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Post Halo 3 discussion!
« on: December 03, 2009, 06:06:11 PM »
Ok, time to have our first topic in here and I choose…post Halo 3 events.

What we know:

-Chief and Cortana are floating in the middle of nowhere heading toward an unknown planet.
-Arby and the rest of the Sangheili headed for home.
-Covenant is a shadow of what it once was
-Humans are down to about 200mil people, with pretty much no fleet to protect them

Tidbits learned from The Return short in Halo Evolutions *spoilers!* (highlight to see)
- Remaining San ‘Shyuum (prophets) have disappeared
- The Sangheili have been fighting the remnants of the Covenant for the last six years (story takes place in 2559?)
- The Sangheili are slowly losing ships due to being unable to repair and create new ones themselves.
- Vengeance is starting to wear thin as a purpose for the Sangheili
- The Sangheili do not seem to be aiding the humans in any way post war.  Almost seems like they are avoiding them actually, from what I could tell.

So what do you think will happen post Halo 3?  The aforementioned short gives you a big idea as to what is going on with the Sangheili and most of my thoughts are on them.  However…it appears I am the only one that has read that short so far…so…post your thoughts on other stuff instead for now.