Author Topic: [Private] [18+] Legend of the Snow Fox Tribe  (Read 3061 times)

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[Private] [18+] Legend of the Snow Fox Tribe
« on: November 28, 2009, 12:27:44 AM »
If you would like to see information for this story, including what its about, characters, etc.. please refer to this topic in the Roleplay Discussion forum:,273.0.html

Kalshion/Ryu will be joining me in this story, and thus changed from a personal story to a Private story. I did this with some thought and now I wish to have one other person to help me along. His character, at the time of this post, should be posted soon in that topic there, the next post will be the beginning of this story, after many months of off and on thought and planning.

WARNING - I can't stress it enough. Although I don't particularly mind the age group of 15+ reading this story, there will be times at which I will describe some processes that may not necessarily be for children. I may think a bit further if I'll change the rating depending on Ryu and what he says I can do. Sexual related things, however, are strictly forbidden and something I, myself, will avoid. The way how I got this idea is because of my own personal beliefs, and this is one way I could express them in my own way. I want to reiterate that what I think is not what you think, and that it is all opinion-based and we are all entitled to our own views. So, I ask that you please enjoy reading this story as time goes on.
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