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New Features for the Channel!
« on: June 29, 2011, 10:02:35 AM »
Been a while since a news post eh? Well here's one.

The past few weeks, I've been playing around with an EggDrop bot and I finally got the darn thing to cooperate, though barely. It still refuses my laptop, but it accepts my desktop where I don't run the bot. Strange? Oh well, picky bot is picky.

I'll give you a rundown. The bot is known as LoliFox, simple as that. It does virtually nothing in the channel except provide some fun features for everyone to play with. Some include FMyLife quotes, Bash (a repository of hundreds of thousands of IRC quotes), a google search function, among other things. It does have anti-spam measures so that no one floods the bot out. I recommend waiting about 15 seconds per command before typing it again or another command.

If you wish to see an entire list of available commands, you may type !triggers in the channel to see a list. When typing the command, you need to wait about 5 seconds before you get any response, so a little patience is needed. Its all just anti-spam measures so nothing is flooded out and such.

Now what about requesting? Eh well, that's another matter... Why? I'm no coder, and TCL is not necessarily a friendly language. The bot uses TCL coding and scripts to run things, and not every script functions. I test each and every script before I put them up live so that I don't spam the main channel. Anyone wishing to request something, can definitely try and I'll see if I can find a script for it, or perhaps get lucky and find someone to code something. Otherwise, I can't really help ya.

So, enjoy the new bot, and again, do play safe, we don't want to cart off more innocent people to the hospital after a meltdown occurring. XD
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