target did the same; she found that Anya wasn't there. "Eh? But I saw her...." she looked around.

Anya walked around a tree and began to approuch the girl from behind, her face masked by a hood. She placed the palm of her hand to her side and a long sword appeared. As she was about to attack the girl, she turned around to find Anya standing in front of her. Anya quickly summoned a magical ability that slammed the girl into a tree, she moaned as she fell onto the ground.

The girl stood up and staggered a bit before taking out a small item from her pocket; Anya recognized it as a device used by mages of the bureua - quickly she attacked the girl and sliced at her hand. The girl let out a scream of pain as her device fell onto the ground, minus her hand. Anya was about to give the killing blow when she heard someone shout - "STOP!"

She quickly turned around to find two of the girls she had been tailing earlier. One of them approuched her, her device looking more like a scyche. Anya didn't want to go up against that kind of weapon and quickly flashed a grin at the girls before disappearing. "Wait!" shouted the girl wielding the scyche as she sliced the air where Anya had been standing.

A short distance anyway, atop a building. Anya reappeared and grunted before collasping onto one knee. "Blast... her weapon actually 'got' me," she painfully muttered as she placed her hand over her open wound. "Had I waited a few seconds longer I'd almost be dead, thats what I get for not using a barrier jacket, ughs..." she forced herself up and disappeared.

When Viola was finished with her work, she turned to find her mistress bleeding profusely from an open wound. She ran over and quickly administered first aid. "You should rest mistress," she told her.

"Yea.... good idea..." Anya muttered as she sat up against a tree and quickly drifted asleep.