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E3 2013
« on: June 07, 2013, 04:16:08 PM »
AFAIK E3 hasn't 'officially' started yet, but there's already some interesting stuff up. Edit: OK, now it has started. :)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (added 6/10 5:06pm)
Cinematic Trailer
Music Trailer
Sea and Jungle Gameplay (added 6/10 8:23pm)
Field Report (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Mutiplayer Gameplay (added 6/13 10:15am)

Battlefield 4 (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Walkthrough Stream pt1 (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Walkthrough Stream pt2 (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Spectator Mode walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Field Report  (added 6/14 10:55am)

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Ash walkthrough

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Gameplay Demo

Call of Duty:  Ghosts (added 6/10 9:39am)
Dog Gameplay
Underwater gameplay
All Access Presentation
Dog Breach
Story interview
7 min of game footage
From Superpower to Survival (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Potential Report (added 6/14 12:37am)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (added 6/10 2:24pm)
World Premiere Demo
First Take (added 6/12 5:41pm)

Command & Conquer (added 6/10 4:21pm)
General Trailer

Company of Heroes 2 (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Multiplayer trailer

Dead Rising 3 (added 6/10 11:40am)
Debut Trailer
More Zombies Than Ever Before (added 6/10 12:47pm)
Creative Weapons and Open World (added 6/14 11:29pm)

Destiny (added 6/10 10:17pm)
Gameplay reveal (added 6/11 10:33am)

Deus Ex: The Fall
Debut Trailer
Future on Mobile Interview (added 6/11 5:14pm)

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (added 6/10 2:24pm)
Debut Trailer
Open World Re-imagining (added 6/10 8:23pm)

DUST 514 (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Fight Your Own War Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online (added 6/10 10:17pm)
PS4 Trailer
Coming to Consoles (added 6/12 2:35pm)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (aka Final Fantasy XV) (added 6/10 10:17pm)
Announcement Trailer
Gameplay (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Q&A pt1 (added 6/12 12:25am)
Q&A pt2 (added 6/12 12:25am)

Halo (added 6/10 1:00pm)
Debute Trailer

Mario Kart 8 (added 6/11 10:33am)
Debut Trailer
Iwata Walkthrough
Developer Walkthrough (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Ghost House gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Delfino Cruise Gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Stage Demo (added 6/12 12:37pm)
Gameplay Walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 11:02pm)
Field Report (added 6/14 10:55am)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (added 6/10 11:40am)
Gameplay Trailer
Extended Red Band Trailer (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Kojima Interview (added 6/12 12:25am)

Planetside 2 (added 6/12 7:48pm)
Upgrades and Upgrades

Resident Evil:  Revelations
Rachel Ooze trailer
Lady Hunk Trailer

Rift (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Features Trailer

Ryse (added 6/10 11:40am)
Gameplay Trailer
Combat and Story (added 6/10 12:47pm)

Saint's Row IV
First look demo (added 6/10 1:18pm)
You are the President Note: video currently won't play. (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Open World Super Powers Walkthrough (added 6/12 5:41pm)
All out war gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 5:41pm)
Superhero Gameplay (cam) (added 6/13 10:15am)
Field Report (added 6/14 10:55am)

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (added 6/10 4:21pm)
Cinematic Trailer
Gameplay Presentation
All access interview (added 6/11 12:25pm)
cinematic Trailer (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Splinter Cell in action (added 6/11 12:25pm)
Field Reports (added 6/14 10:55am)

Star Wars Battlefront (added 6/10 2:24pm)

SW:TOR (added 6/12 2:35pm)
Operation Nightmare Trailer

Super Mario 3D World (added 6/11 10:33am)
Debut Trailer
Demo Gameplay (cam) (added 6/11 5:14pm)
Developer Walkthrough (added 6/11 7:13pm)
Stage Demo (added 6/12 12:37pm)
World 2-1 Walkthrough (cam) (added 6/12 11:02pm)
Field Report (added 6/13 10:15am)

Tales of Xillia

Thief (added 6/10 9:43am)
Garrett: the Master Thief Trailer
Stealth gameplay demo (added 6/10 12:47pm)

Titan Fall (added 6/10 12:47pm)
What is Titan Fall?
Inside Titan Fall (added 6/10 3:31pm)

Warframe (added 6/10 8:23pm)
Beta Detail
PS4 defense Mission Gameplay (cam) (added 6/12 12:37pm)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (added 6/10 11:40am)
Xbox Trailer
All Access Walkthrough (added 6/10 3:31pm)
Witcher 3 Reveal (added 6/10 4:21pm)
Open World Interview (added 6/13 10:15am)
Field Report (added 6/13 10:15am)

World of Warships
Naval Battles Trailer
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