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[Personal] [15+] Leon and the Lost Tales of Raphael.
« on: December 07, 2010, 01:07:10 AM »
Hey so in this post I'll be giving the character descriptions in here, If I add any more char's I'll be sure to add them to this post in here. Enjoy!! ..~~**EDIT**~~.. Currently fixing the first chapters, so I'll repost once they are finished!!

Height: About 5'11
Weight: Around 170lbs , semi-muscular.
Age: 22.
Hair color&style: Blonde, length to his eyebrows and collar, some what spiked.  
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Leon is a relaxed laid back person. He likes the business world and monitoring the economy. He enjoys working out too and staying in shape. He has a cat named Crystal, who he loves dearly. He's single, and not to concerned about a relationship all that much, though it would be nice to have someone. He tries not to be the life of the party, but occasionally likes to have fun with his friends.

Height: 10inches [tall] 17inches [length] and her tail is about 9inches long.
Weight: 6lbs
Age: 2years
Hair&style: Snow white, somewhat fluffy but not too long haired.
Eyes: "Crystal" Blue.
Personality: Crystal is a relaxed cat who occasionally likes to lay in the warm sun. Shes very playful cat, who always like to follow Leon where ever he goes.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 12 [or so it seems..]
Hair color&style: Long shiny brown. Length to about mid-back.
Eyes: Dark brown
Personality: Shes a Mage, and shes pretty good at what she does. Don't take her lightly for her size though. She can be a leader when she needs to be, and will continue to be through out. Shes overall a very smart girl. And knows what shes doing. She loves to help people in need, but if something is too dangerous for her, she won't get herself into trouble that could kill her. She meditates and prays to help recharge her energy and Mage power.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 220lbs, very muscular.
Age: 43
Hair color&style: Black. He wears it in a long ponytail that almost reaches to his hips.
Eyes: Dark green.
Personality: Anson is a master at martial arts, and defense. He doesn't take light to people bullying him. Surprisingly, for the man that he is, he has a special talent for cooking. Hes just one big teddy bear...till you get him mad.

Raphael: [In the ancient days]
Height: 6'10
Weight: 250lbs
Age: 35.
Hair&style: Black, short, front of his hair is spiked.
Eyes: Dark red.
Personality: What else is there to say? He's the God of Black Magic. Hes evil, he can raise an army of dead if he wants. Ancient times tell of when he ruled the lands of the desert, and he had servants all the time doing his evil biding.

Raphael: [current]
After the hero had first slain Raphael, he was sealed in a magic barrier, his appearance now is nothing but bones, a hood and cloak. So hes basically a skeleton in robes. His age is unidentifiable, and his most powerful weapon is his cruised magic. The way he uses his magic is through his Death Scepter. In one survives...

[If I add anymore character's they will go here].
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