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War of the Twin Shadows (18+, Gore)
« on: December 21, 2009, 01:35:07 AM »
Anyone may join; just as long as you READ this post! :P


Humans and Neko's have co-existed for thousands, if not, tens of thousands of years. Technology has become stagnent in this world where the two sides each own a continent. Only two continents exist, with various islands dotting the planet.

For many years; a long standing peace has been on-going. Both sides exercising due-caution in their military build-ups and making certain not to make a threatening move.

However, in the year AC 3029 (Ater Cress) , their once lush green planet was destroyed when a human scientist, who was experimenting with Quantom energy, made a mistake. This mistake went on to become the driving factor in what is now todays war.

Both sides lost their home; and countless millions. Though they had since settled on a new, much bigger, and more expansive world, neither trusted the other.

The Neko's had gone on to live in the snow-rich, mountainous continent they called 'Senite' while the humans preferred their comfortable, mostly flat-land temperate continent that held most of the planets lush, harvest-able fields.

There was, however, one difference. The water on this planet could not be traversed using navel vessels, only air-ships could be used. Perhaps it was for this reason why technology progressed largely for the humans in allowing them to create advanced weapons. While the Neko races preferred to remain in their pre-modernized state, where horses were still used for pulling carts, it's also perhaps for this reason why magic exists in large part throughout their culture, which helps explain why they lead a good living, despite the absence of advanced technology.

And yet... neither side was aware that they had colonized a planet that had already been marked by another race - who's cruel and savage nature would be brought down upon the peaceful Neko's, and warlike Humans. A battle for survival would begin, with the chances being uncertain.


Nekos -

This is actually rather deceptive, the Neko's are a combination of Foxes(Kitsune), Wolves, Dogs(Inu) and Cats(Nekos), all sentient and capable of understanding however, there are other races mixed into this as well - some strange alien-like creatures who look neither humans nor neko, and yet also dragons who prefer to stay amongst their 'animal' kind. And no they aren't your four-legged companions, these particular beings walk on two legs like a humans. Think of the anime's where you see some of these (Such as Urararerumoto, and I wouldn't be half surprised if I misspelled it)

The Neko's are not native to Earth; they were created by a human scientist who was experimenting with creating a new species. He had merged Human DNA with the DNA of various animals, and had succeeded greatly - though his research was considered taboo and he was eventually killed by a mod, none the less his successes lived on.

It should be noted that Neko's rely on magical warships, or ships that utilize magic and not really technology. Most of their landscapes are clean and covered in snow, which adds to the difficulty of the humans as they don't have any cold regions on their continent.

Also, Neko's age much slower than humans. Neko's age once every five human years. In short, if two five year olds, a human and neko, where to be friends. The neko would be six when the human would be ten. This is one of the greatest cultural clashes, as it's very hard for neko/human children to be friends due to such a diversity in age.


There are various factions within the humans, the most common is the warlike faction that currently dominates the arena. The humans are largely responsible for the destruction of Earth, and yet, are also responsible for saving what little could be saved.

Most humans are not aggressive and prefer to live a peaceful life, yet the policy of forced conscription during wars results in people having to fight whether they want to or not.

The humans rely exclusively on advanced technology, utilizing massive warships that can level a city in a matter of hours.

It should be noted that half of the human continent is covered in polluting industry with very few clean areas, even their farm-lands have been invaded by pollution and it's become a constant downhill battle to combat the illness that have been cropping up.


Feteran's are a space-faring race who are very beastly and warlike. They have no love for anyone but their own, they feed on the bodies of their enemies and prefer their savage nature. They don't care if they kill a child or an adult, either is food for their bellys.

They use slave labor in almost every aspect of their culture, females are used as 'incubators' for the future of their race, while children are used as slaves within their homes while the men are used in the factories and in the test labs.

Their race came close to extinction once before when they had consumed all of the edible life in their sector of the galaxy. Now they are invading the Sigma Quadrant, where the Neko's and Humans are located, and they plan savioring this moment...


Can be of any age, but no younger than six and no older than thirty please. You don't 'have' to be of a race that was listed, create yer own if ya like :)




*Only applies if they live in a city... towns/villages don't technically 'have' schools due to their small sizes*

Kally Characters:

Name: Sakura
Alias: Saku
Race: Snow Kitsune
Age: 12
*Grade: None
*School: None
Occupation: Nothing... just a kid
Likes: Her family and her town, plus the peacefulness of the mountains
Dislikes: The occastional humans who try and cause problems
Abilities: Can use water and fire magic, but her affinity is toward combat magic
Personality: Has a mature side to her, but can sometimes be childish just as well. Tends to air on the side of caution when talking to people she doesn't know.
Appearance: Wears a white kimono, her tail is white with her ears being dirty white.

Description: Sakura is the daughter of the village elder, and the heir to the title. She is much to young right now though, she prefers playing with her friends and avoiding her education than learning what is needed to succeed her father. Her village handles a small farm area that grows wheat and barley for their people, which, despite the constant twenty degree temperatures (and negative twenty at night) they can still grow this type of grow easily due to it being bio-engineered to grow in very cold climates.

She can use fire and water magic and tends to practice in private. Her martial arts skill are superb as she is taught by the village sheriff. Sakura loves to sing and plays a flute whenever she can find the time, when not around her home she is usually up on the woods somewhere sitting on a tree just enjoying life.
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Re: War of the Twin Shadows (18+, Gore)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2009, 11:22:34 PM »
Neko Culture:

The Neko culture revolves around children and magic. Children are taught at a very young age (four) on the basics of magical usage. By the time they are ten, they are proficient low-level spells - such are lighting, basic barriers and attack spells.

