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E3 2104
« on: June 09, 2014, 11:47:55 AM »
To continue the tradition I started when this board first opened....

Alien: Isolation
Developer Walkthrough
Friends and Foes (added Jun 10 4pm)
Survive Trailer (added Jun 10 7pm)
interview (added Jun 10 10:30pm)
Stage demo (added Jun 11 4pm)
Hands on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Challenge mode interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Assassin’s Creed: Unity
gameplay demo
Revolution Trailer
open world stage demo
Arno Dorian Profile Trailer
Interview – Yves Guillemot
Next gen interview (added Jun 10 7pm)
Eyes on (added Jun 11 4pm)

Battlefield: Hardline
stage presentation
Presser Trailer
hands on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequal (added Jun 10 4pm)
Stage Demo

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Xbox game on demo
all access interview
Eyes on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dead Island 2
Debut Trailer
Stage demo (added Jun 11 4pm)
Eyes on (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Game director interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dead Rising
DLC Trailer (one word: wtf) DOB required

End of Everything Trailer
Stage demo (added Jun 10 7pm)
New Beginnings Trailer silently different (added Jun 11 4pm)
gameplay trailer (added Jun 11 4pm)
Alpha & Beta interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Dragon Age: Inquisition
gameplay demo
story trailer
Cello trailer

Elder Scrolls Online (added Jun 11 4pm)
Live Another Life Trailer

Everquest Landmark (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Stage Demo

EVE (added Jun 11 4pm)
Valkyrie Stage demo

Fable Legends
stage demo
Interview (added Jun 12 4:40pm)

Far Cry 4
Gameplay demo
gameplay trailer (added Jun 10 4pm)
elephant rider gameplay (added Jun 10 10:30pm)
co-op & open world interview (added Jun 11 4pm)
Hands on (added Jun 11 4pm)

FFXIV (added Jun 10 4pm)
Trailer – A Realm in Peril

Final Fantasy XV
Theories & Wishes

Habitat (added Jun 10 7pm)
Debut Trailer

Halo Related
The Master Chief Collection:  Debut Trailer
Halo 5: Multiplayer beta trailer
Stage Demo/interview (added Jun 10 4pm)

Homefront: The Revolution (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Editor Impression

Kirby: Canvas Curse (added Jun 10 4pm)
First look

Legend of Zelda Wii U (added Jun 10 4pm)
Debut presentation

Mario Maker (added Jun 10 4pm)
treehouse deep drive pt1 (added Jun 10 7pm)
treehouse deep drive pt2 (added Jun 10 7pm)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Leaked Trailer DOB required
Interview – Hideo Kojima
Eyes on (added Jun 11 4pm)

Planetside 2
PS4 Trailer

Rainbow Six:  Siege
Mutiplayer gameplay
Hands on (added Jun 11 4pm)
Interview (added Jun 12 12:30am)

Star Wars Battlefront
Theories & Wishes
Behind the Scenes at DICE

Tales from the Borderlands (added Jun 12 4:40pm)
Eyes on
Telltale games Interview

Tales of Hearts R (added Jun 11 4pm)
Trailer (unfortunately PS vita only)

Tales of Zillia 2 (added Jun 12 12:30am)
Story & Features Interview

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Back Together Trailer
Live Demo
MMO side interview (added Jun 10 10:30pm)

Uncharted PS4
A thief’s end trailer

Warframe (added Jun 10 4pm)
The Rebirth Trailer

Yoshi Woolly World (added Jun 10 4pm)
Developer talk
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