Schools usually expand on this teaching; but in the absence of such, a kid will learn it from their elders. Magic plays a key role in their society by being a staple in practically everything that goes on, the lighting is all magic (long-term lighting spells) and also light crystals, which are designed to either emit cold, hot, or no elemental type of light.

Basically, the light crystals purpose is to keep the room lit up, their secondary purpose to keep the room either cold, or warm, depending on the person's desire. They can even make it so the crystal doesn't emit any form of heat or cold.

Magic is not technology; magic was discovered by the Neko's back on Earth and they've been studying up on it and improving upon it since. Magic is a natural occurrence within their bodies and thus it is unique to them only, one of the things about magic though is that it isn't always strong for people. One neko might be very strong in magic, while another not so much.

Otherwise; there are villages, towns and cities.

A village is comprised of close to fifty people, and are plentiful and easy to find. Some are located in the frozen forests and mountains, most are located out on the flat plains.

A town is comprised of anywhere from fifty to a hundred people, and are normally found near farms, wooded areas and mining locations. There are military towns, located outside some of the outposts that are located along the coastline and up in the mountains.

Cities are the centralized industrial sectors of the culture; they are very large and have a very high population. Most of your cities are heavily guarded. There are only six cities on the continent, that including the capital.

The capital is located in the mountains and is the central hub of activity, as it allows passage from one end of the mountain to the other, otherwise, you'd have to travel completely around the mountain to get to the other side of the continent - a good four day trip (where-as going through the capital would only require at most a day and a half, depending on how far you are from the capital at the time you start)

There is really no barter system; this is because the King and Queen opted for a free-open society, where if a person needs something all he/she has to do is go to a store or warehouse and get the item. However, there 'are' limits to the amount that someone can get. Food for example is limited to the size of your family (if you have two people, then you can buy enough for four) likewise, you can't have more than certain item. This is to make certain there are enough to go around, if a surplus does exist, then people will be permitted to request more of that item. Weapons are in fact the only item that isn't free; people have to possess a license in order to own a weapon within a city or town. Villages are the exceptions, as well as, military towns and industrial centers.

Neko's don't believe in conscription, unlike the humans, however - all Nekos are taught how to fight and protect themselves. Likewise, all Neko's know how to use an 'sos' spell, which effectively sends up a flare into the sky that is so bright that no matter where you are on the continent, you'll see it - EVEN if your inside a cave, ten miles underground, the light emitted from this spell permeates the rock and bounces around. That being said, it is a prison sentence to send up an SoS spell when there is no reason to. There are three types of sos spells, each one differs in color. A blue spell indicates a raider attack on a harbor, which in turns calls the military for support. A yellow spell indicates a disaster, such as an avalanche that covers a village, town or city. A red spell is the most serious, this indicates an attack by humans and is the most serious. The first two spells don't emit light that bounces off of the walls, the last one however does. The first two can only be seen when you have direct sight of it, the last one can be seen anywhere on the continent.

Last thing; there are nobilities within the Neko culture. However, Nobilities are governed by very strict rules, the neko people have a large say in what goes on their governments and thus a nobilities job is to make certain his/her people are happy and safe. The continent is separated into provinces and each province is ruled by a noble, that noble usually has a few people under them to handle small little territories. The Neko's have an eight man group that is constantly going around and making certain the nobles are doing their job, this group has the ear of the king and queen and can execute take-overs of a providence if they feel the noble in charge hasn't been performing their duty.

Human culture:

The human culture resolves around money and statuses. There is nobility here has far more power than that of the Neko nobility. Human nobles are very powerful and rich and tend to walk on the backs of those lower than themselves (think of democrats, and you'll get a general idea) they are very corrupt and care only for themselves.

That said, the Human continent is also separated into 'city-states' where-as a noble acts like a mayor and rules that area. They have free-reign to determine how much tax is put on their people, or how much they take per month.

Otherwise, Nobles do have to becareful, as the people can rise up against them.

Money plays a key role due to the barter system, something the Neko's don't fully possess as the Neko's prefer to have a free-open society. If you don't have the money, you can't buy the item, food is very expensive DESPITE all the fertile land, this has to do with the nobles in charge of those areas, who like to tax their food at an outrageous price.

Conscription also exists; when at war, a draft is done where all males between twelve and fifty years old are forced into the military to fight. These conscripted soldiers are given very little military training and are sent off to war, that being said, their life-expectancy is very very low.

That being said; slavery is very common in the human culture. This mostly considers criminals or, in some cases, Neko's who are captured in some way.

Both Cultures:

Both cultures utilize air-ships. These massive floating machines sail through the air, the humans use technology, the Neko's use a combination of the two. For Nekos, Air Stations are located in every city and in some of the more populated towns and are free to use. For Humans, only the nobility and the military can use them, and are located in cities only.

Air Ships come in a variety of types: Transport, Civilian and Military.

Transports have some of the biggest ships around; they carry freight from industrial towns and cities to other towns and cities. They can also be used by the military to ferry troops to battle fields, their massive holds allow for close to a thousand troops to be carried.

Civilian transports are passenger liners and ferry people around the continent. They have some of the smallest around, some of these ships ferry only twenty people while others can ferry up to a hundred.

Military ships are brisling with gun-emplacements and have very thick armor. Neko's prefer magical beam weapons while Humans prefer projectile weapons. That being said, the Neko's have a very clear advantage since their range is a lot longer, that, and they don't have to worry about missed shots hitting the ground and potentially killing people. The Humans don't really care about that, any Neko killed by a missed projectile is alright with them.

More to be added:

Note - yea yea yea, I know there is a political reference in here.. but I had to use it so that some people knew how the Humans sometimes act. Now, is this how I feel about my own race? I don't know, in the context of this story - YES! :P